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Creatures everywhere tremble and run at the horrid sight and smell of them. Riches such as no ones seen fill their castles. An uncountable number of slaves are required to hold a status of authority. There's no escaping so don't even try for fear of the lashings of the leaders.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Stench Of My Owners

Submitted: December 11, 2013

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Submitted: December 11, 2013




Chapter 1

The Stench Of My Owners

  In the beginning all I could remember was darkness. It was black and cold as I lay there on the stone floor and the meaning of life for the time being was nothingness. I couldn't remember how I had gotten there but for some reason I didn't want to know. I lay there for hours it seemed before I realized I was naked. Stripped of my clothes and left there to dwell on my own long forgotten memmories, all modesty seemed gone as if there was no such thing. But for now I lay scilent and still. I wished to lay there forever, to know not what lie beyond, yet whenever I wish my heart skips a beat telling me its no use. And sure enough soon I hear the clanking of bolts, the rattling of chains and the creeking of what I took to be a door.

  "Get up," orders a gruff male voice. I do as it sais seeming to have no other option. Without looking up I walk towards the light dimming my dark haven.

  The figure in the door cast a large shadow over me. He threw something at my feet that resembled a pile of rags.

  "Put it on," he orders. Picking up the rags and raising them to the light I find not rags, but a simple thin silk gown, smooth to the touch. I ran my fingers over its dark blue surface mesmerized untill the figure's voice pulled me out of my trance. "Get a move on he is waiting"

  I slip it easily and smoothly over my head and the cold thin satin slides over my body  a few inches below my knees. I stare at my feet for a while, they were dirt covered.

"Come now" the figure grabs my right arm which is closest to him and I allowed him to lead me out of the room which I now realized was a cell.

  We walked down endless halls and doors all the while I stared at me feet. We finally reached a set of double doors, which from what I could see, was heavily encrusted with colorful jewles. On each side of the door stood two large pair of feet both wearing matching tightly laced black boots and poofy black pants.

  "Halt!" Exclaimed a deep voice which came from the figure on the left. I was forced to stop by the male holding my arm and the one on the right side of the doors disapeared inside the doors returning a momment later with the news of, "He is ready for you and the human"

  Human? Human? What was that suposed to mean? I didn't have long to dwell on this however because I was pushed through the now open doors. A hushed scilence filled the room we entered and were greeted by a long, rancid smelling redish-brown carpet.


 My stomach leaped into my throat.














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