The Cyber war

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The story of a boy who get futurastic super powers from an alionic energy souce that give infinite energy .

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Cyber war

Submitted: August 12, 2014

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Submitted: August 12, 2014



Part- 1 reincarnation

Once there lived a boy named nick. he suffered many thing in his life. he has no family no friends . he was orphaned but he grew up and  reached 18 and starts doing partime jobs for him to go to collage. he was so good in every subjects so everybody hates him nobody talk him but he only wanted a friend until one day he met a girl named sam . he fell love at first sight but she had another affair that nick didn't known . one day he tried to propose his affair to her but her boy friend's friend saw both of them and he told it to sam's boyfriend. her boy friend was very short tempered guy and bully so, sam was forced to love him. but sam liked nick but she can't say she liked him because she was afraid her boy friend will do harm to nick . so she didn't reply nick came back with a broken heart. but her boyfriend never sit silent he intented to get revenge on nick . so he got nick to a place where nobody lives. he and his friends beats up nick the he was almost dying . his heart was weak . so he screamed in vast pain  but nobody heard him . after sometime the bullys stopped hitting him and retreated. he was left to die there . after somemore time he managed to gain control over his body and slowly got up but his heart was paining a lot because it cannot give blood to his body he was almost near to his end until something came from the space like a meteor and landed near him . with his weakness he managed to get to that area and saw a glowing source of energy thing in side a highly protected glass ball. he got there and with little strength left in him he opened it and the glowing substance pierced through his heart straight through like a bullet. then he remember nothing and  gone unconcious for several weeks in that place without anyone knowing everybody thought he wad killed by sam's boyfreind but that's not the truth. he fought to live another day without anybody knowing what is the truth........

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