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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Journal Two

Submitted: January 26, 2013

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Submitted: January 26, 2013



Journal -

Do people hate me?? Does Boss and Boss' husband hate me?? I don't thnk John hates me...
infact i think he likes see my improvements on photography and even seeing my passion for it...
But does Pete hate me?? or does he really believe i hate him?? Does Molly hate me??
How could i ever find out?? I feel like people want to turn their backs on me
Aubree says when you first meet me i'm like a open book, you don't really make wrong discrimitory comments about me
is she right?? is that a good thing?? why would she say Mr. Hall looks like a prick? Mr. Hall is amazing! he is the
best advisor (teacher) ever!! What is going on with moly and pete?? why can they break up and hate eachother for a few weeks
paige still hangs all over pete when he walks in the room...... Why can't pete just admit hes wrong?? Its ohhkay
to be wrong!!! its ohkay to admit you make mistakes!! ITS OHHKAY!!! He threw a pen at barbara and then he made a big
deal out of it!!! DON'T THROW FUCKING PENS AND THEN SAY THAT YOU SHOULDN'T get in trouble!! Why does molly think she
needs to keep secrets from pete like going to the MCC..... thats sort of ridiculous that she doesn't feel safe
telling him that. He's a prick, not Mr. Hall. Mr. Hall just looks intimidating. He doesn't look like a jerk.
This morning Mrs. Babz made a big scene about me being in the community room. mygod! its not a big deal!! I do go into
the community room for group activities. I just stand by the door all other occasions. Blargellblahh!!!
Do you ever feel like barfing when your mad or disgusted with someone else or even yourself??
I feel like barfing because of myself right now.... but i dont know why...

You know, when i was little I had these little pajamas i loved that were covered in the character boo from monsters
inc. I love monsters inc.... monster inc and nemo are some of the best disney movies along with aladdin, ariel,
beauty and beast....(and more)

Why does pete have to bug me when somethings wrong. I don't want to talk about it. get the fuck over it!!!!
he does the same thing to molly and did the same thing to ashlyn once. (Ashlyn is a friend at school)

I want to cry. I want to leave..... i sort of die. I know thats bad and everything, but I don't want to deal with
life. I know thats a terrible reason to want to die.



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