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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Journal 4

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013



Journal Jan 30

Today was good. I spend the morning in advisory and Daniel (the intern) did a math project. Then I went to bookclub and spent that
being borrrred! After I was saved by lunch!! I got to eat avocado which i hardly get to have for lunch and I mashed that up and added cesear dressing to the mix and MAN! was it a tasty lunch!! It was a little small, but really good! After lunch I was allowed to work in the hallway outside of class with Molly and Pete. Eventually the schoolday ended and I got to go home, although not for long -_-had to leave to go babysitting... Babysitting is usually awesome, but this time I broke something.... and I feel really guilty about it... I can't believe I didn't just own up to it!! I should have just told the mother when it happened! I'm scared she might blame the fact that the table is broken on her kids... And then I will feel terrible that they will be punished!! The dad obviously knew about it... but they didn't talk to me about it...

During bookclub I learned about beat poetry... I forget the name of the people I listened to during club, but it was really cool. It was this person who read they poetry of hikus (i know thats spelt wrong, lots of other things are too as well probably...) and then there was a jazzy beat to the songs... Anyone who reads this should read/listen to some of Taylor Mali's work, for example "What Teachers Make" and "Impotent of Proofreading" are some really good ones!!

Anyways.... I am worried that my midterm oral presentation will not be good.. I havn't done anything on autobiography, which is a senior graduating requirement (of 50 pages) that you have from sophmore year to senior year to work on and I havn't done anything on my junior project (called gateway) other then brainstorm some answers to the essay I have to write which can be anywhere from 4 pages to 15 pages. I havn't really done much on my classroom project which where I have to learn about religions, my religion that I have to learn about is Paganism. I have roughly a 2 pages of notes done and I have to complete a 1 (or more page) paper that was technically due last month and I have to make my final powerpoint about all of the information I learned about paganism... Its sort of stupid, but nice because I am able to be a bit more culturally aware...

SteamPunk -
- a subgenre of science fiction or fantasy that is inspired by steampowered machinery
- Occationally inspired by a post-apoclyptic future
- Machinery inspiring fashion, art culture, architectural styles ect.
- Some authors : H.G. Wells / Jules Verne / Phillip Pullman / Scott Westerfeld / China Mieville
-clock ware / buckles / gears / brass /

I think I am going to end this journal entry with my goals/ dreams :
-Learn to Skateboard
-Learn about Portraits for photography
-Start Gateway Paper
-Start Religion Paper
-Write maybe another page on my autobiography
-Learn about Steampunk
-Create dreamcatchers
-Create steampunk jewlrey

I think that I can work on all of this in.... maybe a month.... GOSH! I feel like a failure.... am I??

Ohhwell... bye....

(this is not the deep confession yet... soon)

Anyone reading this who has a sense of humor search youtube for Nick Guerro on Gabriel Inglesias Nick (and Gabriel) are hilarious!!

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