The Keeper

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The is a book about a girl who wanders into private land. This land is private for a certain reason. So that nobody will ever know of the secrets that will lay beyond the door. This one little girl doesn't know any better and now she knows and she is The Keeper.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Keeper

Submitted: October 18, 2009

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Submitted: October 18, 2009



The KeeperChapter 1

The breeze swept through the forest bitting at my cold red nose. I looked around. Nothing could be seen, espesially not my tiny little cottage. Good, I thought as I ran farther into the woods picking my way around scattered twigs and stones. I flop down onto the hard cold ground. Beside me nussled my little girl, Ziza. Ziza was my special puppy that i had gotten for my birthday. The tiny white face looked up at me,her round huge eyes glanced up at me just before it nuzzled its muzzle into the snow covered ground. "Come on Ziza!" I carefully whispered, even thoughI knew fully well that nobody else would want to be outside in such cold weather, I felt like Iwas being watched. The wind picked up again, this time causing all the snow to fall of the pine treestoward me, something like a avalanch. Ilooked up in terror, then ran for my life. Though there might not have seemed like a lot of snow, who would ever want to be soaked in snow, so far from home. I bearly saw Ziza, but once I did Ipulled her out of the snow. Looking up, there was a strange tall wooden gate, with a fence that seemed to extend for miles. Looking every where on the gate, I knowticed that there was no lock. Fighting my way behind the gate, i raced soem more before relizing that there was no snow there. That is was to warm for snow suits and ear muffs. Yanking off my snow garments, Istill couldn't believe it. There was no sign of the avalach, flowers stillopen and full of their vibrant colors. "WOW!" I shrieked.Lakes where not covered in a layer of ice allowingfish where jumping in and out of the water freely, but wait!This was no fish. It was human. Scales clearly shimmered over its body, yet its was also clear that it had a head and hands. "This is not possible!" I shrieked again, loud enough for everyone to here, which appearently there where a lot of things that had heard me. Everything heard me fromthe miniture humans with wings to the creatures which looked like they could be unicorns. Appearently, everything was more scared then Iwas, because everything went running with terror, running into tree wholes, holes in the ground, splashing into the water, anywhere they could hide. Turning around, a "fairy" flew upto me. Her tiny face extatic.

"Hi, Im Trolliza. By the way, Im not a troll, everyone thinks so when they first meet me...that wouldbe becuase of my horrible name." It squeaked into my face.

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