Strength In Life

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: October 12, 2010

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Submitted: October 12, 2010



[Kaitlyn] Crush

24 year old Kaitlyn sat at her desk examining her nail's, she'd just gotten them done yesterday and she was trying to decide if they were too square.
"Kaitlyn?" Her totally hot boss David Manning called from his office, Kaitlyn jumped to her feet and rushed in there.
"Yes, Mr. Manning?" She asked pushing her boobs out, hoping he would notice her new outfit that included a push up bra let made is seem as if she was a C rather than a small B.
"Would you go to a few errands for me?" He asked without looking up, he had blonde hair with bright blue eyes and you could tell he had played football all threw high school and college by his body build.
Kaitlyn had lusted after him since her first day, 2 years ago.
"But I thought that was-" She started but he held up a hand to stop her, he looked up at her with pleading eyes and she melted.
"Please?" He said.
"Okay." She said feeling a little dazed, he started naming the errands and she scrambled to write them down.

"Oh!" He exclaimed looking at his watch, "can you pick me up a sandwhich for lunch on your way back?" He smiled again and she nodded as if she was hypnotized.
She went back to her desk and pulled on her coat and grabbed her bag, her thin red-brown hair hung in a straight cut that rested on her shoulders.
She was as thin as a model, she tried hard enough!
She had hazel cat shaped eyes, an open smile with a straight nose and tan skin.
Her full name was Kaitlyn Elizabeth Kaine which she hated because it had no real ring to it.
She headed for her little black jetta and climbed in, checking her make-up in the rearview mirror before pulling out into traffic.
She liked to pretend she lived in New York even though she could NEVER afford it and Oregon was considerably smaller, there wasn't much night life and she had to travel an hour and a half to get decent clothes.
Shaking her head she got back to the task on hand, thinking about her best friend Olivia.
Olivia often called Kaitlyn naive.

Kaitlyn couldn't disagree with her either, she knew she wasn't smart and she knew she let people walk all over her.
Kaitlyn (if she had the money) would be the perfect New York party girl.
She partied all night and even with a hangover she managed to get to work and do a good job.
She never left the house without full on make-up, every hair in place and a great outfit on.
She would never be caught dead in sweat pants or a messy bun.
She stopped by the post office and dropped several letters off first then headed to pick up his girlfriend's birthday present, being totally in love with your boss could suck sometimes.
So could being a secretary to a successful lawer, the best in the state of Oregon according to the local newspaper.
Kaitlyn's cell phone rang and she looked at the caller I.D.
Her boyfriend Joey, she sighed and picked it up.
"Hey babe." He said in a sweet voice that meant he wanted something.
"I'm busy Joey, what do you want?" Kailtyn asked.
"Can I get $40 for the bar?"

"Whatever. You know where my bank card is." She snapped then hung up, most of the time she didn't know why she was even with Joey then she thought about his body.
He was a bone head but he had an awesome body with a six pack and nice shaped arms.
He had short black hair and big light brown eyes, a big smile with straight white teeth.
She smiled thinking about him then thought about her boss, sure he took advantage of her not being able to say no to him but she couldn't stop wanting him.
No matter how hard she tried and she had tried, she'd been trying since she first met him.
She stopped by a local deli and grabbed him his sandwhich then headed back to the office.
His office door was shut and she knocked softly.
"Come in." He said, she opened the door and he looked up. "Back so soon?"
"Yeah, here's your sandwhich." She said laying it down with the bag of chips and soda she'd gotten him.
"Thank you." He said, dismissing her.
She went back to her desk, closing his door back as she left.

She sat down and stared at the phone, willing it to ring.
It didn't and she sighed heavily, she turned to her computer and pulled up the internet browser.
She navigated her way to her favorite website, and decided to give her credit card a work out.
After spending a couple hundred she logged off, it was time for her to go home.
She collected her stuff, said bye and got into her car.
When she arrived at her apartment Joey wasn't there, she figured that he was still at the bar so we and took a shower.
She climbed out and listened for a sign of Joey's return, the apartment was empty as far as she could tell.
She got dressed and headed into the livingroom, no Joey.
With an annoyed sigh she locked the door and headed to bed, she was pleasantly tired.
She crawled under the covers and was out within minutes.
When she woke up in the morning Joey wasn't there and she could tell he hadn't been there.
She went into the drawer where she kept her bank card, it wasn't there. "Bastard."

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