Vanished 3: Obsession

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All your favorite characters have returned...

It's been four years since Taylor learned the truth about Alec, this time 28 year old Taylor finds herself in race against time to save two high school girl's on Spring Break from the monster that stole her best friend years ago.

Pete is back in the third and final book.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Vanished 3: Obsession

Submitted: December 07, 2010

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Submitted: December 07, 2010



He watched them as they lay on beach towels, tanning as they chirpped away about the latest celebrity gossip.
They had no clue that he'd been watching for the past 3 days, getting to know his soon to be victims.
They of course reminded him off his last victim, Jill, minus the fact that one was a brunette.
It didn't matter, this time both would be his.
Both would suffer as Jill had.
Thinking of Jill reminded him of Taylor, the one that had gotten away.
He was somewhat relieved yet a little angry that the police hadn't unearthed the truth that Jill hadn't been his first kill.
He watched the girls, Kiran and Lillian, turn onto their stomachs and undo their bikini tops hoping for a more natural tan.
The girls had come without any friends, just their parents that they instantly ditched.
'Not a very smart plan.' He thought wickedly as he gazed at them.

Having had enough of watching them tan he sighed and packed up, heading back to his little motel/apartment.
The place was crap but rent was cheap, he worked little odd jobs here and there to keep up on rent.
He had been trying to talk the manager into letting him do matience for rent but the old bat was way too cautious and turned him down everytime.
He unlocked the door and let himself inside, there wasn't much to look at.
A fold out bed that was a couch when he wasn't home, a small black and white t.v, a stove, a fridge and a microwave.
A small closet held a few outfits but it didn't bug him, he's spent awhile camping out in the woods.
He stumbled over to the small bathroom the simply contained a sink, a toilet and a shower.
He climbed into the shower and started planning.

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