Servicing the Sheikh

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Prison

Submitted: November 23, 2010

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Submitted: November 23, 2010



Sheik Ali Rahjiba El Doubai was doing his best not to look bored out of his mind, but it was hard to do when he was being shown the same bland rooms, the same tidy offices and workersthat he was shown each time he visited here.

Each month he scheduled a tour of the local security and police compounds as a show of strength, and loyalty to his people. He wanted to present a strong united front against crime for his county, and liked to know that his guards and enforcing officers would only have the best equipment and services that he could provide for them.
But like each month, he was being shown pristine working spaces, and workers who had false smiles plastered on their faces, as if they were afraid to displease him for fear of punishment.

Utterly frustrated, he turned to his personal guard Akhmal and said "I wish to be shown the prisoner holding facilities."
"But sire, they are unclean, not fit for you to visit at all... come and we can inspect the supplies warehouse if you wish."
"No Akhmal, I wish to visit the prisoner holding cells, these have never been shown to me and I would like to see for myself the treatment that our enemies and criminals receive for myself."
"Ah... yes sire, I will arrange for it immediately."
With that, Akhmal scurried off, barking out orders into his walkie talkie as he went.

As Ali was led through a long corridor filled with damp and dark cement cells. He could not help but feel a wave of replusiveness and nausea at the conditions that his own law enforcement were keeping the prisoners in.
Sure they were in there for good reason, but the cold hard cement floors, no bed to speak of barr a clump of moudly straw in the corner of each cell, and a metal tin in the opposite corner serving as a toilet, made the bile rise into his throat.
The harsh ammonia smell that was shooting through his sinuses was enough to make his eyes water. Obviously the emptying of the toilet tins was being as sorely neglected as everything else here was. He was angered to see that the prisoners did not even have a readily source of water either.

"Why are the prisoners being kept in these atrocious conditions?" he snapped to the warden.
"But this is how the prisoners have always been kept Sire." the warden said politely, not wanting to anger his Royah Highness the Sheik.
"They have no bedding! and no bathroom facilities barr the tiny cans you have left in their cells, which I might add obviously are not being tended to either. These things are barbaric!. What are they fed?" he demanded getting more and more worked up by the second.

"Sire, they have straw instead of bedding, as we can replace it cheaply reduceing the infestations of lice. The cans are instead of plumbing as the building was made before plumbing was introduced, and it is far to expensive to install it now. As for the prisoner rations, they are fed adequetly Sire."
" I would like to be presented with one of these meals that you speak of immediately."

The warden looked very nervous, but gave the order for a meal to be brought up from the kitchen. Once the servant had returned with the meal tray, the warden presented it with a shakey hand to the Sheik.
Sheik Ali peeled back the cloth from the tray, and with a look of pure shock took in what was being offered to the prisoners.
On the tray was a stale chunck of hardened bread, a small ladel of a gruel of some description, and a cup of water.
"How often are the prisoners fed?" he asked on a terse raised voice.
"Just once a day Sire, and water twice a day. If I must say, they are fortunate to be blessed with food and lodgings at all considering some of the crimes that they have committed against our country sire."

"You warden" Ali gritted out, pointing a finger at the warden, "are out of a job. The conditions here are deplorable, and I am deeply shamed that prisoners in my own country are treated worse than vermin. The prisoners will be immediately presented with fit bedding, plumming for bathrooms will be installed, and I wish to have

new kitchen staff employed to provide nutritional meals. We may be holding these men against their will for their crimes, but we will NEVER again allow this sort of abuse to be suffered again. You will make the arrangements for these ammendments immediately warden, then I will see to it that your replacement finds a suitable placement for you.... I would suggest that bathroom janitor for the prisoners would be a good place for you!."
Ali's face was now red and he held his hands to his sides, bunched into white knuckled fists.

"Now, I wish to inspect the prisoners" he barked at the warden.

The warden, red faced and puffing from his humiliation, blurted out "But you cannot go in and inspect the prisoners, they are far too dangerous to be near sire."
"I will inspect them from outside their cells warden, but I WILL inspect these men, do not presume that you may tell me, your Sheik what I can and cannot do in my own country!."

With that, Ali walked past the warden and along the cells one by one, gazing with sorrow at the weakened dirty shadow of men that occupied the spaces.

When he reached the middle of the walkway, he was beckoned over by a very frail old man from his cell.
"Forgive me sire, I do not wish to startle you, but I am worried about the young woman they have in the end cell."
"A WOMAN!!??" the Sheik bellowed. "No women are allowed in the prison, not now, not ever!!"
The old man shrank back away from the bars of his cell and retreated to his straw corner away from the yelling of the sheik.
The sheik seeing the old man cowering and trembling, softened his expression and spoke softly, holding his hands palm up toward him in a sign of peace.
"Do not cower from me old man, it is not you who has flared my temper, but our imcompetent warden. Now please, tell me which cell this girl is in please, and why do you worry for her?"

"Of course sire, forgiveness sire, I do not wish to upset you, but she is in the end cell, opposite side of the hall to this, and I worry for her sire as she was not awake when they carried her in several days ago, and I have not heard a thing from her cell since, yet she has not left."

Ali's eyes widened, and he faltered a step back. "Thankyou" he told the old man, and turned, almost sprinting up the hallway of cells to the end.
When he reached it, the cell was so dark that he could not make out what or who was in there.
"Light!" Ali snapped at the warden, who in turn handed Ali his torch.

As Ali shone the beam around the cell, at first he could not make anything out at all barr a few darkened shadows, then in the corner he caught a brief glimpse of pale skin. It was enough to make his stomach hit the floor.

"Open this cell at once!" he yelled at the warden.

The warden fumbled with the keys, dropping them before scrambling to pick them up and opening the lock. Once he had turned the key, and a click was heard as the lock clicked open, Sheik Ali shoved him to one side, and stepped into the cell.

As Ali leant over the figure that was curled on its side on the filthy floor, he was awestruck by the fact that not only did the woman have pale skin, clearly not one of his people but a foreigner, but she was also clearly seriously ill or injured if not already dead.

Reaching out a shaking hand, he tentively touched the back of his fingers to her cheek, and noticed that her skin was burning hot. She was alive!, but ravaged with fever.

Turning his head, he called out for Rasheed, his royal physician who accompanied him everywhere.
The elderly grey haired man came quickly to his side, and knelt down by the young woman and took out his stethescope and digital thermometor from his bag. After a quick listen to her chest, and taking her temperature, he then took out his pen light and opened each eyelid, shining the light into each.
"She is gravely ill Ali" he said while he gently felt around her head. When his fingers slid to the base of her skull behind her head, he gasped.
"She has been struck very forcefully , and she is also displaying uneven pupil response... this indicates a severe injury. She is also severely dehydrated and with fever. If she is to live, she needs to be placed in the hospital at once under intensive care, and even then, I cannot guarentee anything sire, she is very far gone."

Ali let out a sigh as he hung his head. How could this happen to such a young woman, and a foreign woman at that in his own city??. Why on earth was she even in this godforsaken prison anyway?.

"Warden, explain this immediately, why is this woman here, and what have you to say on her condition?"

The warden took two steps back and hung his head, staring at his feet.
"ANSWER ME!!" Ali screamed.
"Sire, she is a prostitue, a whore of Babylon, she was caught going through customs into our country where she was planning on corrupting our men. A whore who would see that good honorable husbands would pay for her services, commiting adultery against their wives, families and Allah."

"We must stamp out her kind of filth from our country sire. As for her condition, she tried to escape arrest so was given a small tap on the back of her head to subdue her by one of our airport security. She has chosen to starve herself instead of eating the food we leave for her. We cannot force her to eat and drink sire, if she wants to waste away, this is her own responsibility."

Ali gave the warden a murderous look, and said through gritted teeth "What food?."
The warden pointed behind them to the far back corner of the cell toward the hallway, where 4 trays of untouched food lay rotting.
Ali's physican shaking his head placed his hand on Ali's shoulder and said gently near his ear "She has not eaten or drank sire, as she has not regained consciousness since being placed here."

"Whore or not, I want her placed into the royal wing of the hospital at once, with my own surgeons attending her my old friend" he said to his physician.
"At once sire, i will send for an ambulance immediately."
With that, Ali stood and walked out of the cell, still burning with rage.
"I want whatever evidence you have over this woman presented to me immediately" he demanded before leaving the prison and waiting for the ambulance to arrive, escorting the young woman to the hospital.

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