A Monster In The Dark

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Roses life hasnt actualy been a .. fairy tale. She has had many obstacles holding her back from being happy in her life. Just when the 15 year old Rose thinks shes goten out of the trap she stumbles right back into anotherone but this trap is alot more serious. You could eaven say .. its out of this world!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Monster In The Dark

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



Chapter one:The Breakaway

Ok! This is the last of it ! I'm not taking any more crap from anyone ! Rose was sitting in her tiny room considering what to do next . Why did it have to be me ? Why my life ? Why did I have to be born in this screwed up place ? Nothing ever has gone right for me ! Roses heart was picking up pace as she remembered all the bad things in her life. First of all my screwed up father left as soon as he found out that my mum was pregnant. For a bit everything seemed fine but then my mum got very sick .I was just six ...She didn't make it. A tear silently falls down her pale cheek smudging her eyeliner and mascara. I still remember seeing her in the coffin My grandma told me that my mum was asleep but i knew better . Second of all when my grandma past away i had no one else left . (They obviously couldn't find my father) .I was eventually sent to a foster home . I was only eight at that time . The family was normal and they tried very hard to make me happy . Just when she was finally starting to feel like she was home everything started to go downhill after a few months . My foster moms husband left. Then she lost her job and now they have to live in this smelly apartment . Its damp and very small . The old witch has occupied the only bedroom which leaves me to the small storage room . It barely had room for my bed .I don't have electricity in my room so the only light i get is from the street lamps outside . And last but not least people seem to enjoy hitting me ! The bruises on Roses arms stung approvingly .I get vicious punches in the face by my foster mom every day. Roses foster mom blames her for all the misfortune she has in her life . Plus to all that theres a group of bullies that I like to call the pink rat pack that seem to rule my school . The lill cowards have gotten some people after me to 'teach me lesson ' . I never knew teaching involves fists smashing my face all the way to china . I do fight back ,I seem to have a some kind of a talent in fighting and besides I am used to the pain . I'm most definitely not afraid of taking a punch! By now Rose has lost all of her hopes and dreams of ever having a good life . She was almost 16 now . Three more year and she would be free. But Rose couldn't wait any longer . She wasn't the kind of person who would just sit there and do nothing about it . This was the last drop for Rose . Rose Hated her foster mom.Rose had promised herself to get revenge on that woman . I don't think you cold eave call her a women . Rose thought quietly to herself . From Roses point of view her foster mom was more like a gorilla . Saying that shes on the big side is a huge compliment . The woman had more fat on her than hairs on her head . Rose thought the woman had never heard of a razor . It looked like she hasn't shaved her underarms for centuries ! Rose even thought she had back hair although she had no intent of finding that fact out because that would be just mentally scaring . She definitely resembled a gorilla for sure . Maybe i should call animal control and tell them that theres a gorilla on the loose and while I'm at it i might as well tell hem about some rats that seem to have taken over my school ! Rose liked that idea . She grinned in the dark , it was devilish little smile . Rose had decided to run away because she finally had enough . She picked up her little mirror and gazed at herself . She is the exact copy of her mother . The same blue eyes ,the same slim body shape and the same pale skin color. Only Rose had dyed her blond hair black and she had piercings everywhere . She was proud of the fact that she had done them herself . Three in the right ear, two in the left, one in the eyebrow and one in her lip . Of coarse when Roses foster mom saw what she had done she herself did some facial feature rearranging with her fist . Rose put on some finishing touches to her make-up carefully hiding the bruising on her cheek . Her long straight hair hung over her face like a black curtain . In the end Rose wasn't bringing that much and all her stuff fit in her leather pants pockets . Rose slowly moves towards her bedroom door . The distant snores from the big bedroom could be heard . The horrible sound assured Rose that her crazy foster mom is asleep . Rose stepped in the open hallway and glides towards the kitchen door . Theres one more thing she needs... She steps in to the kitchen and grabs some money out of her foster moms wallet . The amount there would barely last her a week but she took it anyway . With a sudden realization she senses someone behind her . The loud snoring has stopped now and as Rose turns around to face what ever it was behind her her worst fears came to life . There still in her night gown stood her foster mom . Rose curses under her breath . " What the hell do you think you are doing you worthless little brat ? Stealing money from me Eh ?? " The woman spits at Rose . Rose slowly considers her chances of jumping out the window but no its too high up "I'm finally going ! So .. step out of my way ! " Rose says slowly rising the tone of her voice . For a second it sounded scared but then it firmed up and boomed out of her thought .She grabs Rose by her wrist and twists i behind her back . Roses arm burns with sudden pain . Sharp like a knife. She forces Rose to her knees and demands an apology off her " Let go of me .. you .. you ... cow !" Rose yelled . Rose realizes that it was a bad idea when she feels her arm being pulled even further . " Now dear Rose .. be a good girl and run back to your room I'm not up for this today !" Roses foster mom whispers .Rose thinks fast and pinches her arm . Her foster mom stager a little . That's all Rose needed . She makes a quick run to the door. If she gets Rose now she might as well be dead already . Roses foster mom grabs a knife and hurries after Rose . Her foster mom finally decided that she won't be able to catch up so she throws the knife at Roses head. Rose barely makes it ,just as she slams the door shut the knife hits the door with a thud . Her heart is pounding against her rib cage like a trapped animal desperate to get out .She runs down the stairs as fast as it was humanly possible . Distant screams for help can be heard coming from one of the apartments .Rose truly felt sorry for whoever it was she wanted to help but she just couldn't make her legs stop . She ran out on the street . She didn't know where she was headed but right now anything sounded better than here . She turned left and took a deep breath . Tonight the air had something new in it something Rose has never felt ... Freedom !

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