Shattered: Reflection of an Addiction

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Escape With Me

Submitted: August 24, 2011

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Submitted: August 24, 2011



Chapter 13:

Forgotten Years.

Lately, i've been feeling better. Much Better.

Those dreams stopped occuring the night August decided to sleep over. It started the same like every night: Madison screaming for me to help her as the gang members wearing the ski mask pinning me against the wall to suffocate me. But the moment i thought it was over, someone opened a door blasting in white light. My eyes fixed on this reached out my hand hoping that person would take me away from this pain. As i reached out, another hand reached out to clutch my hands and pulling me into his chest. I opened my eyes that night to awoke to the sound of a strong beating heart. I knew who it belonged to so i didn't even bother looking up. I knew very well it was August, his fingers locked in a tight web with mines.

Every night August kept sleeping over with me- although he shouldn't. He snucked in, anyway.

"August, you don't have to do this every night," I laughed as August crept in the door. "You look like a pedophile."

'What do you mean i 'look' like a pedophile. There's nothing pedobear-ish to what i'm doing. I'm just sneaking in your room quietly so that no one will hear me, planning on watching you as you sleep, sneaking out in the morning and crawling in the bed with you? How is that me being a pedophile?"

"I really shouldn't respond to that," I grinned but August had a literal "WTF" face making the joke even more hilarious. He was being creepy without even thinking about it. I needed some air because i had almost died laughing. He frowned, "What's so funny?"

He's such a idiot, i swear, But as he crawled in the bed with me, and once i laid my head against his chest. Everything felt so much better. I took a deep breath, the sound of his strong hearbeat in a constant clap putting me to sleep like a lullaby. Sometimes i wondered why he loved me like he do. What is it about me that makes him so devoted? I wasn't anything special in my mind. So why...?

"August, are you asleep?" I asked quietly. August shifted a bit in the bed, it was to small for the both of us. The whole purpose of a "single" sized bed. In response to my question August pressed his lips against my forehead.

"Wide awake."

"What is it about me that you like? I mean...why do you love me..." I looked up at him. "There's nothing special to me. Nothing at all so why?"

"That's what i like about you the most," He whispered kissing the top of my messy blonde hair. "You see the postive in others but see nothing in yourself. I don't know why you think so low of yourself. Blaming yourself, doubtful, but so self- sacrifcing."

"I have a habit of blaming myself and i know i'm doubtful but how am i self- sacrifcing? I've been so selfish."

"Your self-sacrifcing to me. Do you remember when i suggested we start making out and you said you didn't want to do it."

"Y-Yeah," I stammered, talk about embrassing. I'm still not the type to like all that heavy-making out. It seems a bit gross swaping spit in that kind of manner.

"I'm the one who's selfish. I drag you to do things you don't want to do and even though you don't want to- you'll end up doing it anyways just because i asked you. I should be the one asking why you even love me. I'm self-ish, i never think about the outcome because i don't care about how it'll effect others. And i'm just angry- i push myself on others, i have tendency of being a angst, i assume and jump to conclusions. How on earth you feel so strongly about me- i will never know." He said this so softly. I couldn't believe he even thought of himself like that. Self-ish? No way was he self-ish. All the crap he had done for me. Fighting salt, staying by my side while i was mental screwed and sneaking in here every night to make i don't have any more nightmares. I don't think he's self-ish, what he had said was probably something a self-sacrifcing person would say. Before i had the chance to explain my arguement, I could hear August light snoores in my ear. He had fallen asleep but i wasn't surprise since it was pretty late. So i just pressed my face against the warmth of his chest without a single word to say.

Later in the afternoon, August came by again. He brought flowers to join some of the flowers Jenni and Daniel brought yesterday with a few "get well" balloons. After placing them beside my bed, August kissed me on the forehead. "I love you.'

I reached out my hand to his jaw- quickly stopping his head from drawing back from the bried kiss. We locked eyes, his green eyes piercing into my very own. I lessen my grip from his jaw but August used his hand to keep my hand in place at his jaw. He leaned down, pressing his forehead against mine. He softly pressed his lips against mine. His lips capturing the whole insides of my mouth. Taking hostage of my tongue, my breath, the nerves of pleasure ringing off from his pink tongue sliding inside and out of my mouth. My fingers stroked his neck as he pushed our kiss deeper. I sucked in light breaths between our kisses, August gently slid his tongue from the middle of lips. "Michael, your starting to drive me crazy, you know." He chuckled swifting my bang away. I wanted to laugh, to ask him to kiss me like that again but before i had a chance to even option any of the responses someone knocked at the door. August quirked up his eyebrow at me, i just shrugged. In my mind i guessed Jenni or Daniel- maybe even August's adoptive mother, we planned to meet some time later in the week.

August progressed to the door as it cracked opened. My mother poked her head inside glancing around the room. "Michael," She smiled sweetly. A strand of red hair falling in her hair, but she ignored it. August shook my mother's hand but his eyes seemed distracted on something behind her. His eyes flickering back and forth in awe and from the angle my hospital bed was set up in the back corner i couldn't even see what he stared at.

"Holy shit," He muttered shaking his head. He dropped my mother hand continuing to shake his head.

"August? What's going on?" I shouted waving my hand in the air. "Let my mom in."

He swallowed and stifly stepped back allowing my mother access. Out stepped my mother wearing regular black and white skirt and a loose silk white blouse. I noticed her right hand attached to something standing outside the door. I lifted my brow, "Mom, what are you trying to hide from me? August? Do you know what it is."

He nodded slowly not even taking his eyes off it. "I know....what he is."

"He?" I frowned. "Mom, who did you bring? I don't need the whole family- wait, August how do you know who he is?"

My mother eyes danced the moment she stepped more inside and pulled the person along her trail. I stopped breathing. My throat tighten and i felt like breaking down and crying. My face fell within shock, confusion and disbelief. My father.

I pursed my lips trying to shake the tears away. He stepped behind my mother wearing the red and black marine uniform decorated in gold medals across his breast. His blue dress pants with a red stripe running down ironed to perfection. The man my mother's arm were wrapped around had a fade but it was obvious his hair color was blond. Bright blue eyes the color of lakes beneath the sun, his tall build of broad shoulders, a strong jaw and a firm mouth and nose.

"Michael," I heard him whispered almost quietly. " son. For seveenteen years...seveenteen years," He kept repeating those words as he approached my hospital bed. I looked over to my mother- she dabbed the napkin against her eyes. Her eyes rimmed red and August stood beside her patting and rubbing her back. He pulled out the doctor's chair rolling it against my bed side.

"Michael," He said while he blinked away his tears grabbing ahold of my hand. Another deep breath to still my heartbeats. His fingers cold cradled my hand.

"Are you my ..father."

"Yes. I am Michael Dentri...Senior."


Seveenteen Years.

Seveenteen Years without a father. And seveenteen years of thinking my father was long dead. And now here he was sitting beside my bed in uniform cradling my hand.

"So, Michael," He smiled flashing brilliant white pairs of teeth. "How's things been going on with you. I hope you've been treating your mother well. I heard about what happened with the school. You were so strong. I'm proud of you, Michael. I'm so proud of you."

My hands trembled as i wiped away the stray tear running down my cheek. "I'm fine."

He flickered his eyes back and forth between August and I. August had his arms wrapped around my neck. I fidgeted realizing i hadn't told him about the whole "Bi-sexual situation" and niether had my mother. I fidgeted signaling August to let loose of his hold around me. He backed away slowly and i quickly glanced behind my shoulder making sure he wasn't hurt. He smiled, understanding where i'm coming from.

"So..." My father voice trailed off yet his eyes burning holes into August. I could the flare of lighting of his eyes.

"Dad," I choked snapping his eyes away from August back to me. My father looked over to my mother who stayed kept silent. She didn't say a word and then he turned to face me again. Under his gaze, I shifted in the bed uneasily.

"Michael," He spoke but like earlier his eyes made it's way back to August. I beside me to August, he swallowed hard keeping his head low. I was sure he could feel my father's eyes checking him out.

"Michael," My mother interuppted the stilled silence. "Why don't we go and pick up some food down in the cafeteria. Come on, honey. We have alot of catching up to do."

"Yeah," My father smiled faintly getting up from his seat. "I'm coming, Alicia." He joined my mother by the door and the two of them entangled their hands with each other leaving out of the door.

"You haven't told him yet," August voice broke in between sentence. My response: embrassment.

"I haven't told him. Neither had my mother. He doesn't know. But you never told me you told my mom about us."

"Well i didn't really tell her. I kinda answered her question the day of the shooting. She saw me kissing you and asked."

"Oh." Was all i could say.

August kissed the back of my ear, then stroked my mess of blond hair. More drama- just what the doctor ordered. I wasn't ready to tell him, i couldn't bear to come out with the harsh truth. Will he look at me and see me as disgusting? Will he claim i'm not his son anymore? Will he hate me? All these questions swirled in my head leaving a scar in my mind for the rest of minutes my parents left. When they returned, August fingers dropping from stroking my hair.

"Exucse me, August. But it seems my wife would like a word with you. May i have a moment alone with Michael."

August and I tensed.

"Yes, sir." August replied moving away from me. I felt like shooting my hand to grab the ends of his shirt but he walked away swiftly around my father in tension until he closed the door softly behind his exit.

My father sat back down on the chair comfortably. He sighed, leaving his body shaking. "Michael, is there something you want to tell me?


Short Chapter, I know V.V Leaving at a cliff hanger- dun dun dunnnnnnn

Anyways thanks for reading & commenting~ I'll try to have the next chapter out by sat. or sun ^^ (Damn, School >.>)

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