Shattered: Reflection of an Addiction

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Chapter 20


Daniel "Danny" Kings

"Oh, you're so cute."

I batted my eyes at the girls giggling at me. "I guess. Hey,babe, you mind popping that grape in my mouth. I'm starved."

"Of course," She smiled but she bit deep into her bottom lip. "The purple one or the green one?"

"Guess," I teased leaning back in sofa. I kicked up my feet on the black table infront of me and placed my arms around one of the girl's shoulder. There were a circle of them sitting around me on the couch. Girls of different yet delicious shape, tones in skin but they all stared at me proudly. I could see the desire in their eyes as the girls played with my hair, toyed around with my shirt. The girl pushed back her brown hair back from her shoulders and carefully picked the green one from the plate. I raised my eyebrow at her the moment she tried dropping it in my hand.

"No. No. I said in my mouth. Put it in my mouth," I smirked. Didn't i just tell her to put in my mouth? Couldn't she follow simpy damned directions? Does she need a whack on the head to get i'm trying to make her feel sexy? Ugh...Remain cool, Daniel. Just breathe.

She swallowed then proceeded to place the grape firmly against my lips. I parted my mouth slowly- inhaling the grape and a bit of her finger. She blushed, quickly slipping her finger from my mouth.

"Delicious." I laughed. She giggled shly and scooted back a few spots letting the other girls in.

Boring. They're boring.

I tried my hardest to have fun with them however, i couldn't ignore the fact that most of the time they stared and giggled at me. None of these girls wanted to take it on the next base. Trust me, I tried. Whispering in their ear, kissing their necks, grinding- Nothing. Nothing at all. A little shy kiss, a bunch of friggin giggles but nothing more than that! I groaned sliding b

I rolled my eyes in annoyance. That one chick couldn't even play sexy if it smacked her on the top of her head. These girls are bunch of fucking idiots?

"Oh, Daniel," One of the girls giggled. (Like they all FUCKING DO). "You said you live on the other side of town. How could such a beautiful boy like you live in such poor people state."

What the hell did she just said?

"Okay- Shut up," I snapped, then i used my hand to yank her head. She yelped away from me and the other girls watched wide eyed.

"Get off me," I growled pushing the skinny black haired chick off my lap. I might have pushed her to hard because she just rolled face first on the ground.

Oh, cry me a river. Boo-hoo. She fell. She'll get a fucking life.

"Hoes," i muttered standing up from the couch, not even bothering looked back at their blank faces, i cracked my neck several times before sliding back to the dance floor.

I scanned the floor, hoping i could find someone cute to mess around with. Or maybe just a bit of kissing. I'm not being picking at this point. All she needs to do is do what i tell her and shut up. Its not rocket science, Hell. Well, I did caught sight of a beautiful girl in a pink mini dress. Jenni. I clenched my jaw down the moment i caught sight of the dude dancing with her. Thundering black and red light flashing violently in and out above us. I sighed, slumping my shoulders and rolling my eyes. She could have fun if she wants- We're not together so i don't give a damn anyway. If she wants to mess around with that bear inmate- Be my damn guest. I scoffed turning on my heel slithering away from the huge dance crowd.

Bored out of my mind, I went ahead and marched outside from the screen door. Everyone had all hustled inside, soon the birthday kids was going to cut the cake so the line had already started. Feeling the cool open air blow my hair at all angles, I sat in the oak rocking chair outside. I closed my eyes and started to rock back and forth to the beat of the loud music inside. I doubt the neighbors could even sleep- Pretty surprise the cops aren't over here busting the door down. But then again- We're on the "rich" side of town. My side is sooooooo "Poor".


"What are you doing out here all by yourself." A voice so fierce that i couldn't helpp but look up. Standing infront of me were a girl. She was lean and petite, long curls of white hair, sea green misty eyes i found familiar somewhere else and pouty lips. She batted her long black eyelashes at me in a strong smirk.

"Struck out, Big Boy."

"Nah," I grinned back. "No one fits my taste here. Its all the same- been there, Tapped that. Same rountine. Nothing new."

"Ah," was all she said before she sat down ontop of me. She did another bat of her eyes, but the same devious smirk stuck on her face. "I'm bored too," She said fiercly.

"Oh, is that right," I muttered focusing on the beauty of her face. Her face was strong; her eyes nice and round, nose firm & strong, strong jaw, and a broad forehead. She used her index finger alone to push her white curls behind her. "Yep, Yep, big boy. So very bored. See, i saw you and those girls earlier."

"Jealous?" I smiled as i lead my hand to rest on top of her legs crossed.

"A bit," She grinned. "Big Boy, why don't you come with me. Two bored people can kill a party, you know."

"I heard."

"That's great. I'm really bored. No one here caught my interest but you. It might..." She trailed off sliding her finger across my lips then slowly leaned in my ear. "It might have something to do with the way you look at people. A tiger, i called you inside of my head. As if you want to...well..." Her voice hushed. "devour someone."

Oh, she is so asking for it.

"If i didn't know better," I purred glancing up and down at her body. "I would think you're begging for me."

"Begging," She scoffed rolling her eyes. "Begging for what? You? You think i'll beg for you. I'm just stating facts."

First girl i ever met giving me such attitutide. I liked it. New. Really refreshing to find a girl so...full of charisma. The way she narrowed her eyes at me, running her tongue over her lips. Yes, i've made up my mind.

"So, Princess-." I started but she snapped her fingers in my face cutting me off.

"Princess?" She growled.

"Oh! You don't like that," I laughed.

"I don't like nicknames," She stated.

"But you called me "Big Boy"?"

"Yep, i sure as hell did, Big Boy."

Hypocrite. But i love it all the same.

"As i was saying," I continued leaning closer to her lips. "Why don't we go and have a chat somewhere else. Its hard to hear your pretty voice over this music."

"You think my voice is pretty," She laughed fanning herself.

"I think you're pretty," I whispered, running my fingers down her cheek. (August taught me that, sadly enough.) She smiled, sliding off of my lap. After she stood, she brushed off her black skirt and started fixing her blouse. She glanced at me one more time before winking. 'Follow me' she mouthed pointing inside at the stairs.

And he's back in the game.


Michael "Rain" Dentri

Warning: MANXMAN- Don't like, i suggest you don't read, lol XD Skip Michael's whole POV, lol

To be honest, I never thought losing my virginity would be in a bathroom. I always pictured it as romantic- You Know, candles, (Daniel always told me my views on alot of situtations is what a thirteen year old girl would say.) But a bathroom?! The thought ran laps around my mind as August kept his hard kisses and sucks at my neck. His breath beating at my skin, and i felt his hands rest at my hips. We laid ontop of each on the floor of the bathroom, my knee pushing between August's legs. He would groan- pulling his up from my neck- every so often i moved it. Moans escaping from my lips the more he sucked harder, the senses in my neck screaming pain but my body registered pleasure instead.

I gasped for air between August licks up and down my ear. My fingers webbed in locks of his hair, squeezing every moment he would nip my ear or run his tongue down my neck hitting the sore bruises he placed there earlier. August used his fingers to roll up my shirt so he could explore my chest. He sucked his way down to my collar bone, kissing and licking them gently.

"August," I whimpered clutching his hair tighter. "Are we going know.." I wasn't sure, but i felt like i was ready all of a sudden. I shut out all my earlier thoughts on sex because my heart told me to shut them out- that i don't need them.

August smiled, "Your call, My love."

Then something in my heart ached. August beamed at me, a wide smile waiting for my answer as he hovered over my body. I blinked hearing the sounds of strong beating from his and my heart. "Yeah," I swallowed. "We should. I-I'm ready."

"This is a...surprising." August laughed, yet kept his wide smile at me. "I didn't think you found the bathroom kinky."

"I don't," I snapped but couldn't hide the fact i began to blush. August shook his head, lightly placing a sweet kiss on top of my lips. "Go easy on me, Okay." I whispered.

He nodded. "Tell me, okay. You can speak to me- I want to love you, not hurt you."

"Okay," I breathed watching August lower his tongue on top of my nipple. I squeezed his hair as he sucked. My eyes rolling to the back of my head, I gasped and moan of the pure pleasure he was giving me.

"August," I moaned, he had dropped his left hand between my legs to grind. "Oh, August...ah.."

"Michael, stay with me, Baby," He whispered against my ear. I swallowed trying to loosen my strong hold on his hair.

"No," He panted, running his tongue along my lips. "Squeeze tighter. You can squeeze my hair, Michael."

"Doesn't it hurt," I mumbled kissing him under his jaw. August didn't answer me so i went ahead to yank his hair back. He groaned in response, i felt a shrudder running down his back.

"No..No...It feels great," He breathed hoarsely. "I like it when you pull my hair." August smiled, dipping his head back to leave a trail of kisses all around my bosom. He did a couple of flicks of the tongue against my nipple before preceeding down. I moaned feeling August suck the lines of my pelvis. A heaving desire in the depth of my mind begging him to hurry and love me. I just want him to love me. Overwhelming mixture of lust, love and heat coarsing through every kiss or lick August had planted on me. August loosened my pants so it sagged at the waist. The elastic of my underwear exposed and some of the grey showed with it. August decided to slip my pants completely and used his fingers to play with me outside my underwear. I breathed, August telling me to take it slow.

"No rush," He whispered kissing the top of my belly bottom. "Just relax."

I began to trust August more and more. I rolled my head to the side letting go of some of the tension locked in my shoulders.

That's when August finally slipped off everything- making me entirely naked below the waist. I shivered, goosebumps collecting itself everywhere August previously touched. I felt my neck painted in bright red bruises burn for more of his touch. August grabbed my member, and swallowed it in his mouth. I screamed, wrenching as i dug my fingernails into his scalp. I gasped, moaned and shake violently- August kept his head movement in a constant bob. "Oh," I shruddered, my throat tightening so it cracked at the end.

August pulled his head back up, kissing the tip gently. His fingers popped the buttons off his shirt, from there he just shook it off. I reached over to his pants helping him unloosen and slip it off. I pulled his belt from the loops, throwing it behind us. August didn't wait to climb out of his loose pants. "Michael," He panted delivering another heavy kiss. "When i put myself inside of you- try not to scream so loud."

"Yeah," I moaned feeling his hands arousing my tip.

August used his two fingers to press against my lips. "Open your mouth."

I didn't protest. Opening my mouth, August slipped his two fingers inside to wrestling with my tongue. So many times, I almost choked on his fingers sliding to far back. August didn't pull back his fingers until he was sure i wetten them enough. Gently, August lifted my right leg then slowly pushed his wet fingers inside of me. I bit my lip to stop from screaming, but it was unsuccessful the deeper he went. I screamed loudly, snapping August head up.

"Not so loud, baby," He soothed kissing the side of my temple. "Does it feel good," He then whispered.

It certainely did. I moaned for more, fluttering my eyes in order to focus instead of fazing out of the blackened pleasure.

"Tight," August breathed sliding deeper. In and out slowly, i could feel him move and spread his fingers inside.

"August...amazing...amazing," I cried rolling my eyes back.

"Yes, baby, yes.." August moaned heavily. His sudden finger thrust sliding in and out faster than i was able to suck in a breath of air.

"Oh, August," I screamed. August quickly snapped his hand over my mouth to muffle the pleasure screams i produced.

"Your making to much noise," He muttered kissing the tip of me again.

"I want you."

"I Know," He huffed- i could see the arousal in his eyes watching me scream out like that. "I'm making sure you'll be okay. But now i think its time.." He trailed off carefully slipping his fingers out. He used grab hold of my right leg, then lifted it on top of his right broad shoulder. With his left hand, August tug down his underwear. I chewed my lips, butterflies dancing widly in my stomach. Anticipation of feeling August deep inside me. I became strangely wet from the thought.

"Hurry, please," I begged yanking his hair.

"Okay," He groaned. Then, i felt August member pressed between my cheeks.

"Let go of the tension, Michael. Let me in, okay," He panted trying to gently push inside.

"OH," I moaned snapping my head back. I couldn't control how much i wrapped myself around August. I continued to moan, and those moans building into screams. August grabbed hold of my hips, he slowly slid in and out. "Its hard," He moaned rolling his head back. "Its hard when you just keep getting tighter, Michael."

"I-I can't-," I rasped struggling for breathe. "I can't...I can't...i can't..i can't."

"Oh, damn," August groaned loudly. "oh, Michael.."

I screamed, snapping August head forward against my chest. "Faster, faster, please," I groaned.

"Yeah," He laughed but breathelessly. August tightened his hold on the side of my waist. Spreading my legs further apart, he was able to slip further in.

And damn it felt so good. Pleasure over riding the pain pricking at certain times. August increased his speed, along with my gasping hoping to catch some breaths. Quick breaths and heavy breathing around us. August thrusts literally drilling inside of me. Our hips rocking in rhythm together, August leaned forward in my face. His right hand digging into the skin of the leg placed over his shoulder, our breaths now beating against each lips. August slipped his fingers back into my mouth. Sliding them against the surface of my mouth in the same speed of his fast thrusts. August quickly pulled them out, keeping his self thrusting, he dug all three fingers inside to thrust above his member.

I couldn't breathe, I couldn't speak- all i could do was scream. I opened my mouth to let go of all the feeling building in the back of my throat, but, August threw his tongue inside of my mouth. Again, he muffled my screams. Sucking hard at the bottom of my lip, he chewed on them, biting deeply into my tongue. Pushing his tongue further inside my throat to choke and stop all breathing. August stopped thrusting suddenly, panting above my lips. "Can i come inside of you," He whispered weakly.

"Please," I smiled. August leaned his head back to the saftey of our latched lips. An explosion inside of me rocketing off. I was happy that August let himself off. I smiled fainlty as August departed his lips from mine out of breathe.

We laid there for a second, taking note of each others beauty. August kissed me on top of my forehead, whispering how beautiful i looked in this moment. So my neck, chest, lips, and ass is screaming from the pain now setting itself in. I told August he need to get out now, and he did without a word. I couldn't help but feel a bit empty without him when he pulled out. August scooped up his clothes from the bundled corner, he stood up to start dressing himself.

"Hey August can you hand me my clothes.."I asked weakly.

August rose his brow at me, staring at me. "What's wrong?"

"I-I can't move," I gushed. "It hurts and this stuff keep rolling down my..l-legs."

August giggled, "Awwwww."

"Don't aw- Ouch! Ah, damn thats hurts." I groaned. "I can't get up."

"Its okay," August smiled kneeling down besides me holding my clothes. "Because i love you, Michael Rain Dentri."

He kissed the crown of my head.

"I love you too." I breathed back.


Daniel "Danny" Kings

"Are you ready," The girl smirked running her finger down my chest. She sat ontop of me, lips pouted but set in a sexy little grin she had. I chuckled, placing my hands at her wide hips. "Of course, i am."

Laying down on the bed, I had pushed the sheets on the side to not get in our way. I honestly couldn't wait to make love to this littler pretty thing. She passed all of my standards.

She was good looking. Nice hips, although she didn't have big boobs her icy sea green eyes burned into me hotter than the sun itself.Stradling on top of me, She her finger nail to push up my shirt. "Oh," She purred. "Nice body, i see." She smiled sly as she leaned to kiss down my abs.

"Ah, Ah, Ah," I teased sitting back up. I pushed her chin back up to my face with my index finger. "Kiss first, then we make ourselves there. Let's take the long way and enjoy first, Princess."

"I told you i hate nicknames," she scowled.

"I see," I whispered pressing my lips against hers. It stop all of her further protests and complaints- literally shutting her up. She kissed me back hard, swirling tongues and heated bodies. But i didn't pay attention to how much she groaned from my kiss, i rather noticed a certain spark i felt from the kiss itself. A connection, i felt with her. I felt it atlast.

I lightly pushed her down on the white sheets on her back, our lips still in a heavy lock. She didn't want to part lips and i didn't want to part lips. Her fingers made themselves around my neck trying to pull me deeper.


I think i truly found-.


Huh? The girl snapped his lips away from and towards the grand white doors of the room. There stood two small girl figure. I squinted my eyes closer to get a good look of the two.

One of the girls had platinum blonde hair streaking with black brushing waves down her back. Eyes set in a fury of sea green, wait, coral pink pouty lips, but she had softer features. I gawked.

Besides her Jenni stood arm crossed against her chest. "Daniel! Your such a fucking idiot!"

I glared at her, "Shut up, Jenni. Do you see me trying to get it in with this-."

"AARON- give me back my wig!" The girl besides Jenni exlclaimed, she was going to march over by the bed but Jenni snatched her arm back. Jenni leaned in the girl ear whispering something softly. I ruffled my brow at them. What the hell is going on. The girl besides Jenni cracked into a smile.

"Aaron, sweetie, did you tell him?"

"Who's Aaron," I asked but the girls kept their gaze at the girl under me. I followed their stares and looked at her eye to eye. She smiled gently, pressing her fingers against my chest.

"Sorry, Big Boy," She smirked sliding form under me. "You was nice play thing though, i was excited to see how big and bad you were. Thanks alot, Ashely for spoiling everything." She scowled rolling from the bed. "Here's your wig, crybaby."

My jaw dropped opened as the girl i had laid down with tore of the wig from her head.

"And my Blouse," Ashley snapped her fingers after catching the wig in her hands. This where i realized this girl wasn't a girl.

But a boy.


"WHAT," I shouted. Nothing. No boobs or anything. Flat, muscled chest- A BOY"S CHEST.

"Ummm Daniel," Jenni whispered pointing to him. "This is Aaron- Ashley's twin brother."

Aaron flickered his eyes at me, still retaining his smirk from earlier. After the wig was taken off, i now saw the true length of his hair. Shaggy plantium blonde hair cropped over his eyes yet brushing over his shoulder. He started to use his pale hand to smudge off the make up he had. Without the blush, his strong features shined through. Cat like eyes still giving me a familiar stare. Stripping off the blouse, I was beholded to his shoulders broad but petite, like his body- slender and bony.

"You're.." I gasped keeping my lock at his flat chest. "You're a boy!!!!!!"

"Yes, i am," He responded strongly winking at me. "You're a lot of fun, big boy."

"You mean to tell me," I whispered slowly to Jenni. "I almost went third base with a boy."

"Sadly, yes."

I think i'm going to kill myself.


Woah, Chapter doneee~ Ah, i can't believe i have 20 chapters!!!!!!!!!!!! TWENTY!!!!!!

Do you believe how much that is? Thats alot for me and i have so much planned to do O.O I wonder how'll i'll fit it all.

I ROFL when i thought of Daniel kissing a cross dressed boy. I love Aaron- he's like my favorite to write for, lol. How do you guys like the scene *wiggles eyebrows*

Anyways, Thanks for reading and commenting ^^ I keep you updated :DD

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