Shattered: Reflection of an Addiction

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - By my side, you are

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Submitted: October 09, 2011



Chapter 24

By My Side, You are


"Woah," I smiled pulling Jenni into my arms. She grinned back at me exposing all of her white teeth. Her face soft like her breaths and the innocence in her eyes drawing me closer to her. I wasn't going to lie- she was beautiful in my eyes. We stood infront of the cafe "LakeWood"- giving greetings to each other. Jenni had a stunning yellow summer dress, strapless that it showed the softness of her shoulders. I'm not a dressy kind of guy, but i decided to fix myself up a bit. Plain black jeans and a white t-shirt, and i guess i combed my hair back. All for her.

"Andy, i hope your hungry," She smiled looping her arms with mine as we entered inside the restruant. Loud buzzing, and laughs all inside. She told me iIt seemed like a good time. I don't know what a good time is anymore. Being in prison for five years could do that to you.

But aslas, i digress.

"We should eat outside," Jenni suggested leading my direction to the outside tables. I glared around at the restruant. It's more like a sports bar with Tvs, bars and the such. I shrugged my shoulders indifferently as Jenni laughed pulling me along to the outside table. We were seated shortly and asked of what we wanted to ear. Jenni ordered the salmon and i a steak snadwhich. But i had to convience her i was going to pay. I had money. Plently of money.

"So," She smiled stuffing a piece of the steaming pink salmon in her mouth. A kind wind ruffling her loose band wildly. "What's going on."

"Oh nothing," I grinned sipping a bit of beer. "Just life, you know."

"Well, i was meaning to ask you how do you know August? At the party last night things kinda went...awkward.."

"Let's see," I said playing with a piece of loose hair. "August...August....August. ...Oh, right! He's a long lost friend of mine."

"You guys didn't seem like friends. He frowned at you."

"We broke off pretty badly," I laughed leaning back in my chair. "Hopefully we can reconnect. Make up for the lost years, you know. Our friendship was pretty powerful so i'm sure we can gain it back somehow."

"Aww," Jenni squealed, her whole face brightened. "That's so sweet. Well, are really nice guy."

"You think so," I smirked leaning one elbow one the table. I winked at her, in response her smile widened.

"Of course," She nodded. "Really sweet too..your perfect boyfriend material. Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Oh no. I can't seem to find any woman who's able to keep up to speed with me. When i try giving my heart to them, they all just leave me."

"That's really wrong," She frowned. Her eyes honestly reflecting sympathy.

"It's like that. I would love to find a girl like you Jenni. Happy, flirty, cute.." I trailed on.

"T-Thank," She giggled but stammered out the words.

Yeah, i would love a girl like you.


Michael "Rain" Dentri

"Okay, we have the results. I hope the wait wasn't that long. The fastest test we have is about an hour, but you may have to come back and check again." A woman by the name of "Agentine" told us. She wore white scrubs, her face clear and eyes bluer than mine. She swept her brown hair to the side as she waited for us to follow hair in the back of the clinic. I took a deep breath and stood up from the clinic chairs in the waiting room along with August. We never let go of each others hand. Holding tightly and our fingers stayed devoted to one another.

August tried casting me a hopeful look. I couldn't return the same. The test involved us drawing blood so the clinic can try to find the virus. They also swapped our cheeks. Believe me when i say i couldn't stop praying silently in my head. I wanted everything to be okay. I wanted to kiss him, but he would always shake his head and avoid my kisses. I know he's doing it because he doesn't want to take any chances. But my heart ache seeing him suffer. He squeezed my head the moment we stood up together hand in hand. Exiting out of the waiting room and into the quiet room at the end of the hall. Agentina escorted us inside to sit in the chiars. We were still tensed, but we did as she said.

"Okay, First off...Mr.Dentri." She said sitting herself cross-legged on the leather rolling chair infront of us. Two pale vanilla envelopes she held in her hands. I swallowed.

I'm scared shitless.

"Mr. Dentri, if you want privacy...."

"No, no," I croaked clutching August's calm hands. He leaned in my ear whispering everthing will be alright.

"Well, let's see," She took a deep breath and slipped the long scan out of the envelope.

Trembling, I bit so hard into my bottom lip so that i could taste the raw bloody copper coating the insides of my mouth.

"It seems like right now you are negative. So right now we are unable to detect any antibodies. We need you to come in the next few months or so just to make sure the results are conclusive."

I dug my face into my hands, rocking back and forth. I never truly felt so happy. My brain giving me bursts of hope that August had to be negative. I felt more relaxed.

August grinned at me, kissing the side of my temple. "See...i told you its nothing you should worry about."

"I'm sorry," I smiled. "You were right."

"Like always," He teased.

"Well, now it seems to find your results Mr. Edmunds."

"Yeah," August answered calmly, he squeezed my hand, pursing his lips tightly together.

From the other envelope, she slowly pulled out another long scan. I chewed my lip, wishing the woman would hurry the hell so we could go home and laugh this whole non-sense over. So we could kiss each other without worry, i would hit August and lecture him on safe sex and he would groan but lightly smile.

"Mr. you mind we ask Mr. Dentri stepping outside for a moment."

August blinked speechless for a quick moment, "I-Is there a problem. Am i.."

"No. You tested negative but..we would like to talk with you in private about something else we...found."

August whole body tensed. I held in my breath trying my hardest to blink away the tears developing. My mind stirred as I rose from my chair slowly. August stared at me, and i stared back at him. Oh God no..

I stepped outside in the shallow lit hallway, the door closing behind me echoing down the hall. I couldn't stop shaking. Something in my throat prevented me from crying. Trembling again, i took deep raspy breaths. Uncertain and scared of the person i love health. Several minutes i had to stand outside alone. Rocking back and forth, and keeping my heart to the fact he was negative. So there's no way it could be that bad. I swallowed again as the door creaked opened. Agentine stood infront of me. I could tell her face had fallen, her eyes holding sadness.

"You can come in now," She whispered hoarsely moving to the side. The first thing i wanted to see was August. I wanted to see him smile at me, and comfort me. But when i stepped inside, August was crying. I ran to him almost at the sound of the door shutting. Flinging my arms around his shaking body.

"August, baby, hey...what's going," I cried clutching him harder. "August...everything o-okay, right. These are tears of joy right," I couldn't stop crying. I feared the absoulte worst.

August rose his head from his hands, eyes now rimmed. Tears running down his flushed cheeks. In his hand, he held a few pamphlets in his hands.

"Baby," I hushed kissing the side of his face.

"Michael," He gasped.

"Yeah, what's wrong. What's going, August. Tell me...assure me you're alright.."

"I can't," He whispered. "I c-can't."

"I'm not understnding," I cried. "Dammit."

August paused and then he breathed, "I have Acute Hepatitis B."


I broke down, August grabbed me and pressed my body against his.

"I'm so sorry," I sobbed in his shoulder letting out all of my emotions flow out.

I could feel August's tears rolling down my neck. He whispered low in my ear, "It's not your fault."

"Why, August," I screamed. "WHY."

"Baby don't cry..for me, okay. Smile for me... okay." He whimpered. "I need someone to smile for me right now...because i j-just can't..."

"August," I sobbed louder and he only hushed me. Stroking the top of my head as if i was the one infected. I couldn't even comfort him. I needed to be the comfort. I had pushed him taking care of me when he was the one caught. I just can't forgive myself on how selfish i acted. I don't understand how someone so strong like him...ever fell in love with me.

I needed him more than i thought.

"Excuse me, Gentlemen" Agentine said breaking into our cries. "We can send a one of our-."

"No thank you," August shook his head softly. "I have Michael. He'll take care of me...right."

"Of course," I sniffed.

"If it's okay. I would like to explain it a bit more in detail," She said taking a seat next to us. She rubbed August's back and handed him a tissue. "Now acute Hepatitis B is cureable. Most recover from it. It isn't chronic so you can fight it off."

I held on to August tightly.

"Did your parents ever send you to the doctor to have a vaccine?"

August slowly shook his head again. "No." was his answer.

"My Biological parents didn't send me to have check ups...or anything.." He frowned.

"Your Biological parents, dear?"

"I'm adopted."

She went on to explain to use about acut Hepatitis B, a virus out to basically kill the liver. I had my vaccine shot a long time if i remembred correctly. August on the other hand never had any shots at all. I really hated his parents. How they treated him, abused him, send him alone.

Never giving a damn about his life. He had to suffer alone...and that made me want to give more of my love to him. If i could just use my love to cover theirs. I want August to feel so much more loved. I loved him.

"I love you, matter what," I whimpered on his shoulder using the back of my hand to wipe the devleoping tears out of my face.

And he told me thats all he needed.



Chapter 24 finished. Emotional chapter, to say the least.

*wipes tears away* >.< i love August. Ugh, but i keep feeling as if i'm torturing the poor baby O.o

(Blame my friend for helping come up w/ the story line along with me. I have the story line pretty much drawn. I'm just too afraid to write because i've grown so attached to my characters- they're like my babies now :( *sigh* Anyway, Thanks for Reading and Commenting.Please don't kill me O.O *Looks atAlisindra

* please don't jump through the computer again..

Please O.O

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