Shattered: Reflection of an Addiction

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - A Little Taste?

Submitted: August 09, 2011

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Submitted: August 09, 2011



Chapter 5

A Little Taste?

"Welcome Ladies and Gent's to the first annual Cards Battle Royal Super! Today we have two teams fighting against each other for the title of Champion! In Team Cupcakes we have JenJen the adorable yet kinky member of the team. Last but not least, Michael "Rain" Dentri- the moody but strangely sexy-."

"Daniel...cut it out."

"Ah Ah Ah! I'm not finish- wait until I'm done. Now as i was saying- Ouch! Dammit, Daniel! Don't throw things at me, DAMN!"


Jenni slapped her hand across Daniel's and my face. She slammed the hand of cards down on the table pouting. "You two, stop it! I don't like hitting you but you two are getting on my nerves. Your going to wake up Mrs. Dentri. Isn't that right, August!"

August glanced at me forming a smile. "Well, What Daniel said was correct."

"Stop the bullshit."

"Bullshit? Baby, I would never bullshit you when it comes to your looks. Your looks are....lickable. Is that the right term to use, Jenni?"

"Uh-huh," Jenni squealed. "Hey August! Look i wrote this scene for my two-."

"Damn, can we even finish this game! Back to the game, bitches." Daniel ordered. "Now let me continue my narrating before a rude 'someone' interrupts me. On team "We are Pimp, We have Myself. Daniel "Danny" Kings- the man girls want and men want to be. And here we have my partner and co-pimp- "August...wait what's your nickname, man?"

August shrugged. He didn't care from the looks of it but Daniel and Jenni started coming up with names off the bat.

"How about, SexiiTime." Jenni suggested.

"That sounds like a stripper name, Jenni." I shook my head. "If your going to give him a nickname make it atleast a respectable one."

"Coming to the stttaaaggeee, ready to suck your lollipops- SEXIITIME!" Daniel shouted pulling out his wallet. He then started to wave it in August's face. "Come one babe, make it rain!"

August grinned, jumping up to his feet. He rolled his tongue and started to take off his belt.

"SIT DOWN!" I shouted. "And put your damn belt back on!" Ugh, why the hell am i hanging with them.

"Wooo! Go Sexii Time! Shake what your mama gave ya!"

"...He's a dude,remember."


Okay, Looks like 'Sexii Time' wasn't an option. Jenni and Daniel tapped their fingers against table staring at August. I really wasn't concerned in his 'nickname'. Those two when coming up with my nickname gave me hell. I remember someone suggesting, 'Tail Feathers'.

Their seriously screwed in the head. But the names August was suggested was the most sexual names i ever heard. Jenni being the main one making them up. I onl wish my friends weren't so sex driven.

"Well, we named ourselves from something personal. Like Michael is "Rain" because of his eye color. We named Jenni "JenJen' mainly because it sounds a cute shorter version of her name. Wait, why the hell am i nicknamed Danny anyway."

"Don't look at me. That's Jenni naming you after her dead cat."

A silence. Wait..He didn't know that? Daniel ruffled his brow together and pursed his lips together. Oh shit, he didn't know that. I tried my hardest not to laugh. But opened my mouth rolling in laughter. Falling to my sides, i had gone into a laughing seizure.

"Danny, i thought you knew that."

"No! I don't even remember you even having a damn cat."

"S-She did," I stuttered in my laughing coma. "You don't remember it because you haven't slept with it- oh wait, maybe you have. HAHAHA." I wiped my last tear. It's been awhile since i laughed like this.

"Are you done?" Daniel scoffed. He leaned over the table with he's face still a bit pissed. I'm not sure if he was pissed he went almost five years not knowing or pissed because i was laughing at him. Either way, i didn't care.

"Yeah, I'm finished."

"Good. Now let's move on from the fact i was named at random after a dead cat."

"In my defense you reminded me of him. Danny used to run around making alot of cat..babies."

"Hmmm, I think i like this nickname. Alright we can keep it."

Of course.

August flickered his eyes over by me. I didn't want to look to tense. But i lowered my head and fidgeted. Everytime i keep 'thinking' about him, my mind trails back to the car. The one event in my whole life that decided to stalk me is the one when i'm sleeping on this jackasses chest. Great.

"What about October?" August tapped Jenni on the hand to gain her attention. "I was born on October the 25th so.."

"Eh...WAIT! Scorpio! Your a Scorpio, aren't you!"

August just nodded simply in return. "Yeah, I was born pretty much a day after the date."

"I always to meet a Scorpio! I read in my magazines that Scorpio's are great lovers. They over-protective though, but they mean well. Passionate. Delicious!"

"Sounds like Scorpions are full of it."

August smirked. He lifted his chin to expose the strong of his neck. His pouty lips parting open.

"Full of what?" He questioned. "All i know is that i want to be full of you."

"Your two seconds from getting punched. I suggest you shut the hell up."

"Your going to punch me,baby. "

"I will."

"I'm waiting."

"Keep pushing my buttons, August."

"Sounds tasty. Hmm, Rain's buttons..."

ARGH, he pisses me off. I grinded my teeth together, Jenni wrapped her tiny arms around me to keep me down. I wasn't going to shove her off my wrist just so i can choke August, I wasn't going to risk hurting Jenni for it. It wasn't worth it that way. So i bit my lip trying to shake off the feeling of killing.

"You need to leave."

"I'm not leaving until you escort me out."

"Alright get your ass up and let go." I yelled. August just kept smiling- which i found more than 'annoying'. He pushed himself off his feet and walked around the table infront of me.

"Wait," Jenni cried hopping on her feet also. "Hey, Scorpio! Are you going to Madison's part tommorow?" Jenni tilted her to the side, batting her long lashes multiple times. August shrugged, "Depends."

Ugh, Madison. I knew Madison since grade school. Believe me when i say that girl is angst in a tea cup. She's no taller than Jenni but she goes around the school acting as if she owns the entire damn school. Daniel slept with her and her best friend, Sammy- Surprise!- so the two are fighting each other to see who 'rules the school'. Sammy is throwing a party the day after Madison's party. We're invited to both however. Neither of the girls realize, Daniel treated them like a fling. He moved on the second he rolled from their sheets. No, maybe the second he closed his eyes. Either way, He didn't give a damn about either of them. So the little feud is meaningless. I didn't have any intention on going, Madison being the innocent flirt she was kept whining and complaing how i need to get out. Sammy saw Madison clinging to me in class and that gave her all the more reason to invite me to her pary. Because Jenni was on the cheerleading squad and the two girls feud was ripping the whole team into two sides, Jenni not choosing either side was invited to both as well.

"Well come by! I heard sammy is going to interuppt the party."

"Alright. See you guys later."

"Bye Scorpio," Jenni giggled. Daniel nodded to him and went back to shuffling the deck.

August "Scorpio" Edmunds followed me out the front door. The night sky had almost a billions stars shining as bright as diamonds. There were a slight breeze rustling the trees every now and then. But what i really loved the most was how quiet the street was. I admired all this just during our walk to August's car.

August stopped suddenly and leaned his body against the hood of his car. "Hey, Rain."

"Hm. What do you want. Hurry up and move your ass along."

"I will. But i want to know if i can have a taste."

I squinted my eyes. Had he lost his small damned mind. "Hell no."

"I just want a little taste, just a bit." August walked from the hood and approached infront of me. He used his index finger to push my chin up. "Just a little taste."

"I don't think so. Just for the fact i just met you earlier today."

"It'll be harmless. You seem to not like me."

"I don't."

"So what will a little kiss do? Or are you worried it'll awaken some feelings you have for me?" August grinned.

"Of course not! Your really annoying."

"Great," He chuckled. "So a small kiss won't do anything. You have nothing to gain or lose, so why not. And it'll be quick, very quick- i promise."

"Are you trying to make a fool out of me," I demanded. He licked his lips, his index finger stroking my cheek. "I won't bite, i promise."

"That's not the problem! Dumbass."

"Then what's the problem? Why are you being such a little pansy for?"

"I'm not a pansy- Idiot. Okay, you better make it quick or i swear I'll knock all of your teeth out of your mouth." I snorted. "Feelings? For a person i just met? You must have lost some brain cells."

"Stop talking."

Before i knew it, I had the taste of a sweets in my mouth. August gripped my waist ,he turned us around pushing me against the hood of his car. It as like my breath was cut off, all i felt was a sweet coating. And the more I tasted, the more i wanted. Strangely, it was hard to let go. Even when he bit my lip and push his tongue against the roof of my mouth. I was lost of words still unable to let go. He was aggressive, yanking my hair, biting my tongue. I flinched every time. Our lips crushing against each other, I could feel August body heat against my skin. His other hand around my waist. He used the hand entangled in my blonde hair to dip my head back against the hood. But as i went down, so did he niether one of us breaking the kiss.

I pressed my hand against his chest just to feel muscle and the same heartbeat. At last, he slowly released his lips and pulled our heads back up.

I was more than stunned. And i panted just to capture my breath back. My lips felt swollen but my throat was tight.

August smiled calmly. "Alright, i better go home now."

I couldn't say anything. Words refused to form out of my mouth. In my ears, the loud clapping of my heart beating against my chest was all i could hear.

"I'll see you later." August laughed as he unloosned his hold around my waist. I back away speechless watching August climb in his car. Even the engine couldn't drown out the sound i heard inside me. The truck backed out of the drive way then disappeared swallowed by the night darkness.

I rose my fingers to brush against my lips. My hands trembled.

Just a little taste my ass.

(WOAH, 5 chapter done :D Wanted to update the last couple of days but i was going through recovery of my cold, lol.Thanks for reading and Commenting :DDD)

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