Dove Above Mercury

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A man wanders the wasteland. It is so quiet out here, it is the quietest place in the world. No goal, no idea what he'll do.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dove Above Mercury

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013



Chapter 1,

The Son

2098: It’s the ninth month of the year.

Everything is ruins and rocky mountains. I haven’t heard a bird - I don’t know; but I can just imagine. To see one flying over my head, flying against the green, gloppy sky. Rocks crack under my feet, that might once have been something beautiful and meaningful; but there is nothing to really see in this featureless place, and whatever monuments that are left is black and withering away. I hold my gun handle tighter than usual. The oaken grip, cold in my hand, is a comfort.

Just about the only comfort I have left.

I remember a planet once green and blooming, constantly giving birth and repeating its unique process. The animals that used to live on this orb we're one with the circle of life, but we separated ourselves from this circle. Instead we gave nothing back. We sucked the life out of her slowly and took away something far more precious than our machines, skyscrapers, weapons and beautiful monuments.

We showed no appreciation to what she gave us, instead we acted selfish. Nobody is perfect that's true but we we're as far away from perfect as possible. Not much is left of that we built in over prime time, should we blame our lack of perfection for this? There's nothing to blame but ourselves... We tried stopping diseases and viruses from killing us, but we never thought of ourselves as a virus never even bothered to find a cure. We looked upon ourselves as intelligent, but our mask faded and our selfishness showed. That was the past for sure it's rather evident today.

In the very moment I record this, the polluted sky look like images reminiscent of the awestruck impressions on the survivors faces.

It didn't use to be like this. I remember being young and things we're different. I don't remember anything specific, but I remember feeling – I remember feeling happy and that I used to smile. One day (not that I remember when) everything changed. That day I remember waking up on the floor, hearing screams but I don't know whose it was.

There was a bright outside the window that was just starting to dim. I got up off the floor and stepped over to the window. The light still continuing to dim as I pushed the blind aside. It was just a blob of white light climbing out of the ground, it soon took shape. I still have these images burned into my memories. The white blob-like cloud was lifting upward into the sky and then took a general outline of a mushroom.

I just kept looking at the dimming white blob in the distance, frozen to my place. I didn’t know what it was, or what was going on, but I knew that something was very out of the ordinary. I just kept on watching I didn’t have much of a choice, my body wouldn’t let me move.

Suddenly, I felt how my feet lifted from the floor, all of a sudden. I was in my father's arms being carried. He brought me downstairs into our basement, where laid me down on the cold concrete floor. I remember that just before my father left, he looked me straight into the eyes and said, “Stay here, Alec! The rain is coming!” I didn't really catch what he meant back then, but today... I do all to well.  My father never told me anything about what happened that day but I found something that did.

One day I searched through my father’s old bookshelf, filled with various history books and crime novels, things my father enjoyed reading. As my eyes scanned the shelves, I spotted a book that seemed appealing. I softly stroke the spine on the book with the title: » The Perfect Assassin « it sounded intriguing. I carefully pulled the book out then something happened another book fell from the top shelf.

It didn’t look like a book that belonged in the shelf since it was missing a front cover and author name. I quickly picked up the book and started going through its pages until I reached the end, there’s were I found it.

A small note had been folded and placed there. I unfolded the note and within I found an answer to all my questions. It was a brief explanation of what had happened and my father’s signature was written in the end, he had entitled it: » A Dove Above Mercury «

A Dove Above Mercury, April 2, 2086

Every single day is so tainted with infinite blackness, its cold and my fingers are stiff as I write down these words, this true confession of mankind’s fall.

Three months have passed since the total mass destruction of our motherland. I can’t provide an answer to why I choose to do this now I reckon that it’s maybe because I have come to the realization that the situation isn’t getting any better.

I feel a certain burden and it’s killing my sleep every single night. In fact we can’t even distinguish if there’s day or night anymore.

In my sleep, I have nightmares of suffering and as my eyes open from restless sleep and I awake from one misery I exceed into another.

I feel a bit of responsibility what good this will do – I don’t know. I’m absent but somewhere down in my battered heart there’s a bright light giving me a sense of hope. If our country manages to rebuild and reclaim the lost society those alive have the right to know what happened here.

The bombings started during the day there wasn’t any pre-warnings by the government not even a wide emergency television broadcast preparing us for the holocaust. The explosions eventually stopped but it wasn’t over yet people we’re still scared and terrified but for the wrong cause.

Crowds started invading the streets and spreading rumors that the enemy nation had deployed execution platoon’s to exterminate the last of us. A small number of crowds instead turned into a handful of people unaware of the real killer.

The slayer that had been approaching from the skies above like a silent assassin ever since the bombs impacted on ground, he had been preparing to strike without mercy ever since, and when he did not many expected it.

It started with drizzly rain until a monsoon of poisonous radioactive rain began pouring down from the gloomy polluted sky. It went awfully fast and people panicked and ran around instead of realizing that they should have taken shelter.

I placed my son in our basement a while earlier to protect him from the radioactive fall out. I didn’t have a choice, my wife had gone to the store but she wasn’t back. I looked for her everywhere but she was nowhere to be found. I couldn’t stray around looking for long because the blackened clouds we’re rapidly approaching, within minutes the rain would start to fall so I hurried and took shelter. I remember sitting in a store waiting for the rain to end so I could run to my son I whispered prayers begging from him to be alright.

I quickly hurried home as soon as the whole fall of death ended. There’s not even a word or a painting that can describe the relief I felt when he was still sitting there. It was heartbreaking to watch, he was huddling in one of the corners in the room in nothing but his briefs, trembling and shaking out of the purest from of fear.

As days crossed I witnessed day by day how the heavenly blue sky and its white rolling clouds turning into a jade green mist gradually darkening the surface of our planet. A month passed, we didn’t eat very much every store had already been plundered and nothing was coming in, neither could we drink water from the tap.

I remember my son asking me » Why daddy, why can’t I drink water? « I recall that I glanced back at him and answered him with a determined tone » The acts of eager men son, very eager men «

A second month passed things was worse then ever before, it was Remington’s ninth birthday. I couldn’t provide him with a cake so I didn’t say he was turning nine. There were worse things to worry about than not being able to provide with a birthday cake. Like perhaps the fact that there wasn’t a tiny piece of bread left.

It did only take two months of darkness and standstill food transportation for the inhuman behaviour to start. I had simply forgotten that the human race will do anything to survive in such dire conditions



That’s all he wrote, my father is dead, he was shot to death by another man. Maybe that’s for the better. I remember hearing three shots that was all I needed, three shots to realize my father was no machine. I became alone, I had to leave the place I once called home. I disappeared and got shaped by what I’ve seen.

I have a few more things I should say before I stop this recording.

My name is Remington Reed.

I have adapted and developed to this new terrain. I’ve become an efficient expert in this catastropical world. This I know, my past is a vague blank memory of my childhood, nothing compared to this. I’d say it’s a rather different style of living today, nothing my father would ever have liked to experience. I on the other hand have no choice but to endure. I will embrace this life if this is what it offers.

What did life offer me? A society without hammers and judges nailing life sentences to the wicked ones? I may slit someone’s throat without the sounds of sirens and the clattering of handcuffs. Why not? The past has gone to its grave, descended into the never waking sleep. Once you’re dead you’re gone, isn’t that right?

Men we once we’re, wrote a very long book, lots of words, paragraphs and meaning. They be named it, “The legal dictionary”. I’m utterly true when I say this even if it sounds rather ironic. I pity them, because nowadays nobody even knows how to read. It’s evident that we are just undisciplined animals after all.

I’m not like the rest. I gave up love and happiness a long time ago, the feelings of a dead man. I’m neither dead nor insane, I don’t feed human flesh for survival. I’d never do that, that’s incomprehensible. I would rather put a bullet in my temple if I as much as considered doing it. I don’t live by double standards. I’m always true…

Another time,

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