John Steven

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Insignificant

Submitted: October 27, 2013

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Submitted: October 27, 2013




Once there wasn’t a man named John Steven. John Steven did not live in his house. Instead, an unhappy elder lived there. A long time ago this house seemed great. Now, he wanted to move out, seeing how many flaws there were with the house. Sadly, he could never find somebody to buy it. Now, the man lived in poverty. He was poor and miserable.

John Steven didn’t own a cat. The cat that John didn’t own lived in the pound. Today was its last day here. The cat was incredibly malnourished, partially because John didn’t feed it. Today the pound owners decided to make it leave this world. Nobody wanted this old ugly tabby.

John Steven didn’t own a fancy car. The woman across his house pitied the man inside it. If the man wasn’t so old and poor she might have taken him out. The woman didn’t want to live in this run down block anymore. There was nothing here for her to see. There was no love, and therefore no life.

John Steven didn’t go to work, and so he didn’t bump into a nuclear terrorist. The nuclear terrorist arrived at his house on time. He was making the final preparations for a bomb. His small group of terrorists was almost finished. Their goal of bombing the U.S. was almost complete, and nothing could possibly stop them.

A poor young girl didn’t use the time of John Steven. She was very angry. She was angry because no matter how loud she yelled nobody would give her even the smallest second of attention. All she wanted was for someone to look at her, but everyone just stared on like she didn’t exist. After a month of this, something inside her broke.

John Steven did not have any co-workers of the 5th floor. The woman carrying a large pile of stuff was riding an elevator with her. When the woman got to her floor, she tripped on a stapler, dropping all of her stuff. Coffee spilled on the paperwork. She knew that today she would be fired.

John Steven did not know Peter Goodwill or Adam Stangler. Peter worked overtime, because he needed to. His boss just didn’t have enough workers. Peter was sleepless and very irritable today. Adam, the man who worked in the cubicle adjacent to his, decided to ask him about something work related.

The cubicle nearest to the two men was empty. Peter and Adam’s conversation seemed peaceful enough from far away. Suddenly, they blew up on each other. A few minutes later Peter tried to strangle Adam with his mouse! Unsurprisingly, the two found themselves in court moments after.

The boss that John Steven didn’t have was uneasy. In a few weeks he was supposed to have the alpha version of his project. His two best workers were now in court and a woman had just dropped all of the papers required for the program’s completion. The boss wasn’t poor, but failure to complete this project would force him to live on end.

A man who would have been a hero died at 7:00 that day. He was trying to stop a group of terrorists from using a nuclear weapon. He was too late. He was late by the same amount of time it would have taken for two men to accidentally collide near a shopping district. The news now reports of the impending doom in the air and the fate of a poor journalist.

The group of terrorists was not in custody. They were still at large. It would take years before their act was finished. Everyone that day wished for something. They didn’t know it, but what they wished for was somebody.

John Steven.

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