The Magic Within

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: January 31, 2013

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Submitted: January 31, 2013



After school I head over to the house that I was tooken to on that night. The house was well over a mile away from school. The bus was way too crowed for my taste.

I get to the house and enter the pin for entering the door. I always get here before him. I walk up to the little blue room and set down my bag and sit up on the bed. My back is against the wall as I start to close my eyes and think to myself.


My eyes are heavy and won’t open to sounds outside. Tiny words all jumbled up that makes no sense. Something heavy surrounds me. The warmth takes hold of me and I know that I must be in a bed sleeping.

But where is the question. I start to think about what has happened last. Going back to that dark night in the rain and the book…Wait the book. My eyes pop open and scan the room. Blue walls and a small white night stand right by the bed. But where is the book? My body squirms around. My hands are shaking. Fear takes a hold of me; the one thing that I need that I have no clue about is gone. I can’t seem to fine it!

I get out of the bed that I was laying in and sit up. That guy I saw the other night! He must have taken the book while I was sleeping. My hand bangs down on the pillow. The softness didn’t stop me from throwing it across the room.

Out of the corner of my eye I see the brown cover and pick it up. It here. It’s still here, under the pillow the whole time.

The door opens to the room. “Hello, I see that you are finally awake.” The person walks away from the door and comes in to the small place. He is a fit man, tall black hair and blue eyes. His glace moved away from me and to the pillow on the ground.

“Sorry… I was looking for something.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it was that book,” he pointed at the book in my hand. I grip it harder being protective of it. Did he see anything inside the book? “You wouldn’t let that thing go when I placed you in to the bed.”

My top priority was keeping this book safe, even if I didn’t know what was inside.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. It was cold outside and I’m sure that you would have like a nice warm bed to sleep in.”

“Yeah thanks…”

“What happened that night? You were running so fast. Was it something big? Do you know where you were heading; maybe I can take you there?”

“I don’t remember anything about that night other than falling to the ground…”

“Ahh… so no memory. Well if you need a place to stay this room is always vacant.” He turned away from me and headed out of the room.

“May I stay…?” I hated the sound of pleading in my voice, but this place seemed safe enough. “I mean… until I can get my memory back?”

“Sure thing.” He smiles back at me and leaves the room just before he closed the door he turns back, “you may need a cover story while you live here, if you were running then there are people looking for you.”


I wake up when the front door is shut closed. I walk down stairs as I go to meet Paul. He drops his bag on to the living room couch.

“Hello, welcome back.” Its times like this where I don’t know what to say.

“Hi, how was school?”

“Boring as usual, there test today.” I walk over to the couch and sit down on the other side of his bag and grab the remote.

“TV is bad for your brain” he walks over to his chair and collapses on it.

“Yeah in know.” I switch it on to the news. “It is for a class. I have to watch the news.”

“Well I will let you be. Should call Sally see if she will be joining us for dinner?”

“Ok Paul.” Sally was his wife that suggested that I should be brought in to the home. She was very kind, her hair was like fire and her mud colored eyes was calming.

Paul headed over to the kichten and dialed her work number. I can’t help but to ease drop. Something to do, I guess. Their converestion is the same as any time he calls her. How is work? When are you coming home? Should I start dinner?

I can’t help but feel normal here. The only thing is I know that it can’t last forever.

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