Faction Wars

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This is the story of me being on TnT's server, but... it has a twist. The Boss who owns the faction Souls is trying to take over the world.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Faction Wars

Submitted: July 26, 2014

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Submitted: July 26, 2014





"Ugh, send out the drones already, Reina." The Boss smiled a crooked smile, wondering about what was going to happen to the world.

"Ah!" a person screamed.

"Hold still, little sucker. It is time you become a freaking mega human for our army." Reina had evil in her eyes.

"Factions don't do this! They use their own power with their hands to create the ultimate! They don't make freedom limited!" Tom, the boy who was being electified cried.

"I. Dont. Care." Reina laughed.

"Souls... oh Souls. My dear faction. I think it is time we step it up a notch. Reina, keep on electrifying those people. Put the armor on them, including the levitation device." The Boss grinned.

Outside, drones were lined up to greet The Boss. They were floating with levitators. The world was suddenly filled with dark clouds. It was raining hard. There were pixel arts of famous people above the faction, and homes were everywhere. There was also a statue dedication area in another area, where The Boss had his statue built high.

"Who is READY TO WIN THIS BATTLE FOR ME?!" Hundreds of drones across the different factions were manipulated, tranced, and finally turned into the ultra mega humans. Then, an evil aura was felt among many who had not been tranced. Already, they were tranced from the aura.

"Let us see our register... Aha! Well, we have the all mighty Charbthabowz. You are the controller of my army. Now, send them out to the ocean. I believe we have a town out there to destroy. Remember, the city of trees with the court house..." The Boss leaned down. "C'mon idiots! Go!"

"Not on MY WATCH!" Charbthabowz turned around in his mega human suit, and blasted fifteen people out of the mega suits.

"Charb! You created the home for Souls!" The Boss cringed. Then, Charb flew away. 

"Who cares about that dimwad! Destroy the-" The Boss stopped. Reina walked out.

"Hello, Boss. We cannot seem to get Tom to put his mega suit on." Reina smiled silently.

"Give them orders, Reina. I will force it on him." The Boss turned away as Reina started yelling at the drones.

"So, you think you can..." The Boss stopped. He then continued to add effect into his voice. "stop me?! Well... I shall destroy this world, and YOU WILL BE PART OF MY ARMY!" The Boss flung Tom into the air, then crushed his body.

"Fine! I'll be your drone!" Tom gasped. Then, all of a sudden, he ran away.

"Come back here, fool!" The Boss ran after him. He finally grabbed Tom and slipped him into a suit.

"CoreInsight activated. Army complete. Army number- 287." The Boss' watch said.

"Now, I will have half of you go out to destroy the factions in the east, the rest shall go to the west. Are you all prepared for this journey?" The Boss laughed.

"Yes, sir." All of the drones said in unison.


"Hello? Yes, Ryan here. Codename Infernus. I don't have any readings of the troops coming in, but I will still be hiding down here. Over." Ryan said.

"When will we get out, Ryan?" someone asked.

"Call me Infernus, and I have no idea. These troops are dangerous. We need to dig down and keep on going. The drones could reach us in a few hours." Infernus explained.

"Infernus... sir. What will we do with the rest of the people who were taken? Including your best friend, Peter..." someone named Jonny explained.

"Ah, my old codename Ridderpeter... well... I don't know, brother." 

"Look, your radar says they are an hour away!" Asger, the leader of SkyCity was hiding with Infernus' faction.

"Well, you all must go on. I... I shall fight for my friend." Infernus looked at his group.

"No!" Nich, an old friend of Infernus' faction grabbed Infernus. "I'll go, Infernus." Then, Nich ran up the secret stairs as Infernus looked upset.

"Let's go, crew." Infernus looked down. It was only the beginning of a terrifying battle.




"Hi, I'm Eu, and I was told my codename is MrEu10. Who are you?"

"I... my friend... am -----!"


To be continued...



© Copyright 2017 MrEu10. All rights reserved.


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