Faction Wars

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The New Recruit

Submitted: July 27, 2014

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Submitted: July 27, 2014




Chapter One


"Hi, I am Eu, and I was told my codename was MrEu10. Who are you?" MrEu looked around as he sat on his butt, looking around Souls' territory.

"I... my friend... am REINA! I am the deputy of Souls, and you have no right to... oh who am I kidding, The Boss makes EVERYONE spawn here, but you better scram. Take this control watch, too. Everyone who joins gets it. Now... SCRAM!" Reina smacked Eu's butt, and he ran away. A boy sitting on The Boss' statue looked saddened. He was looking at Eu, knowing that he had some good in him.

"Ow!" MrEu felt someone bump into him.

"Hi. I'm Tom! We need to hide, quick! The drones are coming, and The Boss is WITH THEM!" Tom grabbed Eu's hand, and he ran into a home.

"What are drones? Who is this "Boss" you speak of?" Eu looked confused.

"Well... we need to just... I need you to help me. We need to run away from these drones before they catch us. We need to whisper." Tom looked around. "The Boss will come. We need to build a tunnel to the beach before the drones get us."

"Okay... but it seems as you are levitating..." Eu looked at Tom.

"I don't care how much this will help us, but I think of this armour as a disgrace. I will explain EVERYTHING to you when we get to somewhere safe. Now, stay behind me. The drones are about thirty minutes away, so we gotta run." Tom looked around.

"Ah!" MrEu fell as Tom digged.

"You fell in a mine! At this time?! Okay, I will get some wood... and... a few sticks will do the trick... BAM! Okay, so I will just throw you down a few blocks, and you build up!" Tom smiled.

"Core Activated. Found betrayer: Tom." a drone was behind Tom.

"Get the hell away from me, drone!" Tom punched the drone with his drone fist. It smashed back, and Tom looked impressed.

"Okay... I'll use this suit for good. It can do some good stuff. It may last us well!" Tom laughed.

"Wooh! I am finally up! Now, let's keep digging. I hear more drones." MrEu dug, being cautious about where he stepped.

"Maybe I can tell you what happened, now." Tom said as MrEu kept digging. "It'll be a few thousand blocks before we finally get to shore. From there, we will find your home."

"So, what the hell happened. I mean... what are all these drones up to?" MrEu asked.

"Well... we can't say The Boss' name, but The Boss was once someone like you... like me... like his mean deputy who almost killed me, Reina." Tom rolled his eyes at the thought of Reina.

"Oh, I met that girl! She... slapped my butt." MrEu sighed.

"She must REALLY like you then..." Tom sounded sarcastic.

"Were you trying to be sarcastic there?" MrEu laughed.

"I sounded like it, but I wasn't being sarcastic." Tom snorted. "Reina was nice to you in her way."

"So, continue about how the drones were created." MrEu said.

"Many, many years ago, The Boss came here... like us! He suddenly became very upset because of something unknown that happened. Then, Reina came, and kept His Royal Highness happy somehow. He hated the world because people like us made factions that could have the slightest chance to overpower his faction, so when he created drones to kill people or steal people to be turned into a drone. I used to be part of Infernus' faction, which was destroyed mostly by Souls. Only few members remain. I was turned into a drone, but I wasn't possessed. I made it seem like I was. That is how I am still one of you." Tom explained. 

"Okay... well... now I see. I wonder what Reina ever had to do with this." MrEu said.

" Wait, I hear drones..." Tom was quiet. "Look!" Drones filled the space that MrEu and Tom were in.

"Oh... well..." Tom smirks. "Hiyah!" Tom threw a powerball at a group of drones.

"Help me, Tom!" Eu fell on the ground.

"Run for 1 minute! I'll be with you there!" Tom yelled. MrEu ran down the tunnel that was emptied for some reason.

"Whew, I finished 'em off!" Tom ran over to Eu. Eu was scarred terribly.

"Ahh!" Eu felt in pain. Then, Tom healed him with some patch kit.

"It's okay. I always bring healing patches when I go somewhere now." Tom smiled.


It was almost night, and Eu and Tom finally made it to shore. Then, they heard something.

"Infernus! I SEE DAYLIGHT!" someone screamed in the tunnel below.

"Oh, hello there! I'm... Infernus, and this is my clan." Infernus looked at Tom and Eu. "We best get a move on at the moment, but we should make an alliance when it becomes safer to combine. See you!" Infernus ran with his clan.

"They look like angry wild animals. They must've been in the dark for a long time." someone walked behind Eu and Tom.

"Who... are you?" Tom looked at someone.

"I... was the head commander of the drones, but I dropped my reputation there. They are pure evil." the person said.

"What... is your name?" Tom asked.

"Charbthabowz at your service, Tom and MrEu."


"Why would you ever betray me..." Eu lay on the ground.

"I don't know why someone would leave who cared, but I guess it was for his best. He may never be seen again, but we know that he'll be safe. He'll go back to Souls and give up his life." Charb sighed.




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