My Struggles: You Think You Have It BAD?

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A suicidal teen struggling with the problems of society.

His best friends read through his journal and discover the perceptions of mankind that the teen believed in.

Your friends contain a whole new person behind the mask that which you see. Experience this teen's hidden resistance to follow the world.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Struggles: You Think You Have It BAD?

Submitted: December 22, 2012

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Submitted: December 22, 2012



December 21, 2012

I can barely breath. My hands are shaking, my toes are cold, and my head is spinning. The destruction of mankind twirls on my finger. I want to scream. I want to yell. I want to be heard. I am not important. What difference can I make to 7 billion people? Invent a time machine? Impossible. Own a successful business? Unlikely. Write inspiring books? Boring. Make a popular song? Can’t even read notes. It’s pointless to try and make a change. Might as well end it now and get it over with. I’m nervous; do I really want to do this? What else do I have to live for? To listen to the world’s problems?

“Y’all are idiots; only damned fools would believe in the world ending on 2012.”

“You’re such a liar. You know you’re nervous too.”

“Not even. Its yo monkey face that keeps screeching about repenting cuz it’s the end. Well guess what, it aint.”

“Well you should stop ranting off on Jesus, that aint kool man. And stop punching me!”

December 19, 2010

Victor and James are at it again. Victor and his new girlfriend has pulled away from the Triple Threat; I guess that leaves me and James lonely bachelors with no big buddy to give us a scary image. James has been entranced by Suzy, he claims that third time is the charm. I guess that leaves me alone again. Nothing new, just a regular skool day at Mathematic Academy for Special Students or MASS for short. I don’t even like math. I know that’s wrong, an Asian and math are like PB and J, but it’s true. I’m not smart, I’m not gifted, and I’m not going to fall into some stupid stereotype. Of course all my peers say otherwise especially after I received Valedictorian in middle skool. But no matter how smart they claim I am, I have a poor judgment in friends…

“Victor and James, cut it out. I don’t want to hear your crap today. It’s bad enough that I gotta sit here listening to Mr. Ling stuttering about shapes.”

“Shut up George” Victor snarled before returning his attention on James’s bruised shoulder.

“Look,” George reasoned. “I don’t want to be here just as much as you do, but the sooner we finish this stupid math the sooner we can go home and spend the next two weeks sleeping in and stuffing our faces full of turkey. So shut the hell up.”

“Fricking white people” Victor murmured under his breath causing me to smile.

Those are my friends. Well, Victor and James at least. No matter what they do, it always brings a smile to my face. George on the other hand is just plain annoying. I feel bad for him actually, the poor guy was diagnosed with diabetes and he hasn’t even reached his 15th birthday. He is relatively healthy; you wouldn’t be able to tell his dilemma unless you saw his hospital tag hanging on his neck. Still, those insulin shots he impales himself with are enough to make my stomach turn.


Running full speed I juked out George’s flat feet and turned my head just in time to see the ball hurling towards me. Automatically I reach out with both hands and grasp the worn leather kids have been playing with for years.


My sudden burst of adrenaline impairs my introverted personality and I bust out ochocinco dance moves in the endzone.

“YEAH BUDDY!” James yells.

We jump and bump shoulders, celebrating our victory.

September 11, 2010

Today I met a new friend: James McCormic. He’s a nice guy, funny, interesting. Even though we met a month ago when skool started, I didn’t really talk to him until Coach put us on the same football team. I use to hate PE, I was always picked last, I remember I joked, “They would choose a rock before they chose me for their team.” Coach seemed to see my true talent for throwing, catching and nimbleness that no one else had seen and placed me with a few guys to build my confidence. James is really good at football, at least he thinks he is, and so he always wants to be the main receiver. Our chemistry out in the field for the very first time – was like an attempt to mix oil and water – didn’t go so well. We ended up getting in each other’s way – bruised foreheads to prove it.

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