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First of all, don't dismiss the story too early. Just because it has a plain title, doesn't mean it's not worth a shot. I was never really good at descriptions ot titles. If I could give you one, I would. But I can't. Oh well, what can I do? All I can really say it's that another Naruto-based story. Love involved? Maybe, maybe not. Oh, and all Naruto-related Rights are Reserved to none other than Kishimoto, Masashi. The only things that are mine are my character(s) and my plot scenes. With all that being said and done, I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Runaway Prisoner

Submitted: May 12, 2013

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Submitted: May 12, 2013



Author's Note: The most likely unfamiliar words and phrases that you will see in the chapter below is in a language known as Latin. You will see it from time to time. Do not worry about finding out the translation, because I'll already have them at the end of the chapter.


~Takara's P.O.V~

~ "Don't let her get away!" I glanced back and scowled from under my black scarf. I have been running for three days straight along with my wolf companion Izoku, and I still haven't got rid of them. I jumped from tree branch to tree branch, trying my hardest to get rid of our pursuers. But every time I glanced back, they were still hot on our trail.

~ "You can't get rid of us so easily!" One of the four shinobi sneered, and one on the left of him added, "You're the Master's property!"

~ "Since you care about your "master" so much, you can go screw him for me!" I snapped back, and took out several explosive tags from the inner pocket of my black robes. Then I took out some kunai and wrapped the explosive tags around them. Throwing them, I performed the snake seal when they were in close range. Boom! it went, instantly killing two out of nine. Not enough.

~ Izoku and I ran, jumped, swung, and pushed through the forest. Suddenly, I felt a hand grab onto my backpack, and pull me back. Izoku barked, "Takara!"

~ I was thrown off the tree, and skidded a good five feet across the ground. When I got up, the seven shinobi surrounded me, gleeful grins under their masked faces. I unsheathed my twin katanas, ready for a fight. One of them instantly charged at me, kunai in hand, and I flipped over him and stabbed him through his chest. Two more came at me. I use the dead body I have and knock it into one, while bending down to dodge a kunai swing of the other and sweep-kick him. When he hit the ground, I swung at his neck, effectively splitting his neck open. Blood squirted all over me, mainly my hair and face. I then heard a yell from behind, and I turned around to see Izoku tearing at one's neck with his jaws. We looked at each other and nodded, using body language to say 'thanks' and 'no problem'. Then, he shifted into a boy with silky, midnight blue hair with snow white tips; down halfway across his neck and covered his right eye. He unsheathed his twin tantous, and we stood back-to-back. Two enemies facing him, and two enemies facing me. I asked, "Ready for some fun, Izzie?"

~ "Ready when you are, Kara." He replied with a smirk, his clear even though he had a round lollipop in his mouth. I smirked. "Let's get started, then."

~ We both let out short battle yell before charging, weapons in hand. One of my opponents was lanky, and the other one was large and muscular; both the same height. I decided to go with Ol' Stick Figure first, so I could have more focus with Big and Ugly. I quickly off'ed him by roundhouse kicking him into a tree, then throwing my katana. It pierced his chest, and he was done. I looked at the big guy, and flashed a cheeky grin before resting my katana on my shoulder. "Hey there, big boy. I don't suppose you just wanna call it quits, do ya? I'll give a nice, big cookie if you do. Bet you'd like a cookie, huh muscle-man?"

~ "You're lucky I can't crush you, little girl!" The big guy roared, and I placed my free hand on my hip, letting out a laugh. "By your size, I don't think you could even catch me, fatso!"

~ The man growled and stomped towards me. I grinned and let out an 'uh oh' before using my robe as a red cloth those bull fighters use and yell, "Torro, torro!"

~ I quickly sidestepped the man when he attempted to grab me, and jump ten feet back, waving my robe. "Oh, come on! I know you can do better than that! C'mon, torro! Torro, torro!"

~ "You... little... bitch!!" He hollered, and he charged at me again, only more this time with a lot more speed. I raised both eyebrows in slight surprise and quickly ducked, barely dodging the arm he was sticking out to probably decapitate me. I quickly turned around and chopped it off, then began slashing his back in criss-cross motion. He yowled in pain, and then used his other arm to snatch away my katana, throw it somewhere then punch me right in the stomach. I doubled over, groaning, and he wasted no time kicking me in the face and sending me flying. The kick was so powerful that it made me break two trees before sending me off a jagged cliff, with a wild river 150 feet below. I quickly grabbed a branch sticking out from the rock, and coughed out blood, mumbling, "Ok... that one hurt."

~ I looked up, and through my blurry vision saw muscle-man looking down at me, and my mind went racing. I couldn't go back there; I absolutely refused to back there. There was no way in hell this was over. Using what little strength I had, I raised my left hand and weakly wheezed, "Ex... Exuro(1)..."

~ In an instant, the man's other arm was on fire, and he promptly began freaking out. "My arm! My arm! What the fuck did you do to my arm?!"

~ "Made it... catch on... fire..." I panted, feeling dizzier and dizzier. "What else... dumbass..."

~ I then said, "Animo... Messor... Ungue...(2)"

~ Slips of shadow began forming around my raised arm, and it soon turned into a giant, shadowy claw. It extended from my body, and dug into the man's body. It soon found its object, and ripped out the big guy's soul right from his body, thus killing him. The carcass fell over the cliff, and splashed into the torrent. I sighed in relief and let my arm hang limply along with the rest of my body; about damn time he went down.

~ I gazed back up to the top of the cliff, trying to see if Izoku finished with his battle yet. The branch was loosening, and that was a long way down. Suddenly, I heard my name being called, and saw Izoku in his human form looking down at me in concern. He held out his clawed hand. "Kara! Grab my hand!"

~ Even though I didn't have enough strength to raise my arm anymore, I wasn't given enough time to even try as the branch finally broke, leaving me to plummet to the water. The last thing I heard before going underwater was Izoku screaming my name. When I went underwater, the rough current pulled me through its course. I scrambled to get to the surface, but was only able to take a breath of air before being pulled back down. This repeated many times before the current pushed into a rock, knocking me out.



1. Exuro: Translated as 'burn'

2. Animo Messor Ungue: Translated literally as 'Soul Reaper Claw'

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