To Be In Another's Skin

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There isn't really a way to describe this story without ruining anything. If you are a horror fan but like your horror to stray from the typical zombie/ghost/vampire path, give this a read. Not for those that are easily offended or disgusted. Just know that the skinless man demands that you read this, and you have to do what the skinless man tells you to do.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - To Be In Another's Skin

Submitted: December 20, 2013

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Submitted: December 20, 2013



“Alright gentlemen, please welcome to the stage: the beautiful Layla!  Fellas, come on up to the stage and tip these ladies!  Also, treat yourselves to a lap dance from one of our beautiful ladies!  The V.I.P. room is open for your pleasure!” said the MC as Layla took the stage to Marilyn Manson’s cover of Sweet Dreams.  The lights dimmed and a bright green strobe light flashed upon Layla.  This was Miss Kitten's Lounge; it wasn't a classy establishment by any means.  There was a $20 entry fee charge, which essentially was created to ensure that the club got at least some money from tight-assed patrons such as JP, who was in attendance tonight.  JP was a regular.  Every Friday, like clockwork, JP would arrive at the club between 9 PM and 10 PM.  He would pass through the metal detector, pay the entry fee, and make his way towards the mid-section of the club, as it was far enough away from the stage where he wouldn’t look like a cheap skate for not tipping but close enough­ that he could see every part of the particular stripper on stage that he wanted to see.  The strippers would come around periodically and practically beg for someone to give a lap dance.  If the lap dances went well, the strippers were able to get the customer into the more pricey V.I.P. area, where all limits were off.  The creepy, old virgins and the fat guys that hadn’t seen their own privates in years regularly spent hundreds of dollars on lap dances and the V.I.P. area.  JP felt as though he was above it.  He wasn’t above it.  As JP watched Layla intently, a soft right arm crept over JP’s shoulder and burrowed through his collar.  The arm slithered across his upper body found its way further down JP’s body, inching closer and closer to his midsection.

“How are you doing, cutie?” asked the stripper that was molesting JP.  JP ignored her question.

“What’s your name?  My name is Silk,” said the stripper.  JP continued to ignore the stripper.

“You’re bashful, aren’t you?  That’s ok, I don’t mind.  Why don’t you let me take you over there for a dance?  You won’t regret it!  Loosen up and have some fun!  Come on, you know you want to,” said Silk.  JP finally decided to look at Silk and acknowledge her presence.  She was attractive, but she just seemed kind of hollow.  No substance.  It was as if there was a void that subsided in the space behind her eyes.  He was not particularly fond of this girl.  He found Layla, the stripper on stage, much more engaging.  JP was set to tell Silk thanks but no thanks when a voice, a soothing voice, muted everything around JP and took over his mind. 

“Do it, JP.  Live a little!” the soothing voice suggested.  JP stood up immediately and took Silk’s hand.  “I thought you’d change your mind,” Silk said, kissing JP on the cheek.  JP had no clue as to why or how he had ended up in this situation.  He wasn’t attracted to this woman.  Silk did absolutely nothing for him, yet somehow here he was, about to get a lap dance from this shell of a human.  He reluctantly gave in to the situation at hand and walked over to the lap dance area with Silk. 

“Alright cutie, have a seat over here.  Take everything out of your pockets for me too.  I will be right back, so don’t you try to ditch me!” said Silk as she motioned to a seat in the far left corner of the lap dance area.  Silk walked over to the bouncer at the front of the lap dance area and started talking to him.  JP reached into his pockets and pulled out his keys, wallet, cell phone, and knife.  “Leave the knife in your pocket,” the voice from earlier suggested.  JP obliged and put the knife back in his pocket.  JP placed the knife back into his pocket as Silk made her way back over to JP.  She plopped down on JP’s lap in the least sexy way humanly imaginable.  Silk giggled.  JP rolled his eyes as Silk pressed her back up against his chest.

“Top on or off?” asked Silk as she continued to press up on JP.  JP knew what this question really meant.  A lap dance with the top on was $20 and a topless lap dance was $30.  JP was about to tell Silk he preferred that she keep the top on when he found his hand reaching around Silk’s body to remove her bikini top.  Silk slapped his hand and stood up, facing JP.

“You know you can’t touch my boobs!  Those are the rules!  I will let that slide this time, but if you touch them again I’m going to have to get Tommy over here,” she said, motioning towards the mountain of a man that she spoke to earlier so that there was no confusion as to who Tommy was.  JP held his hands up innocently, trying to show that he didn’t touch her boobs.

Silk took her bikini top off to expose her large, voluptuous breasts.  JP couldn’t have cared less.  A voice whispered into his ear as he sat there watching Silk undress.  “Bring me her dead body by the AM, or else”.  A chill ran up JP’s spine.  Who had just spoken to him?

Silk placed her right hand on JP’s left shoulder and her left arm around his back and started to grind on JP.  JP, still totally uninterested in Silk, looked past her and saw a skinless man wearing a suit and top hat seated across the room from him.  The skinless man puffed a Cuban cigar as he watched Silk giving JP his lap dance.  The veins and arteries that littered his face throbbed incessantly.  He took an exaggerated puff from his cigar and blew a smoke ring towards JP and Silk.  JP thought he was imagining the whole ordeal but quickly realized that he wasn’t when the smoke ring traveled clear across the room and choked Silk upon breathing it in.  Silk stopped giving JP his lap dance and started to gag a bit.  She got up and hunched over a nearby trash can, coughing up a lung.  No one else in the club seemed to notice or care.  JP looked at the skinless man.

“Hello, JP.  You didn’t look like you were having fun, so I thought I’d help you out.  Apparently you’re deaf.  I told you to have fun.  Live it up!  And what did you do?  You sat in that chair like a goddamn vegetable!  I even thought I would help you out a little and get you to undress her, and you messed that up!  You’re 0 for 2 tonight there, sunshine.  Now is your chance to redeem yourself and prove you’re not a total failure.  Don’t disappoint me, JP,” the skinless man instructed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said JP.

“Don’t bullshit me, JP.  You know what I’m talking about.  I want Silk’s lifeless body brought to me.  If I don’t get her body, I am going to make a coat out of you,” said the skinless man, chuckling at the end.

“How do I do this without going to jail here?” ask JP.

“Dumbass, you obviously aren’t going to do it here.  You won’t get halfway done before that big oaf over there flattens your ass,” said the skinless man, pointing to Tommy the bouncer. 

“OK, good point.  How will I know where to find you?” asked JP.

“You won’t have to throw a search party for me, buddy.  I know where you live, eat, shit, sleep.  Just do as I said.  God, you are dense,” said the skinless man.  JP started to perspire.  This was no dream.  This guy wanted him to kill this worthless skank.  He wanted him to commit murder for his own benefit.  Where would this skinless man be if JP were to get caught?  Would he be there to save him?  JP had a sneaky suspicion that he wouldn’t be there.  Who was this skinless man?  How did he even find his way into this strip club?  Did no one even notice?  So much flooded JP’s mind.  JP let out a scream of anguish and opened his eyes, only to find Silk gyrating on him.

“Are you ok?  Am I being too rough?” Silk laughed.  She grabbed JP’s crotch with her right hand and damn near made a balloon animal out of his parts.  For some reason, however, JP was now suddenly turned on.  He looked across the room and saw that the chair in which the skinless man had sat was empty.  He was never there.  This was all just his imagination going into overdrive.  He was so relieved to see that chair empty.  Silk saw that there was a sudden change in JP’s temperament as well.  She stopped gyrating and whispered in JP’s ear.  “How about we take this to the V.I.P. room?  I like you.  No charge,” she said.  She licked the inside of JP’s ear afterwards, which he found strangely erotic.  He needed no persuasion and they both stood up.  JP’s heart stopped as he bent over to pick up his wallet, cell phone, and keys.  Bloody footprints went from the lap dance area to the V.I.P. area.

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