I'm Being Forced To Marry A Vampire King, Thats Absurd

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Amelia Conner is just an average Vampire in an average world, but when her mother tells her shes being sent away to marry Prince Damien, Future Vampire king. All hell breaks loose.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I'm Being Forced To Marry A Vampire King, Thats Absurd

Submitted: July 18, 2009

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Submitted: July 18, 2009



Chapter One\"\"

Amelia brushed passed her doorframe and made her way swiftly into the small kitchen, in her families fancy new apartment. They moved to England a few days ago. It was time to flee from their previous home in Georgia, people were growing suspicious of the Conner’s never changing bodies.

“Yes mother?” Amelia nodded to her mother, she looked quite young to be a mother of eight teen year old Amelia, that’s why they informed people that they were sisters. And they could certainly be. Amelia had her mothers long dark brown hair, that curved into ringlets at the small of her back. Her gleaming hazel eyes were the only difference from her mother, who had dark green eyes. 

“Sit.” Her mother ordered while sitting down a tea cup of blood in front of Amelia.
Amelia reluctantly sat down in the chair and took a small sip of her blood. It was fresh and thick, exactly the way she preferred it to be.

“What is it that you wanted mother?” Amelia questioned sitting down her tea cup on the hard wood of the table.

Her mother sat down and stared at Amelia for a few seconds until she spoke, “You’re being sent away to marry Prince Damien.” She said, not the slightest emotion touched her face.

Amelia was taken back by what was being told to her, why on Earth or in The Underworld would Prince Damien, the king of Vampires want to marry Amelia Marie Conner?

“For what reason?” Amelia asked with her eyebrows knitting together in plain confusion.

“Now is not the time for questioning Amelia, they will be here in an hour. Go pack your belongings and be prepared to leave with Prince Damien.” She demanded and stood up and disappeared from the room.

An hour? Why haven’t they told me this earlier? Amelia pondered for a moment. She was outraged by this sudden event.

The more Amelia thought about what she was going to have to do, the more the rage enveloped her. 

Without thinking about the consequences of her actions she sped out of their apartment in Sheffield, England and ran with inhuman speed behind the building and into the nearest wooded area.

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