No Where To Hide

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When a young girl finds her whole family dead and she is by the river a couple miles away from her home, she sets out to find the killer. There are three likely suspects that she knows does not like her family. Find out who the killer is in this twisted story.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Findings

Submitted: March 19, 2007

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Submitted: March 19, 2007




The cool water of the river brushes my face while the warm air rushes over the rest of my body. I open my eyes and see blood flowing down stream. I check my head for a wound but I cannot find one. I sit up and look around, no one else is with me. I lean back than I feel something cut against my hand. I look over and a bloody buthers knife is laying beside me. I panic and hold the cut hand tightly. I get up and look around frantically. I felt like I was subject to a game, one sick and demented game. I look back at the water and notice that the blood trail was not from me, but up the river a bit more. I dare not go up there. First thing I would do is go home and contact the police. I do not care what I find, I just want people to get me out of this blood field and know where the blood is coming from. I start to walk towards home, leaving the butchers knife there. I start to jog, wondering if the person who put the knife there was behind me. I glace behind me and see nothing. I suddenly trip and land on the gravel. My knees were cut up as well as my arms. I look around to see what I tripped on and I screamed. There in the middle of the walkway was a severed human arm. It looked like it was ripped off, not cut off. Blood was in a pool around it. I look ahead of me and I see all the other body parts but it seems to be more than one person killed. I see my home and I am afraid to walk in it. I rush in there and see a bloody mess. In the living room were the bodies, without limbs, nailed to the wall. I close my eyes and drop to my knees. My mother, father, two brothers and my sister all dead. I tried to regain my posture and I got up and ran into the other room. I grabbed the telephone and quickly dialed 911.

"Come here, it will be okay. We got the bodies down and we are taking you to the station. We should get a hold of someone who can take you for tonight. Also, where were you at the time of the killings?" A male police officer asked me.

"I woke up by the river. The killings might of happened before I awoke or after, I do not know. All I found was scattered body parts and the river had blood running down it." I said while wrapping up in the wool blanket the police man gave me.

"Take me to the river so I can see where that blood is coming from. The body parts are already cleaned up. Nothing to see, do not worry." The police man said.

I nodded and led him to the river but I never got rid of that wool blanket. I walked slowly, trying to remember anything odd that went on. Nothing.

"I am sorry for your loss. All I can do is provide a shelter until we solve this case." The police man said to me.

"I would feel safe with a police man with me. If that does not bother you that is, I would like to stay." I said, knowing we are getting closer to the river.

"My two roomates should not mind as well. We will make sure you are safe." The police man said.

I saw the river and pointed to it. The bloody knife was laying on the river bank and the blood was thin in the water. I started to follow the blood and soon, a powerful stench arose. I saw two other people, they were both crucified to a pole.

"Hey Kabe, we have two other bodies at the river. Just follow the blood stream and you can get them." The officer radioed in.

"Copy that." The other officer's voice came over the radio and said.

The officer I was with grabbed my arm and lead me away from the sight. I did not know those two people. The officer lead me to his parol car and told his chief that he would keep me safe at his home. The chief nodded and looked at me. My thoughts were on nothing but on who killed my family. I heard thefront door open and the police officergot in his car. The media was already covering this story,they try to catch a glimpse of my face. The police officer turns his sirens on and gets us out of there.

"So, what is your name? Mine isLee." The officer said.

"I am Laethia." I said in a soft tone.

"Nice to meet you Laethia. Do you know who one of the unidentifyed bodies were? The ones at the river?" Lee asked.

I shook my head and layed down. I felt tired. I guess I should go to sleep. Nothing I can do except wait until we get into the city....

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