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“Where am I?” Crystal said waking up in a dark metallic room. Last thing she remembers is walking at two in the morning in Central Park like she did every night when she couldn’t sleep. It has been 2 years since the night her parents were murdered. Almost every night when she goes to sleep she has nightmares about that night. The puddle of blood over the rug in the living room, her mother sitting in the couch covered in blood head leaning back with her throat slashed opened and her dad sitting on a dining room chair in the middle of the living room leaning forward against the back of the chair with a knife to his back.


Tears ran down her cheeks as she remembered that night, she wanted to cry, but she shook the memories away and began looking around as her eyes adjusted to the dark. A dim blue light lined up the walls all the way around giving enough visibility to see across the entire room. There was no furniture, or anything else for that matter. It was just an empty metallic box with enough lighting to see in front of her. From the middle of the room, she could not see any sign of a door on any of the walls. She walked towards the wall in front of her and started walking along the wall feeling for anywhere a door would be. She walked along almost every wall finding nothing different, every inch of every wall was exactly the same. “How could there be no way in? How was I even put here?” She asked herself losing any hope of getting out.


She continued to walk along the last wall until she reached a spot with a small lined gap. She traced the gap with her fingers realizing it was shaped as a doorway. She looked around it trying to find a way to open it but it was completely flat; no knobs, no indentations to pull the door sideways, no electronic panels. “LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!! I WANT TO GO HOME!!!” She screamed standing in front of the door slamming her fists against it.




“How’s the girl?” said Commander Turok as entered the research room.

“Fine sir! She is responding well to the tests,” responded the lead researcher, Juvis.


The commander looked at each of the monitor displaying her vitals and the video feed from the cell she was being held. She stared at the video screen for a few minutes watching her as she screamed and slammed her fists against the wall. The commander turned to the chief security officer, “Lieutenant Seryl, I need you to enter her mind as she goes about her normal daily activities. Collect as much data as possible to help with studying human physiology and psychology which can help us understand the outcomes of merging our DNA’s,” he ordered and walked out of the research room. The researchers scattered around the room and started preparing to send the human female back to Earth. Lieutenant Seryl walked out of the research room and went to his quarters. As he waited for the human female to be ready for departure he sat in his room thinking about what to expect during this mission. He wondered what kind of lives humans have, do they have abilities like Krisswallians?


Krisswallians were a telepathic race, though they couldn’t speak with each other through their minds. No, their telepathic abilities allowed them to share each other's experiences as if it were their own. There was no need for storytelling when you can just share your experience, no need for lie detectors when you can see for yourself. Though this was the extent to their telepathic abilities, only a handful of Krisswallians had developed another ability; the ability to enter anyone’s mind. They would turn into light energy and enter into the person’s mind and become part of their electrical patterns in their brain. This allowed them to experience the hosts life without being aware of their presence. This is why the commander chose him for this mission, he was the only one in this ship who could enter someone’s mind. It was the perfect opportunity to learn more about humans.


“Lieutenant Seryl, the female is ready to be sent back, please report to research cell 2,” said a researcher through the comm. The lieutenant got up and walked out towards cell 2 where she was being held.




Crystal gave up trying to get out, she sat on the floor with her back against the wall across the room from the door. She held her knees up to her chest crying, scared of what was happening to her, not knowing where she is. The room suddenly started filling up with a yellowish smoke which made it hard for Crystal to breath. “What’s going on?” She said coughing. She tried to hold her breath as to not breathe in any more of the smoke, but she was never good at holding her breath for long. She always lasted about 8 seconds when competing with her cousin Diana going underwater in her pool when they were little. No, she couldn’t hold her breath long, before she knew it she collapsed to the ground. As her vision started to fail, she saw the door open up across the room and the silhouette of a person walking in. Right before she lost consciousness, she could see this person had long blue hair and shiny blue eyes.

The lieutenant approached her and knelt down next to her placing his right hand on her head. He murmured a few words in Krisswallian then started to glow and turned to a light energy which then flowed down into Crystal’s head attaching itself to her brain’s neurological patterns.


A human female, what kind of life will I see, he said within her mind.


He now seemed to be feeling a certain attraction towards her as his mind connected with her joining them as one. What could the cause of this attraction be? Was it just the connection they now had with their minds? Or perhaps it was the long curls of brown hair, how smooth her skin felt? Maybe it was how helpless and scared she was waking up in this room alone?


What am I thinking, it’s not time to look at a female like this, I’m here to save my species that’s it.


He cleared his mind of the thoughts clouding his mind and focused on the task ahead. His people depend on him now to complete this mission, to collect the data required to help save them from extinction. There will be another time for pleasantries.


A crew member walked in the room and picked up the human female taking her to the teleport room and laid her down on the platform. Commander Turok walked in as they were ready to input the coordinates to send her back to Central Park. He walked up to the female and looked at her from head to toe admiring her beauty, “She would make a great wife when all this is done,” he thought. He turned around and signaled the crew to send her back then walked out back to the bridge. A light beam surrounded her body and within moments her body disintegrated and was reformed back in the woods of Central Park.


Crystal woke up on the ground in the woods of central park a few feet from the walk path.  She had no memories of what happened, the last thing she remembers was walking down the path then suddenly she is waking up in the woods. “What am I doing here?” she said getting up from the ground. She walked out of the woods back to the path and started heading out of the park to go home. On her way out three guys approached her, “Hey beautiful, come have some fun,” they said. Crystal ignored them and walked faster around them to leave but they grabbed her and dragged her into the woods.


They were laughing and touching her all over, “Mmm, your skin is so soft,” said one of the guys. They laid her down on the ground and two of the guys pinned her arms out under them. They groped her breasts and leaned down to kiss her neck and lick her chest. Crystal freaked out and started jerking her body around as she heard the third guy unzipping his pants and kneeling down by her legs. He grabbed her legs and lifted her ass up as he pulled her pants and underwear off. He lied down between her legs on his stomach and started licking her private area.


“No! Stop please, don’t do this!”, she said as she kept trying to force herself loose from them. She tried using her legs hitting him on his head and body but it didn’t seem to affect him. He then got up and moved his hips up holding his penis as he got it close to her private area. As she felt his thing starting to touch her entrance she screamed and her body started to glow causing her to go unconscious.


“What the fuck?! Screw this I’m out!” said the guy about to rape Crystal. All three guys stood up and tried to run away freaked out. They each took a step and then something held them down unable to move. They looked at Crystal’s body now floating up in the air getting brighter and brighter blinding them and making then feel like they were burning as everything turned white.


Crystal regained consciousness, she was back on the ground, her vision slowly clearing up. As she looked around, the three attackers were gone, no traces of them, no footprints on the ground. “What just happened?” she said confused, but somewhat relieved that she wasn’t raped. She got up and put her underwear and pants back on quickly and ran out of the park back to her apartment.


She laid down on her bed to try to get some sleep still thinking of what just happened. She was almost raped, she tried everything to fight them off but it didn’t help,  yet here she is unharmed.

“Someone must be looking out for me, Mom, Dad, was that you?” She said closing her eyes and falling asleep.


Submitted: February 24, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Murdoch Warilard. All rights reserved.


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Well....this was a very interesting start haha that almost rape scene was cringeworthy it's always a hard topic to right about especially because most of us never have to experience something like that but still....I wanna say goodjob but that seems so wrong. Anyways I think you got the feelings you needed to get across with that scene. I liked how the Lieutenant saved her life, and I also like that he doesn't know if he's attracted because of their connection or because he just finds her pretty but I love that his duty to his people comes first. I wonder how much that will change throughout the novel. I also enjoyed the twist that he isn't taking over her body he is merely spectating in it, which was a bigger twist than what I thought was going on so kuddos! This is really good I'm glad you decided to continue on with this because you're a great writer :)

Sat, April 23rd, 2016 4:33pm


Awesome, glad you like it, I was worried it wasn't good enough, since I have almost 300 reads and no comments.

Sat, April 23rd, 2016 9:56am

Natasha Monique

So far, so good. I was getting into it and have to pause (almost time to leave work Shhhh don't tell my boss I'm Booksie reading on the clock lol). I was half expecting the Lieutenant to take over her body and beat the piss out of those guys. I'm pleased he saved her non the less. I'll continue later on tonight. I can't wait to see where you go with this.

Mon, August 15th, 2016 6:20pm

T. E. Jackson

That escalated quite quickly. It was well written though. The near rape scene was, interesting? For a lack of a better word. Perhaps next time (That sounds kinda wrong doesn't it? Lol) you should refrain from the held back terms such as 'private area' and 'thing'. We're all adults here (I hope so anyway) so no need to hold back. Regardless good chapter! I'm off to the next!

Thu, March 30th, 2017 8:20pm

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