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Dillan got to Crystal’s apartment at around 8:00PM after getting out of work. He knocked on the door and after about 10 minutes of no answer he figured she was still out with Christina. He picked up her phone and called her. “Hello?” Crystal answered.

“Hey Crystal! I’m here at your place. I was hoping to hang out with you awhile,” he replied.

“Dillan! So glad to hear your voice. Sorry I’m not home right now, helping Christina with some personal issues, but I’ll give you a call later okay?” she responded. Though she did wanted to hang out, she didn’t want him to worry about her if he knew what was really going on. She already felt bad that Christina was wasting her time being here with her. “Oh okay, I’ll wait for your call then,” he said disappointed. “Hope she is alright, love you.”

“Love you too,” Crystal replied and the call disconnected.

It was a good decision to keep him away, better to make sure the doctors don’t end up putting under quarantine because of you,  Seryl said. I’m sorry you have to be stuck here because of my people.

“Thank you Seryl,” she responded.

The nurse came into the room with a new set of vials for blood tests. “Hello Ms. Hahn, we have to get another set of blood to check again and make sure everything is good,” she said as she approached and placed the vials on the table by the bed. Oh no! What if the blood shows something now that I’m back in here? Seryl thought.

“Hey Seryl, if you weren’t with me when they checked the blood earlier and now you are, isn’t that going to show something?” Crystal asked after the nurse left with the second set of blood samples.

Sorry Crystal, I didn’t expect another test on the blood so soon, He responded.

“What’s going to happen if they see organisms because of you then? They will probably keep me here,” she asked.

Don’t worry I’ll fix this, he said and suddenly a light came out from within her and Dr. Galvin was now standing next to her. Crystal gasped at the  sudden appearance of Dr. Galvin, “Seryl? Is that you?” she quickly asked.



Zerg and five guards have searched the entire ship for the intruder coming up empty handed, it seemed as though the intruder was long gone. As they entered the control room to report to the commander, an alarm started going off on one of the consoles. “Sir! An escape pod is being activated!” Exclaimed the comms officer.

“Disabled the Pods immediately!” he ordered and signaled the five guards to follow him to the escape pods. As they were on the way to get the intruder, the commander intercepted them and joined them. At the pods there was no one in any of the pod, the guard posted reported that no one had come in or out to this section and none of the pods have been activated. “He has to be here! Keep Looking!!!” The commander ordered.

“Commander Turok, we have detected an unauthorized transport from transporter three, it seems the computers were hacked into sounding a false alarm on the pods as a distraction for the transport.” said the comms officer through the radio.

“Sir! Our research database has been copied and erased by an unknown access code,” said a research leader. “They took all the research done on the humans.”

The commander and Zerg went to transporter three where they found the transporter officer on the floor unconscious. They called for medical to take the officer to the medbay and they checked the transporter computer for destination records. No records on latest transport showed in the computer. “He must have used a hacking tool to set the coordinates,” Zerg said and ordered Jarvis to report to the transporter room. Jarvis got into the computer system in the room and managed to get the hidden destination for the intruder. He had transported to a ship about half a light year away. They attempted to send a team to the same destination, but the systems were locked. It seems that they would need whatever tool he used.

“Send the team in a shuttle immediately and intercept them before they get too far and recover their data,” the commander ordered. He then went to his quarters and reported to the Emperor the situation.



Christina woke up hearing Crystal mention Seryl’s name, she looked at Dr. Galvin who was standing next to Crystal on the other side of the bed. “Seryl? No Crystal, That’s Dr. Galvin. Please Doctor, do something she is hearing voices and now thinks the voice is you,” she said.

“Hmmm, I see how it can be concerning hearing your friend talking about someone you can’t see or hear,” he says empathizing to her, “But, to help you trust her… I am real.”

“What? No, you are a human, did she tell you to say that to me?” she replied.

“Well, though I am not human, I still look pretty close to a human. Which is why this disguise works so well,” he explains. “I know you have been having a hard time believing Crystal, and I’ve been trying to find a way to let you know I am real, and this is the best way now.”

“Ok well, if you really are Seryl, why don’t you take the hat off and let us see your face better,” she asked.

“Sorry, I can’t go that far, I am risking enough as it is being out like this, but I have to in order to keep the doctors from seeing organisms from me on her blood,” he said.

Seryl excused himself and left the room to go find the blood samples the nurse just took. If he saw any organisms in this set, he was going to switch it with the previous set so the results come up the same. Once he got to the lab he grabbed a vial of her blood and put a drop on the microscope. He looked through the lenses adjusting the magnification to get a close look at the blood. As he looked at the blood through the microscope, he saw cells from Krisswallian blood within hers. “This is not possible, the merging should not do anything to the host’s blood, why is this happening?” He wondered. He grabbed the blood specimen from the microscope and all the vials from the second set and put them away in his coat. He then grabbed the previous samples, checked them again in the microscope making sure they were normal. Once he saw there were no traces of Krisswallian DNA in those samples he changed the labels in the vials to make it seem as if these were the new samples. Once done, he left the room and with his hand in the pocket with the vials, he used his light energy to disintegrate the samples.

Seryl entered Crystal’s room, Christina was not in the room. “Alright, there is nothing to…” He started telling Crystal as he approached when suddenly someone grabbed the coat and hat from behind uncovering him. Seryl turned around to see Christina standing there holding the coat and hat in her hands. “What’s going on? Why did you do that?” Seryl asked.

“I’m sorry, I just really wanted to see you,” Christina replied.

Crystal was looking at Seryl’s blue hair and blue eyes, feeling as though she had seen him before but couldn’t remember where from. Seryl felt betrayed by both of them, he thought he could trust them, especially Crystal. After everything he has done for her, she pulls something like this. He had risked so much being out from Crystal’s mind and now they just made things worse for him. “You better hope command doesn’t find out what just happened and don’t worry, the doctors should be coming in any time to let you go,” Seryl said and turned to light merging back with Crystal.

“I’m so sorry Seryl, she just doesn’t know when to quit sometimes,” Crystal tried to apologize. She waited for a response from Seryl, but all she could feel was anger and betrayal. “He is cute, isn’t he?” Christina said. Crystal just looked at her with disappointment, “How could you talk like that? You might as well have ruined everything for him,” she cried out. Christina felt like Crystal stabbed her in the heart with that last statement. She was her best friend, and yet it seemed like Seryl was taking her place now. Everything now was always Seryl this or Seryl that. “Whatever Crystal, you know what? Let him be here for you, you sure care more about him than me anyway,” she said leaving the room. “Dammit! I did not mean to hurt her like that,” Crystal cried. The nurse came back, “Alrighty, it seems everything is good with you so the doctors said you are good to go,” she said handing the release papers to Crystal.


Back at her apartment, Crystal was sitting in her couch trying to get Seryl to talk to her again. “C’mon Seryl, are you being a bit immature about all this?” she asked and again there was no response. She had grown close to Seryl, she got accustomed to his voice every time he had something to say about what was going on. She wanted to talk to him again, to have someone to talk to like before when she needed to talk to someone. “I hope Christina is alright, I understand why she did it and it was wrong for me to blow off on her like that.”

Crystal’s phone started ringing and she picked it up looking at the screen to see who it was. A picture of Dillan was on the screen. “Hey Dillan,” she said as she answered.

“Hey Crystal! Are you home yet? I really would like to see you,” he responded. “I want to shower you with kisses all over.”

Crystal blushed at the sound of his kiss threat, but she wanted to try to get Seryl to talk to her again and so she couldn’t have him around right now. “That sounds lovely, but I’m sorry, I’m not feeling very good right now. Rain Check?” She replied.

“Oh Ok, well I’ll let you rest, talk to you tomorrow. Love you,” Dillan said sounding disappointed.

“Thank you for understanding, love you too. Good Night,” she replied and hung up the call.


Submitted: June 10, 2016

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