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Seryl was sitting in the middle of the cell trying to think of a way to get out of this cell. Though he knew it was useless to even try. As the Chief Security Officer for Krisswall, he was part of the team that designed this cells and the cells at the prisons in Krisswall. He had even tried turning to light hoping that maybe in an uncorporeal form he could get out of any small openings within the walls, but it was useless as well. The moment he tried getting out as light through the lighting in the walls, or gaps between the door and wall, he was immediately shocked with a force field which pushed him back and turned him back whole.

As he sat in the middle of the cell, a green colored gas filled the room immobilizing him while the door to the cell opened. “Useless whore,” Said one of two guards as they threw what looked like a person into the cell and closed the door. “Now what? Who did they stick me with now?” he said. Once he was able to move again, he looked down at his new cellmate. It was a female prisoner fully undressed and beaten, scratches and bruises everywhere. He walked up to the female and knelt down next to her placing his hands on her shoulders and she tried to move away. “It’s alright, I’m not going to hurt you,” Seryl said and he waved his hands, now glowing, over her body and her wounds began to heal. She looked down at herself and noticed she was now better and her wounds were pretty much gone. She turned over and looked right at her healer’s face, “Seryl? Is that you?” she asked with a surprise look on her face.

Seryl looked right at her noticing it was Christina who was thrown in there with him after being beaten and possibly raped by the guards. He took his black leather jacket off and put it on her to cover her up. “What happened?” He asked as he helped her to sit up.

“All I know is that they kept me in one of this cells for a few days and then the commander came in to check me out saying I needed to be in good shape. Then they took me to some weird planet where this perverts were looking and touching me all over as well as other girls from other planets. Some guy bought me for a thousand trillian crystals and after a few hours sent me back because I would not comply to his demands. The guards here grabbed me and started beating me. One tried to take advantage of me but before he got a chance to do anything an order came in to put me in this cell,” she explained.

Seryl got furious from hearing what the guards had done and felt very bad she had to go through all of that just because she revealed me at the hospital. “I’m so sorry Christina, I should have protected you,” he started saying, “I knew they will grab you and punish you for what you did, but I swear I had no idea they would sell you as a slave.”

“It’s okay Seryl, it’s not your fault. I’m the one who couldn’t stay away from knowing the truth. Anyway, where is Crystal? I know she probably convinced you to bring her with you to come get me right?” she said

“Ha, You know her so well… she came with me, but unfortunately we fell into a trap from the commander and he took her as his slave and threw me in this cell,” He responded explaining what the commander threatened to do if she didn’t comply.

“Well then, we need to do something, we have to save her!” she exclaims.


Crystal was locked up in her new living quarters. Three Krisswallian females were cleaning and dressing her up. “Does he really think I’m going to do whatever he asks?” She asked.

“If I was you, and I’m glad I’m not, I would do everything he says. Unless you want to be tortured by watching him torture your family and friends in front of you,” Kenia, one of the girls  replied. Crystal shivered as she heard Kenia. She was wishing Seryl was with her now, to help her get out of this and get home. After she was fully dressed, Kenia ordered the other two girls out. “Listen very closely. Do not show any fear to the commander,” she said and handed her a small glass vial.

“Take this and slip it into his drink then wait a few minutes until he passes out and get out. When you get out, find your way to the brig and get your human friend and Lieutenant Seryl out. The lieutenant should be able to take it from there,” she told her.

Crystal couldn’t believe she was helping her and wasn’t sure she could trust her, but at this point she would take any chance to escape. “Don’t worry, you can trust me. My name is Jewel, I’m from the planet Landria. I have been trying to stop their research to protect the humans. My people believe that if they find what they are looking for they would kill all humans to save their own species,” Kenia explained after seeing the untrusted look on Crystal’s face.

Crystal was now confused at what Kenia, or Jewel as she says her name really is, was saying. “No! You are wrong. Seryl said they just wanted our dna to make the cure for their species.” She responded.

Jewel hit her on the back of the head, “Are you really that stupid? How do you think they would use the human DNA? They have to drain all humans off their blood to make enough serum to cure everyone in Krisswall,” she said.

Crystal backed up and turned to look out the window at the Earth. She thought of how much sense Jewel made. How could I be so stupid as to believe that we wouldn’t be harm, she thought slamming her fist against the wall. He used her, he made her think he really cared about her just so I would allow him to do his stupid research. She couldn’t believe she even was starting to have feelings for him. “I hate him!” she yelled.

“Alright, the commander wants you now, come with me,” Jewel said.

As they stood outside the commander’s quarters Jewel reminded her to hide her fear, “you can do this, Crystal,” Jewel said.

The door opened up and as Crystal walked in she noticed all the candles around the room. The lights in the room were off leaving the only lighting from the candles. In the middle of the room was a large table covered with all kinds of foods. The commander sat the the far end of the table drinking from what looked like a glass of wine. “Ah Crystal, I have been waiting for you. Come here and let me look at you,” he said.

Crystal trying not to show any sign of being scared did as he asked. She stood next to him as he looked at her up and down. “Those girls did an amazing job fixing you up for me,” he said. He then pointed at the chair to his left in front of Crystal and told her to sit down. Again she did as he asked and sat down. “So commander…” Crystal started saying,

“Call me Turok,” he interrupted with a smirk and wink.

Disgusted, she looked down for a second as to hide her expression then looked back at him and continued, “... Turok, tell me about Krisswall, what’s it like?” she asked.

The commander stood up, “Why don’t I just show you instead?” he replied walking over to a cabinet behind him. He opened the doors to the cabinet revealing a big screen. He turned it on and then pulled out a small tablet-like gadget from one of the drawers and put up a video showing all kinds of jungles, cities, mountains… a peaceful planet full of light and joy. She was amazed at how beautiful it was, so beautiful she couldn’t believe someone like the commander could be from there. “Wow it is so beautiful… How could the people of such an amazing planet be dying?” she asked. Turok started walking around the room talking about the dark species that cursed them and how it lead them to be infected with a deadly disease.

As she heard him talk, she grabbed the vial with a clear liquid hidden between the folds of her dress. She kept watching him getting closer to his glass of wine looking for the right moment to pour the liquid in it. When she thought she had the right time, Turok walked up and knelt down in front of her. “I promise I will give you everything you want. You will have riches beyond your imagination, servants, and best of all you will be treated like a queen,” he offered.

Crystal walked away from him, “Give me everything I want, riches, treated like a queen? Do you expect me to believe all of that? And what about my family and friends? What will happen to them the moment you tire of me, the moment you dislike anything I do? No! I will never be with you… you sick son of a bitch!” she exclaimed.

Turok now angry at her response, at her insult, called the guards in. “Take her, strip her of her clothing and lock her up in a cell,” he ordered and looked at Crystal.

“This will teach you to talk to me like that… When you are ready to accept me you can come back to a life of pleasure and riches,” he said to her.

The guards dragged her out and took her to the brig. Fuck! I couldn’t use the vial, now what? She thought. She didn’t know what to do now, if only she had just accepted his offer, maybe she would have still had a chance to use the vial. All she could hope now was for Jewel to help her again, to get her out.


“Ok Christina, are you ready?” Seryl asked.

“Yeah I think so, but are you sure this will work?” she replied.

“Don’t worry, their mistake was putting us together, only high ranking officials know of what I can do… it will work,” he assured her.

Seryl then turned to light and merged with Christina. Christina looked around the cell finding herself standing there alone. She didn’t feel any different, no sign of someone else in her head. Alright, just like we planned, Seryl said.

Christina gasped at the sound of his voice coming out of nowhere, “Sorry… let’s do this,” she said.

“HEY HEY!!!! Someone, this other guy disappeared. He’s gone!” Christina started yelling and banging on the door.

Suddenly the door opened and two guards barged in. Christina backed away from them to avoid being hit. One of the guards approached her and grabbed her by her neck. “Where did he go?” he asked. Perfect, he is making this easy, Seryl said. Christina started glowing and the guard fell down to the floor unconscious.

“What the..? What did you do?” the other guard said as he saw what happened.

Christina lifter her hands and pointed at him and a burst of air shot out of her hands pushing the guard across the room knocking him out from hitting the wall. “That was awesome!” Christina exclaimed feeling the power he shared with Seryl. She now felt kind of jealous thinking about how Crystal shared this connection with him. “Why her”, she thought, “Why couldn’t it be me?’

“Just happened to be the first person we found I guess,” Seryl responded.

“Hey! Don’t read my thoughts!” Christina said.

“Sorry, but whatever you say or think I can hear… though knowing I’m here, you should be able to block me from anything you want,” he said. “Anyway, let’s get out of here.”

Seryl came out of Christina’s mind and they both changed clothes with the guards. “Alright, let’s see where Crystal is?” Seryl said as they walked out of the cell locking the guards inside. As they walked over to the computers at the brig to get any information about Crystal’s location, the door to the brig opened. Only one female wearing a yellow dress walked in and Seryl picked up the blaster rifle by the computer pointing it right at her. “Woah, put that down before you take your eye out,” she quickly said.

“What? Who are you?” Seryl asked confused still pointing the rifle at her.

“I’m here to help, you want to save Crystal right?” she replied.

“What do you know? Speak!” Seryl ordered.

“Now now, that’s no way to speak to a friend,” she responded.

“I don’t have time for this,” Seryl said as he approached her and try to restrained her with his energy abilities but she quickly dodged him and got behind Christina grabbing her.

“Like I said, I’m a friend, I’m here to save Crystal as well as both of you. She was supposed to use a vial I gave her to knock out the commander, but she obviously failed and was thrown in a cell naked to think of her actions,” she explained. “Now to show you that I’m here to help…” she said as she let go of Christina and walked over to the computer putting Crystal’s cell video on the screen. Seryl put the rifle down as he saw Crystal in the cell and realizing she was telling the truth. “Alright, before we do anything, let me introduce myself. My name is Jewel, I’m from the Loja, city of the planet Landria, I am the one in charge of the commander’s females,” Jewel said.

Seryl tried to ignore the fact that there was a citizen from an enemy planet on board, he would have to find out the real reason she was here later. Right now they needed to come up with a plan to get out of here. “Ok so, how are we going to get out of here?” Christina asked.”

“That should be fairly simple now since you two are dressed as guards. You two can be my escorts as we are supposedly escorting Crystal to see the commander,” Jewel explained.

“And how is anyone supposed to believe you? You are just one of the commander’s girls he uses for pleasure,” Seryl asked.

“Well like I said, I am in charge of all the girls… plus I have this,” she replied showing a letter from stating the request to take Crystal to the commander’s quarters signed by the commander himself. “So… a note signed by the commander? How do I know you are not tricking us into going with you and Crystal to see the commander to rat us out?” Seryl asked.

“Because I could easily press this button here and this room would be swarming with guards in minutes,” she said pointing at a red button on the computer. “Also, this note is not real, I forged his signature to make any guard that questions me believe what I’m doing.”

“Now, if there are no other questions, what do you say we get with our plan to get Crystal and get out of here?”


Submitted: June 24, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Murdoch Warilard. All rights reserved.


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