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The cab was stuck in traffic for about 15 minutes, “Just my luck, maybe this is a sign not to get involved with him,” Crystal thought as she looked around outside trying to see what was holding them up. As she looked around she noticed the entrance to the subway station on the left and remembered that the diner was close to a subway station. She paid the cab driver what she owed for the trip so far and ran to the subway station. As she got downstairs into the station the train, she barely made it through the doors of the train closing right behind her. She almost missed the train, but things seemed to be looking better then. “I hope all this running is not in vain, I don’t even know why I’m trying to see him so hard,” she said as she sat on the train waiting to get to her destination.


I don’t know what you see on that guy… He hasn’t done anything for you, the voice in her head said.


“Why do I care so much to impress him? He hasn’t done anything special, he should be already impressed with me after saving him and all those people at the train wreck…” She started thinking, “Geez, Crystal what are you thinking, you’ve never been like this over a boy.”


“Hey you! Who are you? Where are you?” She asked the voice in her head.


She waited a few minutes but there was no answer. She knew she wasn’t crazy, she knew there was someone else out there talking to her, “ANSWER ME GODDAMN IT!” She yelled.


Luckily there was nobody else on the train with her at the moment to see her reaction right now and still no answer from the voice. She leaned down with her hands on her knees and her head down, “What is going on with me?”


RING… Her phone starts ringing and she quickly comes back to her senses. She grabs her phone from her purse and looks at the screen to see who was calling. It was Christina, “Finally!” She thought as she answered the phone.


“Oh My God Christina I’m so glad you called me,” she said as she answered the phone before Christina had a chance to say anything.


“What is going on? Why were you in the hospital? Are you Okay?” Christina asked.


“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, though the doctors didn’t find anything wrong with me and gave me a clean bill of health, but apparently I passed out this morning on the way to meet you at the mall and my body was cold like ice. Now I’m on my way to the diner to see if I get lucky and Dillan is still there. But there is something else, but I’ll talk to you about that when I see you again,” Crystal explained everything that’s been going on.


“I’m so glad you are alright, and you are crazy if you think he’ll still be there, but I wish you luck,” Christina replied, “Anyway, I was just calling to know what was going on, I’ll see you tomorrow at your place.”


“Ok then, see you chika,” Crystal said.


“Bye,” Christina ended and hung up.


The subway finally reached the station by the diner. Crystal quickly got off and ran upstairs out of the station. As she walked out onto the street she looked towards the Starlite diner. It was too late, all customers were gone and the waiters were cleaning up and closing. She looked at the time on her phone, It was 10:45PM, “Damn it.”


For the hell of it, she decided to go and ask one of the waiters if they saw Dillan. She described Dillan to the waiter as she remembers him, Blonde hair, green eyes, gorgeous. “Are you Crystal?” The waiter asked.


“Yes, how you know?” Asked back.


“I remember the guy you are talking about, he kept talking to me about how wonderful you are and couldn’t wait for you to show up. An hour past and he was still waiting, I told him you weren’t going to show, but he never doubt it you,” he explained.


“I feel so bad, I really wanted to be here but I got really bad and was taken to the hospital. When did he leave?” She responded.


“I’m so sorry, Are you okay?” He asked worried about her.


“Yea, it’s okay… I’m fine now. When did he leave?” She asked again.


“Oh yea, you barely missed him by about 10 minutes, but I did see him go right across the street,” he said pointing right outside the door to the pool hall.


“Ok thank you!” She said running out to the pool hall.


As she entered the pool hall, everything stopped and everyone went silent staring at her like in the movies when someone unexpected enters a room. As she looked around the place looking for Dillan, she felt funny on her stomach. What am I doing? What am I even going to say?”

Don’t say anything, act normal and let him talk, said the voice in her head.


“Who are you? Why won’t you answer me when I call you? Why do you keep telling me what to do?” She asked the voice, but it again became silent.


“Crystal? What are you doing here?” Said Dillan as he approached her.


As she heard and saw him, she stopped thinking about the voice in her head. “Dillan! I’m so glad you are here… Ummm… I’m sorry I didn’t make it to our date… Ummm...I really wanted to be there but…” she started explaining what happened when Dillan put his finger on her lips.


“Shhh, you worry too much, it’s not like we know each other that well,” he says.


Crystal’s inside felt like jello at the feeling of his touch on her lips. How understanding he was of the situation she was in as she explained everything that happened. “I’m really sorry I wasn’t here,” she said again after talking about her day.


“Crystal, I said don’t worry so much… Tell you what, to make you feel better let’s get out of here and go somewhere to have our date, what do you think?” He said.


Submitted: April 06, 2016

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