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Crystal was sitting in class, her mind wandering, thinking about her date with Dillan. Though it might have started late and it seemed like it wouldn’t happen, but the it turned out great. Dillan was such a gentleman, they went to a restaurant to eat first. Dillan pulled the chair out for her and helped her sit. Whenever she stood up to go to the restroom he stood up with her. And best of all, he listened to her when she spoke and responded, no matter how boring, corny, lame, or however I sounded. Anyone would say he is too good to be true, but at the moment she didn’t care. All she cared was how he made her feel every time she looked at him, looked into his eyes. The attraction she had for him was so intense that she couldn’t think or talk straight.

Oh Please! So this is so pathetic, No guy is really like that unless they want something in return. Said the voice in her head, He is taking advantage of your feelings and once he gets what he wants he will leave.

“ENOUGH!” Crystal yelled in the middle of class.

The room got quiet and everyone turned to look at her. Christina, who was sitting next to her, leaned and whispered, “Are you okay?”

Crystal got so embarrassed that she just grabbed her things and ran out of class. Christina grabbed her things and went after her. Crystal just kept running, trying to get far away from everyone. Scared that she didn’t know what was going on with her. Feeling like she was going crazy, hearing voices in her head, sudden outbursts in public, passing out in cabs. She made it all the way to the middle of the school’s football field and collapsed to her knees leaning down crying.

Christina caught up to her and sat down on the grass next to her. “What’s wrong? You can tell me, I’m here for you,” she tells Crystal.

“I don’t know what to do, my life has gotten so weird and this stupid voice on my head won’t go away and it’s making me go crazy,” Crystal says.

“I’m here for you and I will help you to get your life back to normal. In the meantime, you need to take a break from school, take time to focused on getting back to your old self,” Christina replied.

“Thank you Christina, I’m glad to have you as a friend, but I can’t take a break from school when the semester is almost over. I’ll ignore what’s happening and we can try to get my life back to normal when school ends,” Crystal said getting up and hugging Christina. They then got up and left to Crystal’s apartment.



Zerg walked into the commander’s ready room in the bridge, “Sir we are ready to get some more subjects for the experiments. Do you have anyone you would like us to run the tests on?”

The commander looked at him, “Actually yes, let’s run some tests on those close to the girl. Grab Dillan, Christina, and that guy sleeping in the alley by Crystal’s apartment. Lets also grab someone from the opposite side of the planet to see if location matters,” he replied.

Zerg acknowledged the commander’s choices and went back to the research station. He gave the order to the team to start getting everything ready for running tests on four people. The team scattered around the room and started getting ready for the subjects.




As Crystal and Christina entered the apartment, Crystal’s face lit up with a big smile on her face and feeling of excitement flowing through her body as she noticed her apartment filled with all kinds of flowers on the kitchen counters, dining table, coffee table and on the floor. The flowers close to the front door held a card within the branches. Christina grabbed the card and handed it to Crystal, “There is a note here from Dillan for you, Crystal,” she said.

Wait a minute, how did he even get all the flowers in here? How come they don’t even seem worried about it? Thought Lieutenant Seryl as he tried to make sense of the situation, wondering if this is a normal human thing since they don’t seem to care that someone just broke into the apartment to leave all this in.

“This is so sweet… I’m so jealous, Why can’t I find someone like that? But how did he get everything in here?” Christina said looking around the apartment at all the flowers.

Well at least someone is thinking straight, the lieutenant said

“Oh it’s fine, the front door guard brings the delivery into the apartments, and big loads like this he watches as the delivery people bring everything in,” Crystal replied.

Crystal started reading the note they found out loud,


Dear Crystal,

I don’t know where I stand with you.

And I don’t know what I mean to you.

All I know is that every time I think of you,

All I want to do is be with you.

If you want feel the same way, come see me

Tonight at 10pm at the top of the Empire State

Building for a night to remember.




A tear came down her cheek as she felt the emotion from the letter, the happiness that flowed through her as she read his words. Though they have just met and only been to one date, she still felt a very strong attraction to him, a feeling of wanting more from him, to know him better, to see him, to hold him, to kiss him. Her knees started feeling like jell-o from all the excitement and she quickly grabbed a dining room chair to sit down. “Wow Crystal, that is the nicest letter I have ever seen,” Christina exclaimed.

Hmm… so from one date, he seems to already know his feelings for her? This species is so weird in matters of the heart, well let’s see what happens, the lieutenant thought as he continued seeing their to this situation

“You know what Crystal? Grab your coat and let’s go to the mall right now. We are going to get you something nice to wear tonight since you never showed up last time at the mall,” Christina commanded.

“Okay sure, but I don’t think he really cares how I look,” Crystal responded.

“Trust me girl, he cares,” Christina replied with a wink.

They grabbed their things, left the apartment and got in a cab to the mall.


Five hours later they finally had finished shopping and picked a dress shoes and even got some jewelry to go with it. “I can’t wait until tonight, I wonder what he has planned,” Crystal said.

Oh please, it is only the second date, and he is already saying he can’t be without her. It’s obvious he is just trying to sweep you off your feet to get what he wants and once he does he will throw you away, said the lieutenant in her head without meaning to.

Crystal completely ignored the voice in her head, she wasn’t going to let anything, or anyone ruin her happiness right now. Stupid girl, I’m not going to save you this time.

“I’m sure he has something magical planned tonight after the surprise we found at your place. Anyway, we better get to your place so you can start getting ready to go to your date in 2 hours,” Christina said.

Back at the apartment, Christina went across the street from the building to get a few things for them to eat. Crystal was in the bedroom changing to her new dress getting ready for the date with Dillan. She chose a navy blue short strapless short dress that wraps around her body showing her curves and the skirt flows freely down the middle of her thighs. She put on opened high heels, they did not cover her feet, only had 3 thin straps going over the top of her toes, the top of her foot and wrapped around her ankle. She put on the jewelry she bought with the dress, a nice white gold necklace with a cross, white gold small hoop earrings with a cubic zirconia, and a white gold bracelet.

As she finished getting dressed, her cellphone started ringing. As she looked at the phone’s caller id, it displayed the words “unknown number” on it. She thought maybe Christina left her phone here and was calling from across the street to ask what she wanted. So she answered the phone, “Hello?”

“Good Evening, this is Dr. Mendoza from the New York City Hospital. May I speak with Crystal Hahn?” the caller responded.

“This is Crystal,” she replied.

“Hello, sorry to call you so late. I am calling in regards to the blood work we did at the hospital when you were admitted. I would need you to come by to talk about the results, it is very important we do a follow check to make sure there is no error,” the doctor asked.

“Follow up check? No Error? Important? Is there something wrong with me?” Crystal asked worried about the results.

“If you would please come by so we can talk about it and run some more tests, I don’t want to alarm you over the phone without further testing,” he replied.

“I gotta go, sorry,” she said and quickly hung up. She got scared after hearing the doctor about her blood work. He sounded like something serious was going on with her blood. What if she was dying? She couldn’t bare the thought of something wrong with her, not now when it was supposed to be a happy night. She wasn’t going to let anything ruin this day or night for her. Suddenly she felt a very sharp pain in her stomach, like she was being stabbed, and she dropped her phone falling to her knees. It was too painful to even move when she tried to grab the phone again to call 911. Not too long after, everything went black and she lost consciousness. Lieutenant Seryl got pushed out from her mind and was now standing next her unconscious body.

“What just happened?” he said as he looked down at Crystal, she looked very pale, almost no color on her skin. He picked her up and carried her to her bed. He attempted to merge back onto her mind. He turned to light and as he flew towards her something pushed him back against the wall behind him and he return to his body. He looked back at Crystal confused at what was going on. As he looked at her, Crystal started moving her head and moaning. Lieutenant Seryl quickly got up from the floor and moved behind the door before she could see him.

As Crystal started opening her eyes, she caught a glimpse of someone moving by the door. She attempted to look over towards the door, but she lost consciousness again. The lieutenant noticed Crystal passed out again and quickly moved towards her and attempted to merge again, this time with more success, he was back in her mind. Once merged with her, he noticed something in her system, now weak almost dissipated, it seemed to have tried to make some changes to her DNA but her body reacted and stopped it before any real damage could be done.  What is that? Is it one of the substances the research team injected her with? He thought.

Crystal’s body continued fighting the substance in her system, once eliminated Crystal stayed unconscious and Lieutenant Seryl also lost consciousness from within her mind.

Submitted: April 19, 2016

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