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It was 3 in the morning when both Crystal and Christina fell asleep. Two hours later Crystal woke up to a noise outside her bedroom window. Christina was still sleeping on the bed next to her. Crystal slowly got up from the bed making sure not to wake Christina as to not alert her about the strange noise outside. The noise started getting louder and a little bit more clear, it was music. Crystal sighed with relief then suddenly she heard footsteps outside the window coming up the fire escape. Now worried, she reached under her bed and grabbed a bat she kept there for moments like these. As she held the bat up, she slowly approached the window. Once she got close enough to the window, she used the bat to prop the curtain slightly open to peek outside. She saw someone coming up the fire escape and her heart started beating fast scared of the unknown person approaching. She opened her mouth about to call out to Christina when she got a better look at the person’s face giving her a very big smile and her cheeks flushed bright red.


Dillan came up the fire escape playing a guitar and singing ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest song’ from Elton John. A tear ran down her cheek as she listened to him singing for her, butterflies in her stomach with the feeling of happiness rushing all over her body as goosebumps. She was about to go out there to him but then she stopped. “I can’t go out there like this,” she said noticing him dressed up in a tuxedo and then looking at herself. She was wearing a white sleeping gown and her hair was all over the place.


“I need to change quick!” she exclaimed.


She ran to her closet and grabbed a dark blue dress and quickly slid it over her nightgown. , it had only one strap for the left shoulder and went down to her ankles. She grabbed her brush and quickly brushed her hair and rolled it up into a quick bun. She looked in the mirror, “this will do for now, I can’t take too long.” She said and walked over to the window. She opened the window and stepped out closing the window behind her quietly as to not wake Christina up. Dillan stopped playing as he saw Crystal about to jump on him and almost fell on his ass as he caught her. She wrapped her arms around him tightly, “I’m so happy you are here, this is such a beautiful surprise,” she said.


“I’m so sorry for hurting you the way I did, I don’t know what happened. I woke up yesterday and I had no idea who I was,” he replied.


Crystal tilted her head up and kissed him passionately. The kiss lasted a few minutes before the came apart. Then Dillan grabbed her hand and guided her down the fire escape, “come with me…” he said.


As they stepped off the fire escape, Dillan picked her up on his arms to help her down.


“Don’t put me down yet,” she said, “I want to feel this as long as I can.”


Dillan smiled and kissed her again, “Don’t worry, as long as we stay together you will feel this many more times.”


Crystal smiled even more, but then started wondering if she really did want to stay with him. If this happened on the first date she wouldn’t have any doubt. But now, something else seemed to be holding her feelings back. Lieutenant Seryl beamed out of her as light and traveled back to the apartment. Something about seeing them together made him feel uneasy and he didn’t know why. Dillan helped Crystal into his car and then he got on the driver’s seat, “Tonight will be a night to remember, I owe it to you.” He said.


Lieutenant Seryl sat in the living room of Crystal’s apartment wondering if he should have stayed with her. What if something happened  to her? He wouldn’t be able to forgive himself and he surely would get punished for not protecting her. Why was he so worried about her? He wanted her back, he wanted her to see him, to jump into his arms and kiss him instead... “What am I thinking? She is human girl, and I’m not, she won’t want to be with someone like me. Why do I have this feelings for her?” He said as he walked towards the shelves on the wall next to the door to her bedroom where Christina was still sleeping. He picked up a picture of her on a dress from her 16th birthday party, her sweet 16 is what he knows it was called from her memories. She looked so beautiful, just as beautiful as she looks now, even without all the glamorous things she wore. There is no way he had a chance with a girl like this, especially a human girl.


“No, Stop it,” he exclaimed shaking the thoughts out of his head. He had to stop thinking about her like that and do the job he was here to do. Unfortunately, he didn’t know where she was now so he couldn’t go back to her to do her job anyway. There was nothing else he could do but sit here and wait for her to come back now. “I hope nothing happens to her, or it will be the end of me,” he thought.


Dillan had taken Crystal to an old Theme Park that has been closed for about 2 years now. “What are we doing here?” Crystal asked as they parked. Crystal was anxious to know what he had planned. Dillan grabbed her hand as they came out of the car, “Don’t worry, just let the night fill you with happiness,” he replied.


He walked her to one of the game stands where you have to throw a ball and break a stack of 3 bottles to win a prize. He jumped behind the counter and acted like the game host. “Come on over and try your luck! Break all three bottles and you can win one of this big prizes up here!” He exclaimed.


“Ha Ha, You are such a nut!” Crystal said laughing.


He handed her 5 baseballs and asked her to give it a try. She grabbed the balls and threw each ball one by one trying to break the bottles, each ball just flew right by the stack of bottles.. “Aww, it’s alright not everybody can do this, it takes special skill to do something like this,” he said.


“Oh yeah! Why don’t you give it a try smart ass?” She asked.


Dillan grabbed the balls, jumped out of the game stand. He threw one ball hitting right in the center of the stack sending all the bottles flying to the back of the stand. “And we have a winner! Pick your prize miss,” He said as he jumped back inside and pointing at one of the stuffed animals on the side. Crystal smiled and pointed at the big dog with the big sad looking eyes, “That one, it’s so cute,” she said. Dillan grabbed the prize and handed it to her, then jumped back out and held her hand again and started walking around.


“Hey Dillan, I need to use the bathroom,” Crystal said as they walked through the park after checking out some more game stands.


Dillan pointed at the small white building right ahead, “That’s the restroom over there, go ahead, I’ll wait for you right here,” he responded.


While Crystal was in the bathroom she started thinking about Dillan and everything he’s done for her. He had sent her tons of flowers, prepared a hell of a nice date at the Empire State Building, and now he showed up at her apartment with a serenade and took her out on amazing date. All she could think about was whether this was a dream or not. Is this guy too good to be true?


“What do you think Seryl? Am I doing the right thing here? He makes me feel good and my heart beats really fast when I’m with him, but I don’t know what this feeling is that’s holding me back,” She asked and waited. She sat in the restroom for about ten minutes waiting for a response from Seryl, but there was no response. Disappointed, Crystal walked out of the restroom and met back up with Dillan.


“Alright, I’m good now, what are we doing next?” She asked anxious to continue the night with Dillan.


Dillan looked at the time and frowned, “I should take you home, I need to go to work in an hour and you haven’t got any sleep because of me,” he responded and then they walked back to the car to go home.


The door was being unlocked at Crystal’s apartment and Seryl was asleep on the couch. Crystal came in and put her stuff on the dining table and walked to the bedroom without noticing there was someone sleeping on her couch. She took her dress off leaving just the nightgown she had on under the dress and got her hair out of the bun the laid down in bed. “I’m so glad it’s the summer, no school so I get to sleep in after this wonderful night,” she said and then closed her eyes to sleep.


It was noon when Seryl finally woke up, “Oh shit I fell asleep!” he exclaimed and quickly got up from the couch. He took a peek at Crystal’s room and noticed both Christina and her were in the bed sleeping still. “Whew! At least they are still sleeping and Crystal got home safe too,” he thought. “Luckily she obviously didn’t see me when she came in or else she would have freaked.”

He quietly walked into the room and stood next to Crystal admiring her as she slept. He was so stupid denying that he had feelings for this girl, but there is nothing he can do about it. It was either reveal himself and tell her how he felt, possibly ruining everything to save the Krisswallians, or just do his job and pretend there is nothing going on. Crystal’s phone rang and before she woke up, Seryl turned to light and merged with her again before she could see him. “Hello?” She said as she answered half asleep.


“Hi, is this Crystal Hahn?” the person calling asked.


“Yes, Who is this?” she responded.


“Hello Ms. Hahn, we have been trying to reach you to get you to come in to the health department for some blood tests to follow up with the previous test results done at the hospital,” the person explained, “We have found some unexplained organisms in your blood and need to have you here for observation.”


“Observation? Unexplained organisms? Am I going to be alright? I should go,” she thought as she heard the health department rep on the phone.


Crystal do not go, let me figure out what they found out firsI’ll let you knot, w what’s wrong,  Seryl said hoping she listens. He wanted to find out if it was related to him or the substances that the researchers injected him with.


“Are you sure? What if I got something that’s killing me inside?” She replied then  she thought about the fact that Seryl is an alien being inside her. “Ok Seryl, Let me know what you find out,” she said feeling safer thinking that it was just Seryl they detected which she knew was not killing her. Or at least she didn’t feel like he was hurting her in anyway. He had done nothing but protect her from harm after all.



Commander Turok called Zerg and asked him to check on the health department and find out what they want with Crystal. The commander wanted to make sure they didn’t see anything in her that can reveal anything about them. Zerg went to the monitor and scanned the area where the health department is doing their investigation. But when he tried to get any information about what they have on Crystal, something seemed to jam the scanner and he was no longer able to hear or see anything through the monitor. “Sir, we have a problem, something is jamming our signal with Earth. I can not see anything happening on Earth.” He announced to the the commander. But this was impossible, what could be jamming the scanner, the humans don’t have anything that can jam their signal and even if they did, there is no way they would know to use it against them now. No, there was something else going on here, “Find out what’s wrong with the scanner immediately!” The commander ordered. Zerg left the control room and went to engineering to ask them to check all the ship’s systems and find the bug interfering with the scanner. Something or someone is trying to ruin their research with the humans, someone that doesn’t want them to evolve.

Submitted: May 21, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Murdoch Warilard. All rights reserved.


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