Something went wrong...

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as a teenager Sam(Samantha) finds herself in a world different from others. she learns secrets like no other person can.

Love, hate, friendship, enemies, war. vampires werewolves demons and even angels. many things mix together, and she finds herself lost...

what went wrong? what is she?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Something went wrong...

Submitted: May 03, 2009

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Submitted: May 03, 2009



“Samantha Rosalie Hale!” I watched as the headmaster’s head turned bright red

"It's actually just Rose" i corrected him

"I DON'T CARE!" he yelled. Wow, i never knew someone's head can turn this red. Hehe "you’re suspended for 3 days for breaking a student’s nose during school and fracturing the arm, ribs and leg of a soccer player!”


Well let me explain this. My name, as you already found out, is Samantha Rose Hale. Sam for short. Wanna know why I got in trouble? That’s easy.

See I’m the girl that will be herself no matter what. Shitty life at home. Parents that don’t give a damn and a sister who hates you from the bottom of her heart.

I’m already used to this, so I don’t care. The thing that started the fight tho is a different story. I’m the girl who when is pissed off, won’t run away crying to some place to hide, but stand up for herself and put on a fight. Fight with words and fists.

See I recently got a boyfriend, Gavin. He is the captain of the soccer team and it seems like the hottest guy in school. Jock. He asked me out about a week ago, asking me to be his girlfriend. Every girls’ dream right? Well not really. He’s a player. Everyone knows it. He just broke up with his bitch. I decided to play along. Let’s see what he wants besides the obvious.

Monday night. No school today. 2nd week of school. Everything is amazing especially cuz I just got back from a little trip with my friends. There was a party at a nearby house so we decided to go see it.

If it’s party, then you can count me in, so we went with my friends, Dawn, Jamie, Sarah and Paul to have some fun. See we are an interesting group. Dawn and Jamie are dating, and Sarah and Jess are going to be. I’m sure of that. I give them 2 weeks tops. So I was the only single. I wasn’t in love with Gavin. I just wanted to date him for a while. So we went to the party to dance.

We found the place easily since we knew the street and cars were everywhere, music blasting and lights everywhere. Alex Gaudino – Destination unknown was playing. It’s old but this wasn’t the best party of my life anyway. I went straight to the dance floor. I started dancing, but after a while someone came up to me and tapped me on my shoulder.

“Oh, hi Norm” I said looking at the one of my classmates. Now see Norman was a geek, so when the jocks found out that his parents were in another town for business, they arranged a party. Poor guy. Everything will be ruined. “Great party”

“Yeah…” he said hesitantly “ I don’t want to ruin your mood but I think you should go upstairs” he said pointing to the top of the stair with a guilty look on his face.

See he was a nerd, but he was a pretty nice guy. You could say friend, but we didn’t talk too much.

“Why?” I asked. “is there something wrong?”

“Well… I think you should just see for yourself” he said hesitantly.

Yeah. So this is where it all went wrong. See Gavin didn’t know I was here. And him being the player of the school he didn’t waste his time. When I got to the stairs some people were gasping and shushing. Some girl pointed to a door. Guess who was in there? DING DING DING. And yes. If you guessed Gavin with a girl without clothes, then you won the grand prize. Well he wasn’t with just anyone. He was with the school bitch, shame to all cheerleaders and dumbest person in the world. Brianna. Her last name is not even worth mentioning.

Everyone would expect me to get all heart broken and run out of the room crying like the world just got to the end. Right? Well you’re wrong about this one.

“umm… baby?” Gavin said noticing me.

“yeah baby?” I asked putting on a fake smile while people were getting crowded near the door and gasping. “having fun there?” I asked leaning on the door frame.

“I… umm… what are you doing here?” he said, starting to get all red while he tried to cower himself up and glancing at the others. Dawn, Jamie, Sarah, Paul, and Norm were the closest and glaring none the less.

“Oh I was just about to ask you the same question” I stated bluntly. “wanna care explaining to me in the front of the house in about…hmm…let’s say 5 minutes?” I asked putting on another fake smile when a girl in glasses came in with a camera and took a few pictures. I noticed she was from the school newspaper. She had a huge grin oh her face but tried to hide it as she saw me.

“I…umm…” he started but Brianna cut in

“Can’t you see we’re busy?” she said.

“Oh I can tell, don’t worry, but If I were you I’d shut up.”

“what..?” she started but I already went for the door to go out. As I headed to the front door the girl with glasses came running after me.

“Hey” she said “sorry about that. If you’d like I’ll delete the photos.” She started “I know he started to date you so…”

I cut her off “ Oh please, don’t bother deleting those. Actually I’d ask you to make the paper for tomorrow if possible. But I’ll give you something else to write about too” I said with a smirk spreading on my face”. She stopped for a second not understanding but when she saw me starting to take off the earrings and rings she finally understood.

As I said earlier I’m not the one who won’t put on a fight. Piss me off and bear the consequences.

“Get out of my way right now” Gavin growled coming down the stairs and pushing away everyone who was in the way. He only had time to put on his pants. As he got to the front of the house he started apologizing like he actually meant it. “I’m sorry baby…” he started but I cut him off with a gagging sound.

“Oh puh-lease. Like you mean any of that” I said crossing my arms in front of my chest.

“ Baby…” bla bla bla, you know I’m really pissed when people call me like this and try to act all lovely. With my mind being like it was, and being all tired I just pulled back my hand and punched him in the nose. Oh yeah baby. With my fist as hard as possible.

“You goddamn bitch!!!!!!!!!” he yelled holding his now severely bleeding nose. “You goddamn slut. You whore” he started “like I give a damn about you. You worthless piece of…” but he couldn’t finish. My fist was already ready to make some action. I jumped on him and hit the living daylight out of him. I stopped when I noticed how big noise it was. Everyone at the party was cheering like I just won a national championship or something. Well with him being the jock and biggest asshole in school, plus a pretty good soccer player, others didn’t really mess with him. Well, he really fucked it up this time. He played a lot of girls already so he had to be thought a lesson.

It seems that he had some friends at the party tho, cuz some sirens could be heard. My friends came running from the house with my stuff and we got into Jamies truck and he drove away. We were hysterically laughing and crying too.

“Wow girl. Congrats.” Dawn started wiping away the tears in her eyes.

“Oh man. Remind me never to piss you off like this” Paul said holding his stomach from too much laughing.

“Don’t worry. I’d never hurt you like this. Well, at least not right now.” I said laughing.

We stopped at a nearby pizza house to eat something. I saw some guy watch me when I wanted to get out. He was really tall and had black hair. He had beautiful blue eyes but when I got out and he was no longer there. When we were done we headed home. I said goodbyes to my friends and headed to the door when I saw the guy again.

“What the… “ I started, but my phone buzzed. When I looked up again he was nowhere to be seen. Yet again.” Dude, this is creepy” I said to myself. I got a text.

*Dawn * remember: tomorrow’s only practice. Game forfeited on Saturday. Have fun. Bby *

Thank God for Dawn. I totally forgot about it. See I’m a volleyball player. I love to play and I’m in the school team. We were supposed to have a game against a lame school tomorrow, but they tend to push the date as far as possible. Well, you can run but you can’t hide. As the ace, I will make sure they’ll never forget this match.

I went in the house and everyone was asleep. You would think that after a trip and a party my parents would want to talk to me or something but noooooo, they didn’t care. I got used to this already. My sis was asleep too. thank God. Didn’t want to put up with her stupidity right now. I was so tired. I just flopped on the bed and instantly fell asleep…

Next day.

Waking up at my sisters screaming isn’t a good thing. Trust me.

“Would you please shut up already?!?” I groaned. “What are you doing in my room anyway?” I asked Jessica.

“Well I wanted to wear your black leather high heeled boots today but I couldn’t find it. Where is it anyway?” she asked simply while looking around in the room.

“Well I didn’t lend it to you and I won’t either, so get out of my room already”

“But I want to wear that one… you don’t use it anyways…” she started whining.

“Shut up and get out of my room please. ok? if you want one then go and buy one.” I said showing her out. I rubbed my temple and went to the bathroom. Got a hot shower and all the necessary things. Got some black jeans, a blue tank top and a dark blue hoodie on. I packed my stuff and went down in the kitchen.

“Morning” I said waiting for a response but didn’t get one as usual. I wasn’t hungry so I just got an apple and headed to school. It’s a 40 minute walk, so I just got my ipod out and listened to music while I got there. Escape the fate – situations, sugarcult- do it alone, sugarcult – memory, and a lot more.

School was pretty much the same as always except the congratulations from some kids. At first I didn’t know what it was all about till Maria, the school photographer handed me the schools newspaper. Guess what was on the front page? Yesterday night. let’s not forget Gavin being beaten up by me on one of the photos, and him being with Brianna all touchy-sweaty and everything as an explanation. Maria was grinning from ear to ear, so were Dawn and the others while coming to me.

“Well everyone knows it’s you” Dawn said getting next to me.

“Yeah. You know how many thank you and congratulation I got till now?”

“Oh and don’t worry” Maria said “the shadows hide your face and you’re name isn’t written either. After you guys left last night the ambulance came. When they asked what happened Gavin said nothing tho”

“oh I can understand that” said Paul “he’s the big soccer player. He got beaten up by a girl”

“Oh. Riiiiiiiight….” We said joking.

School was pretty cool till P.E. but then came Brianna. Hurraaaaaaaay…not. It was my last class and she was in it too. the little bitch was looking for the right time when the teacher wasn’t watching and pulled my shirt when I wanted to jump. I played volley for quite a few years so I know how to fall on my feet.

“What do you think you’re doing you little whore? You’re just some ugly girl. You were just supposed to be used and thrown away” she started. I just laughed at her.

“What’s up bitch? Not enough humiliation out of the newspaper?” I asked “ You wanna end up like Gavin?” I said getting closer to her.

“you think you’re so tough? Beating up a…”

“a what? A guy? A man? You’re boyfriend? What did you think I will do? Run away crying?” I asked getting into her face “you know what? You’re not even worth a fight" I said starting to turn away when she grabbed me again and slapped me. And that was the trigger. Don’t worry tho, she didn’t got all the things Gavin did. But I did punch her. I balled my hand in a fist and aimed straight to her nose. BAM!


And that’s how I got in the headmasters office….. as you know I got suspended for 3 days and now comes the big surprise…

this is what jamies truck looks like:


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