Better To Burn

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Finley Gray once said that unlike Kurt Cobain's quote, she thought it was better to fade away. But maybe Finley's going to get an opinion change when she finds something worth not fading...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013






Have you ever been confused?

Sometimes in life you get so confused nothing makes sense. Your world is completely unbalanced. They say you need to talk to someone. But that someone can only listen to you and give you advice. They can’t actually go inside you and fix your scars.

They also say that the simple solution is to just let go and love. When this is the way you’ve managed for years, how do you suddenly reprogram? How do you suddenly tell your heart, ”hey I know this is the way we’ve managed for years but you’re going to have to let your walls down and change”?

They say that they understand. But until they live through it, they know nothing.

 I sometimes believe that my heart is in a dozen pieces with no glue. Someone gives me tape and I tape the pieces but then they take up scissors. And those scissors cut the tape and leave with more pieces of my heart then before.

Lately I have way too confused for my own good. So I decided to write another letter. It’s what I do when nothing makes sense. But for me I hope to put it in an old copy of the right book for the right person to find.

I have a physic feeling right now that something is about to change.

I can feel it in the Irish wind. I feel it in the Irish wind of my soul.  

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