Beauty and the Beat

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: August 02, 2012

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Submitted: August 02, 2012



Chapter 4:

When we got to the studio we found the blonde judge. "Sorry we are late." I said taking this serious. "It is fine. We had alot to do while you wern't here." she said. Then she started showing us around the huge studio. Then we stopped at a cute little room. "Here is your little recording studio." she said. I smiled and then saw a notebook and pen on the little couch. "That is your lyric book. You write your songs in it and when you are done I will take it so we could get the music for it." she said taking my parent's out to talk. While I was sitting down on my couch I heard yelling from the other room. I'm not a snoop or anything, but I leaned my ear against the wall. "I hope he knows I am not coming back after what he did." a angry woman said. Then hundreds of lyrics came into my head and then I started writing them down. When I was almost finished my phone buzzed. I looked at the screen and it was my mom that said they left to go to their office. I texted her saying it was okay. "How are you doing Mary?" the blonde asked walking in. I smiled at her. "I'm finished with my first song." I said handing her the notebook. Her eyes were wide with shock and then she started reading nodding at every line. "Perfect, I'll go get the instuments for the song." she said with a smile and left. After awhile I heard amazing music, and I started singing the lyrics to it. When it started over again there was a knock on my door. "Come in." I said thinking it was the blonde or maybe Olivia, she could have found me she did at my house. Then a surprise happened, Steven and Austin were here. "Hey, what are you two doing here?" I asked. "We heard that there was a new singer to our family and we wanted to welcome then. We didn't know it would be you." Steven said with a smile. I smiled back. Then I saw him give Austin a punch in the gut. "Welcome." They both said, Austin a little weaker. "Well thanks." I said. "So what are you up too?" Steven asked sitting on the couch between me and Austin. "Waiting for the blonde woman to get music for my new song." I said with a shrug. "Her name is Amanda." Austin said, a little meanly. I don't think we will be friends anytime soon. Then the brown headed woman came in. "There you boys are, we need to get done with the song. I hope you don't mind me stealing the boys from you Mary." she said. "Please take them." I said playfully. Then Steven playfully punched me. "I think she dosn't wan't us Rose." Steven said fake hurt. Then me and Rose rolled our eyes and then she took them out. Later Amanda walked in with four guys who had cool looking instruments. "Mary these will be your partners, or band, Kevin and Us." she said. "Hey." I said with a smile and wave. They waved back. "Mary this is Kevin, Josh, Mason and James." she said pointing to each of them. After awhile of talking and getting their stuff ready Amanda was in the recording room pressing buttons and telling us to get ready. I smiled and walked to the middle of the room where the microphone was. After the music started I knew exactly where to start singing."You were cheating on me and I said that we were over. Then you said you were sorry and I believed in you. Then I saw you were doing it again and now you should know, I'm not coming back, I won't love you again, and to me you are just a old friend, and know I'm not coming back. I will never see you the same, I will just leave you standing in the rain. And I can see in you eyes that you are sorry and I am the one who has the key to make you feel it more, so know, I'm not coming back, I won't love you again, I shoud've listened to my friends, and now know I'm not coming back."I started off. Then I got to a more of a rapping, or faster, pace."First you said you loved me and then you wen't to her and said the same. Is it going to be me or her, me, her, choose and if you choose me, remember I'm not coming back."I sang. Then I heard clapping behind me. It was my band and at the door was Steven and Austin looking shocked. "You were great." Kevin said. I blushed and smiled. "You guys are great too." I said ignoring the two at the door. For the rest of the day we had to do the same thing over and over again, until our lunch brake. "See you guys after lunch." I said as my four new friends left. "You were awesome." Steven said walking in with his lunch and Austin following behind, still a little shocked. "Thanks." I said with a smile. "Where did you learn to sing like that?" Austin asked. I rolled my eyes. "I don't know, I just had the gift. That or it was with me singing along with the lyrics from Youtube." I said with a smirk. While we were eating I was writing another song.When we were done Rose took the boys away and then my band came in. "I just got done with another song." I said handing them the book. They nodded and smiled at each line. Then they got to their instruments waiting for my instructions. "What are you waiting for?" I ask knowing the answer. "Arn't you going to tell us what beat to use?" James asks. I smile. "No, just do what you feel the song's beat should be." I said with a smile. When they started it sounded like angels singing. Then Amanda came in stunned. "What are they doing?" She asks sitting on the couch next to me. "Making a wonderful beat to my new song." I said handing her the notebook. She looked at the notebook then the boys. And then she smiled. "How do you fell about being a star?" she asks (A/N, the contract she had was just to have one album and then be done). I smiled and nodded. She smiled back and walked out of the room. When it was 7:00, we were all alowed to go home. "We heard you are going to be a star like us." Steven said putting his arm over my shoulder. "Yep." I said smirking. When we got to the lobby I saw my parents. "See you guy's tomorrow." I said running to my parents. "Who were those boys?" Dad asked when we got into the car. "Just friends." I said assuringly. "They better be." Mom said playfully. Dad rolled his eyes and I smirked. When we got home I took a shower, got into my blue PJ's and then wen't the kitchen where my parent's had Subway sandwhiches on the counter, that we got on the way home. "Hey." I said grabbing my sandwhich and sitting next to Mom who was putting fabrics on a manican. "Hey sweetie." she said smiling at me. After I told my parents about my day they were really excited. "You do know, when school comes along it will be harder to handle." Mom said. I rolled my eyes. "If some of the boys that are there can do it, I think I can." I said with a smile. After I threw away my trash I wen't to my room then I fell asleep on my bed, as soon as I hit the pillow.

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