Secrets:A Whole Other World

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life was normal for 16 Amethyst, she had a near perfect life, or a least it seemed that she did. One day in early July everything changed and all the secrets that had been kept from her for so long start coming out.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Secrets:A Whole Other World

Submitted: April 18, 2013

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Submitted: April 18, 2013




Thats the last thing I heard before it all went dark.
2 hours earlier,
I had a firm grip on my six year old sisters, Scarlets, hand has I walked her across the busy road, to the local park. I had told my mom and step-dad Mike that I would babysit Scarlet so they could have the day to themselves. The slight breaze was blowing softly through my long strawberry-blonde hair, Scarlet was skipping making her little dirty blonde pigtails bonce as she loudly hummed the theme song to Dora the Explorer
“Scarlet can you stop please that it is so annoying” I growled at her
“sorry Amethyst I didnt mean to annoy you” she whined
“you dont have to whine” I sighed
I looked down at her, she was quivering her bottom lip, I got her to the sidewalk then nealed in front of her and looked in her eyes
“Scarlet look, I dont mean to be mean but you sing or hum that song all the time and it is a little annoying after a while” I smiled 
“daddy doesnt care” she argued 
“yes, well Mike isnt here, and besides he lets you do anything you want anyway” I said
“why do you call daddy, Mike?” Scarlet asked
“I call him Mike because hes your dad not mine, hes my step dad” I sighed
“oh, but if daddy isnt your daddy then who is your daddy” she tilted her head to the side
“you ask way to many questions” I put in
I stood up and grabbed her head and walked across the field to the park, when we got about half way across the field I let go of her hand
“go play I will be there in a second” I sighed
she nodded and took off I went and sat on a bench and started texting my best friend Ashlen
“my big bro and his friends are going to the skate park tomorrow and Tucker said we can come if we want” she told me
“sure why not, I cant believe Tucker is ok with us coming, he isnt usually” I replied
“I know right but whatever I get to see Rod again hehe” she texted back
“ya whatever, I still dont see why you like him” I replied 
“because hes h-o-t HOT” she boasted
“ya ok thats what you think” I said
“thats is what I think, and why do you care” she asked
“I dont really, but do you rally think Tucker would let you date his best friend you have to remember you are his little sister” I told her
“I’m sure Tucker would be cool with it” she said
“ok if you think so, go for it” I said
“I will and he gets upset about me dating or liking Rod then I will tell that I would be cool with it if he liked you or something” she explained
“ewww me and your brother ewwww” I said
“oh shut up, I know you think hes cute” she scolded
“I have to go I am at the park with Scarlet” I said 
I shoved my phone into the pocket of my short shorts then looked around for Scarlet she was playing with some little boy on the swings, I quickly checked the time on my phone, 1:30pm, we had been at the park for and hour and a half already, I shrugged and put my phone back in my pocket and sat there letting the hot July sun soak into my already tanned skin, we lived in a small town in northern Texas it was only a week into July and it was already extreamly hot, after about half an hour checked my phone again, 2:00pm, we had been at the park for 2 hours
“Scarlet its time to go home” I called 
she came running to me I grabbed her hand and to walk towards the only busy street in the town, I stood at the corner of the sidewalk waiting to cross Scarlet still holding my hand, the light turned green, we started to walk, we were only half way across when two cars going way to fast collided in front of us, thats when it hit me, the worst gut feeling that we were in more trouble then it appeared, I turned around so fast I almost my balance, I tightened my grip on Scarlets hand and dragged her back towards the park, gave her a shove onto the sidewalk causing her to fall, I knew I wouldnt be able to get her up and get far enough away before anything happened, so I ran and covered her small body with mine, ‘if one of us was going to die today let it be me’ that was my last thought, I grabbed onto Scarlets arm 
I felt my body flying through the air, I still held onto Scarlet arm she was screaming at the top of her lungs for mommy and Mike, my body hit the ground with a hard thumb Scarlet landed half on me, I heard a loud buzzing in my ear, fire crackling, the faint sound of people screaming, and sirens in the distance
the pressure of the blast sent me and Scarlet into a tree trunk, I groaned at impact, I heard Scarlet squeal the start crying, I tried to keep myself awake, I could feel a buring sensation from the scrapes that covered my body, my head was pounding and my vision was getting blury. I could just barely see a fireman running over and neel beside me, I just heard what he was saying 
are you you two alright he asked 
Thats the last thing I heard before it all went dark

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