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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

"Welcome to your new lives.. As our pets."

It all started with a bet- a bet gone horribly wrong. Devon Diaz is dared to pull off going into "The Cave" a tunnel in which a report claims a boy went in and never came out. Daringly in goes in, testing his luck and fate. That's when he's pulled into another world..

The caves are a labyrinth, chambers built to protect something- or someone, after meeting up with another boy who has also fallen victim to the cave's transportation, the adventure begins to try and find out who- or what really roams down here.

The answer will take them to a city- a city where they are treated like slaves. A city that is overruled by demons, demons who seem to be hiding something from them.

Now must try and make a daring escape for their lives. But will they make it? And if they do, will they ever get home?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Hellfire.

Submitted: May 29, 2012

Reads: 141

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Submitted: May 29, 2012



I was going to kill Daryl.

The wind was knocked out of me as if I had been in a car crash. The sudden impact with the ground reinforced the feeling of getting socked in the chest with an air bag, only I didn’t have the comfort of the bag. Just the rough exterior of the ground.

Pushing myself up off the dirty grassy land in which I had been thrown upon. I got up just in time to see my attacker swing a kick in my direction, and giving me the time to roll away. It was painful though, on my aching chest to move. I figured that it must have been bruised, or maybe one of my ribs had been wobbled. Whatever it was I didn’t have enough time to figure out how badly damaged I was.

Getting onto my feet with a wobbly stance I looked at my attacker, who now charged at me straight on, he was twice my size, and easily could have crushed a trash can with his deadly stare. I was too much in shock to be able to counter his attack, and soon I found myself in his grip. My back pressed against his chest and his crushing grip tightening around my abdomen.

“I’m going to slaughter you boy, you don’t even stand a chance.” I felt his hot breath on my neck and I shivered in fear. I needed to get out of his grasp before he seriously did some damage to some of my insides. Remembering something I learned from a self defense video we watched in school, I shifted over to the side as much as I could. “What are you do-“ The poor boy didn’t get to finish his question.

I kicked up, aiming correctly into his groin. Hearing a moan, I felt the grip loosen, and I wiggled out, looking at the boy’s who’s face was squished in pain as a smirk danced on mine. With one quick flick I punched outward, aiming for the bridge of his nose, and watching him tumble back onto the ground.

“Wonderful! Amazing! Well done Dev!” My eyes shifted darkly as I watched as another boy run up to me, patting me roughly on the back, which made me cough painfully. Spitting up a bit of blood. “Yikes Dev, you should get that looked at.”

Daryl Trent was probably the worst person in the history of the universe. The way his eyes were tilted in a nasty manner, his tanned skin looked like perfection, but a jagged scar on his left shoulder blade cut through the flawlessness. His brown eyes were dark, to the point that they almost looked black, and his dirty blonde hair was roughed up in the way that made him seem “irresistible” to girls.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Oh my god you know Daryl Trent as in the boy con-spy in the hit series “Black Dawn”?!” Haha yeah I do, I trust me, there’s no thrill to it at all. Daryl is a shrewd person, maybe his has taken his role as a con too seriously and has applied it to his life off camera. Since I cannot remember him being as stupid and selfish as he is now before his fame hit in. But even before I knew the wildly famous actor he was still a bit... odd. Yes, that would be the correct word. He is odd, he is a devil at getting what he wants, and is as sly as a fox. He likes to gamble to. Not that I would mind, but there is a problem with his gambling...
He gambles on me.

Yes you heard me right. Daryl likes to make bets with other people that I can complete certain tasks or do certain things “better” than other people. This usually puts a lot of pressure on me, since I know he gets angry at me when I fail. I don’t like losing either though, and even though I’m not a person driven towards winning and only that, I still would rather the taste of victory, over losing... Even when the taste of victory was blood in my mouth.

“He pull dirty move! Not accepted! You not win this round!” I heard a foreign voice shout. I knew who it was without even turning looking at them. Since it was hard to look at anyone, while you’re main focus was directed to the burning pain that was crawling up your chest.

Adolf Diederich was almost as weasel looking as Daryl. The German native was just as selfish and driven to make sure his gamble-ie Rick won every match. There was something that made we shiver at the sight of the boy though. Maybe it was the fact one of his eyes was blind, and set off a glaring glossy look to it. Or maybe it was that his name was like that of a nasty dictator of the past. Whatever the cause was, he like Daryl was not someone you wanted to see angry.

“Shut up! Don’t be a sore loser Nazi-boy. Just give me my twenty bucks!” Daryl snapped in the direction of the slim figured non-native boy. I managed to look behind myself to see the scowl on the black haired boy’s face. It seemed to kill him to pull out two tens and roughly slam them into the palm of Daryl’s outstretched hand.

“You will see us again. We not go so easy on you next time.” He spat in accent, as he walked over to the fallen Rick, who was finally starting to be able to stand up. At least it was good to know that Rick was just as shook up as me, maybe even more so. Even though I had won the fight I knew better than to stick around and wait for Rick to get fully back up. The stubborn meat-head would not be happy and his anger would be directed at me, and would probably start a pre-mature fight. That wouldn’t end well for me. I could tell.

Being ushered off by Daryl, I began to make my way down the slight grassy slope that we were on. We were currently outside of West Hollywood, in a grassy bank that me and Daryl would often go to when we had some kind of bet that involved more physical activity. It was a rough way to go about it. But on the way down I felt Daryl slip one of the ten’s into my pocket. My payment for being his pawn. I deserved all the money if you asked me, but at least I was getting something. Which was better than just fighting for the bruises and pains.

Following the sly-boy, we walked into the suburban part of the city, and I hobbled to follow him as he seemed to go in the direction of our after fight celebration place. An ice cream place called “Donny’s Brainfreeze.” It was a quiet place, and walking into it, a small tingle of a bell would signal as the door opened and shut. Daryl ordered us two vanilla wafflecones, and sat down with me at a table near the window.

“You did a good game Devon.” He rarely ever called me Devon, usually only “Dev.” “You really had me going that he was going to win. But you came through in the end!” He laughed as if I had made it a joke to look like I had almost lost. Gripping my aching chest tenderly my greenish eyes darkened at him. Giving him what I hoped was a cold and angered look. He really did know how to push my buttons.

“Yeah, it was really fun to watch as Rick actually thought that he was going to win.” I said sarcastically, hoping that Daryl would catch on that the large boy had almost beaten me senseless.

He didn’t.

“I know! We’ll have to plan something else to make sure we rub it in their faces that you’re twice as good as the meat head!” Daryl seemed ecstatic while my eyes only widened.

“I’m not fighting him again.” I groaned as my chest shivered with pain that traced through it. When the waiter came with out ice creams, I took my hand off my chest to hold the cone, while I flicked some of my brown curly hair out of my face. I licked the cone gingerly. Wincing at the ribs I figured I had badly damaged.

“No, no, of course not. He already knows you’re stronger than him. Now we need something else, something else to shame him. You know what that is Dev?”

I looked at my “friend” skeptically. “No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me.”

“You’re going to do the tunnel!”

At any other given time I would have laughed and told him how dirty that sounded. I was a sixteen year old guy, what did you expect? I wasn’t about to let some kind of “that’s what she said” moment pass. But I figured the chuckle would jingle my chest, and right now any contact with my chest would hurt me like hell.

The tunnel was a cave outside of town, near the spot of the fight actually. It is said to be cursed, and that if you entered it you will never return. There are rumors of a boy - Thomas Laker who apparently went into the cave, and never did come out. It was like he vanished off the surface of the earth. Since then everyone refuses to go into the cave, and since that apparent day five years ago no one has even gotten within a few feet of the chilling cave.

“This is a hallucination right? Rick put me into a coma, and now in my coma you’re trying to convince me to do something so amazingly stupid, and idiotic!” Raising my tone made me grimace in pain, and I was forced to grip my chest again with my free hand. I was hurt badly, I knew that now.

“Haha! You don’t believe in that bull about the cave do you Dev? Does all that hair on your head make it harder for the truth to stink in?” Daryl seemed to be amused, and totally ignored the obvious pain I was showing. “There is no curse on the cave, it was probably something that some mother told her kid so that he wouldn’t go in there and get lost. He probably spread it around, and suddenly the damn cave is haunted. Trust me Dev it’d be stupid to not take this chance to rub it in Rick’s face.”

I sighed, I knew that Daryl was probably right. There was nothing supernatural about the cave. It was just something normal, and something that had no set curse on it. There was nothing strange about it. There was no such things as curses and whatnot anyways, I would be in the wrong not to take the chance to win the bet in a full. Looking at Daryl who seemed eager to hear my answer. I finally nodded, “alright. I’ll go in the cave.”

Oh how I wish I could have changed my answer...

It was agreed that the four of us would meet back up at the cave entrance at nine. It was only about six now, though Daryl had to go home for something to eat. I took this chance to go home and see the damage of my chest. Even though I couldn’t see any inside damage [obviously] I did gasp slightly seeing that my entire chest was a yellowish color. Foolishly I touched it, and gritted my teeth as I quickly pulled back my finger. “Damn, damn, damn...” I muttered over and over. It was very sensitive, and even at a gingerly feel shocking pain ran through me. Rick had done a lot of damage I knew that for sure. That means that I should want to rub his face in his defeats even more so, right? Than why do I feel like doing this isn’t the right thing... I shook away the thought, as I quickly jumped in a hot shower, hoping it would send some relief to my aching chest. I discovered a couple of cuts on my upper arms and legs as well, though none reflected the pain of my chest.

Changing into a t-shirt and jeans, I ran down to the kitchen to get something to quickly eat. I decided on a can of meatballs, and quickly ate away at the microwave able meal. I was the only one home, mom was probably at work. She always seemed to be at work. Not that it bothered me much though. It always seemed easier to charm a girl into coming into a date when you had an entire Hollywood house to yourself. Of course I had to stop “charming” about six months ago when I met Sierra. She was nice, sweet, and very hot. Everything I was looking for in a girl. In truth I knew that the only reason I ever met her was because she found out that I was friends [and I use this word loosely] with Daryl. She was impressed, and soon became my girlfriend. I sometimes felt unhappy around her though, as if me and her didn’t click. But whatever, it was just a relationship problem, it would work itself out over time. Besides now I had more things to worry about than my relationship issues, and it was more or less time to worry about what would happen to me in the cave.

No! Stop thinking about it Devon. There is nothing wrong with the cave, it’s just your mind trying to make you think that there is. The cave is normal, and there is nothing dangerous about it. You should be grateful that Daryl didn’t sign you up for another slam down with Rick. Yes, yes. I must think positive. Nothing was going to happen to me while I’m in the cave. The only dramatic thing that will happen will be the shock on Rick and Adolf’s faces when I come out of the cave un-harmed and still breathing.

I wished I could believe that.

It seemed to be nine PM quicker than normal. And at around eight thirty, Daryl appeared at my door, telling me that we should get a move on it if we were going to get to the hills on time. Even though we could have taken a car or one of Daryl’s fancy limos, we always seemed to ride bikes to the bets. It seemed normal I guess, it was what we always did. We couldn’t mess with tradition.

Confidence came and went as we made our way to the cave, my eyes were narrowed in determination though, and I knew that I was going to do this, and I would complete the challenge. I was over thinking this, I knew it. I was thinking that something wrong would happen. But what could honestly happen? I was still trying to convince myself that this was going to be a good idea when we finally parked our bikes on the small dirt path that lead up the winding hills that the tunnel was sheltered by. Looking in the direction of the said “hell-hole” I saw that the other two guys were already there. Rick’s face was sharpened darkly, and a bruise covered the bridge of his nose. Making it swell slightly. Adolf looked kind of well.. Thrilled to see us. That kind of twisted look put me on even more of an edge, and my heart pace quickened at a heightened pace.

“So you going to enter tunnel?” Adolf was clearly talking to me. A defying smirk was painted on his narrowed face. His one good eye was shining with what looked to be amusement. While his other eye sat in it’s permanently glossy shadow.

“That’s right.” I said with a nod, taking a deep breath out, making me slightly wince. Which Rick apparently caught onto.

“Aw, did I hurt you earlier Diaz? Yes I believe I did.” I hated it when people called me by my last name, but I knew that Rick probably had the leverage in the situation.

“Not as much as your pride will be wounded crap-head!” Daryl made a fist at the muscular boy, and then turned to Adolf. “So what’s the bet? The average..?”

“Nein.” Adolf shook his head. “If curly stay in cave for fifteen minute and go deep in, we play at triple cost. You lose if he not return though.” The German boy smirked which I knew was obviously supposed to phase me. I tried to make it seem like him doing that didn’t bother me at all, though the thing was it did bother me. This whole thing bothered me. Something was screaming at me not to go into the cave, and I wanted to just turn tail and go home. But I knew that now I wouldn’t just be letting me down, but I would be letting Daryl down too. And even though he was a horrible friend to me, I wasn’t going to be the same to him. I didn’t do that kind of thing.

“Deal.” Daryl spoke with confidence I wished that I had. The two boys shook hands, and we all began to make our way to the cave. My heart was racing, and my mind was running with a thousand “what if’s.” I knew that nothing was going to happen. I knew it. I knew it.

But why was my mind telling me that I didn’t know it?

As we got to the entrance, I desperately tried to calm myself down. Luckily I didn’t look as anxious as I felt, and so the others wouldn’t know how much that I was doubting this entire thing.

“Now,” Adolf began. “You go in. I time you. Stay in for fifteen minute, and when you return bring back something to prove you gone far. If chicken out, than we win.” He looked at me, his brows narrowed and his black hair looking almost invisible against the approaching night. “Understood?”

I nodded, “understood.”

“Good.. Your time start now!” He had taken out an old stop watch which looked like something a gym teacher might have. I took one final look of the world around me, before with a wince of fear I walked into the cave. I wish now that I would have said at least a goodbye...

My heart race if not on heart attack level was close to it, as my foot inched side of the cave’s boundaries. I closed my eyes for a brief second. This was insane, I should be able to walk right in. With a nod, refreshing me with some confidence, I began to walk in through the cave. I managed to hear some shouts of encouragement from Daryl. But they were muffled, since the only thing I could hear plainly was the blood pumping through my core.

I looked around inside the cave, it looked normal. Dirty gray walls, and a ground covered by rocks and dirt. It was nothing less than normal, and that made me feel slightly better that nothing bad was going to happen. This would be an average bet, easily won, and even better with the fact I’d get fifteen bucks instead of the normal ten or five. Maybe it was that slim desire of greed that made me continue into the cave. I was surprised how far in it went, it probably ran right through some of the grassy hills. This wasn’t a place I would have liked to call home though, it was dark, and because I only wore a t-shirt the blissfulness of the cold bumped my skin in sensitive goosebumps. The smell was disgusting, like a mixture of sweat, and a house that had seen the worse of a flood. I supposed that this cave might have once been underwater, and I took sight in some of the lines and designs that nature had drawn into the sides of the cave walls.

It was interesting, and my mind was sparked with curiosity. My eyes narrowing a bit, I continued to walk in through the cave. I stopped when I saw something against the wall though, at first I thought it was just some water lines in the rock, but on closer inspection it seemed to be some kind of drawing. “Huh.” I snorted, as I walked over closer to the wall, and let me finger touch the scratches gently. But as soon as I touched them, I pulled back with a wince.

The wall was literally burning. My finger had felt it’s wrath and was now throbbing. Cursing under my breath, I rubbed my now red finger across my shirt. How the hell was the wall burning? It made no sense! Not only that, but how was I going to bring something back to the others if everything here was boiling?! With a growl I walked forward, I’m not sure why the rage was pouring through me. But I could guess that it was generated by the newfounded fear that was coursing through me. This cave was not normal, I could see that now. It was the opposite of normal, this was some strange bizarre freak-of nature place. Yet why was I continuing to walk into it’s depths?

It was getting dark- maybe it was stating the obvious, but it was. I could barely see a foot infront of me, and I wondered how far in I actually was. How long had I been in here now anyways? Five, ten minutes? I still needed to make sure I had been in here for fifteen. Maybe by the time that I turned around and started to head back it would be time up, and I would have won the bet. However I still needed something for me to bring back to them, to show them how I’d gone into the cave’s twisted and bone-chilling depths.

I looked down to the ground, searching for a rock or something. I was cautious when I did see a couple of mid-sized rocked lined up against one of the walls though. Wondering if they were as hot as the wall had been before. Leaning down, I carefully touched one of the rock’s surface. It wasn’t hot like I had been expecting, and with a sigh of relief, I quickly picked it up with a large smirk on my face. But my joy was quickly doused. When the roof of the cave started to shake. Eyes widening I headed with a bolt towards wence I’d came. But it was no luck...

Within a matte of seconds the roof of the cave was falling, it started at the entrance, and like a fire began to spread back. Heart pounding, I skidded to a halt, and turned back around, so that now I was running deeper into the cave. I could hear the rocks falling behind me, and I knew that if I didn’t run as quick as I could, I would be squashed like some kind of baby food.

I didn’t have time to look behind me, I was still holding onto the rock that I had picked up. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t do anything other than run. I would be crushed, crushed! I didn’t want to die! Not now! Not-

My feet where no longer touching solid ground, it took me a second to realize that I was standing on nothing. I didn’t have time to process what had just happened, before I began to fall.

Fall down, and down. Into the darkness....

© Copyright 2020 MusicViolator8000_36. All rights reserved.


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