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We are all connected through the Internet. They we talk and chat through it; we spend and save through it. They also track us through it. Because of it, we all have become slaves to the government. One teenage girl puts her life on the line to set us all free.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The_Internet

Submitted: January 07, 2013

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Submitted: January 07, 2013




The Internet

They say things were different back then. Back then before this thing became our everything. Back then they laughed and said that this all couldn’t have happened. Back then, they thought they were free some would say. But they never saw it coming. They didn’t know they needed saving from what was to come. And now here I am. All hopped on liquid courage, and I’m about to be their savior.

Let me breathe. I know you might think I’m a little bit full of myself. How was I a 14 year old girl supposed to be able to take it all down.

It was going to a journey. It’s hard uncovering the truth. Why are we really here? And why is life like this. Sure people had everything they want. Or at least that was the illusion. Once you came to mid life you were put down. Unless you were rich. Then you were able to live out your days as you wished. Here, for us now once we reach It was hard knowing how to take down the system. It didn’t take but 20 generations to develop, but now it was here. It was all that had been prophesized. And all the codes here in this book.

I was going to be the one to shut it down. Bring all this madness to an end. No more spying, a return to pure freedom. A time when we could walk down the street without being watched and reported on. So many monitors. So little time. I only had seconds before someone would be in be in the room. I didn’t have much time to marvel over my handy work. I had to get these codes into the mainframe and fast.

Slipping the USB out my hand pocket, punched in a few codes to bypass the security features. Once all the screens flickered I was ready to go. I thought, I’d hear foot marches by now, but I guess luck is on my side today. Now for the escape plan.

Luckily I had my camera specs on loaded with a map of the interior Frame building. Suited up in the issue gray jumpsuit, rubber sole flexi combat boots, hair slicked back into the customary pony, I looked the part. Be seen, but not be seen. Don’t draw attention to yourself. Photo Id badge on the left breast pocket, as the manual notates I followed the path of the glasses to the green dot in the upper right hand corner. It would during shift change, so It wouldn’t be odd that I was leaving out at this time.

I walked right into the middle of a bunch of shift changers. All in the same gray jumpsuit. Some talking to others. But most keeping their eyes straight ahead of them. They all knew the cameras would be watching and didn’t want to do anything slightly abnormal. It was easy to blend in within. The heard started forming a single file line where they walked through the final security checkpoint out into the twilight of the morning.

It’s hard keeping the sweat off your brow and not looking like something actually happened. But I was able to do it. Now back to slip out of site before the world finds out that the Internet was shut down.

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