The amazing powers within us a (cross over between Bleach and Naruto)

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - people i forgot to put in the story the powers take action

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



Neji: listen guys we need to talk i have a best friend named Kiba and he is working for Pein and we need to help him get away from that place because he is powerful. Kakashi: Kiba is his name is that what you said? Erin: he did Kakashi. Kakashi: we got to get Kiba out of there than. Sasori: i like to see you try to get Kiba out of the hideout it's heavely guarded there is no way you will be able to free him. Deidara: Sasori our boss believes Kiba is ready to fight the outsiders. Sasori: impossible Kiba isn't ready yet these people are from the Hidden Leaf Village. Gaara: actually i am from Suna Kankuro: actually we both are from Suna. Kiba: *looks at everyone* why are you here Neji with people i don't know? Kakashi: we arn't here to hurt you. Kristen: EVERYONE GET DOWN!!!!! Kakashi: i don't think i have heard you yell Kristen. Kiba: she knows i am about to launch an attack. Toshiro: Kiba i believe your making a bad mistake. Sasori: Toshiro this is why i didn't want you to join you change what Pein demands and we get in trouble if we listen to you and Pein would rather believe you over us and he knows us longer you are just a beginner at being bad what makes you any special we still have to work together you are not the only one that needs speical treatment. Toshiro: Sasori i am the ice master i don't need special treatment but i believe we don't need to be special because in god's eyes we are special in everyway.

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