Finding Love in a Soldier

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Date Night

Submitted: March 26, 2012

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Submitted: March 26, 2012



We took a taxi to the Diamond Palace and once we got out I gasped at the beauty. It was a 4 star reastraunt and looked like a palace literally. Jordan looked at me as I stared at the building in complete admiration and he chuckled, “Are we going to stand here all night or are we going to go in.”

That broke my concentration and I looked at him, “Were going in please,” I said with a giggle. As I brushed back a few brown hairs from my face. We walked in through these glass doors and went up to the registrar.

“Table for two under Millow,” Jordan said to the man and he looked at the legislator and nodded.

“This way,” he said as he grabbed two menus and followed him to a table for two. It was private and in the corner of the restaurant. He handed us our menus and asked our drinks.

“Lemonade for me,” I said as I smiled at the immaculate beauty of the place.

“Make that two please,” Jordan said as the waiter left us to get the drinks.

I looked around and seen beautiful paintings covering the walls and it resembled a palace really. A few knights in armor on the sides and two thrones on the east side of the palace. It was amazing I thought to myself.

Jordan put my hand in his and brought me back to him. “SO you really like this place?”

I nodded in reply, “I feel like a princess or something,” I said with a smile as I looked around us and back to him.

“Well Princess Dixie what would you like to eat?” Jordan said as I forgot that we were here to eat.

Laughing I spoke, “I’m sorry I was just so caught up in the scenery that I forgot we were here to eat.” I said as I grabbed one of the two menus sitting in front of us. I glanced through and just said, “I will order the fillet minion.” I said that as I put the menu back into the middle of the table.

“Okay and I will have the steak,” Jordan said as the waiter came with their drinks and they told them what they wanted and he nodded and left.

“So...since were on a date I want to know more about you Princess Dixie,” he said as he tucked a curl behind my ear.

I laughed, “Jordan I am not a princess. However ever since I was little I was always envy of them like any girl. Always wanted to be a princess and then prince charming comes on his trusty steed to save me,” I shrugged. “I guess every girls fairy tale.”

“Well I don’t know much about all the princess stuff since I was an only child but I would like to be your prince charming,” he said with a smile that spread ear to ear.

I laughed harder and said, “We will see about that later Prince,” she said as if they were in a fairy tale story. “Also I was an only child too. My mom died when I was ten and well my dad is still around and lives across town. How about you?”

“Well my parents died in a car wreck about 2 years ago while I was still on base. It was hard but I guess I always know there with me in spirit.” He said softly only for my ears to hear.

“Awl, I’m sorry Jordan. That must be so hard on you. I mean if something happened to my father I don’t know what I would do with myself. He’s the closest family I have,” I said amazed at how Jordan would get by every day without his parents.

“Yeah well that’s why I spend most my time on base. Even vacations however my closest friends came down and practically pulled me out and made me stay with them for a bit,” Jordan said. “However I’m glad they did,” he said taking both of my hands in his. I smiled and then the waiter came with our food and left.

“Bon appetite,” Jordan said as I laughed.

“So you’re bilingual?” I said still laughing a bit.

“Nah I just learned it off of TV,” he said as I smiled. We ate our meal and talked telling each other things about ourselves. However it felt like I have known Jordan for years. We could just talk and talk and understood each other so much. Then a thought crossed my mind.

“Jordan?” I said catching his attention.

“Yeah Dixie,” he said taking a bite of his steak.

“Well I know you’re in the military and all. When do you have,” I tried to say it but didn’t know how.

“Report back to base?” he said as he finished my question.

“Yea,” I said questionably.

He looked down at his plate, “In a month. I live on base in North Carolina.”

“Wow that’s a little far from Florida here,” I said with a sadness approaching in my voice. We finished our meal and left a tip and paid up front as we walked outside.

“The night is still young,” he said as he dragged me across the street and headed to the west.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“It’s a surprise,” he said as he smiled.

“Really? A surprise…where are we heading,” I asked again and again but he wouldn’t answer. I thought to myself ‘Man this guy is good at keeping secrets’. After about five minutes pasted we stopped and I looked at him.

“Well here we are,” he said as he waved his hand in front of him like he was demonstrating something.

I looked around and said, “Were at a park?” I asked questionably.

“Yep, just like we were kids. Come on Dixie you can’t say you don’t like parks,” Jordan said with puppy eyes.

“Nope I can’t say that. Your right. I haven’t been to a park in years but I love them. Plus nobody is here but you and me,” I said as I looked around us. Jordan started to walk away and I followed him as he headed to the swings. I sat on one and he sat on the one beside it as we both started to swing.

“So if you don’t come to the park or anything what do you do for fun?” he said like he was trying to figure me out by picking me apart.

“Well as you know I work a lot and I go to school at the local college. So I study a lot and well,” I tried to think of what I do for fun but nothing came to mind, “I guess I don’t do anything for fun like this.” I said as I stopped swinging.

“Whelp that’s okay, we can change that,” Jordan said with a smile on his face and a sparkle in his eye.

“You are full of surprises aren’t you,” I looked at him and he nodded with a bright smile.

“Would you like me to push you on the swing?” he said as I thought for a second.

“Yes please,” I said as he came over to behind me and started pushing. He pushed me higher and higher. It was so thrilling that I couldn’t help but laugh the hardest I had in a while.

“I love that sound. When you laugh,” he said slowing the swing down as he put less and less pressure on each push until I stopped and he came behind me and leaned down to give me a kiss. It felt like electricity flowed over my lips and through my body. ‘Oh what this guy does to me’ I thought as I kissed him passionately back. I realized when I opened my eyes that the day had subsided and it was night time as the stars was started to come out. Jared pointed at a star and said, “First star of the night. Make a wish my princess,” he said as I did. I wished that he could stay with me forever.

“Well I guess I better start heading home. You know work in the morning,” I said to him as he understood.

“Yeah I better head over to my friends’ house. I bet they will start to worry about me by now,” he said as I got up and started to head to the road and stood there as we waited for a taxi to stop and then both of us got in. We both gave him our addresses and I just sat back and relaxed on his chest as Jordan kissed my forehead. While holding me tightly with a feeling that he never wanted to let me go.

The taxi stopped first at my house and then I started to get out and he stopped me by grabbing my arm. “Hey Dixie,” he said.

“Yeah Jordan,” I said looking at his face.

“Well my friends are having a welcome home barbeque tomorrow evening for me and there’s nothing I would want more than to see you there. Will you come?” He said with the sweetest voice.

I paused for a second and said, “Sure I would love to. What time is it?”

“It starts at 6pm but I will pick you up at 5:30 in my truck,” Jordan said as I nodded.

“I will be here,” I said kindly jokingly.

He kissed me on the right hand that he was holding and said, “Well I will see you at 5:30 tomorrow,” with a bright smile across his face as he let go of my hand and closed the door and in minutes the taxi was gone.

I walked into the building and to my apartment as I walked in I thought ‘I don’t get it but I miss Jordan so much’ as I seen the dishes left on the table and memories of him floated into my head. ‘I guess I will see him tomorrow’ I said with a sigh as I went to my messed up bed from the night before and just collapsed onto it and in moments I fell asleep with the picture of Jordan on my mind.

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