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Chapter 11 (v.1)

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Chapter Eleven


The first thing I heard when I awoke was someone belting out the lyrics to the ‘YMCA’ song. I love that song just as much as the next person, but it’s kind of annoying to hear when you have a mad, monster-bitch migraine raging through your brain, and you’ve just woken up for God knows how many hours long, and you’re still all groggy with eye boogers dotted around your eyes. So I was a little cranky when I awoke to hear what sounded like a pre-teen girl yelling “Y-M-C-A” over and over again.

“Aw man,” I groaned aloud, even though my eyes were still closed. All the energy was drained from me; I felt like I couldn’t move a muscle.

Suddenly, the music cut off, sending me into complete silence besides the migraine bumping throughout my head. It was quiet for a  few more seconds, and then I heard multiple voices at once whispering, their voices clamoring over reach other so that it sounded like one jumbled mess.

My head lolled to the side, making my entire body droop to the left. I realized once I bent over that I was sitting in a chair – strapped, I might add – with my hands tied behind my back and my ankles tied together, too. It alarmed me, making my eyes flash open. I took in my surroundings, my eyes widened into the size of saucers, as my mind sluggishly processed what was going on.

As far as I could tell, I was sitting in the middle of a living room, facing away from the sounds of the T.V. I was facing a door, and the entire house was covered in light wood panel and too bright orange-y paint across the walls. The whispering voices were behind me, and I was facing what looked like an island counter that led into the kitchen.

“Where am I?” I said, my voice rising a few octaves. I tried moving my neck a little, but it felt like I had whiplash. It hurt like a bitch.

The whispers stopped completely, and felt a few gazes graze over my back. Every hair on the back of my neck stood up and goosebumps creeped upon my arms. I heard footsteps slowly coming up behind me, like they were trying to be sneaky but they were failing miserably.

Unexpectedly, I felt a hand brush through my hair, making me flinch. I jumped and accidentally sent the chair tipping over, and crashed to the floor as my head thumped the floor painfully. I heard collective gasps sound behind me, and I could hear whoever it was freeze behind me.

“Her hair is so pretty,” One of them whispered in awe.

“Shut up!” Another one snapped back.

“Dude, it looks just like—,” The last voice was smothered as I heard a clap; the sound of one of the other people’s hand slapping against her mouth.

I was scared to death, sitting in the chair that was lying on the floor. My eyes were wide open, and my ears were strained as I tried to hear every word they said. There was another few minutes that ticked by in silence, and by each, I started to get more annoyed. It was one thing to just up and kidnap me from the freaking library, but at least do it right and not keep my lying around just waiting for someone to say something.

The first voice that I heard, the one that had said my hair looked pretty – and if we weren’t in this situation, I would have appreciate the comment – started talking again. “Aren’t you going to pick her up? We probably shouldn’t just leave her on the floor like that.” She said. It was just a hunch, but I think the first girl was probably one of the more sensitive ones. People like Drew Hutchinson who was only five foot tall and everyone loved her, especially Dre apparently, and she was everything a guy needs. Not like me, Melita Young, who has too many panic attacks and loves people that she shouldn’t. And oh yeah, who’s apparently a freaking SIREN and no one ever even told me.

I don’t know where that sudden burst of anger really came from me, but once it was there, it wouldn’t go away. Suddenly I was furious at whoever it was kidnapping me and belting “YMCA” at the top of their lungs, and they weren’t even a good singer. Suddenly, I just wanted to lash out and stab whoever it was that kidnapped me, and make sure their relatives paid for what they did to me. I wanted to give them hell.

“Get me off the freaking floor!” I yelled, jerking around crazily in my chair. “Get me off of the floor right now or I’ll be the shit out of you!” I finished, using one of Marshall’s favorite lines.

“Oh no, she’s angry!” The sensitive girl said, sounding worried. “We should probably pick her up.”

“Go ahead,” Said the second voice, the girl who talked in monotone. “It won’t do her any good.”

Finally, I felt a pair of hands on my shoulder and they pulled me back up, chair and all. This time though, they had me turning around to face them, so I could finally see what they looked like. And once I saw them, it occurred to me how out of shape I must be if just one of them could kidnap me.

I expected a least an adult, but no, it was three teenage girls. And what struck me was that they all basically had the same face, but completely different features. They were standing side to side in one line, and the sensitive girl (I could tell it was her) was on the right. She had platinum blonde hair, light blue eyes, and freckles dotted across his nose. She was thin and tall, built like a stick, and her long hair reached about two inches above her hips.

The girl in the middle, the one who had gotten slapped in the mouth for talking, had the same face as the blonde, but she still looked different. Instead, she had bright red hair, stereotypically hazel eyes, and her skin was tinged pink, unlike the blonde who was extremely pale. The ginger’s hair only hung to her shoulders, and she was about the half the height of the sensitive blonde one. She had ear piercings that curved all the way from her lobe up to her cartilage, and they were all filled with studs.

The last one still looked like the other two, but there something about her that made her seem more cold and distant than the others. The blonde and the ginger had stick straight hair, but she had curlier hair, a lot like mine. She had dark brown hair that contrasted with the other two, with ice cold green eyes that seemed to pierce through me. The other two had pale skin, but the dark haired girl had an olive skin tone, almost a light brown. There was a beauty mark right in the middle of her cheek, almost identical to mine. She looked bored just standing there, and when I met her gaze, she didn’t even flinch or look away. She just stood there looking right back at me, and our gazes didn’t break until the ginger started talking.

“See, I told you Melody,” The ginger said, turning the blonde named Melody. “She looks just like Azrael.” Their gazes switched over to Azrael, the monotone girl who was standing to the left away from the other two.

It was eerie as my gaze swept back to her, but I realized with a start that she really did look like me. We both had the long dark hair, the same mole in the middle of our cheeks, around the same height and size, just about everything. The only difference was our eyes; hers a light, piercing pine green while my were a light gray. But lately, instead of light gray, they looked a silvery metallic gray, abnormal.

My anger made me snap back into place, taking my attention off of Azrael. I switched over to the blonde, Melody, with a dark scowl on my face. She instantly paled, making her sickly, and tried to avoid my eyes.

“Now, I’m going to ask this question again,” I said slowly, a growl biting into my voice and growing with each word. “Where in the hell am I?” I yelled, shaking around in the chair a little. It almost sent me toppling over again, I was shaking so bad. Melody let out a little frightened shriek and jumped back along with the ginger while Azrael simply tilted her head to the side and looked at me, her eyes studying me.

She folded her arms over her chest and looked straight at me. “Where do you think you are?”

My nostrils flared with frustration as I resisted the urge to go Hulk on her and pimp slap her right across the face. Soon I will. I reminded myself in my head, making a smile cross over my face.

“I don’t like her anymore,” Melody’s shrill voice turned squeaky, making her sound like a mouse. “We should call Mo—, I mean Aerial to deal with her.”

I swiveled my head slowly to look at her. Scaring her was easy, and to be honest, I really enjoyed it. I rest my gaze on her, and bared my teeth. Her light blue eyes widened open, and she hid behind the Ginger.

“Melanie, I’m scared,” She whispered to the Ginger, who was apparently named Melanie. Huh, that was weird. Melody and Melanie, but the girl that looked like me was named Azrael, and the person who they almost just called their mom was named Aerial. Interesting.

“God, this is way more boring that I thought it would be,” Azrael said as she folded her arms. She sneered at me like it was my fault that she wasn’t having fun like we were at Six Flags or something.

I smashed the image of my fist crushing into her face. (And trust me, it wasn’t easy to do, considering the amount of anger I was dealing with right now.) “Okay, I know for a fact that you aren’t deaf because you can hear these two just fine,” I started off sarcastically, my eyes in a dead lock with Azrael’s. Secretly, as they were all distracted by me talking, I fiddled with the rope knot behind me. “So why aren’t you telling me where am I? Why aren’t you letting me go? Why won’t you let me go?!” I yelled, letting lose of my temper.

Multiple things happened at once after my little temper tantrum.

  1. Melanie let out a little yelp, causing herself to trip backwards over the couch.
  2. Melody literally pissed her pants.
  3. Azrael finally broke eye contact with me, and flew backwards through the air, crashing into the large T.V.
  4. I jumped out of the chair – breaking the knot, finally – and was carried away by the water filling the entire house that came out of nowhere.

And when I saw a wave of water entered the house, it was a physical and literal wave in the house. It filled the room so fast, that it crashed over my head, almost drowning me in the process. What was crazy was that it went past the windows, but it wasn’t escaping from them or the doors. It just kept building up and up, until it hit the ceiling.

Meanwhile, I was busy panicking and freaking the hell out as I drifted lower and lower to the floor. I was flailing around wildly, kicking and waving my arms like crazy, as if that would help. Strangely I didn’t see Melody or any of the other girls down there with me. Not once did I see one of them float by or something. It was just me down there, in the cold pit of water, slowly dying and drowning.

I realized as I saw a stream of bubbles float out of my mouth that I wasn’t drowning. In fact, I was breathing. Underwater. I opened my mouth so that it was agape, and screamed. I could hear it vibrate slowly through the water, hit the wall, and come back towards me. Yet I still didn’t ingest any air, I was still breathing.

There was a sudden angry disturbance in the air above me, the bubbles starting to grow and then pop with a fizzing sound afterwards. The bubbles started to spread all around the water, taking my attention off my panic attack onto them. There was one last, humongous pop, and just like that, the however many gallons of water that filled the house was gone. Evaporated. Disappeared.

I laid there on the floor, my eyes wide with my hair plastered all across my face. My clothes were drenched, sticking to me like crazy, and my heart was pounding. I felt the urge, sat up and leaned over, and spewed up a bunch of liquid mixed with Ramen noodles.

“Oh, that’s disgusting!” I think I heard Melanie said, followed by a retching noise.

I felt even more sick since I new that a few feet away from me, someone else was throwing up, so I had to throw up even more, adding to the reddish-white pile next to me. I heard Melody say, “Melanie, I think I’m going to be sick…” she said before I heard another vomiting sound. It was like a throw-up game back and forth between the three of us, like that time on Family Guy when Peter, Brian, Stewie, and Chris drank peroxide to see who would last the longest.

“Pull yourselves together!” Azrael hissed from somewhere inside the room. “Aerial is here!” She added, and it silenced the other girls immediately.

I, on the other hand, was as confused as hell. “What in the hell does that have to do with anything?” I said, receiving a chorus of three angry “shh’s” at me.

I heard another whoosh of air around me, and the next thing I knew, I saw the woman I had seen underwater that day. The day when I was talking to that mermaid woman, uh, what’s her face, oh yeah, Generic Bad Guy/Octopus Woman. She said something about me claiming a throne or something, about how I was ruler of the sea or something like that.

Whoa, wait a second. Hadn’t the woman in the article believed that she was a mermaid and everything, and that they were going extinct? The mermaid-woman I had talked to - Yoda-Auburn-Haired-Mermaid-Lady – said I needed to rule back over the kingdom because “our race” was in danger. So, somehow, it did all fit together. And I was in the center. What in the hell had I gotten myself into?

“Answer me, girl!” The woman snapped, her eyes suddenly flashing a bright red. She snapped her fingers in front of Melody’s face, causing her to shrink back in fear.

I stared at the woman in shock; the memory from the day slowly starting to refill my brain again. She was definitely the octopus-lady underwater that night, but now she looked completely human, legs and not eight tentacles and all.

“W-we tried to you know, you know, s-subdue her, but h-her scales were too st-strong to break,” Melody stuttered, her hands shaking violently and her lips blubbering ridiculously.

“Scales?” I echoed. “Who here has scales.”

The woman swiveled her gaze to me, staring daggers. I was taken aback because instead of just a regular pupil in iris, she had slitted pupils in the center of her eye, like the kind of eyes that snakes have. It wasn’t just creepy, it was creeeeeepy.

“Ruler Melita,” She greeted, her voice low and slithery. Again, she had the aspects of a snake, another animal that I’m afraid of. Deathly afraid of. “I’m glad that we could meet again.”

I opened my mouth to give her a smart retort, but Azrael beat me to the punch. “Mother,” She said, standing up from her crouching position in front of the T.V. “I’m sorry for not keeping Ruler Melita,” I had to bite back a laugh as she called me “ruler”. “subdued as you ordered us. Please accept my apology.”

Aerial barely glanced at her daughter, which made me realize how grateful I should be for having a mom who actually pays attention to me. “You three are no longer needed. Leave. Now.”

“But Mother!” Melanie said, standing up and facing Aerial. “Can’t we just—,” She was interrupted as Aerial did another flick of her fingers, making Melanie and other two disappear in an instant.

“Melita,” She walked towards me, and I noticed with alarm of her outfit. I mean, I was just wearing my Shady Records t-shirt and jeans, but she was wearing a full length black dress that touched the floor with a slit down the middle of the leg. All she needed was a cigarette and her hand and she would look like she belonged on some sort of out-dated agent movie.

Before I knew it, she had crossed the long distance between us and stroked me under my chin. I tried to jerk away in alarm, but my head was in a headlock, even though her hands weren’t physically on me. Her long, dark purple nails dug into my chin, drawing blood as it slowly dripped down her fingers and arm. She let a shiver roll through her, as if she enjoyed watching my blood on her. She lowered her eyes back down to me, and instead of yellow snake eyes, she had dark purple human ones.

“Goodness, purebred siren blood is the best,” She seemed to whisper to herself, her eyes closed and her head turning away from me.

“Can you get your freaking hands off of me?” I said, getting more ticked off by the minute. This time, I heard some sort of spurting side, and the next thing I knew, Octopus Lady had her hands covering her ears and her eyes screwed shut in pain.

Go. I hear a voice in my head urge me. I didn’t know if it was myself or someone else’s; I didn’t even care. I vaulted out the window, gaining a couple of tiny cuts and bits of glass in my arms, but I was out of there. I booked the hell out of there, not looking back behind me. I didn’t know where I was, or how I was going to get home, I just kept running up the streets, looking for any escape I could find.

I was slowly starting run out of breath after I ran about what seemed like two miles. I knew I wasn’t too far away from home because I saw Bird’s Bay, the bay I had gotten that weird feeling in my stomach when Marshall and I had went to 7 Eleven to see Dre.

I stopped right at the edge of the piece of land that jutted out into the water, so close to the edge that my toes inside my hi-tops were floating off from the land piece. I had a peaceful moment then, my arms stretched from my sides and my feet dangling over the edge. I tilted my head up to the big full moon with my eyes closed, feeling the light breeze blowing over me.

After a few minutes of that, I opened my eyes back up, as if I could see the world in a new light. I looked down in my arms, feeling a strange tightness in my skin, and as I twisted my arm in the moonlight, little reflections of rainbows bounced off my skin, as if I had skin tone-colored scales. My eyes felt different too; as if another layer of retina was laid across the top. I looked into my scales to see a reflection, and realized that instead of gray, my eyes had turned light, metallic gray, and they reflected rainbows just like my scales, too. It was strange, but cool at the same time.

I looked towards the water, seeing my reflection, and realized that I looked like a completely different person. With my scales, my weirdly colored eyes, and my hair shimmering in waves of black and copper tone, I didn’t look like Melita Raphael Young. I looked like Ruler Melita of the Seas, like how Yoda-Auburn-Hair-Mermaid-Lady and Octopus Lady had called me. I looked assertive and strong too, not like the panic attack having teenager that was so in love with Andre Young that it clouded over my entire mind kind of girl that I had originally been.

As the new me, the Ruler Melita of the Seas, I looked down at the water one last time. And without giving it another thought, I let myself drop off the edge, arms still oustretched in a final stance.


I guess love is a thing that people sometimes take for granted. Like the people who get married and get divorced two months later. You know, those people. I’ve never really been a romanticist, never pined after guy after guy when I was a little kid. I was never like that. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t really even believe in love, I just guessed that my mom and dad were together so they could keep their genetics going.

I don’t want to sound all sappy and say that all changed when I met Dre, but in a way, it really did. But I still don’t blame people for not being in love. It’s so much easier not loving someone else, so much less complicated.

Because if I didn’t believe in love, I would have never jumped into this bay to reclaim a throne that I’m sure that now exists, and I can’t tell anyone because that would look at me like I’m crazy. Which I might be, but that’s not the point. If I didn’t believe in love, I wouldn’t have put my entire family in jeopardy. I woulnd’t have resulted in one of my siblings dying in the end, or losing my best friend to a dark reality I hadn’t even known existed in her.

But I don’t blame love. Because I know that if I had never loved Dre, I wouldn’t have ever had one of my greatest experiences with him. I woulnd’t have learned so much about another person that I would have mistaken them as myself. I forgive love. I forgive love for giving me love.


“It’s happening,” The first Muse said, her catlike green eyes suddenly flashing open after her premoniton. She released her hands from her two sisters, unlinking the circle that created together and quieting the low hum the magical energy had created.

“It’s past her time,” The fourth Muse said, sitting in her chair of the West. The four Muses of North, South, East and West. The four most powerfully magical beings in existance since time, the controllers of fate and magic.

“She’s right at the time she needs to be!” The Muse of the East snapped, turning her electric violet eyes to the Muse of the North.

“Stop,” The Muse of the South interrupted, being the leader of peace as always. “It does not matter if it took her longer than we needed to be. What matters it that she is ready now, and we must take action. Melita needs us now.”

“The boy is the key,” The Muse of the South continued, her multi-hued green colored eyes met the multi-hued blues of the west, the multi-hued grays and silvers of the east, and the multi-hued violets and purples of the North. Each met her gaze solemnly, knowing that the words she spoke were true.

“He’s passed on the prophecy,” The Muse of the North contradicted, never able to quite agree with her opposite of her direction sister. “He is not needed know, right, sister of the East?” She turned to the Muse of the East, the prophetess of the four sisters.

A prophetess, the watcher of fate, the watcher of death, and the watcher of life. All four aspects linked together, creating one great bond that cannot be forced apart.

The prophetess closed her silver, metallic gray eyes and tilted her head up. Not to the heavens, for the heavens were not above or below them, but to the side. At equal properties with the realms of the heavens and the realms of all beings’ existence.

After a few moments of silence, the prophetess’s eeys reopened from a glassy stare over to regular life. “He isn’t needed in a way, but Melita still needs him. She will still be broken if he is to die as of now.”

“One person needs to die,” The Muse of the West countered. “Only one person is needed, but it has to be someone close to Melita.”

The North Muse’s eyebrows furrowed together, her head tilting to the side in thought. “Then if not the boy, then who?”

The prophetess’s eyes glassed over again, her mind involuntarily taking over the question. When she did not answer, the others turned to The West Muse. Her light and dark blue eyes were wide and fearful as she uttered the words:

“Not even I know. But more than one person will die. Blood will need to be shed in order for the girl to reatain order after her reclaim of the throne.”



They say the most important memories of your life pass before your eyes right before you die. But it’s not the most important. At least, not for me. Then again, I wasn’t dying. I was taking a step towards the future; being reborn again. Only one person was on my mind as I was being reborn: Dre. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I knew for a fact that he wasn’t the most important piece of my life, or else Brite and Charlie and my family would have been in there, too.

I’m not going to say I knew exactly what I was going to do once I got out of the water, or if I really had a strict plan on what to do. But I did know that I knew that I could find out more about what I did need to do to get towards the future. And since Dre was the only person I had seen in my mind, I at least knew what that meant.

He had all the answers.

And even if he was reluctant, he was going to give them to me.

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