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Chapter Thirteen


The world was viewed differently in my eyes than Melita’s. For the sake of keeping my brain from confusing its own self, I decided to call myself Esperanza. You know, just for the sake of keeping my brain straight, not at all because I like that name. I couldn’t in the first place because I don’t have feelings. None at all.

Back to the subject: my view on the world was completely different from Melita’s. According to her brain files that I had quickly scanned through while making my entrance, young Melita had depression and anxiety problems since the third or fourth grade. The files in her brain weren’t that clear on when they started, who they started around, or even why. It was clear as  I looked through that she had been closing off the space in her mind about the depression problems, and her memories were not very clear about them.

After a young man (described as “extremely hot” in Melita’s mind) named Andre Devante Young – or Dre, as she apparently called him – made her anxiety and depression problems soon clear up. She didn’t realize it was because the boy descended from the species as her, although not as powerful. From the memories that I had scanned of him through her brain, it was obvious to (at least to me) that “Dre” was a wielder of emotions, due to the lacking of emotions from his childhood itself.

During Melita’s depression episodes, she viewed the world as cold, dark, an empty playground for people waiting to be scooped up by the palm of death, never safe for anyone to trust anyone else in their life. On the other hand, when Dre was around Melita, her world wasn’t filled with flowers and sunshine and happiness exactly, but it was a happier place. A place where love bloomed and sprouted over and over, and the dangers and perils that she once feared could disappear in a minute after that one shining, bright ray of love was apparent. That was the contrast between Melita depressed and Melita madly in love. Truthfully, she said she was in love with Dre, but she her mind told her to say it. She wasn’t saying the real thing; that her ‘love’ had been infatuation in the first place, but eventually bloomed into something real and true, instead of a juvenile, puppy love.

The boy’s powers could not heal Melita’s depression all the way though, which made me believe that whatever happened to her that caused the depression in the first place was deeply embedded into her mind. Instead of being completely depressed all of the time, she was only a little more depressed when she was not around Melita, therefore when she wasn’t close enough to him, she developed a continuous habit of panic attacks, which was also a side effect to what the boy was doing to her besides his powers that were supposed to be “helping” her.

Because Melita and the boy Dre had come from the same species, it was only natural that the boy created a chemical reaction inside of the girl. What plagued me with confusion was that they were both somehow compatible with each other, and not at each other’s throats.  Melita’s ancestors were the rulers, and Dre was apart of the opposing family, his family thought they should have the throne and Melita’s ancestors should step down.

So, I guess in the terms of Melita’s life, someone along the line had died so they had not been able to tell her about what she really was; not a human, and because she had been so long from the water, she was having all these physical reactions, i.e, crystallizing water, scale-colored scabs and scars, fatigue, faintness, and hallucinations. These reactions were even furthered once Dre came along because of the chemical reaction he created inside her, and Dre knew from the start that Melita didn’t know anything about who she really was. But Dre did, and he knew why all these things were happening to Melita. It was a vicious chain of reaction, really, a never-ending circle.

Something that also seemed ridiculous was that Melita said she had hydrophobia, but that was a lie. She thought she was afraid of the water and started panicking, but the truth was that the water she was in triggered memories from her ancestors’ lifetimes. So whenever she went into water, those images played through her mind, whenever she was in water. But from the search in Melita’s brain, I could tell that her hydrophobia problems were starting to fade away. It was all because her transformation was finally manifesting herself, and she couldn’t find it. Once someone as powerful as Melita transforms, there’s no going back.

After looking through Melita’s more recent memory files, I replayed the last scene that happened to her before she came to the park. I saw the memory plague Melita’s mind and the embarrassment flush against her cheeks. It wasn’t the embarrassment that made her run out of the room, it was a combination of the Ryan Sopera memory and the fact that she felt as though pining for all those years after Dre were useless, and that everything besides her relationship with him was crashing around him. It was all very dramatic and complete unneeded, really. Of course, I wasn’t supposed to think those things, according to Aerial. I was supposed to do my job, and then get out. No meddling, no interfering, and nothing else.

My footsteps were soundless as I walked across the sidewalk. I could see Melita’s house a few blocks up from where I was standing. Her mother and father were leaning out of the house, looking to see when if Melita would come back. Of course, they would think I was Melita, which would work out perfectly for what Aerial ordered me to do. Of course, everything was perfectly planned out, and it needed to be executed out that way too.

As I made my way up the street, they were able to spot me. The mom became immediately excited, yelling to Melita’s brother and sister inside that Melita was safe.

Oh, they were such idiots, assuming that she was.

“Melita!” The mom exclaimed, immediately pulling me into a tight hug, squeezing me hard enough to lose a little of my breath. It was odd, I never knew why humans hugged each other, but I guess I knew why now.

“Melita,” The father said gruffly, looking stern with his auburn-colored stubble. According to Melita’s memories, he could grow a beard overnight. Apparently that was impressive. “I know you were upset, but you can’t just run off in the middle of the night like a reckless teenager. You have responsibilities.” He was very stern as he said it, but still gave me a light hug afterwards.

“Melita’s back?” I heard Melita’s young sister Mya say, as she came rushing out the front door with Marshall behind her. She looked into my eyes, smiling, but when she finally met my gaze, her smile dropped off her face. She backed away from me, when just a few seconds ago, she had been ready to hug me.

“That’s not Melita,” Mya said, and I realized that she was onto me. According to humans – and history – young children were prone to the paranormal and supernatural. I knew from the second that I met her that she was one of those types; the kind of child that saw ghosts in her bedroom when she was an infant, and everyone thought it was just her imaginary friend. I stared into her eyes, doing a memory search, and it was just as I expected: the ghosts that no one else but Mya could see had plagued her mind, and were the causes of her long-term night terrors that no one else could explain. I made a mental note to be cautious around Mya, since she already sensed that I wasn’t really her cherished older sister.

“Of course that’s Melita, Mya,” The mom said in a no nonsense tone, sending a look to the father. “Why wouldn’t you think this is your sister?”

“That’s not her!” She said, suddenly yelling and looking wildly at her mom. “There’s something off about her or something, because that’s just not her. It’s not the real Melita.” She said, as if it was a final decision before she turned and walked back into the house.

“That little girl is just begging for it,” The mom muttered, her attention taken away from me and focused on Mya.

“Why’d you run off in the first place, Mel? Aren’t you used to us laughing at you by now?” Melita’s brother Marshall said, smirking at me. After looking through Melita’s files, I knew that he had anger management problems and could be stand offish, but was still “loveable”, a term that Melita liked to use when describing her brother, apparently.

“Marshall!” The mom immediately scolded, obvious to the fact that her daughter’s feelings were supposedly badly bruised. “Why would you say something like that your sister? What has she done to you tonight to say such resentful things?”

Marshall looked wounded by his mother’s words, and he cast his eyes down to the floor. “Sorry.” He mumbled shamefully before retreating back into the house.

“Goodness,” The mom muttered under her breath as she put an arm around Melita – or, mine for now – shoulder. “Let’s all just go to bed, alright? We’ll talk about this in the morning.”

We all retreated into the house, the dad already half asleep, the mother widely awake with worry, and Mya keeping a close distance away from me. The girl knew that I wasn’t her sister, but it was good thing that no one else believed her. I would have to use that as an advantage. We had only just entered the living room when Dre came out of the back corridor, looking surprised once we all entered.

“Oh Dre, I almost forgot!” The mother exclaimed, clearly having forgotten that he was visting over. “Were you going to stay over?”

“Uh, no,” Dre said awkwardly, and his eyes flicked towards mine for a second, and I knew instantly that he and Melita were sharing a small secret. I hurriedly checked through her memory files, but I couldn’t find anything. The short time period before her dramatic dinner exit was a little blurry and misconfigured, because her mind kept focusing on the the dinner part of the memory.

“Alright dear, be sure to come back soon,” Melita’s mom said, giving Dre a kiss on the cheek as he left. “Are you sure you don’t need a ride home?”

“No, I’ll be fine!” He called behind his shoulder, giving us a wave. I waved back awkwardly, not knowing if it was normal of me to do so.

For the second time, we retreated back to the house together, the parents and Mya going down one hallway and me descending down the stairs to my basement bedroom. There was a ridiculously fat cat sitting on the stairs, and as soon as it spotted me coming down the stairs, its back hair raised and it hissed at me menacingly. Being not afraid (as I said that phrase, a memory of a skinny guy with dark brown hair and an angry expression on his face flickered through her brain, confusing me for a second) I hissed right back at the cat, and it narrowed its eyes at me. It flicked its tail at me as it retreated back up the stairs and through the small flap in the door.

I went into the bathroom, where a stack of clothes were placed on top of the sink. They were nightclothes, and the long shirt read something called “Interscope Records”, whatever the hell that was. I slipped off the clothes I was wearing and looked into the mirror.

Just like I had suspected, there were blue scabs all over her body, covering the flaking, dry spots all over. Melita didn’t know this, but the reason her skin was flaking in dryness and covered with scars was because of her time spent away from the ocean. Finally, her body was trying to let her know that she had return back to the water soon, or she would cease to exist. That is, if I didn’t get to her first.

I slipped on the Interscope Records shirt, which had a couple of holes at the hem line, and slipped off my right shoulder. I didn’t mind as I gently pulled back the covers and lie in the bed. I lie straight, my hands to my sides and still as a rock. My eyes stared up to the ceiling, unmoving.

Things like me did not require sleep, food, or oxygen. A couple of times already now, I had almost forgot to do the action of taking in air, so that Melita’s family wouldn’t notice. This was the time I needed to talk to Aerial though, so she could tell me what she wanted me to do. Closing my eyes, I let myself get summoned by Aerial, into the dark kingdom that Aerial ruled over.


I gasped for air as my eyes flicked open, my throat burning as if I hadn’t had oxygen in ages. My heart was racing as I awoke, thumping against my chest as it begged for more oxygen in my body. I was confused as soon as I awoke though, because I didn’t feel any of the scratchy woodchips underneath me. And since I was supposed to be staring at the roof of the jungle gym, I was even more confused as I saw that I could see a very celestial sky above me. There where white, puffy clouds, and they seemed normal enough besides the fact that they were covered in blue and purple streaks, and so was the midnight black sky that was also dotted with bright white-looking stars. It was like I was looking at an alien sky, and I knew as soon as I thought that, I wasn’t on earth anymore.

“Gah,” I sighed, realizing that once again, I had awoken in an unfamiliar place with almost no idea of how I got there.

What was the last thing I had been doing? Oh yeah, embarrassing the hell out of myself at dinner when Dre was there. Okay, I knew the background of what I had been doing, but I didn’t know how I got from the playground to whatever place this was.

“God, you’re hot,” I heard an unfamiliar voice say.

My neck snapped up, and I turned to look, even though the fast movement had given me a very painful whiplash. This random guy was suddenly right beside me, crouching next to me with his wide eyes staring right down at me.

At a first glance, he would have looked like some sort of wannabe teenage rebel because of his platinum blond hair, which looked a little wet, and hung over half of his forehead. He had freckles under his ears, which I found kinda odd because otherwise, he didn’t have any on his face, just his ears. His right eyebrow was pierced, with a little silver hoop, and his ears were pierced with the same size of earrings. He had on an over-sized black hoody, black jeans, and completely black tennis shoes. He would have looked kinda rebel, but it was his eyes that took away the whole complex.

They were a very light blue, not a piercing kind of blue, but a comforting kind. His eyes were wide and big, so I jumped a little when I noticed them. His eyes, as opposed to the rest of his body, seemed so child-like and full of wonder. They were so childish and innocent that it made me forget that I didn’t know where I was and what he might do to me. But, it was only for a second.

“Who are you?” I asked, staring right back at him. His eyes were even wider now, and he looked frightened. “Answer my question.” I said when he didn’t answer me the first time, and he flinched a little.

He wrung his hands together nervously, his eyes transfixed onto mine. “Uh…hi. Look, I know you don’t know me and/or why you’re here but…”

Without another word, I stood up, and found that he was incredibly tall, a few inches taller than Dre even. I narrowed my eyes at him, ignoring his height. “Listen, Mr. Stutters, either you start talking right now, or I swear that I’m going to deck you.” I said. I knew that I was being kind of mean and overly belligerent – in fact, a lot like Marshall, really – but it had been a very, long night. Everything was just falling apart and I really didn’t like that.

His lips twitched a little, like he was trying not to smile, but he still looked nervous. “Um, o-okay. I’ll start over. My name is, it is Ivan.”

“Ivan?” I repeated the name. I held out my name. “Well hi there Ivan, and not Mr. Stutters. I’m Melita, but you can call me Mel.”

He stared down at my hand like I had just said that I contracted some hand disease from touching other people’s hands. Ergo, he just stared at it instead of giving me a handshake. Ivan noticed that I noticed his awkward staring, and he gave me a sheepish smile.

“I’m sorry, but I’m just in shock! I can’t believe I’m meeting Ruler Melita!” He let out a girly shriek at the end, then looked embarrassed by the weird look I gave him.

“Ruler Melita?” I echoed. Oh yeah, supposedly I’m a ruler of all seas and oceans! Silly me, how could I forget? After all, I am supposedly a siren, aka an evil mermaid, and NO ONE EVER TOLD ME BEFORE.

Ivan looked blankly at me, as if I was the one who should be saying something or know what even going on. He tilted his head to the side, and stared right into my eyes. It freaked me out a little bit, and I started to shrink back, but he kept staring. His irises started to do this weird, freaky thing, where they turned from the original ice blue he had to a blinding white, which really freaked me the hell out. Like in those movies where someone’s possessed and then their pupils take over their entire eye. That kind of creepy.

“Ohh, you don’t know yet. Silly me!” Ivan said, laughing a little bit. “I swear, sometimes it’s hard doing what I do.”

“What exactly do you do?” I asked, getting a little worried, now. I was in an unfamiliar place with an unfamiliar person, yet he was acting all friendy-friendy with me. It was the slightest bit unsettling. I didn’t know who he was or what he could do. Hell, he could be my stalker and that’s how he knew my name; maybe he didn’t know about the whole weirdo-siren thingy.

He looked back at me, since he had started walking away. “What do you mean ‘what do I do’? You know this, I’m the angel of death.”

I stared back at him wide-eyed. “Say what now?” Yes, it wasn’t my most intelligent response, but I was sure that I was hearing things.

“Well, not exactly the ‘angel’, per-se,” He explained, looking at me as if I had a clue of what was going on. “I can see everyone’s death and some parts of their future. Except for mine, of course.”

I raised my eyebrow at him. “Why do you say these things as if I already know them? I’ve never met you in my life before, Ivan! Why do you think I asked for you name?”

He shrugged back at me lazily. “Ruler Melita, what are you talking about? Of course you—,”

“And again with the ‘ruler’ thing! People don’t understand that I’ve never heard of this stuff before! I’ve never heard of a siren, or a mermaid, or a f-ing nymph or whatever that is, and even if I was a siren – which I’m not – then how do I have hydrophobia, huh? And why isn’t anyone telling me this until now? And why—,”

I was cut off as I doubled over to the ground in pain. I let out another ‘oof’ sound as I felt like someone had just death-punched me in the stomach. I was hit again, this time in the back, and I heard a little bit of a crack from my spine. Another round of pummeling went against my back, making me cough up a little blood.

“Ruler Melita!” Ivan cried out. He began running to me, but just as he was about to reach me, he ran into a supposedly invisible wall surrounding me, I guess because his face smacked against it and he bounced right off, sending him to crash into the ground.

I was hit again, and some of the blood began to run out of my ears. Oh, gross. I could help but complain in my head. Sure, I was getting punched to death, but the sigh of blood spewing out of my ears sent me over the edge.

There was a sudden commotion to the side of me, a disturbance in the air and a wind was suddenly apparent around me. In a few seconds, suddenly, there was a woman standing next to me, looking down at me with a twisted smile spread across her face. It took me a minute, but then I soon recognized her: Generic-Bad Guy-Octopus-Lady/Aerial to the girls Melanie, Melody, and Azrael.

“Melita,” She said, like she was glad to see me, but her expression read, “you’re a bitch and I can’t wait until I kill you”. Or, you know, something along those lines.

“What do you want?” I said, but my voice was hoarse from the coughing and I didn’t sound very comprehensible.

“You, of course,” She said. And then, to my utter surprise, she flicked out her tongue, and it was forked. Like a snake’s. Her eye’s did the weird thing again too, where they just had slitted pupils like a snake’s. It scared the shit out of me, and I instantly shrunk back as she did so. I hated myself for looking so weak like that, but I couldn’t help it.

A shiver ran through her body, and she smiled. She reverted back to looking like an evil, normal person and her weird looking eyes and tongue were back to normal. “Well, excuse my inner monster. Sometimes he just arrives unexpectedly.” She apologized, with that sick smile still spread across her face.

“So, you’re a pedo?” I said, referring to the comment about her ‘wanting’ me. “That’s disgusting.”

Her eyes turned dark as the smile was wiped off her face. In one fluid movement, she swept down and picked me up by the collar of my shirt. Her dark purple nails cut into my neck, drawing a little bit of blood in the process.

“Don’t fuck with me, Melita,” She hissed in my face. “You may think this is just a game, but it’s not. It’s time for you to take some of your own responsibilities and stop acting like a child.”

I didn’t say anything, actually I couldn’t, since my shirt was pulled close to my neck and was cutting off my circulation. I could feel my face turning red with each breath. I let out a groan as I tried to breathe.

“I would kill you right now, but you’ve got those pathetic Muses wrapped around your little finger,” She said, disgusted.

Muses? My mind flashed back to the time in Myths and Legends when we were reading The Odyssey by Homer, an epic poem. Basically, it was about a hero named Odysseus trying to get back home after the Trojan War, and then he ran into a lot of stuff and took him like seven years to get back home. It was long and kinda boring, but that wasn’t the part I was thinking about.

At the beginning of stories when people were telling them to others, there was usually an invocation to the Muses. The Muses were women of the arts in a sense, so they were the wisest of poetry, music, and everything else. So, was she talking about them or what?

Aerial rolled her eyes at me. “I’m disgusted by your sluggish, somewhat human mind that takes hour to work properly, even with the simplest of tasks,” She sneered, and then dropped back to the ground so that I thudded against it painfully.

I thought she was done being a bitch to me, but then she turned me over so that I was lying on my stomach against the ground and stomped on my back, her dark purple (same as her nails) stilettos crunched into my back.

“Give me the throne,” She hissed in my ear as she leaned down.

I gritted my teeth, involuntarily tears sprinkling a bit out of my eyes. They were real tears, they were just the kind of tears that come out when you get hit in the nose or something.

She wrapped her hand in my hair and pulled, lifting my head off the ground a little so that I let out a groan of pain. “NOW.” She demanded, sounding menacing.

I didn’t know exactly how I was a ruler, if I even had a throne, or anything else, but I was sure as I said just as menacingly with a smirk on my face, “Never.” I turned my head to the side just enough to land a glob of blood and spit right smack dab in the middle of her face, on her nose.

Aerial narrowed her eyes at me and used her free hand to wipe it off angrily. “You’ll be sorry,” She said, and I believed every word of it. She lifted me back up, lengthening her fingernails even longer so that they cut deep wounds into my forearms. It was hard not to cry out in pain, but I didn’t.

“I wish I had a more elaborate plan to kill you, but this will have to do,” She said, a sick grin on her face again. She lifted me even higher than before, a little ways above her head. My eyes widened in horror as she drew back her hand, in which she held a small blue ball of light that crackled and grew as it lie in her hand.

She took her hand back to hurl it back at me, and I turned my head to the side so that I wouldn’t see half of my face smushed to smithereens. Just as she was about to launch the ball at my face, I heard a crackling sound and watched as what looked like a lightning bolt strike her in the middle of the back, sending her to crash forward and drop me in the process.

As soon as she was down, I took my chance. I scrambled up to my feet – clumsily of course, in my own style – and looked to see who (or what) had sent that lightning bolt into Aerial’s back.

“Melita! Er, I mean, Ruler Melita!” Ivan called from the outside perimeter of the invisible barrier. “I can continue to break the barrier, but I need you to keep Aerial preoccupied!” He shouted.

I gave him a small thumbs-up and then turned back my attention to Aerial. She was just about to get up from her crumpled position on the floor, but hell no, I wasn’t going to let my chance slip. I raised my leg and then stomped on her back, sending her crashing back down to the floor. I got in three more stomps, all the while as Ivan sent multiple lightning bolts into the barrier. I could hear it start to deteriorate as it made whining, cracking noises, but Aerial caught me off balance.

She reached out like a snake, slithering – gah, how ironic – and grabbed me by the ankle so that I was thrown off. My chin smacked against the floor, sending a surge of pain throughout my mouth and a little bit of blood spritz across the floor. She started dragging me towards her, all the mean while Ivan let out even more rapid lightning bolts.

“Get off me!” I protested angrily, trying to shake her off. I reached around to punch her, but then a tentacle of all things grew out of her side and wrapped around my wrist so that I was completely immobile.

“I bet your soul is the best of all,” She whispered in my face after she dragged me next to her. She opened her mouth wide, wider than I had ever seen a person do. To my horror, long, whispy-looking fangs grew from the top and bottom of her mouth. She looked like a monster as her mouth grew to a ratio so that it was bigger than the rest of her face.

“Oh, shit!” I cursed, shrinking back in fear as she leaned her huge-ass mouth in my face. I wish I had a bat, a pan, or something just so I could hit her in the back of the head so I could subdue her.

She leaned down and her bottom teeth latched into my neck, and soon as they did, a searing, burning pain was sent throughout my entire neck. I tried to control myself and not let my pain show, but I let screeches of pain, yells louder than I’d ever done. I had enough pride not to beg and plead for my life, which I wanted to do more than anything.

She kept making her fangs go even deeper into my skin, until the point where I started losing blood and the length of the weren’t even fully inserted inside my neck. My eyelids started to droop slowly, to the point where I could only see through slits as they kept on closing. I tried to fight it, even grasping free of my hand so that I could pry it open, but I was slowly losing the fight. The world above began to waver and shake; it was like a hallucination inside a dream.

There was a loud, defeaning crack and it drew Aerial’s attention away. She jerked her head away – not realizing that her fangs were still inside my neck – and yanked them out, launching me out of my dazed state and made me cry aloud, gasping. There was a loud ripping sound as she pulled out, and looked down diagonally to see that my neck’s skin was ceasing to stay mended together. I gasped once again, taking in as much air as I could greedily.

There was one last shattering sound, and clear shards of glass (hmm, I guess it wasn’t exactly invisible; who woulda thunk?) collapsed to the ground. Ivan sent me a panicked look, and my dumbass realized that Aerial was still lying there next to me. I whipped around to find her trying to crawl back to me with an agonized look on her face, an emotion that read bloodlust.

I don’t know how it happened, but the next thing I knew, I imagined in my head that I had a steel foldable chair in my hands like the wrestlers use on WWE, and I was swinging my hands back before realizing that after imagining the chair, it was in my hands, and I smacked it against Aerial’s head so that she rolled after her neck made a sickening thud.

I was shocked that what I had imagined in my head had actually COME TO LIFE, which was just beyond my imagination, but I knew that I didn’t have time to marvel about it now. I looked down at the ground, and using the same technique as I had done before, I dragged my nails against the floor in a wide circle, scratching deep. After I was done, I got to my feet and backed away, knowing if what I did had worked, it would be pretty big.

I watched in awe and excitement as a large, black hole opened right in the middle of the floor. But it wasn’t just a hole; it was a vortex, the same vortex that I had fallen in that delusional day when I thought Dre had died. I did realize now that whole day was a delusion, but I knew it wasn’t brought upon me by my mind. No, it was done by someone else. It may have been Aerial, but she hadn’t done anything psychological to me. She was more of a dream person; I could tell since when I had first met her in my dream and appeared as her octopus-self.

Hurriedly so that she wouldn’t wake back up, I quickly sidled up next to her and rolled her over so that she collapsed into the vortex. I watched inside, and I saw that she kept falling and falling deeper, until the point where she was just a small speck inside. I was pretty tired by then, but I knew I couldn’t just leave the vortex open or else those Vex things would come and get me again.

I did a gesture in the air as if there were handles on the sides, and slowly pulled them together and the vortex closed as I did so. I rubbed my hands together as a sign of fatigue, and then walked back over to Ivan, slowly.

He was wide-eyed and didn’t say anything for once as I walked over to him. Silently, I collapsed into him with my arms tight around his neck. I smushed my nose into his chest, not caring that I had just met him approximately 30 minutes. Oh wow, he smelled good too. N-not that I noticed, it was just ‘cause I was pressed so close to him. Ugh, jeez, I can’t even win an argument against myself.

“Thank you,” I whispered quietly, and I could feel him smile in my hair. He was hesitant as he wrapped his arms around my waist a little, but then he leaned into me anyway.

After a few seconds, we pulled back from each other and smiled. His eyes were back to their childlike wonder as he said, “Dude, that. Was. So. Freaking. Cool.”

I couldn’t help but smile back at him sheepishly and a little embarrassed. “Really? Thanks.” I smiled again.

He smiled back at me, and then the next thing was a blur. One minute, I was standing a few inches away from Ivan, and the next moment, I was wrapped in his arms and he was kissing me.

Not that he wasn’t just kissing me, I was kissing him right back. It was like we were desperate, as if we were sure that this was the last kiss we were going to get in, even though it was our first.

I wasn’t able to control myself as Ivan backed me up against the wall, my leg lifting up the slightest against Ivan’s waist. His hand was tangled in my hair and I had my fist clasped against he back of his neck. I don’t know where that amount of passion come from all of a sudden, but it was definitely there. I could feel Ivan’s hand run up my leg and in another motion, he hitched it back up against his waist so that we our pelvises were like, really close.

I didn’t really realize what I was doing or how fast I was going, it just happened. And I was enjoying it way too much. I just couldn’t get enough with Ivan, as I clung to him and he clung to me; our bodies writhing together up against the wall.

Oh god, I’m a total hoe. I said in my mind. But I didn’t even care as Ivan and I started to strip off our clothes.

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