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Chapter 14 (v.1)

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Chapter Fourteen


I guess if I had a bucket list, I would be able to cross off the part where I put “made out with another guy other than Dre, exposing my true reality as a total hoe after winning a battle with one of my biggest enemies”. Because that’s what I was doing: making out with a complete stranger whom I had just met about half an hour ago. Not only was the person I was making out with not Dre, but it was also a guy that was totally not my type. I mean, really, a rebel wannabe looking guy? No thank you.

But everything felt so right, everything felt so perfectly fine to be with Ivan. From the whole part of him wrapping his fingers in my hair, or the way I clung on to his back, they just all felt so natural. And so I guess it was natural to be hoe-ish for me. With all the problems I have, I would have never thought being a hoe would be one of my own. Seriously, I say things can’t get any more weirder, and they just do.

After being pushed up against the wall, we ended up rolling to the floor, where more embarrassing things had happened. X-rated things. Lots of somewhat X-rated things besides the actually, er, sex part. Oh, even saying that word in my head felt weird.

I was also ashamed to that it wasn’t me who eventually stopped anything else from happening. No, it was Ivan. He was the one who lifted the both of us back in a sitting position so that I was sitting in his lap and he was forcefully pulling his lips away, his bottom which was clamped softly between my teeth. Normally, I guess I wasn’t a biter – actually, how was I supposed to know if I’m biter if I’ve only kissed one person a couple of times – and was embarrassed as we sat there awkwardly, myself in Ivan’s lap, scared of what had just happened.

We gave each other one last scared look and then I jumped off his lap, yanking his hand out of from under my shirt and pulling my hand from him vice versa. I pulled down my shirt and pulled up the collar, feeling embarrassed the entire time.

“Oh my god, Ruler—,” Ivan started, but I gave him a death stare. “I mean, regular Melita, I’m so sorry. I really didn’t mean for that to happen. I mean, that was a split –second decision. Seriously. Hell, I don’t think it was even a decision. It just happened.” He rambled on, like he had forgotten that I was even in the room anymore.

“Uh, can we just forget about that now?” I cut in, avoiding his eyes the whole time. “I would really just like to forget about and go back home.”

Ivan gave me a reassuring smile, and I looked down to the floor so that I wouldn’t blush. Seriously, what was it about this guy that made me go nuts? One minute I’m literally fighting for my life, and the next, I’m trying to jump his bones. That wasn’t like me, not at all.

“But still. Even I didn’t see that coming, and I see all of the future,” Ivan said, even though I had just asked him to stop talking. “You know, Angel of Death is a pretty important title. You don’t just hear that term every day, unless you’re the Angel of Death of course—,”

“Oh my god, SHUT UP.” I yelled, letting out all of my anger. As I yelled, there was a disturbance in the air, as if my voice had enough force to actually disturb the particles in the air.

Ivan looked at me, his mouth in a half smirk, but his eyes were cloudy, like I had actually hurt his feelings. “Sorry. I get that I talk a lot, my brother used to say that all the time…” He trailed off and then broke his gaze away from me.

I could tell the way how Ivan’s voice did a little dip on the word “brother” that something pretty bad happened to him. Trying to be empathetic, I put my hand on his shoulder and gave him a reassuring smile. “Sorry for snapping at you. You know how girls are, always PMS-y and stuff,” I joked.

His eyes turned light and cheerful again as he smiled at me. “No problem. I understand how hard it must be to just get thrown into a world you never even knew existed,” He sympathized. “And sorry for dry-humping you back there.”

I immediately blushed and had to look at the floor so that I wouldn’t look into his eyes. “Uh, thanks. But it wasn’t your entire fault, you know. I’m just…a little crazy these days.” I admitted.

“Oh don’t worry, it’s just an affect from the water,” Ivan said, like I had a clue about what he was talking about. When I didn’t say anything, he started to explain.

“Listen, you’re a being from the water acting as a human who is not. You can’t spend too long form the water, you know. I’m surprised you lasted as long as you did. 16 years probably broke a record.” He said.

“Wait, what?” I said, completely confused. “I, I’m not a human?”

“Pssh,” Ivan said as he waved his hand in a dismissive gesture. “Only like 35% of the entire Earth consists of humans.”

I stood there, in that celestial looking space station, not really listening to Ivan’s worthless babbling. Only like 35% of Earth consists of humans… Ivan’s words echoed over and over in my ears, as if they were bouncing off the walls so that I heard them repeatedly. 35%...I’m not a part of that 35%...I’m not human. What am I? …A siren? Does…does that mean that I’m not really a part of my family? Was it all a lie?

“Well, not exactly,” Ivan said, his words interrupting my train of thought.

“What?” I snapped back, my eyes wide with wonder. “What are you talking about?”

“Oh, well, I can read minds, too,” He said, blushing a little across his cheeks. It was really noticeable too, since he was so pale with his fair skin and eyes.

His eyes, which were so blue, they reminded me of an endless pool that I could just swim in or look at all day. If only I could stay with Ivan all day long and he let me hold him in his arms, if we could be together without Dre being in the way. It’s not like he ever accepted me anyway, Ivan was the one who was truly for me…

Whoa, what was that?! I started to question myself. That didn’t even sound like me, not at all. Of course I wanted to be with Dre, I just met Ivan and he talks on and on like a girl! What was I thinking? I seriously need to keep myself in check.

“Technically, you’re only a half part of your family,” Ivan said, reminding me to pay attention to him. “So in reality, you’re only half-part of them.”

What he said really frazzled my brain; how could you be only a half part of a family. Unless…

I raced over to Ivan and grabbed at the front of his hoodie hysterically, staring into his eyes. “Please tell me that my dad is my actual dad. Please don’t tell me he isn’t.” I pleaded him.

Ivan looked down at me worriedly, his teeth scraping against his lip as he stared at me. “Well, he’s only a third part of you.”

“A third?” I echoed. “What does that mean, exactly? I mean, everyone keeps dropping these bombs on me and I don’t know what they mean by them. Can you please explain to me what this all means?” And then I did something that totally wasn’t my own action: I kissed him. On the lips. Fully. Without even thinking about it.

He seemed taken aback at first, but then I felt his arms embrace around me to pull me closer. It was a wonderful experience, kissing Ivan, but I soon realized that gravity of what I’d done afterwards.

We pulled back from each other, my lips somewhat painfully pulled from between Ivan’s lips. His hand was still in the small of my back, while my hands were wrapped on the back of his neck. It was an awkward position after the whole kiss was done, because it was like I had no recollection of thinking, “Hey, I should totally kiss this guy Ivan – even though I just met him – and even though I’m totally in love with another guy” that never ran through my mind. It was like another part of my brain just ordered me to kiss him, and then it happened with my other half’s approval. My brain was a madman, it was going around kissing everyone for free!

Ivan finally unwrapped me from his arms, even though I hadn’t been complaining a few seconds ago, and we stepped away from each awkwardly, both of our cheeks red with embarrassment.

“That was a very convincing, uh, gesture you just did there,” He said, smiling a little.

I covered my eyes with my hand, not wanting to see his grinning face. “Ugh, please don’t remind me. I don’t know what’s up with me lately.”

I felt a reassuring pat on my back and looked up to see Ivan doing so. His smile was so convincing, so comforting and supportive that it made me really think that maybe with Ivan’s help, everything could get better. And that’s what scared the most: that half of me was falling for a guy that I had just met and the other half was madly in love with another guy. But it just so happened that my opposite halves were constantly switching and competing with each other.

Ivan smiled again. “You’re a weird one, definitely Melita,” He said, finally not using the ruler title beforehand. “But I feel kinda bad for you, so I guess I’ll tell you the whole story.”

“Oh thank you!” I said, and suddenly found my body drawing closer to Ivan to kiss him. Just at the last second, as our lips were about to touch, I forcefully dragged myself away, shocked as I did so.

“Uh, how about you tell the story from over there?” I suggested, pointing a few feet away from me.

Ivan raised his eyebrow at me, but he didn’t protest as he walked over to the translucent wall furthest away from me. As he did so, I couldn’t help but marvel at the setting around me. It was like we were in some serious space station, where the walls and floor were made of complete glass, but if we were in outer space, it wasn’t the familiar solar system that us humans…uh, at least the humans I guess I knew (since I wasn’t one) because there were purple and pink auroras and clouds everywhere, and the sky was this weird, dark blue and purplish color. A sort of futuristic-looking solar system.

“So, I guess I’ll start from the beginning,” Ivan said, corralling my attention back to him. “Back when the majority of Earth was populated of supernatural creatures…”


“There four different types of creatures, followed by the elements of water, earth, air, and rulers of all three. Mermaids and sirens obviously belonged to water, werewolves belonged to earth, sprites belong to the air—,”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” I said, interrupting Ivan. “Sprites? You mean like, those fairy things? Those are real?”

Ivan looked annoyed that I interrupted him, but he explained, “Sprites aren’t exactly what the humans have taught you. Sprites look exactly like humans once they put on their medicatus, or glamour in English, but they’re cunning, love pranking humans, and are completely evil.”

“Wow. I’m clueless,” I prattled on, sort of amazed by the real definition of a sprite. “Alright, continue please!” I smiled politely at him, and a warmth in my heart increased as he smiled back.

“What was I saying? Oh yeah, mermaids and sprites equal water, werewolves equal earth, sprites equal air, and there are those who obtain more than the four elements. There are ones who have a special bond to the Muses, and don’t belong to exactly one element…”

The creatures didn’t exactly live in harmony, they mostly ignored each other and kept to themselves. Each race elected a ruler; a king or queen, and it was when a siren was born, Arianna River. Her mother and father were rulers, the royal family, and they were the first siren family to rule. This upset the mermaid side of the race, because they were used to be the ones to rule. None of the other elements had more than one race, and when the sirens took the power, it tipped the scale and the mermaids raged against the sirens in war.

There had never been such a riff between two races, and because it was unprecedented in the idea of two races in the same element, the other elements didn’t know whether or not to join sides. Before long, the mermaids sided with the sprites and the sirens sided with the werewolves. It wasn’t long before the elements began to make with each other; spurring off sprites with the ability to transform into werewolves at night and howling beautiful, haunting songs at dawn. Yet, the war still raged on, that was, until Arianna took a stand.

While the war was going on, Arianna was at home, protected by the royal guards. She was not allowed to be seen publically; one of the mermaids might assassinate her in a way to weaken the royal family. It was because Arianna was locked away from everyone, that no one noticed that she was different from the siren race, that she had different powers and abilities that only the mark of a Muse could leave.

She was friendly with the werewolves, howling with them at night and still doing her duties as a siren by singing the mournful songs the sung at dawn. She was mischievous and cunning like the sprites, and loved doing the artful things that mermaids did. She had every element within her, and no one was there to notice.

It was the day that Arianna was able to escape from her prison and visit the outside world, using her sprite medicatus, when she met a new race on land. They didn’t seem to have special powers, but Arianna found them quite charming. She met a man, a human man (not a transforming werewolf or sprite) named Channing, and they accidentally fell in love. True, they were only teenagers, and it was tedious and stereotypical that they would fall in love so quickly, but Arianna knew that the bond between her and Channing was different than what everyone else thought.

It didn’t matter if she was a siren/werewolf/sprite/mermaid-like person and that Channing was a human, their love was stronger than what all the other races thought. And it was together that Arianna and Channing, using the power of their relationship, planned to end the war between the elements. They planned to make a meeting along a the beach, where everyone would be able to arrive, and reveal their relationship, showing that the elements didn’t need to fight against each other, that they could live together as they had done before.

On the day the Arianna and Channing planned to intervene, a werewolf spotted the two on a shore that they had met. Immediately, since the other races besides Arianna had never seen a human before, the werewolf suspected that Channing was a sprite trying to hurt Arianna, and sprang into action.  Arianna tried to protect Channing, but the blow of the werewolf killed them both. It wasn’t long before the others came to the scene, hearing about the news of Arianna’s mysterious death, and the Muses made a very rare announcement.

The Muses said that Arianna’s death was not planned, but even the Muses themselves – even though they were the creators of life – could not bring someone back to life without serious consequences. It was then that the Muses decided to pass the genetics that Arianna and Channing would have made in a life into a baby. The baby was part human, sprite, mermaid, werewolf, and siren. The baby was named Aerial, and was expected to rule over all the elements respectively, and the races would go back to being the way they were before.

Aerial turned out to be nothing at all like her mother or father. She had the same qualities and genetics as her parents, but she was completely evil. When she became a teenager, she killed her grandparents and every royal guard in the land. She ruled over all the elements in a very forceful way, taking them as her prisoners, making the world they lived in a very dark place.

Because Aerial wanted to rule over the entire world, she began mating with human men and sailors. When the men returned home to their lives and mated with their wives, the women would automatically become pregnant and bare a hybrid child just as Aerial was. There were many more hybrid child around the world, but none of them were completely like Aerial. They never had every element went inside of them, or somehow they became completely mermaid or siren, and would return to the water, where Aerial would eventually imprison them.

The fact that Aerial couldn’t manufacture other minions with the same powers of herself angered her. Day after day, she would punish the hybrids that returned to the water by torturing them, and that was how she let out her anger. It finally took her to the point that she decided to do the unthinkable: she was going to resurrect her mother Arianna with a hex.

From her fellow werewolf-siren hybrids, she was able to learn an old hex that could temporarily bring back someone from the dead, if the hex was done by a werewolf and was executed correctly. With the necessity of ruling the world plaguing her mind, Aerial ordered all of the kingdom to stay where they were, and her guards made sure that no one left and followed Aerial.

Once she visited the gravesite of her mother, Aerial used the instructions from the werewolf-siren hybrids to bring her back to life. It was the last step the momento excitationisthat (moment of awakening in English) she messed up, because she did not say the words correctly. All hell was unleashed. Arianna’s spirit arose, and she was furious that someone had awakened her. She slayed Aerial, freed the kingdom from her rule, and then collapsed after the guards took her down with hexed-weapons. Everyone was extremely happy that Aerial was no longer alive, and the elements moved their separate ways.

They never associated with each other again, and did not create hybrid children. They were at peace with each other for exactly 200 years. That was, until Aerial was resurrected by an unknown force. She slayed all of the races, every single element until there was only her left. She traveled to land and mated with a human man, and had three children: Melanie, Melody, and Azrael.

Melody was air: a siren-sprite hybrid, Melanie was earth: a werewolf-siren hybrid, and Azrael was a hybrid of all four elements: siren, mermaid, sprite, and werewolf. Finally, Aerial had her hybrid child. On the night that all three of her children were born, Azrael was the last to be born. An evil light cast a glow in Aerial’s eyes, for she recognized soon that Azrael was the four-part hybrid that she had longed for.

As Aerial went to pick up Azrael, she was shocked as the newborn floated to the skies. Fearing that she would lose her child that she had wanted for so long, she activated the sprite part of herself and flew to the skies to find her. She was shocked as a beaming white light poured from Azrael, and literally split in two.

Aerial watched in shock as Azrael split into two people. She had an identical twin, who looked exactly like her, and it delighted Aerial to the core. She went to grab both of her babies, but was shocked as another blinding light poured out of the second newborn, sending Aerial and Azrael flying back to the ground. She was blinded, and when she awoke, the identical newborn was gone.

“That newborn…” Ivan trailed off, looking at me with a blank stare in his child-like eyes.

I knew what he was going to say, but I couldn’t believe it. “That newborn…was me. I’m Aerial’s daughter.” I said slowly, the realization dawning on me.

Ivan nodded solemnly, as if he understood. He walked over and embraced me in a hug, pushing my face into his chest as I silently cried. My whole body was shaking; I was in denial. I couldn’t be Aerial’s daughter. That…that woman couldn’t be my mother. No, I already had a mom. That raised me; she was the only mother I had ever known, I was the teenage version of her. I already had a mom and dad…I looked exactly liked them. I-I had a brother and sister…

“It’s okay,” Ivan reassured me, patting my head as my shoulders shook even harder. “In a way, Aerial’s only…a third of your parents.”

“A t-third?” I stuttered, pulling away so I could look at him. “Wait, you’ve said that before. How is she a third of my real parents?”

“Because,” He said, his face grim. “You didn’t just disappear out of nowhere, Melita. The Muses directed you to be born into another family; a real family. In a way, the Muses sent you to your mother, your other mother that you’ve known, and that’s how you were born. So, technically, you have two mothers and one father.”

“But that doesn’t make any sense,” I protested. “Aerial had her daughters with another man. She didn’t know my dad…?” I trailed, and then realized what Ivan really meant.

“You know that memory you have of your parents having that really bad argument?” I remembered that he could look into my memories, so I was only freaked out for a second that he knew about that. “They were fighting about Aerial. She lured your dad out a few months after Marshall was born and hypnotized him into sleeping with her.”

“That bitch!” I cursed, my voice seemingly laced with venom. “She just ruined a perfectly good family! My mom and dad still fight about that to this very day!” I yelled, completely outraged.

“I know,” Ivan agreed. “But you needed to be born, Melita. You can help save the elements, you can destroy Aerial.”

“No I can’t.” I said immediately. “I know nothing about her and what she does or what I even am! I mean, well I know what I am now, but I don’t have special powers or anything like that!”

“That’s a story for another time,” Ivan said. “Right now, we need you to get back to your body.”

I studied his face and realized how worried he looked. “Hey,” I said, walking back up to him. “What’s wrong?”

He closed his eyes, and then his temples did this weird flexing thing. He put his fingers to them, falling down to his knees in pain until he collapsed in a fetal position to the ground.

“Ivan!” I panicked, crouching down. “Ivan, what’s wrong?”

He didn’t say anything; he just let out a grunt of pain. I went to touch him, but my fingers flew back as my skin made contact with his. I backed away, completely scared and confused as to what was happening. As I backed, I watched in horror as there was a ripple in the floor next to Ivan. I watched, in shock, as another person rose slowly from the ripple portal.

“Oh my god,” I gasped. I put my hand to my mouth, and watched as the person fully emerged.

In an instant, I knew right away. I knew right away that the person before me with dark brown hair, coal black eyes, and a dark brown mole on his chin was Ivan’s brother.

“Melita,” He said, an evil grin twisted on his face. “It’s time for you to come with me.” He stretched out his arm, and wisps of the vexes I had seen in that portal came reaching out to me, slithering along my body and clamoring over me.

I fell to the floor, suddenly completely exhausted as the vexes returned to their owner. I saw him bend down towards me and smile one more time, right before my eyes slowly closed from my rapid exhaustion.


I awoke, once again, lying in the middle of the ground. My head was seriously killing me though, and just the sight of the moonlight around the cornfield next to me made a singeing pain run through my head. I cradled my head, hoping that it wouldn’t break into pieces.

“Why do I have to keep waking up in random places?” I groaned. I looked around, and my eyes began to adjust to the darkness revealing that I was in a cornfield somewhere. There was a full moon in the sky, casting its glow across the corn and my skin. The cornfield seemed endless, and I became concerned for my safety when I didn’t see any houses or signs of human existence for miles and miles.

I turned, my eyes searching frantically for people, but my stomach dropped as I didn’t see anyone. I was completely alone, right smack dab in the middle of this weird-looking cornfield. I mean, I was either in the place they filmed “Field of Dreams” or I was stuck in a “Twilight Zone” episode where the children of the corn hid.

Event though I highly doubted it, I figured that there had to be some sign of humanity around me somewhere, I decided to run. I brushed my hair back, my eyes still squinting against the moonlight and the sharp pain running through my skull, I slowly got up to my knees. There were grass stains all over my pants, so I figured I must have rolled for a pretty long time. Either that or I was dropped from an insane height since my back was killing me, like I had arthritis or something.

I took in a deep breath, hoping that I wouldn’t break my spine in the process, and started running in the direction I had been facing when I awoke. At first, my feet were heavy as I trudged through the cornstalks and they whipped me in the face, but then I started to pick up pace once I started to feel normal again. I kept running and running, looking for houses or buildings, but I didn’t see any even after what seemed like ten minutes of running. I decided to take a minute for breath as I bent down with my hands on my knees, when I heard a cracking sound.

There was another deafening crack, right underneath me. Completely confused, I looked down and realized that a large crack was separating the earth underneath me. I didn’t even think as the crack started widening under me, but I sprinted in the direction I had just come from and ducked into a wide brush of stalks that separated the field from the grass blades.

I watched in complete awe as the ground came up in ripped, gigantic chunks of flying dirt and grass. There was a loud rumble of what sounded like thunder, and then what appeared to be some sort of rock monster emerged. A real colossus.

I don’t know how I didn’t piss in my pants.

It kept emerging out of the large hole it had created, until it stood to what looked like a hundred feet tall. It’s legs and arms were as wide as separate lanes in the road, and was completely covered in dark black rocks. It had dark black eyes overshadowed by a ledge of rock, and they were transfixed right on me.

So…is this the part where this becomes a videogame and I’m able to kick this colossus’s ass in a matter of a few minutes? I couldn’t help but think sarcastically as I stared right back into his eyes. I let out a yelp when it’s gigantic hand swooped down to grab me, but I rolled away just in time, but still quite clumsily.

“Crap!” I uttered in fear, my eyes wide as I stared at him. I was seriously going to die, right here and right now. Like a wimp cowering away from this gigantic monster that appeared out of nowhere in this whack ass cornfield.

There was a deep rumbling from my chest, and I looked down. Was now the time for my stomach to be growling about hunger? There was another rumble in my chest again, and this time it sent a vibration through my entire body. I started shaking uncontrollably up and down as my teeth clashed together again and again. I gripped the ground, trying to gain some kind of leverage, but it didn’t work. I felt a huge wave of pain hit me right in the chest, and I let out a cry that even someone miles and miles away could have heard.

I blinked and looked down, surprised that I wasn’t dead yet. And to my surprise, I saw dark blue and black paws of a wolf. I jumped back, looking around for the wolf in a daze, but the paws moved with me. I stared confused, and then experimented with my arm. I was at a loss of words as the paw moved in sync with my arm. No, that wasn’t a paw, that was my paw.

Holy shit. I thought, and the words echoed around my head. Am I a wolf? How in the hell did that I happen? I thought I was a siren, if anything. But then I thought about what Ivan said: There are ones who have a special bond to the Muses, and don’t belong to exactly one element…

And then I remembered. I’m a legendary hybrid of all elements. I’m part werewolf and sprite. But even if I had been those things this whole time, then why hadn’t I ever transformed before? Why hadn’t I suddenly sprouted wings when I was trying to make that catch in softball?

Am I really questioning my nature when I’m about to get mauled by a colossus? I began to question myself in sarcasm. I looked up and saw that my eyesight was way better. Everything was clearer, and my vision was shaper. Now I could see that the colossus wasn’t completely black, but made up of dark grays and blues. His eyes were still black as coals though, and they were boring right into me.

Testing out my newfound wolf nature, I bared my teeth at him and let out a vicious snarl that almost scared the human inside of me. The colossus let out a grunt, and then swiped down with his gigantic hand again to snatch me up to him. I rolled out of the way as my claws dug deep into grass, tearing it up, just missing his hands by an inch.

The fact that he wanted to harm me for no reason at all really pissed me off in an intense way. I let out another snarl that echoed in the air, before I leaped (at a height that was impossible, but I felt as though there were wings on my back) and caught right on the ledge above his eyes.

I growled and he tried swiping at me with his hands, but I was dangling back and forth so that he couldn’t scratch me. Hanging on my teeth, I began scratching him with my paws in his eyes. Blood began spurting out like a fountain from his eyes, staining my pretty-looking dark black and blue fur. I kept scratching him with my nails furiously, and he let out a groan. I gave him one last jab in the eye, and a greater amount of blood spurted out along with his entire eyeball.

He began tipping forward fast, so I had to climb furiously up the ledge over his eyes, across his back and jumped off, landing on all my feet. He hit the ground with such a great weight that it sent vibrations rippling across the ground, making me flip over to my side.

But the instant he hit the ground, he broke into thousands of black shards that faded into gray to a white. The floated up towards the sky until the shards met the  moon, and it rejoined the moon as if it had been a part of it.

“The hell?” I said, accidentally aloud, and then I realized that I was back in my human form. Thankfully in my clothes.

I felt a breeze ripple across back, and I turned around. There just like two miles away, was a small house with the lights on. I had never felt happier in my life the way I did before I began sprinting towards the house.

In a second, I felt my foot slip against the grass, and I looked down. To my surprise, there was a break in the ground, and there was a literal, clean break from the ground. There was a dark black abyss right in the middle of the ground that separated from the other part that had the house on it.

It was too big of a gaping hole to jump across, and that’s when I got the idea to finally let my sprite powers handle their own business. I would use my wings, but I seriously didn’t have a clue as to get them to manifest. I spread out my arms in a horizontal stance, thinking that maybe that would get them to grow, but nothing happened.

“Why don’t I help you?” I heard a voice say from behind me.

I jumped, almost falling over the edge. Slowly turning around, I saw that it was Azrael. “You.” I said, my voice laced with venom.

“Ruler Melita.” She said sarcastically. And before I could register what was happening, she flung her arms out and pushed me straight over the edge.

I screamed all the way down, before I was swallowed whole by the darkness.

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