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Chapter Sixteen


“That guy’s a real jerk,” Ivan muttered. His back was to me, but I already knew how he would look: irises a glowing white, his neck veins throbbing; an overall pissed off look.

“Please don’t talk about Dre like that,” I pleaded him. Sure, I had been pissed at Dre for not telling me anything, and how he hid stuff from me, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have feelings for him. Things were just…confusing. As of now. “He’s a nice guy, really. He was just trying to protect me.”

“No, Mel, you don’t really know who is!” Ivan said angry, as he turned to me, practically bristling. “God, I hate him!” He yelled, and accidentally spilled coffee onto his arm.  “Aw damn it!”

I covered my hand with my mouth to keep from laughing. Ivan looked at me, and sighing, said, “Go ahead. Laugh.”

I let out a loud laugh as he started mopping up the coffee with a napkin. Besides about how Ivan was complaining about Dre, it seemed like a pretty normal thing for us to be chatting mundanely. We were ignoring the fact that Dre had threatened to kill Ivan – again, which I totally didn’t understand – and that I had almost killed myself. Not to mention the fact that the weird bubbles will still floating from my cut.

Back in the cave, when Ivan had come because he had seen my future and saw that he would need me, I was really worried that Ivan and Dre would get into a fight. That’s why I went with Ivan, because I knew that if they did get into a fight, that Dre would go completely ballistic and probably kill Ivan. Unless of course, Ivan had some other powers that I didn’t know about. After all, Ivan looked like he was 99 pounds and 6’ 5’’, while Dre was like 130 or something at 6’2’’. Or wait; was 130 pretty small for a guy with the height of Dre? I don’t know. I’m really bad with numbers.

Anyway, once I had taken Ivan’s hand, he sort of teleported us away into this weird beam of light – the same blinding color as his eyes – and then we had appeared back in the space station looking thing, which I learned was where Ivan actually lived. He led me down a hallway, and now we were sitting in a kind of room like a living room, while I was waiting for Ivan.

Giving up on the coffee, he sat down the cup and walked over to me. “So,” he said, turning in a wide circle, gesturing to the room. “Are you surprised this is what the Angel of Death lives in?”

I rolled my eyes. “You said that you’re not really an angel,” I countered.

“Well, yeah,” He said slowly. “But it’s a cool title, don’t you think? And it’s close enough, because I can see everyone’s future and death.”

I couldn’t help but resist asking, “So…do you have any other powers?”

“Well, I don’t know if you noticed it, but I can also read minds, and I have other powers,” He paused for a second, looking at me slyly from the side. “But for those other ones, you’ll just have to wait and see.” And he winked at me.

His wink didn’t affect me. Well, it kinda did, but I didn’t really want to admit that. I thought back to what Dre had said, something about “The Twilight Elements”. What did that mean, exactly?

“That’s a story for another time,” Ivan said grimly, making a weird expression.

I raised my eyebrows at him and crossed my arms over my chest. “Ivan, you’re starting to sound like Dre.”

He whipped around on me in a second. “I am not Dre, do you understand me, Melita? I’m not that…sick son of a bitch.” He snapped, looking at me with a look of hate in his eyes.

I wanted to shrink back since whenever his eyes did that weird white color changing thing, it scared me, but I found the strength to get in his face. “Don’t talk about Dre like that! I’ve told you that before! God, why do you have to bitch about him all the time?”

“The dude didn’t try to kill you!” Ivan yelled back, looking a little concerned at my outburst.

I cocked my head to the side. “He tried to kill you? When and where did this happen?!” I cried.

“Mel,” Ivan said, giving me a look that read, “I know what you’re trying to do”. “Don’t go there. Not tonight.”

I stood up, staring at him. “But why?” I pouted. Knowing what I was doing was pretty wrong, I pulled on the hem of Ivan’s shirt and tried pulling him closer. “Come on Ivan. You can tell me anything.” I said, whispering in his ear.

Am I…am I flirting with Ivan? I had to seriously ask myself. Oh my god, I am! What am I doing?! I yelled at myself, stepping away from him.

Ivan looked at me, confused by my moving actions. “Uh…how about I get you home?”

“Uh, okay.” I agreed, ready to get out of this awkward situation. I know that I was mad at Dre and everything, but I still couldn’t understand why I actually had feelings for Ivan. I didn’t even know him, really. Hell, I didn’t even know if he had a last name! But it was like there was this weird magnetic pull I had to him. One moment, I was like blacking out and finding myself attracted to Ivan, and the next I was realizing what I was doing and stepping away. I’m so awkward.

“Alright, give me a second,” Ivan said. He walked over to the corner of the room and took of his hoodie. I don’t know why, but I found myself watching as he took of his undershirt. I gasped when I saw him.

“You…have muscles,” I said in awe, completely transfixed on his chest. I walked over towards him and ran my fingers over his chest. Rock hard. “Dude…but you look so skinny!” I exclaimed, completely perplexed by his body.

Ivan looked amused at my fascination with him. “I am really skinny. But that doesn’t mean I have muscles.”

“Cool…” I said, still running my fingers over his chest. When I saw him looking, I realized what I was doing and stepped back, completely embarrassed. “Oh. Sorry.” I said uneasily.

Ivan smirked at me as he said, “No prob.” He bent down and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead, making me feel even more embarrassed.

“Don’t do that,” I muttered, feeling my cheeks heat up.

“Don’t do what?” Ivan asked, as if he was completely clueless. But I knew he wasn’t. “You mean this?” He said, before bending down and kissing me hard against the lips, his hand on the small of my back, pushing me forward against him.

“Stop…” I started to say, but trailed off as I let myself go with it. He dipped me down a little bit, until giving me one last kiss and stepping away.

He laughed at my overwhelmed expression as he put on a completely black shirt. “Don’t leave your mouth open Mel, a fly will fly right in.”

I snapped it shut and sent him a slightly angry look. “I told you not to kiss me and you did. You were going against my will.” I said, sounding like I was a little pissed, but really, I was glad that he did.

“No,” Ivan disagreed. “You said don’t do that, and I said “you mean this?”, trying to clarify what you were saying to me.” He countered.

He was right, even though he knew what I was talking about in the first place. “Whatever,” I said, rolling my eyes and trying not to smile. “Just take me home, will you?”

“Of course,” He said, smiling brightly at me. He bent down to give me another kiss, but I had anticipated that he would do it. I dipped back so that he couldn’t reach my lips, and dipped back even further as he tried to reach me again. Trying to dip back even further, I ended up lying on the floor with him on top of me.

“Oh God, this is even worse,” I grumbled, as Ivan pressed his nose up against mine.

“Just enjoy the moment,” Ivan said, finally sounding exasperated.

“Ivan.” I protested.

“Melita.” He countered, staring at me.

I looked away from his gaze so that I wouldn’t give in. “Ivan, you’re making this harder than it needs to be, okay? There are no romantic feelings between us,” I enunciated every word. “Comprende?”

Ivan smiled at me, not affected by me rejecting him. “Si, yo comprendo. Pero, tu eres un mentiroso.”

“I’m not a liar!” I said, understanding every word at him. I slapped him on the shoulder. “Now get off of me so we can go home.”

“No besar a tu novio?” He asked me, raising his blond eyebrow at me.

“Besar?” I repeated. “I don’t want to kiss you!” I protested, becoming outraged.

“Mentiroso,” He repeated, almost taunting to me. “Mel, you’re talking to someone who can see the future. Now I know and you know, that you’re going to kiss me. Because you like me. And even if you don’t – but I know you do – can you at least give a kiss to a guy that helped saved you?” He ask, giving me puppy dog eyes.

I turned my head away from him in anger. Yes, he was right, I did like him. Too much in fact. But I loved Dre. I didn’t love Ivan. There was a difference. And I don’t give my kisses away for free. It just so happened that I got caught up in the moment after fighting my own mother, and made a mistake. Big deal.

I opened my mouth to tell him exactly what I was thinking, even though I knew that he probably already read my mind and knew what I was thinking. I was in complete shock as he grabbed my arms and kissed me, getting all up in my mouth space.

God I hated him.

I hated myself for even liking him in the first place.

“Mm!” I protested. I pulled my lips away from his, making a suction-y cup type of sound. “That was way too long of a kiss! No fair!”

“Sorry,” Ivan immediately apologized, but I knew he wasn’t sincere since he smiled the whole time. “Alright. Let’s go home now.”

He grabbed me closer to him – saying that it was only because we needed to transport, but I knew that was a lie – and told me to close my eyes as he did the same. I rolled my eyes after he told me to do so, and then I heard a whooshing sound, like wind was rushing all around us. My hair was blowing around, whapping me in the face repeatedly, until the wind died done after three minutes or so. When I opened my eyes, we were lying down in my bed.

“How do you do that?!” I said, completely amazed.

Ivan shrugged as he rolled from on top of me – wow that sounded more awkward than I thought it would – and stood next to my bed. “Not really a way to explain it. Just comes with the whole Ivan package.” He said simply.

I nodded, like I understood what he was talking about but I really didn’t. After thinking it over for a second, and then randomly blurted, “Do you have a last name?” I couldn’t help but ask, thinking of a few hours ago when I had wondered if he had one.

He smiled at me, grimly before he said, “Yeah. I have one.”

I raised my eyebrow at him expectantly, waiting for him to say something. “Well?” I asked.

“Mather,” He grumbled, facing away from me as if he was embarrassed. It took me a moment to realize why that sounded so familiar, but then I remembered.

“Oh my god!” I said excitedly. “Like Eminem! But without the s!” I shouted, jumping up and down in my bed with the covers flying around me.

“Uh…yeah,” He said, sounding completely weirded out by my tone. He took a full circle around, studying my room. “So, you really live in the basement?”

I smiled cheerfully at him and slid off the bed, quite clumsily of course as my foot got caught up in the cover, making me go face first into cold floor. I smashed my nose against the concrete, but I was back up in a second. For some reason, I was in a really good mood. Which was odd, because who’s in a good mood after fighting their mother, choosing between a guy that you love and a guy that you like, and all the other exhausting things I’d gotten myself into?

“Yeah-uh!” I answered him finally as I rubbed my sore, red nose. “Dude, it gets so cold in here during the summer, its sweet!” I said, smiling him at the same time.

He raised his eyebrow, looking at me weirdly. “Are you alright, Mel?” He asked, seeming confused as his face contortioned into a concerned expression. “You seem a little looney, to be honest with you.”

“Just happy, that’s all!” I replied, twirling around in a circle. My eyes caught to the glowing blue light of my clock. It was 6:52. I had school tomorrow. Damn, I hated school. But if I dropped out, my parents would totally kick my ass, no joke.

“Alright, I’ll see you later,” He said. He grinned as he grabbed me by the waist and kissed me on the lips, dipping me back all the way. I was shocked at the kiss, but I didn’t have time to say anything as the familiar wind sound was in the room, and then Ivan was gone.

I walked into the bathroom, to see how I looked. The blue scabs on my face were still there, and if my eyesight was correct, they seemed an even darker shade than before, which was odd. My eyes were still a slivery, metallic gray instead of the dull gray that I was used to. Which, in a way, pleased me because it was an upgrade from the other color.

Yawning on my way up the stairs, I went into the living room to find Mya sitting on the couch, talking to of all people…Derek. Dre’s brother. My suddenly joyful mood was gone as I saw Derek there, the spitting image of his older brother. I wiped my mouth on the back of my hand, suddenly ashamed that I had let someone kiss me besides Dre. He was being a total douchebag to me in a way, but he was still the same kind of guy that was there for me at the end of the day.

“Hey! Derek,” I said, smiling brightly and tilting my head to the side. “So uh…what are you doing here?” I said, trying to keep my cool. What if Dre was here?

“Hey Mel!” He said excitedly, smiling at me with the same intensity that I had given him. “I didn’t even know you were here.”

None of us said anything after a while, and it turned into a very awkward silence. I looked down, noticing that my shoe was untied, and that’s when I saw it. When I had first walked in, it had seemed like Derek and My had just been watching T.V., but when I looked between them, they were holding hands!

A million thoughts raced through my mind, and I first I thought, “Aw how sweet!” Then I thought, “It’s gonna be awkward if Dre’s still going to be mad at me and then our siblings are dating each other.” Then I went into serious big sister mode, and thought, “Oh hell no! No one’s dating my little sister!”

“Oh no no no no no no no!” I yelled, suddenly outraged. “You two are not going to be holding hands in this house!” I bellowed hysterically. The sight of them holding hands, of my little sister growing up…no, it was too much to bear.

“And what the hell are you guys holding hands for in the first place?!” I continued, going into a ballistic rant. “You guys are what, 11 years old! You’re moving too fast! No, this stops right now!”

“Mel!” I heard Marshall say. I turned to see him coming out of the bathroom down the hallway next to the staircase that led to my room. “What’s your problem, man? What’s going on?”

My eyes were wide as I turned to him and pointed at My and Derek, who looked frightened at my sudden outraged. “Marshall, they were holding hands! Holding hands! And they’re only 11!” I cried. “While mom and dad are out, you’re letting this happen?”

Marshall rolled his eyebrows at me, taking his headphones down and setting them around his neck. “Mel, calm the fuck down. It’s not a big deal. They’re just little kids.”

They didn’t seem to care that he had just called them little kids. My, protesting in her small voice said, “Mel, we weren’t doing anything, really. If anything, I didn’t even want to hold hands!”

“Er, yeah!” Derek cut in. “She didn’t even want to! N-not that I forced her, we just didn’t want to do anything…bad.” He protested, stuttering through the whole thing.

“Mel, just stop being a douche and freaking out over everything,” Marshall said, barely sounding interested. As he slipped on his jacket, he added in, “I’m going to Luna’s house. So you can watch them, right?”

“What?!” I cried, completely outraged. “What…how…maybe I wanted to go somewhere!” I growled at him.

Marshall rolled his eyes at me. “Fine. I’ll just ask Luna to come here.” He suggested instead, looking annoyed at me.

“And make My and Derek watch you suck face with her? No way, Marshall,” I said, thinking back to all the times I had walked in while Marshall and Luna had been seriously making out, suction cup sounds and all.

“Why are you being so PMS-y tonight?” He whined, pulling up his headphones back over his ears. “Sheesh. Oh yeah, Charlie called for you. And Dre.”

My eyebrows shot up high. I ran over to Marshall, pulling on dark gray shirt excitedly. “Dre called? And now you’re just telling me? What’s wrong with you?!” I yelled uproariously.

“Yeah, he said he wanted to talk you about something,” Derek cut in, looking frightened by crazy expression. “And can you please hurry up and talk to him? He keeps mumbling about you in his sleep. It’s really annoying.”

Marshall laughed. “Haha, I’m surprised anyone has sex dreams about Mel,” He said. “Not that she’s not pretty. But Dre of all people? How does he deal with your constant panic attacks and how you obviously pine after him for all these years.”

I turned to Marshall with a hurt expression. The way he said it, he made it seem like…I wasn’t worth anything. “Oh, that’s real nice, you ass.” I said bitterly, turning to round on Marshall.

“Hey, don’t cuss in front of My, Mel,” He said in a no-nonsense tone.

“Like you’re one to talk!” I shouted, getting just the slightest bit enraged. “It’s been more than one occasion where you’ve said the words “slit your throat” in many different accusations.”

Marshall flipped his hand in a dismissive tone. “Pssh, don’t get your panties in a twist. Mom and Dad’ll be back in an hour, so if you’re going to see Dre, you better go see him now.”

What he said was true, but I felt annoyed as I said, “Don’t tell me what to do! You and I know that they don’t care if I’m Dre’s house.” I said as I put on my jacket, preparing to walk the few blocks.

Marshall was barely even listening as he went to get on the computer. “Just make sure you took your birth control pill this morning.”

My cheeks turned red as I countered, “Hey! Mom only put me on those to help my period!” I looked to see My and Derek staring at me with wide eyes. “I mean…that is none of your business and you know it!” I yelled, completely embarrassed as I slammed the door shut behind me.

I walked briskly down the street towards Dre’s house. What did he want to talk about, anyway? Was he finally going to tell me about the Twilight Elements? Back in the cave, it seemed like he had started to give in to telling me, but then Ivan had arrived. Which was still a good thing, anyways. Because I was seriously pissed at Dre, and I didn’t even want to look at his face. Not only was he telling me what I needed to know, but he said that we couldn’t be together!

That had taken every last fiber of my being not to go insane on him and ask why. Which I really wanted to anyway. Nothing was holding us back, unless it had something to do with the whole Twilight Elements thing. Twilight…isn’t that like during the night? Was that before midnight or after? Or was it because maybe he knew about Aerial being my mother and resented me for that? Well, that was completely unfair, I couldn’t control that.

Hadn’t Dre let it slip that maybe he was a four-part hybrid like me, too? Well, if I was remembering correctly and he had something about it, that didn’t make any sense. Ivan hadn’t said anything else about four-part hybrids; Azrael and I were the only ones of our generation. So how could Dre be one, too?

I was perplexed and confused in a way I had never been before as I finally reached Dre’s house. Last night, in the cave, he had said that Ivan wasn’t “Mr. Perfect” and that he didn’t tell me anything. But Ivan had told me everything I needed to know, hadn’t he? Okay, I was in the dark again, and people still weren’t telling me anything? Which didn’t make any sense to me whatsoever because how can they just dump the information about me being a siren and supposedly ruling over the elements, yet they didn’t tell me the full story? What exactly where they trying to hide from me?

“Oh, uh, hi Mel,” Dre said, and I realized that I had been standing in front of Dre’s door for several minutes, as he stared at me with a confused look on his face.

“Oh!” I shouted. “Hey, what’s going…” I trailed off as I looked past behind Dre’s shoulder, and let out a huge gasp.

Walking into the living room, with only a shirt on, was Drew. Drew Quill, the girl who had started going to Williem Ocean’s only a few months ago. She started to say something to Dre, but when she saw me, her eyes went wide and she started to walk backward.

“Uh…I’ll just leave out the bedroom window.” She whispered, and then ran back to Dre’s room.

I turned towards Dre, who was looking at me with an expression of worry on his face. I was so outraged. How, how could he just cheat on me with Drew, of all people?! He knew how I felt about her; about how I thought she was trying to steal him from me! And yeah, we weren’t technically going out, but still, there was something going on between us, he couldn’t deny that.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME, DRE?!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, feeling extremely outraged. “WAS THAT DREW QUILL? H-how, how could you do this to me?!” I shouted, almost popping a blood vessel.

“Look, Mel, it’s not like—,”

“DON’T FREAKING INTERRUPT ME.” I continued on, feeling a deep, burning hatred building inside my chest. “How could you just cheat on me with Drew? You knew that….I HATE YOU.”

Dre reached out to touch my shoulder, but I immediately slapped his hand away. “DON’T TOUCH ME. DON’T TALK TO ME. I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN.”

“Mel, just let me ex—,”

“No! Don’t try and explain anything! It’s over! I hate you so much, I swear to God, Dre, the next time I see you in school, I’m going to beat the shit out of you in front of everyone!” I threatened, jabbing him in the chest with my finger.

“Mel, if you would just listen, you would know what was really going on,” he started to complain, completely calm.

The fact that he was calm when he was about to lose me made me even more angry. I drew my hand back in an instant and backhanded him straight across the face. There was a satisfying smack against Dre’s cheek and his head snapped to the side.

“Do not ever speak to me again.” I hissed at him, venom seemed to lace my voice.

He started to talk, but I didn’t even listen to him. I turned around and stomped away from the door and down the porch steps. I had reached the sidewalk when I heard the door slam. I turned and saw that Dre had closed the door. He hadn’t even protested! He just let it happen and he was completely calm! How could he be? He…he never cared about me in the first place. It was a hoax.

By that time, it was dark and night had fallen over the sky. I was slowly creeping along the sidewalk, not really wanting to go to back home since I was just so distraught over what had happened to me. I was so extremely pissed, but I was starting to get depressed, too. How could he do that to me? How could he just…forget about me and go with her? Like he didn’t even care.

I looked up towards the sky, trying not to let myself cry. When I looked up, I noticed the moon. A big, bright, full moon. How odd. I hadn’t noticed it before. But when I saw it, a paralyzing fear ran through my heart. It felt like something was grabbing hold of it and squeezing, like I was having a heart attack. I let out a cry of pain as I crumpled to my knees and hit the sidewalk.

What’s happening to me? I thought helplessly. I am dying? I wondered, sending myself into a dizzying panic. The squeezing pain in my heart was starting to fade away now, but I felt extremely cold, as if I was floating away. So, I’m just going to die on a sidewalk, what a nice way to die. I thought bitterly.

I felt a growl rise deep in my chest, and I recognized the feeling. I was turning into a werewolf again. It seriously hurt more this time, it felt like I was literally dying. But I didn’t have time to pointlessly wonder what was going on because I realized with a  start that I was a werewolf in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. If someone saw me, they’d probably call animal control on me.

Oh my gosh what if I got caught by animal control?! What if they sent me to a zoo or they put me in the wild, or what if they killed me? I seriously had to be careful. It was getting late, so thankfully there was no one outside. I crouched down low to the ground, my belly grazing against the grass. I turned around back to Dre’s house, and saw that there was a weird, green glow to where Dre had been standing in the window. I gave a sniff towards the air, testing out the theory to see if I could smell different scents as strong as I thought I might be able to. Tons of smells hit me at first, so strong that they almost gave me a headache and knocked me out.

I realized that the green glow was Dre’s scent. I crouched lower down to the ground and snuck around to the back side of his house. In the back of the house, I could see Dre’s glowing green light in the background. I let out a growl when I saw him. He cheated on me with Drew. And he didn’t even care about me anymore. As much as I was angry and pissed at Dre, I realized that wasn’t at all like him. He was like a different person. Maybe he was.

I turned around to somehow sneak back to my house and transform back into a human, but then I saw a strange light from the inside Dre’s house. I watched, as the light seemed to pour out of Dre’s body and grew frightened as he let out a loud yell in pain.

Something was wrong with Dre…and I knew that he had done some bad stuff to me, but I couldn’t stay mad at him. Because I was convinced that the person I had walked in with Drew wasn’t Dre. No, it had to be someone else. Shortly after these thoughts, I heard a strange beeping sound, and I found myself transformed back into a human. I didn’t waste any time as I ran back around the house to the front door and burst in.

I ran down the hallway and burst through Dre’s bedroom door. It had been locked, and I had to shove it in with my shoulder. It finally burst open – even though my shoulder hurt like a bitch – and I walked into the room.

Dre was still glowing in a strange light. But it was so bright that it blinded everything in the room, and I had to shield my eyes from going blind. The light faded away after a while, and I took my arm away from my face, waiting to see what happened to Dre.

“Dre!” I yelled anxiously as I ran over to him. “Are you alright?” I said, tugging on his shoulder since he was facing away from me.

He turned around and I jumped away in fear. The guy who I knew as Dre didn’t look like him at all. His eyes were back to that weird, blood-red color. They were opened wide, and his teeth were long fangs. Like…like Aerial’s.

“Dre…” I whispered, scared for my life. “W-what happened to you?”

He didn’t say anything, just let out a guttural growl and then tackled me to the ground. I let out a bloodcurdling scream, protesting the whole way as he tried to keep me from squirming out of his reach.  I yelled out his name, trying to make him stop and get in touch with person inside of this monster, but he didn’t even try to listen to me. He ignored me and bit me in the neck with his sharp fangs, almost taking my life away.

But the little he left didn’t do me any good.

Instead, it made everything just a little bit worse.

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