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Chapter 21 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 24, 2012



Chapter Twenty-One


Okay, okay. So, I’m in my werewolf form right now. Not a big deal. I just need to get out of it before Dre comes back home. I thought to myself as I paced back and forth in front of my bed, freaking out just the slightest. Dre would be back in – I turned to the clock, it was 9:48 – a few minutes, and I had a feeling that he would probably freak out too, if he saw me as a wolf. Well, actually, he knew what it was like, he was a hybrid too.

An evil hybrid that steals people souls. A part of me said scornfully, thinking back to a few hours ago.

But not anymore… I tried to remind myself.

Okay, okay, before I figured out how to get back into my human form, I really needed to retrace my steps. Everything had been a fast blur since I had arrived at Ivan’s space station/house thingy, so how had I gotten there in the first place?

I just woke up there… I recalled. And I had gotten so caught up in being angry at Ivan for calling me ‘ruler’ that I completely forgot to ask him how I got here. Not to mention I was even more sidetracked by the whole fight with Aerial. I hate her. So much. I wish I could just sneak up behind her and start some furious shanking action.

Okay, one thing to figure out: how had I gotten to Ivan’s place? Then, something happened to him, he was in pain when that guy that looked just like Ivan had come. What had he said? …Oh, yeah, he said it was time for me to come with him. But then I accidentally fell into that portal, where I fought the colossus as a werewolf for the first time. Then, Azrael pushed me off the cliff. How did she get there, even?

Oh my god, my life is so…shitty. I cursed in my head bitterly. Okay, so how do I transform back to a human? Gah…I need some help. Thinking about all the questions and the zero answers I had were just confusing my brain even more. But it wasn’t confuzzling them. No, confuzzled is not a word. I don’t care what half of the sophomores at my school say.

When I saw the guy who looked just like Ivan, it was obvious for me to see that he was related to him. He looked exactly like him, but…different. There was no other way to explain it. Ivan is fair: the light hair, eyes, the pale skin tone. But this other guy was the opposite. His hair and eyes were dark; his skin had an olive tone to it. He looked exactly like Ivan, only if he was…colored different. If that made sense. Because it kinda didn’t make sense to me.

What am I gonna do?? I moaned in my head, since there was really no point in trying to talk out loud; words didn’t even come out. I tumbled onto my back and covered my eyes with paws. As I lie on my back against the floor, there was a disturbance in my vision. I did a double-take, and it did it again.

It was dark in the room, but because of my heightened senses, I could see the outline of things in a sort of glowing white. The rest was a dark green that made everything seem brighter than what I saw when I was a human. But, as a gathered back to all fours, I noticed a small sliver of white zigzagging across the bed. I realized that I was following a scent, but it smelled completely unfamiliar. It didn’t smell like anyone I had ever smelled before.

Wow, if I was a human and said that out loud, I would sound like a total creeper. I couldn’t help but think. But that statement really was true. In fact, I don’t even like using the word smell anymore because I just think of that day when Ryan smelled me on the neck. I mean, he really inhaled. It creeped me out still, today. I literally flinched every time someone sneezed.

I looked back to the trail, and decided that it was someone I didn’t know; it was a stranger. Who had been in my room…my bed…whoever it was had been near Mya and Marshall, and my parents! They could have easily killed them while I was up in Ivan’s house, being a hoe and making out with Ivan. I’m horrible. I’m a horrible person and…I didn’t even care while my family’s safety was at risk!

Don’t even go there. A part of me warned, knowing that this could result in one of my rare self-loathing states. Actually, it wasn’t a rare thing; it happened way too often. Maybe I had a mental problem….

I diverted my attention back towards the trail. Whoever had been in my bed was going to get their throat ripped out. By me. And my powerful, wolf-beast jaws. That sounded way cooler in my head when I had thought it out.

I climbed up on the bed – even though I continuously scolded Bojangles from doing so, even though she never listened to me – and kept my nose close to the sheets, trying to trace the scent. Whatever it was had been all over my bed, rolling around and squirming everywhere. I was definitely going to have to change the sheets. I followed the scent down from the bed and across the floor, all the way to the part of the basement that I called “The Forbidden Corner”, where the radiator was.

Well, when I was Marshall and I were little kids, he was always getting into trouble and convincing me to get in trouble, too. So, whenever we did something bad, my mom would put us in the basement with the lights off, close the door, and wait five minutes. The forbidden corner…there was something wrong with that little corner.

It always felt like something was crawling over your feet, something tickling your back; suddenly a strand of your hair was standing stick straight up, as if someone was pulling it. Whenever my mother locked me and Marshall in the Forbidden Corner, we didn’t do anything bad for months. That corner was seriously creepy.

I let out a whine as I noticed that the white trail led straight into the corner. Maybe there was something more to that corner than Marshall and I had expected— maybe something that belonged to the Twilight Realm. That’s when it hit me: the thing that had been in my house, that Mya had suspected wasn’t me, was from the Twilight Realm, posing as me.

I mean, there were crazier things. Ivan and Dre could read minds, they could transport, Aerial could turn into a weird snake thing, sometimes it seemed like I had telekinesis over water, and didn’t one time Dre had said something along the lines of “stop projecting your thoughts to me”? So, add on top of that, telepathy. Was it so crazy that some monster thing from the Twilight Realm could have fooled my family into thinking it was me? I didn’t know for sure exactly, but I had a feeling that I was on to something.

Do I follow it? I thought, staring at the trail. I could get lost in there, or maybe I could get caught in one of those blood-rain-acid storms that Dre had told me about. No, I needed to figure out how to turn back into a human. Because Dre would be coming soon, and he was really going to tell me about the Twilight Elements and what they really were. Why do I have the worst of luck? I mean, I know I should be glad that I’m not sick and stuck in some hospital with a terminal illness, or that my family isn’t broke (we used to be) but not everyone has to deal with this whole confusing hybrid thing! It’s a surprise that I haven’t gone insane yet.

I could just imagine Marshall saying in his impersonation of a snide tone, “I beg to differ” Sometimes, when we’re bored and have nothing to do, we’ll play this game we made up called “High Society”. We put on top hats and draw fancy French mustaches on our fingers while posing with champagne glasses in our hands and post them on Facebook. It was really embarrassing when Mom walked in from the grocery store and caught up clinking glasses together. We haven’t played it in a while…

I sighed, thinking of the days when Marshall didn’t belong to Criss or Luna. Don’t get me wrong, I love Luna (since Criss is a total beyatch) but, I have a feeling that Marshall is going to try to move too fast with her. It happened before, when he had proposed, and I have a feeling that if he were to pop the question a second time, she would say yes. Which isn’t exactly a good idea because Mr. Chambers, Luna’s dad, would set out on a manhunt to find them once they eloped.

Manhunt…I repeated in my head. In the old werewolf movies, didn’t the townspeople always seem to create a mob and go after a werewolf, trying to kill it? And how did they transform so that the angry mob wouldn’t find them? They usually just hid until dawn, where they just converted back into a human.

I can’t become human again until dawn? I groaned. That sucks. How in the hell am I supposed to get out of this? I whined again. I let out a dejected sigh before crawling back over to the bed. Right at the front, I laid my head down on my paws, closing my eyes from the bright moonlight that was shining through the small windows and washing over my eyes.

Moonlight! I shouted inside my head. If I had been in a cartoon, that would have been the point where a light bulb dinged above me. If moonlight could turn me into a wolf, could it maybe turn me back? I hadn’t heard of it ever happening before in all the myths that I had studied in Myths and Legends, but then again, Mr. Anderson hadn’t said anything about what the elements or anything like that when we were studying sea creatures. In fact, we had the final unite test on them tomorrow. Crap, I had completely forgotten…

I looked over to the moon from the small spaces in the plastic blindfolds hopefully. Please let this work, please let this work… I hoped in my head. I nudged my electric green beanbag chair over to the window and climbed on top, poking my head underneath the blindfolds.

As my eyes slowly glanced over the moon, I felt as though time slowed down. The turning of my head to look at the moon seemed to last a minute instead of a few seconds, and I could feel my eyes slowly widen when they finally rested on the celestial object.

As I looked at the big, full moon, I felt a sudden shaking and vibrating sensation, as if there was an earthquake. My vision was sent thrashing up and down, and my paws slid across the beanbag chair violently as I shook up and down. I began to panic as I realized that it was an earthquake shaking the house so crazily.

I wanted to move and get off the chair, but I was frozen in place. My head started to throb in one spot, and my jaws clenched together as I prevented myself from crying aloud in pain. The pain became a dull, vibrating sensation that slowly spread from my left temple to my entire head, and I began to feel dizzy. The earthquake…it was making me dizzy…I was going to pass out…

It’s not the earthquake…I suddenly realized. Nothing in the room was moving; my vision was just shaking up and down uncontrollably while my entire body was vibrating. I felt an intense, sharp pain that seemed like a knife stabbing me into the center of my head, and I felt myself finally become unfrozen from the same spot on that chair and fall off the edge onto the ground, completely knocked out.

Images flashed through my brain, memories and pictures that weren’t my own. There were two wolves in the middle of a light snowing in the woods, and I realized by the dark black and auburn colored fur that it was me, with another wolf. I didn’t know who it was, but I watched, unconscious, as the two wolves nuzzled each other with their necks.

Another sizzling pain spread through the top of my head as the image of the two wolves shrunk and faded away into another picture. I watched as a boy and a girl, - who I could only see from the neck down – stood close together and swayed together in a dance. There were balloons and colored lights in the background behind them, along with other couples dancing on the dance floor. The boy had on a white Oxford shirt with a plain black tie and pants, while the girl had on a pure white strapless dress with a black band around her waist.

The picture faded away from my mind, too, and was replaced with total darkness and silence. Everything was suddenly quiet, I could hear crickets outside chirping, but that was the only thing. I slowly opened my eyes and was dismayed to see that I was still a wolf. I looked up to the moon, angry that it hadn’t done anything to change me back into a human. I was filled with such sorrow and despair as I examined the smooth, gray and crater filled surface. I had an undeniable need to suddenly howl and croon to let out my sorrows. I bent down my head and let out a long howl, from my head bent down to the floor until my closed eyes were looking up at the ceiling.

I felt a sudden cold engulf me, making me shivering. I wrapped my arms around myself and rubbed myself, trying to keep the warmth in. I realized with a start that I had arms and hands now, instead of just paws.

“I’m human again!” I cried aloud. I climbed to my feet and did a weird jumping victory dance in the middle of the floor. “Oh shit, Dre’s coming over…” I said aloud again, remembering how he said he would come back at 10. I looked over to the clock and saw that it was 9:58. Knowing what kind of person Dre was, I knew that he would probably be right on time. I stopped dancing like the idiot I was and hurried into the bathroom to fix my tangled hair, since it wasn’t all straight and silky like it had been in Dre’s mind. I had to ask him about that. I mean, why did he imagine me in like, Zelda form? Did he think Zelda was hot, so he wanted me to take on characteristics like her because he thought I was hot?

I’m being crazy…I whispered to myself in my head as I dragged a brush through my hair. I looked at my face in the mirror, just flat out staring at it. It seemed like every day, my hair was getting lighter. Instead of black, my hair was starting to turn into this chestnut brown, and the dark copper parts started to look like a dark orange-ish/brownish color.

“Oh Melita,” I breathed to myself as I stared into the mirror. “Sometimes, you can be so shallow. Or sometimes, you’re really random. How does your family put up with you?” I asked myself aloud, tilting my head to the side, as if I was having an important conversation with myself. A lot of things had been changing around me, and I hadn’t even noticed. So far, I really wasn’t liking this whole four-part hybrid thing. It was changing me too much. And I really don’t like change.

I set down the brush and braced my arms onto the sink, holding my hands on the edges. I suddenly didn’t feel so good, like I was going to puke or something. I winced as I felt my heart skip a beat, and my knees started to shake and wobble. I slid down the sink reluctantly, as I tried to hold on.

I fell down to the ground on my butt, and drew up my knees together. I ducked my head between them and took in deep breaths, as I realized that my heartbeat was starting to quicken. I felt the familiar shortness of breath, and I knew now that I was having one of my random panic attacks. The kind of random attacks that come out of nowhere and aren’t caused by anything. I hate those kinds.

Tears began to shake out of my eyes, just another side effect from one of my panic episodes. Whenever you have a panic attack, it feels like you’re going to die. But now, I just felt like I was having some sort of physical breakdown. My vision started to shake and I lifted up my arm to grasp onto the top of the counter to steady myself.

Okay, now I’m really starting to panic. I couldn’t help but say in my mind as I felt the familiar feeling of one of my usual panic attacks on top of this weird one. I was getting dizzy though, and I felt like I was about to pass out right on the floor.

I felt a sharp throb in my back, and I jumped up in a daze. What the hell was that?! I shrieked to myself. I felt another stab, on the left side of my back, and I jumped again. I was knocked down to the floor when I felt a huge rush of wind and then a hard thump against my back. I collapsed completely on the floor, my face smashed against the ground, as the painful attacks on my back continued.

I couldn’t think, I couldn’t cry out for help, the pain in my back was too much to bear. All I could do was lie there on the ground, a few tears spilling out of my eyes from the pain, as my back felt like it was about to split open.

I let out a gasp as I heard a rip, from my back, as my skin was splitting open. It was a terrible feeling, the way my back cracked open, and I let out a small whimper as a flood pain washed over me, making my entire body numb and sore. I was relieved as the pain stopped, but I was completely exhausted after the whole ordeal. I mean, was my back really broken somehow? And even if it was, I knew that it had to be something that wasn’t human, or maybe it was a hex or something, but I knew for a fact that it was someone else’s bidding.

I slowly caught my bearings and lifted up from the ground, making sure not to move my back too much. I bent over the edge of the toilet, holding my hair back with one hand, and puked out whatever I had eaten that day. Which was really nothing, actually, since all I had today was a bottle of water from this morning.

I grimaced at the mess in the toilet and closed the lid after flushing so that I wouldn’t have to look at it. I trudged back over to the sink, filled it with cold water, and put my entire face in the water, letting it wash over my face.

When I pulled my face out and looked in the mirror, I jumped back. I stared at the mirror, thinking that I was being delusional or something, because the image couldn’t be right. I slowly crept up back towards the cabinet sink, watching the mirror the whole time. No, I wasn’t being delusional, that was actually me in the mirror.

With wings.

They were completely transparent, and pointed at the ends. There were intricate designs inside them; curves, twists, swirls, and spirals, a lot like the designs I had found on that one mirror in Dre’s mind and the door we went through after walking up the black staircase. Did the designs mean something important that I was completely missing, or did it just happen to be a coincidence?

But, I couldn’t even process than any other thought than: I have wings, I have wings, I have wings, I HAVE WINGS.

“I HAVE WINGS!” I could help but say giddily aloud. I started to freak the f out; I jumped up and down, did a cartwheel, and some weird improv dancing that I’m not particularly proud and glad that no one was there to see me doing so.

After I was out of breath, I turned my back to the mirror and craned my neck to marvel at them. I reached my arm behind in a weird angle, and softly caressed the base to the tip, feeling the spider web-esque light weight of them. They quivered a little as I touched them, and it felt weird on my back, having these odd Tinkerbell wings protruding from my own body. I always wondered what it was like to fly…

“Flying…” I whispered, my eyes traveling from the mirror, my body turning around, to face the open window where the full moon sat in the sky, as if it was watching me. Was it even safe to go outside? I mean, it really was the moon that had made me transform into a wolf, and transformed me back. So, would it transform me into a werewolf with wings?

As cool as that sounded, I had enough of being a werewolf that day. It was a cool process, but it was odd seeing every color in the room so vividly, and the way I could track scents. Even from my down in my room, I could tell that Luna and Marshall had been in his bedroom. It was pretty overpowering, since his room was right above mine.

I shook my head to get the image of my brother getting it on with his girlfriend out of my mind. Stuff like that permanently damaged the brain, let me tell you.

I walked over to the window and poked my head under the blindfold. I pushed the windows up and stuck my head out awkwardly. I realized that I was stuck when the window came down and smashed me against my waist, trapping me halfway in and halfway out. Thankfully, my wings were in front of the window, so they hadn’t been smashed.

“Oh my god, why does stuff like always happen to ME?!” I groaned, kicking and jerking my feet up and down wildly, not caring that it wasn’t helping me get out the window. I let out an exasperated sigh and dangled my arms across the house, while my legs dangled awkwardly in a diagonal angle.

Alright, alright, do not panic. I tried to assure myself, being the voice of reason. I mean, I wasn’t going to be stuff here forever, right? It’s not like someone wouldn’t let me out and my parents wouldn’t have to feed me from outside the house and they put a bucket underneath me since I had nowhere else to go.

Now why, just why, did I have to make myself panic like that? I mean, I swear, sometimes I don’t even think before I think. Wait, no, that didn’t make any sense. You can’t really think before you think, because you think and then, unless you knew what you were going to think, you can’t really premeditated think because you already thought it. You can’t change the future.

I rubbed my head. “Brain aneurysm…” I groaned, seriously confused about the total mind explosion that I just had.

“Uh, need some help there?” I heard a voice say, followed by a snicker.

I looked up, and there was Dre, trying not to smile at me. I felt my cheeks burn a bright red, and I immediately felt embarrassed. I looked down at my hands, they looked so awkward dangling there, so I folded my arms against the house, then dropped them before resting my chin on my hand.

“Hey…Dre…,” I said, like it was no big deal that I was halfway hanging out of the window. “So, uh, what’s going on? H-how’s Derek?”

“You want help?” He asked, cutting the chase before giving me a different amused look.

“Yes, please.” I said softly.

He walked over and lifted up the window with one hand before pulling me out with the other. My foot got stuck on the ledge as I walked out, my black and white checkered shoe fell off inside the house. I hopped on one foot, not wanting to get my sock dirty before grossing over to the softer grass and standing in front of Dre.

“Sup?” I said, trying to sound cool as I put my hands into my front pockets. But, I realized that I was wearing skinny jeans – since they were the last pair I had – and I couldn’t get my fingers in so I just ended up standing there awkwardly.

Dre walked over to me, not saying a word, just his eyes sparkling, before turning around to look at his back. “So, are those wings you got, there?”

“Yup,” I said, tilting my head up to look at him. “You’re late,” I looked at my watch with ten faces on it. “It’s 10:01.”

He raised his eyebrow at me. “Fairy wings?”

Sprite wings,” I corrected. “There’s a difference.”

“Not really.”

“Yes, really.”

“They’re exactly the same.”

“No they’re not.”

“Yes, they are.”

“Dre, you should stop talking. Because you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“No, Mel, you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Dre, you should just stop talking now because you’re a big dumb, poopy face. Alright, I’m glad we established that.”

Dre smirked at me and crossed his arms. “Mel, you’re talking really fast. That means you’re nervous. Do I make you nervous?” He asked, staring right at me.

I blinked multiple times, trying to break my gaze away from his. “N-no. Why would I be nervous around you? We’re like, b-best friends.” I said, my voice cracking on the “best” part of my sentence.

“Really?” He asked. “This doesn’t make you uneasy?” He said before bending down and giving me a small hug. I was so shocked that I jumped back a little, putting up my hands so that he wouldn’t hug me again.

“Don’t surprise me like that…” I said uneasily.

“Mel, you’re being childish.” He said.

“And you’re being sexy!” I blurted, not even realizing what I was saying. I slapped my hand over my mouth. I couldn’t believe that I had just said that.

He raised his eyebrow at me again, this time making me feel so embarrassed that I swear, I was blushing in my feet, even. “You…think I’m sexy?”

“N-no, of course not!” I stuttered, avoiding his gaze by looking at the gutter on the side of the house. “You’re not sexy. You’re…Dre.”

He smiled at me. “Trust me, Mel. I’m pretty sure you’re the sexy one out of the two of us,” He said softly, without looking at me in the eyes. For a moment, he looked just so nice and genuine, and I couldn’t help but smile at him.

“Alright then, let’s go inside.” He said, from the sudden heart-melting moment to business like in about five seconds.

Dre didn’t even wait for me to say anything, as I stood there stunned, my mouth open in the middle of the yard. He opened my bedroom window and climbed aside.

“You think I’m sexy?” I said, like a blithering idiot even though I knew he couldn’t hear me. I looked down at my wings, and I shimmied my back a little, and watched in awe as they folded back inside themselves like an accordion. Cool. Even though my mind was still blown from the fact that I was “sexy” for Dre’s standards, I numbly climbed into my room, suddenly so aware of my physical appearance.

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