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Chapter 23 (v.1)

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Chapter Twenty-Two

I hadn’t had a dream where I was underwater in a long time, and I liked it that way. Out of the four elements I held within me, the siren/water element was the strongest. So how was that even possible when I was deathly afraid of water? Every time I submerged into it, I thought I was going to die. Excluding that one time I involuntarily jumped into the bay; like an idiot. I don’t know what I was thinking that day. It made no sense to me now, to be honest. I gained nothing from that stupid experience.

Yet, here I was, back in the water after having one of the most depressing days ever. In fact, I didn’t really want to think about Dre right now, let alone have him sleep right there next to me. On another note, was that weird? For me to have a guy that I like sleep next to me in a bed, and he doesn’t make any other moves on me? I guess Dre really can’t be with me. Even more depressing.

As for the dream, well, I wasn’t exactly in the water, but I was near at, as I was sitting on a gigantic, flat rock in the middle of a cave submerged into water. I turned around as I heard footsteps, to see a werewolf walking on the shore connected to the cave.

“Who are you?” I asked, my voice a little shaky as I didn’t know if he was an enemy or not.

The werewolf didn’t say anything, or if I did, I couldn’t tell so. It – since I didn’t know if it was a girl or a boy – cocked its head to the side, like it was confused. I squinted my eyes to look at the colors and patterns of its fur, and saw that it was a weird mixture of russet red-brown and black. I was taken aback as I realized that the werewolf…was me.

What, was I looking in a mirror or something? And even if I was, why wasn’t I in my siren form? (I knew I was a siren right now rather than a mermaid because they can’t survive on land, ergo, if I was, I would be flopping around on the rock gasping for air like an idiot.

I saw something pass by from the corner of my eye, and turned to the left. There, hovering in the air, was no other than me, with my wings. I was surprised to see that I had my waist length hair straightened, and hung down my back like a curtain. (I made a mental note to hurry up and cut my hair) while I examined her – er, me – noticing in that she had pointy elf-like ears. And my eyes…they were that same piercing silver that I had adopted recently, but they looked different. Wider, and more almond shaped, if that made sense.

Okay, what’s going on here? I whispered in my mind, starting to get a little creeped out. All of these…creatures, they were just all me in my different forms. Why could I physically see them? It didn’t make any sense. And if I was a siren, and there were the two other forms over there, where was the mermaid part?

I felt a weird sensation creep up my back, the kind you get when you feel someone walking behind me even though you don’t see them. I turned around and looked into the water behind me, and sure enough, there I was, in my mermaid form.

My hair looked normal, and I looked normal for the most part, except the whole shimmering blue tail thing. Personally, I never really liked mermaids that much when I was a kid – come on, King Triton was too soft on Ariel – and seeing the mermaid form of myself sort of creeped me out. I had a tail, a tail of all things.

Speaking of tails, I looked down and was surprised to see that I didn’t have one. My legs were just sitting there, folded underneath me. I watched, aimlessly wondering, when my toe broke the surface of water, and I watched as my sudden folded legs turned into a tail, just like that, as soon as my toe made contact with the water. I had been creeped out when I saw myself as a mermaid, but with my tail as a siren, I looked seriously bitchin’.

Instead of a regular, plain old base color shimmery tail, it was made of two colors: a shining, metallic silver with a dark midnight black. The base color was completely silver, while there were bolts and dashes of black along the edges. I had never seen one like it before. Then again, I had never really met any mermaids or sirens. So I guess it didn’t break a record or anything.

I heard a quiet sound, and my head instinctively jerked towards the direction it came from. As I made the physical movement, the other three forms of myself literally vanished into thin air, as if the wind blew the remaining dust away.

I don’t know how I heard the noise, but I could tell that it was from far away, judging how it echoed in my ears. So, being a hybrid brought extended hearing. A perk, unless your parents continuously have angry make-up sex like my parents do. Ew. Now why, just why, did I have to remind myself of those horrible times?

I watched, my eyes trained on the entrance of the cave. A gigantic ship started to inch by, and I realized the sound I’d heard was the old creaking ship slowly moving by in the water. It was then I realized that I felt like I was watching myself have a dream; as if it weren’t happening exactly right then in the present. I could hear my thoughts, but I could tell that it wasn’t actually myself thinking of them; I could just hear them.

An evil grin passed over my face, and I was dumfounded. What exactly was I about to do? I didn’t know, but watched in quiet confusion as I opened my mouth, tilting my head back with closed eyes. I then let out a low, crooning voice, like a mournful song. The song was compelling— I could literally feel tears start to fill my eyes as it saddened me. I watched, those stupid tears starting to plug up my eyes.

I could tell by the sorrowful notes in my voice and the way how the sailors started to gather along the deck that they could hear me, too. Whatever was I doing, whatever you would call this “singing”, it was hypnotizing them. There was confusion on their faces when they first arrived on deck, but now, they were just blank stares as their eyes looked straight ahead of them, and they formed into a line. I was mesmerized by the movement as to what was happening; I was intrigued as much as the sailor who had a piece of drool ran from the corner of his blackened mouth down to his black, scruffy beard.

The siren version of me (I couldn’t get over how sick my tail looked, I was genuinely compelled by its epicness) didn’t seem satisfied, just bored as the all of the crew arrived on deck. Her – er, actually, my – eyes wandered from the blank faces of the men, one by one, searching for something that I didn’t understand. I was sure that that was all the men on the ship and I was just being indecisive or something, but then I watched as the captain – obviously, because of his hat with the golden feather out the side as a beautiful green parrot sat atop his shoulder – stepped on deck with the rest of the men.

The siren version of me smiled that wickedly evil smile again, the one that sent shivers along my back, and beckoned her finger forward in a crook towards the captain, who obliged with the blank slate of his face, as he drifted across the air from the ship all the way until he hung in the air in front of the siren version of me, just hanging mid-air.

Wait, I’m not…I’m not— trying to hit on him or something, am I? I asked myself, completely frightened and sickened at the thought. He was like...60, and I’m 15. What is wrong with me? I felt my eyes widen in shock as I watched siren me take her tail from the water onto the rock, turning it into legs, and stood up so that I was eye-to-eye with the captain. But the look in my eyes, that malevolent glint that seemed permanent, told me that I wasn’t trying to seduce the captain. What I wanted to do, I didn’t know.

I watched, completely intrigued as my head tilted to the side, watching every single movement I made. I slowly lifted my finger, tilting the captain’s chin side to side, rotating his neck. After examining his face, I seemed satisfied, and dropped my hand. Dismissively, almost as if I was bored by the situation, I snapped my fingers, and just like that, the ship with the awaiting dazed men snapped in half, capsizing and sinking into the water in two broken halves.

Holy shit! I gasped, holding my hand to my chest, my heart thumping in my rib cage. I just capsized a whole frickin’ ship! A ship, with the snap of my fingers!! I-I was evil as a siren, I killed innocent people for no reason. I knew that a large part of my heart was dark, but I wasn’t completely evil. Why was I hurting them? I turned my attention back to the siren version of myself, who seemed satisfied with a small smirk on her face as the ship sunk.

What’s so important about the captain? I asked myself, still not over the fact that I had just killed a 1000 innocent people. I watched with total disgust as the siren version of myself dropped the smile of her face, and turned towards the captain. I lifted my hand on his shoulder, and was shocked as my fingernails turned long and sharp before digging into the captain’s shoulder, drawing out droplets of blood. The captain didn’t even flinch; he just hung there, still looking dazed as ever.

I wasn’t expecting what I did next. I didn’t know what the siren version of me was doing, not even after I was done. No, it took me a few minutes after she was finished to finally figure out what I was doing, and by the time I had figured out, I was horrified to witness what I had seen.

With my fingernails digging deep into the captain’s shoulder, I made sure that I had a firm grip, and started to slowly tip my head back. My eyes were closed, and my jaws began to open wide, like a Venus flytrap’s; more than humanly possible. My canines grew into long fangs – freaking the shit out of me, by the way – as my jaw stretched wide. With them open, a white wisp of air began to stream out of the Captain, right into my mouth. I devoured the white air hungrily, my fingers digging deeper and deeper as more of the air was consumed by my siren form.

As I watched myself take the white air, I noticed with a start that the captain was rapidly aging in seconds, literally seconds. His skin became pale while crow’s feet gathered around his eyes. The green veins in his face began to pop out noticeably, and he shrunk to a smaller height and weight, all right before my eyes.

I was so horrified by what I was seeing, that it took every fiber of my being not to throw up everything I had eaten the other day. The  captain grew older and older, while I seemed delighted by the idea of him slowly withering away. Soon, his skin simply disappeared off of his body, leaving only a skeleton behind. His bones, besides his skull, crumbled to a gray dust and dropped into the water, making a sizzling sound as they slowly drifted down below.

I smiled in satisfaction, finally opening my eyes as I examined the captain’s skull in my hands. I wiped my mouth with the back of my free hand, dipping my legs back into the water so they would turn back into the silver and black tail. A small smile crossed over my face as my fingernails reseeded back to their normal length. With one last grin, I crushed the skull with my bare fingers and carelessly dropped the remaining dust into the water surrounding the grotto.


I awoke with a start, my heart beating hard against my chest, the baby hairs crowning my forehead slick and sticky with sweat. My heart was plastered all around my face; the loose strands blowing as I almost choked on my breath, my lungs struggling hard to work and push out the right amount of oxygen.

There were tears streaming down my face, to my despair, and I couldn’t quite remember the dream – or, technically, nightmare – but the feelings…they were the strongest thing I could remember. Sadness, sorrow, and depression…they were rampant in my chest, as if they were radiating from my “heart”, instead of the physical organ our bodies rely on.

But the sadness, it wasn’t that something was so saddening that I was moved to tears, it was a different kind. Something had frightened me silly, to the point where I could feel the despair of death lurking close to me, my soul. Something had deeply disturbed me, and I was completely freaking out about it.

Quickly, wrapping my arms around my body and looking around shiftily to see if anyone – or some presence – was watching me, I speed walked into the bathroom before flicking on the light and plopping down on the floor between the toilet and bathtub. I drew my knees up and rested my chin on top, trying to slow my heart rate. If I went into total panic mode, there was the possibility of having a heart attack.

I tried to take in deep breaths, counting slowly from one to ten, gradually calming myself, and my heart finally stopped racing. I felt pathetic as I carelessly ripped tissue off the roll and randomly dabbed at my eyes in cheeks, feeling a stinging sensation whenever I crossed over my blue scabs. Once I had cleaned the non-crystallized tears, I gathered myself to my feet and decided to take a quick shower.

I was thankful that my closet was also a part of my bathroom, and took an extremely hot shower. Because of the temperature, it burned my scabs and made some of them eventually fall off and reopen, but I didn’t care. I was so scared, I was scared that some sort of presence had been in there, in my room, by me and Dre. Whatever it was could have hurt us while we were sleep. I was sure that it was the cause of my nightmare, although I could be wrong, considering that I didn’t even remember the actual dream.

As I finished from the shower, I wrapped up in my blue towel and turned on the fan, just to have a noise going on besides complete silence. I was tragic; silence scared me, now. I put the lid on the toilet down and began applying Neosporin to my blue cuts and scabs, wincing slightly as a stinging pain briefly traced through my face.

“When are these going away?” I mumbled quietly, talking about the scabs. They were all over my body, now.  My face, the top of my back, my legs, and a few on my ankles. The weird thing was that they were in the shape of like, diamonds. The shape the water on my skin had been when it was…crystallizing. Which still happens every day, if I sweat, cry, even take a shower. So I end up with these small, clear crystals with a light blue tint. They were seriously psyching me out…

I ignored my brain’s worries – even though I was still afraid that whatever it was that made me have that nightmare was still lurking out there… - and dressed into some clothes. I was trying to hurry, so I didn’t even realize what I was wearing, just slapping on stuff and making sure they fit. When I was finished, I put everything back into the bathroom as it was, gathered all my skin crystals into a jar, and put them in the medicine cabinet above the sink.

I turned off the light and took a deep breath, just standing there in front of the closed door. Something…that scent I had picked up as a werewolf…it had come back to my room; that’s what I was. I was sure of it, now. Whoever it was had come back, yet, they didn’t harm me or anything.

I opened the door, slowly turning the knob, and walked out. I was shocked to see that my light was on, and Dre was sitting there calmly on my bed, watching T.V. It was 3 in the morning, so the only thing that would be on was probably old cartoons that they didn’t show during the afternoon hours anymore.

Dre’s head turned as the commercial went off and he gave me a smile, as if the past five or so hours hadn’t happened, where I was basically rejected in the biggest way and I also kinda wanted to end my life, but I couldn’t say that aloud, of course. Because then I would sound like the hugest baby in the world.

My mind slowly wandered back to that day I had stumbled into the bathroom, after the big fight I’d had with Brite, and cut myself with that knife…almost bleeding to death. At least I had felt a little bit alive, for those few moments. The rest of the way, I just felt like a corpse walking around, trying to have a life, but it was already dead. I have no friends, this is just me now…

“Mel?” Dre asked, slowly drawing me out of my racing thoughts, halfway bringing me back to the present. Only halfway because I wanted to know where that knife was. I was just so lost…

“Yes…” I answered, a faraway look in my head I was sure.

Courage the Cowardly Dog is on,” He said, a little quietly, as he stared at me. He could tell that someone was wrong, I knew that, but he couldn’t fix me. Because I really do feel broken. Do I even deserve to ‘live’, if there are others dying and I just wish that I was dead already, because I don’t even feel alive? Do I deserve a life?

My own personal answer is no.

“That’s cool,” I said, trying to sound dejected instead of completely depressed. If I felt sad, then it wouldn’t be a big deal; Dre would leave me alone and could go back home. But I know he would feel guilty if he could see the turmoil inside me, myself going back and forth between having a life and dying. In the end, should I just kill myself?

I flopped onto the bed, lying on it horizontally, staring up at the gray ceiling. A part of it was obviously new and white, since it didn’t have a lot of dirt scattered on it, for when I had accidentally sent the pipe bursting out of the ceiling and landing on Marshall.

“Are you alright?” He asked, scooting up on the bed next to me. The motion reminded me of last night, and I started to feel sick to my stomach. I didn’t want to think about last night. Last night was a compilation of lies, a huge gigantic conspiracy of lies. If Dre really did love me, then he would sacrifice to love me too. Because I had definitely sacrificed for him, more than once in the past.

I laughed a humorless laugh. It sounded almost a little evil and hollow, not at all like the usual me. “Yes, I’m fine. I’m absolutely perfect. Nothing in my life could be better.” I said drily.

“I know you’re being sarcastic,” He replied.

“No shit!” I yelled, going from the lying position to sit up and stare at him angrily. “Nothing’s fine, Dre! Nothing can be fine! And do you know why? Well, I give you a hint: it’s you. Everything is your fault! I can’t believe that I ever thought I liked you!” I yelled, not even caring that maybe Marshall or Mya could hear me. Then again, they didn’t even wake up when there was a tornado, so my yelling probably wouldn’t rouse them.

Dre gave me a little bit of a confused look. Right before he said anything, Courage came back on, and my mood went from -100 to -90. A difference, but not enough to make me happy. I don’t…I don’t even really remember what it’s like to be happy.

“You say ‘used to like’ as if you don’t like me anymore,” He laughed a little.

He was the only one laughing. The only one.

I gave him a cold stare. He had heard me right. Yes, I used to like Dre. Those feelings were gone. The feelings that I had thought made me I loved him? Gone. Vanish. Vamoose. Sayo-freaking-nara.

“I don’t love you anymore, Dre,” I said, the tone of my voice flat. Because I was serious. I meant it this time. “And I want you to leave.”

He gave me a look, like he wasn’t sure of what to do; yet I had just told him. “Y-you’re kidding, right?” He stuttered. It was unsettling. I’d never heard him stutter before.

“Get. The. Fuck. Out.” I growled and pointed to the closed window.

“Mel, what are you talking about?” He asked in disbelief. “Is this because of last night? I—,”

“I SAID GET OUT, GODDMAN IT!” I yelled at him with all my might, even frightened myself a little in the process.  A wind became whipping through the room, and the window shot open and stayed open, like it was beckoning open for Dre. I knew that it was my doing, of course. Maybe it was the sprite part of me, since it was wind power and that was their element.

Instead of being frightened, or even a little phased, he ignored the wind blowing around and walked up to me. I knew by the look in his eyes that he was going to try to persuade me or something – something that he was unfortunately good at – and stared at me.

“Mel, you know you love me,” He said, giving me a knowing look.

“No, I don’t.” I replied darkly, giving him a look of angry disbelief.

“You do.”

“I don’t.”

“You do.”

“I don’t.”


“Look!” I interrupted, getting the least bit frustrated. I took a step away from him because I knew that if I didn’t, I was probably going to hurt him or something. On purpose, just so I wouldn’t have to look at him. “Even if I did still love you, the feelings aren’t reciprocated. So it doesn’t even matter anymore.”

He didn’t have much to say after that, and I couldn’t help by celebrating in my head by saying, checkmate! I had finally checkmated the master of persuasion. I swear if it hadn’t been a serious moment – because I really was slowly starting to regain my regular self – I would have done a victory dance right there. Except, I’m really horrible at improv dancing. Actually, scratch that. I’m bad at all dancing.

“You’ll understand later,” He said, sigh exasperatedly. What did he have to sigh about? He was the one ruining everything. I froze, just completely froze as he reached his hand up and cradled the back of my head, pushing me forward. He met me halfway, his lips on mine, and tilted my head to the back. I had…no motor skills whatsoever, excluding my lips and mouth since they were all up in Dre’s.

He pulled me even closer, pushing my body up against his, his hand still laced behind my neck, before finally letting go and releasing me. I was completely shocked, out of my mind, and my jaw was most definitely hanging open.

“Later, love you,” Dre said, and started to walk away towards the window. “Oh, yeah.” He suddenly seemed to remember something. He walked back to give me and gave me another kiss, shorter than the last, but with the same amount of power. He flashed me a smile and then crawled out the window at an amazing speed. Well, an amazing speed compared to mine.

I…was speechless. I fell down to my bed, and then slide down all the way to the floor, my eyes wide. I couldn’t believe that…that had just happened. One minute, I seem to completely hate him, and then, when he finally kisses me, I’m head-over-heels for him again?! Damn me! Damn me and my weakness for Dre. But seriously, that…that was better than any other kiss I’ve ever had. And I’ve only kissed two people, for a total of like…six times. That sounds kinda hoe-ish to me. Just a little.

“Damn my weak will!!!” I cursed aloud. But, even though I seemed angry, I was only putting on a front. I was on Cloud Nine right now. Dre loved me, almost more than I loved him, and he couldn’t get over me! He was hung up on me!

Pull it together, Mel. I reminded myself gently, even though it was taking every fiber of my being not to jump up and down and shout for joy. Reel it in, just reel it in. I turned towards the T.V. and saw that there were two episodes of Courage the Cowardly Dog left.

I did a mental fist pump before going upstairs to make a sandwich. Damn, I was hungry. Maybe today was going to be a good day after all.



Once I had finished watching the Courage marathon and eventually topping off about three bologna sandwiches (what, I hadn’t eaten in like…two days…) I decided to go back to sleep for another two hours before getting up to go to school. But before I went to sleep, I was going to make a plan. An evil, master plan that would end up exterminating Drew off this earth and somehow repair my friendship with Brite so we could rule the world together and—

Okay, so yeah, I didn’t really plan to kill Drew – maybe – and I didn’t want to rule the world with Brite – yet – but I had made up a foolproof plan that would do something along the lines of: humiliate Drew and get Brite to realize that I was sorry for being a douche and we should hurry up and hang out all the time together again, like we used to.

When I awoke at 6 AM, I was hyper and extremely chipper for some reason. I didn’t want to admit that it was because Dre had kissed me, but I knew it really was because of that. To be honest, I hated having crushes on people. It’s so…girly. And I hate being girly. It’s stupid. In a way, I kinda hate being a girl. Wait, take that back, that sounds really weird. Let’s just say I like being friends with guys because they don’t bring a butt load of drama with them and when they get in a fight, all they say is ‘hug it out, bitch’ and everything’s back to normal. Why can’t all of society act like that?

I hurried up and brushed my teeth, and pulled my hair back with a barrette. Usually, I didn’t put my hair like that because it made me look 13 instead of 16, but today, it didn’t look bad. And of course, that made the gigantic smile on my face grow even wider. Damn, I looked like a fool being so happy. But still…I couldn’t help but be happy. God, I sound so sappy. Ha, that rhymed. I am so weird. I said to myself in my head, but my mood was still exactly the same: overly happy.

When I reached the tops of the stairs, and opened the door, Marshall was just getting up. His eyes were bloodshot and there was a scar on his forehead from falling down the stairs last night. He saw me and groaned, like it was bad that I was around.

“Jesus Mel, what happened last night?” he asked me sleepily, constantly rubbing his eyes tiredly.

His appearance didn’t damper my mood. “Well, we had a talk about how you need to stop doing drugs,” I shot him a stern glance, “And Then, we made up. I could tell you weren’t mad because you did your “f-you dance” but the happy version of it.”


“I know,” I agreed before continuing. “And while I was…asleep last night, you sleepwalked and fell down the stairs. And when I woke you up, you just passed out right in front of the door.” I explained, trying to reel in my chipper-ness. If Marshall noticed how unusually happy I was (like I said, we aren’t morning people) then I would probably have to explain that Dre was in my bedroom last night because I’m a terrible liar around my family. Especially Marshall, because he can cut through all the bullcrap, just because he knows me so well.

“Damn,” He groaned, a panic-stricken look across his face. “I really do have to lay off the drugs. I was just…celebrating.” He said suddenly, and turning away from me. His gaze wandered away from mine, like he was trying to something to hide from me. And he was. Marshall knew something that he didn’t want to tell me.

I wanted to confront him about it, but I decided against it. I’d just prod and bug him about it later. “Hey,” I suddenly brightened, thinking of an idea. “Do you want me to call the school pretending to be Mom so that they’ll let you stay home?”

He thought it over for a bit before shrugging his shoulders. “Nah. I think I’ll be able to go today. I’ll just sleep in study hall, stay low during English, take a long time to my quiz in math, not bring my A game in P.E., and that rest is a piece of cake.” He explained, sounding like a total slacker. Which, he was, but it seemed really apparent now.

“Yeah, okay,” I said doubtful that he would be able to pull it off. He went to the bathroom to start getting ready as I walked down the hallway to Mya’s room. I usually let her sleep in a few minutes later than I woke up, just because I always babied Mya. I should probably stop doing that. I mean, she was 12 years old, and in my mind, I still think of her as six or seven.

I opened the door to her vibrant green and blue wall painted room and quietly tip-toed over to her bed. Her eyes were shut tight, her hair – that wasn’t as difficult as mine, and curled into pretty ringlets instead of mine, which was too tangled – curled around the fame of her face, and she looked so cute. I couldn’t imagine her ever dating…even if that person was one of the nicest people ever, Derek Young.

“My, wake up,” I said gently, shaking her arm a little. Usually, she was a late sleeper, but I knew that she probably wouldn’t have any problems since she had gotten a good amount.

After I woke up My, I went to the kitchen table and ate a bowl of cereal. It was Lucky Charms, and I’m 16 years old, so does that make me seem kinda kiddy? Well, I don’t really give a shit because I’m happier than ever, and the reason why I’m happy makes me feel like a dumb, prissy girl. But that’s the way life goes, I guess.

I was just finishing my cereal and dropping the bowl in the sink when the doorbell rang twice, in a sequence that I had once created with Brite. That when, whenever she came to my house, I would know it was her. No one else knew that code…it really was Brite? But, I thought she hated me. That’s why I had made the master plan!

“Melita!” I heard Marshall bellow at the top of his lungs before running into the kitchen.

“What, Marshall? I— OH MY GOD, DON’T COME IN HERE LOOKING LIKE THAT!” I yelled, frightened for my life as I covered my eyes with my hands. He was completely naked, as he had been taking a shower, but he had soap suds all over his…junk area.

“Cool, right?” He grinned at me, I could see through the spaces between my fingers. “That took me five minutes to do that with Mom’s soap bubble stuff.”

I still wasn’t amused, just kinda freaked out. “Can you please just get a towel.”

“Sorry,” He grinned again widely before wrapping one around his waist. “Anyways, I came in here to tell you to hurry and answer the fucking door!” He sing-songed, pointing to the front door.

I rolled my eyes at his obsession with the F-bomb. “Olive juice,” I mumbled absentmindedly as I walked up to the front door, a little scared that it was Brite. What would she want from me?

“Olive juice, too!” He called before padding back into the shower. The whole “olive juice” bit was from Family Guy, where someone had told another person that they loved them on accident, and he said olive juice so that he wouldn’t know that he said that he loved him, and it’s really confusing, but it’s just a stupid thing that Marshall and I do together, like the High Society game we play with each other.

I took a deep breath before opening the door, not even bothering to look through the peephole. I was too scared to see if it was really her. I had my eyes half closed as I slowly opened the door, and there stood Brite, her bright blue eyes seeming apologetic as s he held a blue and white box in her hand.

“Bri?” I asked hesitantly expecting her to throw the box in my face. When Bri got mad, she stayed that way for a while. Once, when she had been mad at Charlie for asking out a girl (because he hadn’t known that Bri liked him) she ignored him for two straight months. For doing something he didn’t even know was wrong.

“Hi Mel,” She said shyly, avoiding my eyes. Hers were focused on her feet, while mine bore into her forehead. “Can I…come in?” She asked quietly. It was so unlike her, at least when she was round me, that is.

“Oh yeah, sure!” I said quickly, feeling like an idiot as I stood to the side of the door to let her inside. I watched her every move as she walked inside and set the mystery box on the kitchen table.

I walked in after her, as she twirled around in a circle, like she hadn’t seen the place before. I didn’t blame her; I would have done the same thing after the explosive fight we had.

“I’m sorry!” Bri suddenly blurted, turning to me and giving me a pleading look. “I didn’t mean any of those things I said, Mel! I was being a total beyatch, yes, a beyatch instead of just a regular bitch. And I miss talking to you, and it’s only been like…three days. Or two. I’m pathetic! But with you, I’m not.” She said in one big, gigantic breath of air, just like she used to do in Kindergarten.

I smiled a little before saying, just like I had been thinking, “Hug it out, bitch.” And then, we hugged. And I had my friend back. You see, what can’t everything be as simple and easy that? I swear, one of these days, every person on this earth will be saying “hug it out, bitch” after a conflict with someone. It’s foolproof.

“Please don’t kill me for calling you a bitch,” I whispered in her ear, and felt her shoulders shake a little as she laughed.

As we pulled back away from each other, she said, “Don’t worry, man. I deserve it. Sometimes I can be one. But it’s okay now because we made up and I brought muffins.” She said, gesturing towards the box on the table.

“Sweet!” I fist-pumped as I opened the box and crammed a blueberry muffin down my throat. It really was turning out to be a good morning. Maybe the day would turn even better, too. Then again, I was prone to bad luck, so I probably just jinxed myself when I thought that.

“Nice!” I heard Marshall say, as he appeared once again, this time, fully clothed. “Breakfast and a show!” He snickered before walking over and grabbed an actual handful of muffins.

I rolled my eyes at him before smiling at Bri, who looked comfortable now that we made up.

One down, I said, referring to my master plan, And one to go. Drew was next. And boy, did I have a plan for her…

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