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Chapter 26 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



Chapter Twenty-Six

After the whole depressing situation in the lunchroom, unfortunately, I had to head to math where Lynne Davis was, and I hated her more than ever after posting that video up to the internet. I hadn’t even known that someone was video taping it! I mean, who goes around video taping everything?

I took my usual seat in the back of the classroom while Lynne and her lackeys (Kirsten and Maddie) sat in the middle, continuously turning around to stare at me and then turn away laughing. They pissed me off so much, I just wanted to…to watch them burn up in flames or something.

Oh my god, did I just wish that Lynne would burn in a fire? I’ve got problems…I mumbled to myself. Mr. Anderson started talking some blah blah blah about finding the x, graphing the y-intercept and all this stupid stuff that I really didn’t care about since I had my mind fixated on other things. Important things, like how I could bring Drew Hutchinson down to her demise.

I was busy trying to drift off into la-la land when Lynne turned around and flashed me a picture she had glued to the front of her binder: a frame by frame picture of the video she had posted when Dre and I kissed, and it was right there on her binder, for everyone to see in public!

Well, I don’t wish she would exactly burn, but maybe her hair should just catch on fire…I thought to myself, looking grimly at the back of her head. I just imagined flames engulfing her hair, and then, to my amazement, she actually burst into flames as if she had spontaneously combusted.

“Fire!” The stoner kid next to me named Scott yelled, pointing at Lynne.

The room burst into complete pandemonium. Lynne started freaking out and running all around the room, while everyone ran out of the way of her path, trying not to get caught by the fire that was engulfing her hair. Mr. Anderson opened the door and screamed fire at the top of his lungs, and the hallways started to fill with panicked students. The only one who hadn’t budged an inch was me, because I was so stunned that I just sat there in my desk, my eyes open wide.

I had set Lynne on fire.

I had endangered other people’s lives.

I might kill someone!

The smell of burning hair filled the room, and people started to cough as the sprinklers finally kicked in, except it still didn’t extinguish the flames roaring across Lynne’s hair. They just stayed there, and I realized that the fire was made out of supernatural component, which meant that I was the only one who could put it out.

I jumped up from the desk, banging my knee on the inside, sending a stinging pain through my entire leg, and stumbled across the floor. I stared at Lynne, and she sent me a terrified look as she continued to scream at the top of her lungs. I felt bad for what I did, but in a way, the bitch kinda deserved it. You know, for being a bitch.

I pushed away my thoughts about letting Lynne rot and screwed my eyes shut. I’d set her on fire just by thinking it, right? So that meant I could extinguish it! I mean, I’m a creature of the sea, I’m pretty sure I could use the power of water by my own will. I imagined a sudden wave of water to fall down out of nowhere and put out the fire, and prayed that it would work. I opened my eyes and let out a groan when I didn’t see any water falling.

Fortunately, no one saw me completely fail because they were either running around crazily or trying to jump out of the windows, which they couldn’t figure out how to unlock. I balled my hand into a fist and squeezed, trying to will the water to extinguish the fire, and I heard a loud groan from the top of the ceiling.

A huge mass of water erupted from the ceiling and fell right onto Lynne, immediately putting out the fire. She started to choke on the water, and since everyone stopped freaking out since the fire was gone, Mr. Anderson pulled Lynne out from the sudden wave and patted her on the back until she spit up all the water she’d choked on.

I skedaddled (did I really just use the word skedaddled?) back to my seat, and just for the extra measure so no one would suspect, I imagined a lighter on Lynne’s desk, and to my surprise, it actually worked and one appeared right in the middle of her desk.

Mr. Anderson immediately saw the lighter on her desk and rounded onto her. “Lynne, you need to go to the office for the stunt you pulled today!” He said, giving her a wide-eyed look.

No one could believe it, how much they had freaked out over a small fire that was extinguished after like…five seconds after it started. The sprinklers had gone off even though the fire wasn’t even that big, and we were summoned into the gymnasium by Principal Adams. Suddenly, everything seemed like it was moving by so fast…my head was spinning.

On the walk to the gymnasium, I couldn’t help but stumble around, trying to catch my balance. I was so dizzy and feverish, I could barely even stand straight. I struggled not to topple over and crash into that stoner kid I sat next to, Scott, who sent me a weird look when I put out my hand and rested it on his arm to balance myself. I gave him a weak apologetic smile before stopping, letting the rest of the class go ahead of me.

I stopped and leaned heavily against the wall, my forehead pushed up against the cold, white brick. The gleaming wood floors suddenly seemed too slippery under my now-no-traction-left-Converse and I involuntarily did a split so that my left foot slid in front of the other one and I landed on my butt. I put my hand to my forehead, and I realized that I was literally burning up. I had to at least be like, 110 degrees! I felt my eyes close a little, and I struggled to keep them open.

Don’t pass out…wake up…I mumbled dizzily in my head. I couldn’t pass out, not now at least. Couldn’t I just wait until like lunch or something? Then I could just rest my head against the table and drift asleep…

My eyes opened up a sliver, and I noticed someone’s all black shoes standing before me. I weakly opened my eyes a little more, and found the person standing in front of me was no other than that guy, that guy who I had dubbed as Ivan’s brother. He had to be, he looked just like him. Just darker. I couldn’t believe I was going through this conversation with myself once again. Why do these people just keep appearing out of nowhere? I swear, I’m like the one person who can’t teleport.

He kneeled down on his knees, and flashed me an evil grin, definitely similar to Ivan’s devilish but amusing smile. He put his finger underneath my chin, and lifted my limp head upwards. I didn’t have the energy to protest or jerk away, since I was on the brink of passing out into total darkness. I felt my head tip back all the way, and he laughed. Apparently, that was funny.

“Alright, then. Time to come with me,” He whispered darkly. The Ivan-look-alike put his hands under my armpits and started to drag me up to my feet. When he tried to set me down, I immediately slumped back down onto my bottom on the floor. He gave a frustrated sigh and lifted me up once again, and I felt some power return back to the muscles in my hand. I gripped tightly onto his arm to balance myself, and was jolted when he was sent flying back across the floor.

Did I do that? I asked myself in my head, looking at him. He let out a low growl and began to stomp back over to me, and I lifelessly raised up my hands in defense. There was a transparent purple shield that suddenly covered me from head to toe. The Ivan-look-alike glared at me from behind my shield and backed away.

“This isn’t over, Ruler Melita.” He sneered my name like it left a bad taste in his mouth before a dark black pool of vexes and darkness surrounded him underneath his feet. He waved good-bye at me sarcastically before descending downwards into the portal he’d created.

Good…he’s gone. I breathed in my mind before finally collapsing to the ground and passing out.


Why, now just why, whenever I pass out, do I have these weird hallucinations/dreams?  Can’t a girl just have a normal fainting period and then awake in a somewhat normal place, like say, the place she initially passed out in? I mean, is that too much to ask? Seriously.

I awoke in Ivan’s house/space station thingy in the center of the room, on top of a round table. To my surprise, I found that I was strapped to the table by metal bands around my wrists and ankles. They pressed deeply into my skin, leaving angry red and purple bruises. Instead of being filled with bright light like it usually was, it was completely dark, save for the four women in different colored cloaks stood. There were surrounded in beams of light, all four of them, with their hoods pulled over their heads so I couldn’t see their faces.

“Melita,” The first cloaked woman started.

“Raphael,” Followed the second woman.

“Young,” The third obliged, while the fourth took off her black hood to reveal electric blue colored eyes, extremely similar to Ivan’s, that’s what they reminded me of. Her hair was a shining light blue-grey too, and they matched her eyes, shade for shade.

“You have been summoned.” She finished, training her eyes onto mine. I tried my best not to squirm under her hard stare, but it was hard not to.

I kept my gaze away from hers, but she didn’t hide that she was openly staring at me. “Uh, can someone tell me—,”

“Do not speak yet,” One of the cloaked women said. She stood next to the light blue haired woman. She slowly pulled down her hood to reveal her electric purple eyes. Just like the other woman, her hair matched her eyes, a dark purple shade that somehow didn’t seem too weird for a hair color for her.

“We have been watching you closely, Melita,” I turned to see the woman next to the violet-haired looking up at me, her nose and the rest of her face underneath visible to me. “We have watched you grow and take long strides to become the young woman you are today.” She said solemnly. She finally took off her hood, too, the irises of her eyes made up of pine greens and exceptionally bright ones. Her hair was a light sea green, which again, didn’t look too odd as a hair color for her.

“Who—,” I stopped myself by snapping my mouth shut as I remembered the violet woman told me not to speak. She said it snappily, and I wanted to retort something snarky back to her, but I decided against it. After all, they could have supernatural powers that were the complete opposite of mine; they actually work when you want them to unless you’re under stress or something, which is exactly what mine do.

“I know you’re confused,” The last woman said, the only one who hadn’t removed her hood. She kept her eyes locked to the wall behind me, as if she didn’t want to look at me. Her voice was low and gravely as she continued. “Who we are does not matter at this time. My sisters and I have summoned you for a very important ritual. To obtain true power, everyone must go through a state of loss. This is the time for that point in life to happen to you.”

They all stared at me expectantly, their eyes glued to me, unblinking. I stared back at them with a wide-eyed expression on my face, waiting for them to say something else.

“Oh.” I said stupidly. “Is this…the time for me to talk?” I said, feeling like a complete idiot.

I noticed the two women in the middle looked at each other with a pained expression on their face before ascending towards me beside the other two women. I shrunk back a little, lying back down on the table instead of sitting up to look at them. They descended around the table, staring at me the whole time with their suddenly seemingly cold stares full of different-colored irises.

The last woman finally lifted up her hood and let it fall against her shoulders. She revealed her eyes, just as mystic as the others, which were a metallic silver gray, similar to the creepy shade mine were now. Her hair was a light shade of silver, and fell into light waves down to her waist once it all toppled out of her hood. In a way, she looked a lot like me, in about ten years. It was strange, almost standing in front of a funhouse mirror.

The woman who looked like an older version of me lifted her gaze away and gave me a tight, sad smile. “I know the similarities are…striking.” She said, a sad look in her eyes. She tore her gaze away from me and rested her eyes on the wall. Any direction except the one I was in was good for her.

The others waited patiently for the silver-haired woman to turn back to me, as if she was the leader of the whole operation. They then returned all their attention back to me, and lifted their arms up and pointed their fingers directly at me. There was a shining orb of light that grew around the four women, and they began to slowly ascend towards the ceiling. All of their eyes were closed as if they were concentrating, and I could see that their mouths were moving slight in sync as they murmured words I couldn’t hear.

I was in too much awe and shock to even say anything. I was mystified by the whole event that I didn’t even notice that they were done doing their spell or whatever kind of ritual it was, and they had finally reopened their eyes.

“Water,” The blue-eyed woman said, holding out her hands. A blue orb of shining light floated out of her hands and floated down to the table, taking the place where she had once stood. I sat up slowly, anticipating what the other women would do.

The sea green-haired woman lifted up her hand at an angle so that her fingers were splayed out and pointed down. “Earth.” A similar action was done as the first orb of light, except this one was a dark pine green.

I know it was sad for me to say, having taken so long to realize, but I finally understood what they were doing. They were drawing out my elements; the powers that I could control under my finger tips. They were somehow condensed into these orbs of light. Somehow, they had some magical power over obtaining my powers (?)

“Wind,” Followed the violet-eyed woman, and a light purple orb floated down to me.

“And the power of the mystic.” The older-version-esque woman of me concluded. A white, gray, and black mix of colors floated inside the orb down to me. I stared at it, confused. Water, earth, wind, and the power of the mystic? What did that mean? Did they just combine the mermaid and siren part together in water orb, or where they trying to say something else? What did the power of the mystic mean, anyway?

The silver-haired woman floated back down to me gracefully, while the other three women stayed hovering in mid-air, looking at me expectantly.

“Which one…do you give up?” She asked, still pointedly looking away from me. “Which do you choose to lose?” She whispered, leaning in to hear my decision.

I was at a loss. I had to give up one of my powers? Where was this in the freaking memo? No one ever told me that I would have to give one of them up! I mean, I hadn’t quite adjusted to them yet by any means, but I still wanted to keep them! They separated me from everyone else; made me different. In a sort of good way, for once.

“I…I…” I struggled to come up with words. I couldn’t give any of them; they were important to all of me. And if I really did have to, I would give up the mermaid part, since the siren was so much better, but they were condensed into one! The power of the mystic…that wasn’t one I’d ever heard of. If I hadn’t heard of it, didn’t that mean I could just give that one up?

“I don’t choose any of them…” I said quietly, fearful for what they would say. I slowly looked up to gauge the reaction of the silver-haired woman.

“You must choose one.” She said solemnly, her eyes locked with mine.

Don’t choose the mystic… I heard a stray thought find its way into my head. I snapped back and up and saw that she was staring at me intentionally. That wasn’t me who said that. It was someone else. I was picking up stray thoughts from people now? Huh, I maybe couldn’t teleport – just yet, maybe – but was I gaining the skills of telepathy, besides just Ivan for some reason?

“I can’t let any of them go,” I pleaded. “They’re all apart of me, they belong to me. You can’t just take them away! I-I need all of them!”

“If she cannot choose one, then it has to be the power of the mystic, North Muse,” The violet-eyed one said, looking sternly at the silver-haired woman. “You know that. Take it away.”

“I am sorry, Melita.” The woman, the one who looked like me, said dejectedly. She turned towards me and I was surprised to see one tear roll down from her cheek and hit the table I was sitting on. Everything was so suddenly quiet, I felt as though I could hear it hit the table in a plopping noise.

I was suddenly lying down on my table, my back smacking hard against the surface. I was held against my will. Suddenly the room was filled with a bright light, so bright that it hurt my eyes so much that I winced once they flashed on. The other three “muses” or whatever the violet-eyed woman said suddenly disappeared, along with the other three orbs they had created. Instead, all that was left was the silver-haired woman, levitating the white, gray, and black colored orb levitating slightly above her hands.

“W-what’s going on?” I couldn’t help myself as my voice started to uncontrollably tremble. The only look I was received was a pained expression from the last woman standing, except not really, she wasn’t physically standing as I realized that she floating slightly above the floor.

I felt a sudden, deep burning pain in the middle of my chest, right where my heart was. It felt like there were continuous flames radiating from the center of my chest; I felt like I was being smothered by them. I wanted to clutch at my chest and scratch it out just so I could get this deep pain out of my chest. I wriggled and smacked against the table, trying to control myself, but I couldn’t help it. It was worse than any other pain I’d ever endured, a searing, acidic-fiery pain that was burrowing deeply into my chest. It was so painful I found myself gasping for breath after the whole ordeal was done, and I was profusely sweating.

“What the hell was that for?!?” I cried loudly to the woman, but she just looked away from me with a stony, solemn face. “Aren’t you going to answer me?” I pleaded.

She made a motion with her fingers that I didn’t understand, and I felt myself become plastered back to the table. Oh god, not another round. I begged in my head. Please, not another one.

I winced as I felt a deep stinging pain in my left arm. It felt like my body was freezing from the inside to the outside, like I was about to break in half. My limbs suddenly felt as if they were slowly being pulled apart, like a dislocated shoulder but times 1000. I felt tears well into my eyes and pool around, but they couldn’t fall since I was lying down. I wished that I could run away or just get out of these constraints, but I was held down tight. I had to endure the pain. Each time, I felt like as if a part of me was dying. And, technically, that was true.

“Please stop,” I whispered, still strapped down to the table. I heard a muffled cry from the woman, and I knew that seeing me in pain somehow hurt her. But why? I’d never even met her before. Hell, I should hate her for hurting me like this. But for some reason, I didn’t. I didn’t hate her; I felt respect for her. Call me crazy, but I couldn’t feel too angry at this woman.

“I’m sorry,” She repeated again, giving me a pained look. She turned her back towards me, and I knew that this one was going to be the last. But it was going to hurt just as much as the other.

I felt as if someone was pinning my shoulders down, but no one else was there. I tilted my head back, trying to get away as far as possible from the pain, but I knew it would be coming anyway.

My back was suddenly burning, itching. I wriggled around, almost convulsing to get away, but I felt claws dig deep into my skin, penetrating veins and arteries; just ripping through flesh and tissue so that they continued to the core, waiting to draw out and retract. The claws were finally yanked out of my back, making a sickening crunching sound as they retreated. I could feel the pain but I knew for a fact that there weren’t any physical claws scratching me; it was being controlled by something supernaturally that I couldn’t see.

The invisible claws started to rip down the front of my chest, dragging and leaving deep gashes behind in the process. The whole time, I was screaming for my life, and the silver-haired woman’s shoulders shook as she cried. If seeing me in pain hurt me so much, why didn’t she stop it? Why didn’t she put an end to these excruciating acts that were committed against me?

When the scratching was finally done, the mental constraints that strapped me down receded into the table, making a clanging sound as they did. I jumped up from the table immediately and ran around to the front of the woman, a raged look in my eyes.

“Why did you that?” I yelled at the top of my lungs, staring coldly at her. She didn’t say anything but turn her head away slightly so she couldn’t see me.

“You’re crying,” I observed. “Yet, you didn’t have that happen to you! You didn’t have to go through whatever that was! You have no reason to cry, you, you…”

“I said I was sorry,” She said, stony faced, as she turned back around.

“That’s all you have to say?!” I yelled, trying to get her to face me. “That’s all you have to say after stripping away from powers? Do you realize what you’ve done?! Those powers were apart of who I was! Why?” I continued to scream, hoping that she would realize the gravity of what she had did and give me them back.

“…Leave.” Was all she said, with a flick of her fingers. A pool of bright light appeared underneath my feet, and I was teleported of that hellhole.


I woke up crying and shaking uncontrollably, almost convulsing on a dark blue cot. I realized if I was lying on a cot, that meant I was in the nurse’s office. I felt someone shaking my shoulders, and I finally pried apart my eyes to find that it was Ivan with a worried look in his eyes.

“Ivan!” I cried, not even caring that I was pleading for his help. “She took them away! The orbs of light! My powers…they’re gone!” I cried, pulling onto his shoulders as I tried to control myself.

“What?” He held me by my arms and tried to calm me down, and I stopped shaking. “Someone took your powers? Who?”

“Muses…silver hair and eyes. She took them. She took them, Ivan.” I repeated, almost collapsing on the floor until Ivan caught me in his arms.

“Calm down,” He said, smoothing the back of my head. I wanted to, but I couldn’t believe it. Gone, my powers were gone, and I had just realized that I’d had them! And the woman acted like she cared, but she didn’t! Or else she wouldn’t have taken them away in the first place!

“They’re gone…” I sobbed repeatedly, shaking in Ivan’s arms. “Gone.” Was all I could say.

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