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Chapter Twenty-Eight

Once Ivan left and everything resumed, my mom woke up, and after seeing her oldest daughter with a black eye, she immediately freaked out and started to cry “my baby, my baby, I’m going to shank that son of a bitch” over and over. It was actually a pretty frightening experience; I had never heard my mother utter a word of violence. Well, unless if she was talking to me or Marshall, saying that she would kick our asses if we didn’t hurry up and get up for school.

We called the police, and what do you know, it was the two detectives I had met before at school, the twin brothers Detectives Elias and Hector Sanchez. They didn’t seem to remember me though, and that helped a little as though I wouldn’t have to think about to that day. That was a dark day, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll be forever pissed at Ryan for trying to pull that stunt with me. I swear, if I ever meet him on the streets, I’ll have Dre actually kill him this time instead of letting him get away.

We filled out a police report, and they asked if we would like to go to the hospital, and my mom made me. She wanted to be positively sure that I didn’t have some concussion and wasn’t going to die in like, two months or something like Brittany Murphy did. So sad. I liked her on King of the Hill.

They loaded me up in the ambulance, which was completely embarrassing since everyone had come outside to see why there were flashing siren lights. I even saw Mr. and Mrs. Jackson walk out their house, holding hands in a cute older couple way. I swear that I saw a flicker of strange light coming back from the house, and Mr. Jackson whispered something to Mrs. Jackson before leaving. Doubly suspicious.

It was even more embarrassing since the medics were convinced that they had to carry me in the back of the ambulance, and I was ticklish around my armpits, and I accidentally kicked one of the medics in his…how do I put this gently…baby maker and playpen area. He gave me a sour look the whole time to the hospital, while I was red-faced the whole time.

By the time I made it to the hospital, we saw my dad there and he gave me a panicked look as I entered through the doors. Luckily, doctors were able to treat their family members unless they became too attached, so I knew I would be in good hands once I reached the room. I sat on the bed, and waited until a nurse came to see me.

My mom arrived a little later, and she sat in a plastic chair next to my bed. “Oh Melita,” She sighed dejectedly, rubbing the bridge of her nose with her two fingers. “Why would someone want to hurt us? He kept asking for you. Do you know him?”

I scrambled quickly for a lie. What could I say that was actually believable? “Uh…uh…I-I uh…” I stuttered, kicking myself for not coming up with something sooner. “Oh! That was Evan…Mather. He asked me on a date, and I said no, and I guess he didn’t take it too well. He’s moving, so it was his last resort, and I think he just got tired of me saying no.” I explained.

“Goodness,” My mom sighed, looking even more tired than ever. “You’re generation is f-ed up, Melita.”

“Mom!” I gasped. My mom almost never cussed. “Did you just use the f word?”

An amused smirk crossed over her face. “I guess I did, didn’t I?”

She was seriously starting to creep me out. She didn’t sound like my mom at all. I mulled it over a second. She didn’t seem like my mom at all. Had somehow maybe Evan taken control over her body like he had done with me? If he had, how would I know for sure? I mean, I couldn’t walk around having an alien or whatever as my mom for the rest of my life. After all, that wasn’t even fair to her, the fact that some super asshole wanted to kill me for powers – that I didn’t even have anymore – and she got in the way. Not to mention that night he had taken over my body, and he was around my family. And they believed it was me. Well, everyone besides Mya. Did that mean she had a supernatural element within her, too? Ivan hadn’t really said that much about it, so probably not over anything.

We didn’t say anything as we waited for my dad to come to my room. The silence was somewhat awkward, but not as awkward as this one time when I had asked my neighbor next door Mrs. Cameron when she was due to have her baby, and she angrily informed me that she was not pregnant, just fat, according to my standards. Then she stormed inside her house and I was left outside, standing like an idiot, feeling really bad for pointing out her protruding stomach.

Story of my life: feeling awkward.

When my dad finally arrived, he started to check me out like any other patient; like I said, you can’t give family members special treatment. He found out soon enough that two of my ribs were broken while the rest were badly bruised. He told me I would have to do a CAT scan to see if anything else was wrong with me, because nothing visible was wrong with me. I immediately dreaded the CAT scan because I’m really claustrophobic, and being a small tube-like thing most definitely freaks me out.

I also found out that I was going to take painkillers for the rest of the week, and my dad was pretty amazed that I wasn’t crying in pain from my ribs, and he told me to go easy on the pills, and not you know, not binge on them and get addicted or anything like that.

It was a total bore for me, really, because I realized that I definitely couldn’t do the plan with Ivan and Dre tonight, not by a long shot. I telepathically sent to Ivan: Hey, the plan is called off for tonight, okay? We have to wait a little. I was disappointed that it had to wait, but in order to execute the plan successfully, I would need all the strength I needed, and having broken ribs definitely wasn’t going to help.


It was a drag for the rest of the day. Mom called off from work, and she took a nap until about 8 PM. When Mya came home, I could tell that she was still pretty pissed at me. I tried to say something to her, but she interrupted me.

“Don’t talk to me, Melita,” She growled, narrowing her eyes at me. Suddenly, my sister didn’t seem like a little kid to me; she seemed like a soon-a-pissed-soon-to-be-13-year-old.

“Marshall told me to tell you that he’s at Luna’s house and he’ll be back before dinner time.” She said before taking off her jacket and lugging her book bag behind her.

“Mya!” I called after her, feeling a pang of hurt run through my chest. Why was she so mad? Because I wasn’t spending every minute trying to protect her? And when I freaked out about Derek, why couldn’t she just understand that her growing up was going to take some getting used to? She didn’t have to be a bitch about it.

Oh my god. I gasped in my head, horrified. I just called my 12 year old sister a bitch. I’m the most terrible sister in the entire world. I deserve to die.

Well, maybe not exactly on the lines of dying, but still, that was pretty bad to do. But it wasn’t my fault! I can’t control what happens to me concerning the four-part hybrid side of me. I didn’t ask for any of this stuff; I didn’t sign up for it. Sisters were supposed to be each other’s side, and I was doing the best I could do for Mya. Hell, Marshall doesn’t even protect me that much and he’s my older brother; he’s supposed to take care of me, especially since he’s the second-in-command man-wise or whatever. So, in turn, Mya doesn’t have to get all pissy.

It was a split-second decision as I pushed through the hallway and shoved open Mya’s door to find her lying on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. I thought I saw a few tears trickling from her eyes, but I didn’t have time to examine them because she quickly wiped them away with her face and shot up into a sitting position.

“What the hell are you doing here, Mel?” She yelled. “Come any closer and I swear, I’ll freaking deck you.” She threatened.

What in the hell happened to my sweet, little 12 year old sister? All I knew that she changed and that it was for the worse. And I couldn’t let it go on. I couldn’t let Mya get angry and eventually develop depression, because I know what’s down that dark, twisted road, and it’s not a pretty picture. I couldn’t let Mya ruin the rest of her life because of me. That wasn’t fair to her.

“Mya, I’m getting real tired of you cursing like its okay, because it is not. Show some class and control yourself. Sit back down on that bed and you let me apologize to you, do you understand?” I said, sending her a serious death stare.

“Don’t go acting like you’re grown now, because you’re not, you’re still a kid. So listen what I have to say and stop acting like a three year old.” I said sternly, using my four year older authority voice over her.

She shrunk back a little from my tone, almost as if I had physically slapped her (something that I would never do, of course). She opened her mouth to protest, but when I gave her another no-nonsense look, she snapped it shut and plopped down on her bed.

“Scoot over,” I ordered, moving her feet over so I could sit down. “I mean, please.” I added, trying not to sound too mean.

Her eyes followed my every move, and there was fear in them. She was afraid of me, but only for that moment, I knew.

“Now,” I said, wrapping my arm around her shoulders, “Tell me what’s been wrong with you lately.”

I could tell that she immediately put a shield over herself. She was suddenly stiff under my touch, and her lips set into a firm line. She didn’t say anything, and I knew it was going to be tougher than I thought.

“Don’t get all pissy now,” I urged, rocking her a little underneath my arm. “Come on My, don’t ignore me now. I’m trying to talk to you.”

Mya looked up at me, her eyes full of tears. Her bottom lip and chin started to quiver uncontrollably, and she let out a whimper before burying her face into my shirt. I held her head closely, loving her like any good older sister should, and let her cry. And it wasn’t pretty crying, either. It was water works + snot + a whole slobber thing going on, so it wasn’t pretty. But I didn’t care. I could tell that our relationship was going back to normal. She still loved me.

“That’s the problem, Mel,” She cried, grasping onto my shirt tightly between my fingers. “Whenever I want to talk, you’re somewhere else. You’re gone. You’re never here anymore. It’s like…you don’t even care about m-me anymore.” She stuttered. She started to cry even harder, and I felt a few tears leak into my eyes, but they didn’t drop.

I hugged her closer. “I’m sorry if you felt that way, My. And I know that I’ve been gone lately, and I know that you’re used to having me around all the time. But it can’t always be that way.

“I’ll always try to make time for you, but you have to understand that my world can’t always revolve around you. We have lives, Mya,” I explained. “You should know that I would never ever stop caring for you. You’re my sister. I love you.” I said. Strangely, I didn’t feel tears roll across my face or anything. They almost brimmed over, but they suddenly evaporated while they were still in my eyes. Weird.

Maybe it’s just a side-effect from the hybrid thing? I tried to reason with myself inside my head. After all, when water touches my body, it does do that whole crystallizing thing. But then I remembered: I don’t even have powers anymore. The Muses took them away. So how did I still have the side effects of them? Were they not fully gone or something?

I turned my attention back to Mya, who finally stopped crying as she wiped her nose with the back of her sleeve. Gross, but still cute in a kid-sister kind of way. It reminded me of the days when she was little, and didn’t even know what cursing was. I know I had said it a million times before, but Mya had grown a lot more than I originally thought. In my head, she was still a five year old. Man, getting old was depressing…

“Sorry for saying all those mean things to you, Mel,” She apologized, looking a little embarrassed. “I didn’t want to say those…words, but I was just angry at you.”

“Yeah, sorry for getting so freaked out about Derek,” I mumbled. I hate apologizing. It was a difficult thing for me, I have to admit. “It’s just…there’s a lot of stuff going on with Dre, and I’m not sure if the same, er, things would happen to Derek too.”

Mya cocked her head to the side. She really looked like Mom, where I on the other hand, didn’t really look like anyone, actually. I sort of looked like my mom and dad, but there were other features that were foreign to the rest of my family. And I probably got those from Aerial. God, I hate her…

“What things? Is there something wrong with Dre?”

Oh shit. How am I supposed to explain this? I hate lying to her, but I think I’m gonna have to.

“Uh…” I mumbled. “You see, My, he…”

“Oh, is he worried about his mom?” She cut in. “Derek said that Dre went to the rehab center and they told him that she relapsed. For like, the fourth time.”

Dre’s mom relapsed again? I echoed in my head, shocked. Why didn’t he say anything? Oh right, I barely even saw him today. I was too busy being caught up with Ivan after almost get suspended…oh man. I need to get my priorities straight, seriously. I scolded myself.

“Yeah, he’s worried about his mom,” I lied, going along with what she said. “And it really affects who he is, you know? So, I figured I should just give him space for a little while and I was thinking you should do the same for Derek,” I gave her a pressing look; my eyes staring deeply into hers as if I could force her to do what I said.

“No prob!” She said like it was no big deal. She leaned in and hugged me. “Alright, you should leave now, I have to do my math homework and you talk too much.” She said as she practically pushed me out the door, smiling at me the whole time.

“Yeah, love you, too!” I said sarcastically before trailing back down to my room. So, I solved one problem with Mya, and I still have thousands of others to solve including people who powers and could easily crush me under their iron fist, which includes:

  • Aerial: Number One Super Bitch who happens to be one of my “mothers”
  • Evan: Dark twin of Ivan who’s hell-bent on capturing my powers, even though I don’t have them anymore (kinda)
  • Dre’s dad: Who I haven’t even met yet, but he wants Dre to kill me since we’re sworn enemies, apparently
  • And anyone apart of the Twilight Realm and branches from Aerial and Dre’s dad

I am so screwed.


The rest of the day was uneventful, which really surprised me. I was used to people barging in the house or stopping time to talk to me, or getting sucked into people’s minds for a long period of time before returning to this “dimension” or “realm” or whatever you wanted to call it. Not to mention the fact that I had Spanish homework and I didn’t take my textbook, so I was also screwed over in that area. But, I don’t think that mattered as much as my other problems did.

Around 5, two hours before dinner, I started to get annoyed with talking to myself. You can only spend so much time mulling over things in your mind without getting bored, and I felt like I hadn’t been social with other people in years, when in reality, it had only been an hour ago. I guess that’s pretty sad; I’m like, always at home unless I’m with Brite or Dre – or Charlie for the matter, but I don’t want to think about that bastard right now – it’s not like I’m out at parties every weekend and everything, because I’m a pretty big loner, actually.

But anyways, I became really tired of listing my problems over and over again in my head. Because there are other people out there who have real problems and not this kiddish stuff I’m dealing with. Not that my problems aren’t serious, because they are, considering that usually contain life and death situations, but still.

I flipped on the T.V. and tried to watch a little bit of South Park, but it wasn’t really even doing anything for me, no matter how many times Kenny died while Stan and Kyle freaked out for a few seconds. Hell, I wasn’t even tempted to watch Regular Show, and that’s sometimes peoples’ lives! Well, not really anyone besides Mya likes it that much I guess, because she has T-shirts and DVDs and she even has a stuffed doll of the character on there named Mordecai.

“Mya! Melita! Time for dinner!” My mom screamed at the top of her lungs as she stood at the top of the staircase. “Hurry up!” She continued to yell.

I rolled my eyes at my mom’s extremely loud (and unnecessary) yelling before lazily rolling off my bed. I gathered up from my knees onto my feet and trudged up the stairs, feeling so tired and spent-out. I wonder if Mom will let me stay home tomorrow…I thought to myself silently.

I caught Mya walking down the hallway to the kitchen as I arrived, and poked her in the side, causing her to shriek in a high octave. She sent me a glare, but smiled afterwards. We plopped down next to each other at the table, and waited expectantly for Mom to sit down while Dad sat and read the newspaper. His beard was starting to grow back, and I was always amazed as to how fast that thing grew. He could literally shave it one day and it’ll grow back the next. Because my dad is just that amazing.

“Where in the hell is Marshall?” My mom grumbled as she set the food on the table.

“He’s at Luna’s house, Mom,” Mya replied, shoving a piece of bread in her mouth. I sent her a look that said, ‘What the hell?’ but she just shrugged. “But he said he would be back.”

Mom shook her head as she took the receiver off the phone base and started to dial Marshall’s cell phone. “That boy is going to be the death of me.”

I raised my eyebrow as I poured a little bit of gravy over my mashed potatoes. “If he was the death of you, wouldn’t you be dead already?” I asked sarcastically.

“Melita, stop belittling your mother,” Dad said, but I could see the corners of his mouth raise above the paper.

As Mom put the phone to her face, I could hear someone insert keys into the knob and jingle around before opening the door, and entered Marshall and Luna, with wide but somewhat nervous grins on their faces. I sent Marshall a questioning look, but he just winked at me and didn’t say anything else.

Mom let out a huffy sigh as she set the phone back on the base. “Marshall, what have I told you? I don’t care if you’re not coming home, just call, alright? Do you know how upset I am when it’s almost midnight and I haven’t even heard a call from you yet?” She scolded, giving him a pissed off look.

“Sorry, Ma,” Marshall said immediately, but I could tell he didn’t really mean it. Just a routine between the two of them whenever Marshall did something stupid, which was usually always.

“And why didn’t you tell me we where going to have company?” She said before turning and giving Luna a big grin. “Not that I don’t mind. It’s always a pleasure to see you, Luna.”

Luna shyly muttered a thank-you and then dinner began. It was a little off-putting, since Marshall and Luna were sitting right next to me, and they kept intertwining and locking their hands together before smiling at each other and then continued to eat. I don’t think anyone else noticed it, but it still creeped me out a little. Why were they so happy all of sudden? Marshall is the type of guy who’s either mad or neutral; not in between. Seeing him happy was – sadly – a rare and almost frightening sight for me.

“Have you noticed how much Marshall has been cheesing tonight?” I whispered in Mya’s ear as I leaned into her.

She gave me a dubious look as she cocked her right eyebrow. “Cheesing? You mean smiling?” She paused to look over at Marshall, who was staring at Luna and still grinning from ear-to-ear. Mya shrugged as she said, “Maybe they’re just happy to be together or whatever since they broke up that one time a few years ago.”

But I knew that wasn’t it. They were hiding something from us. Something important. I didn’t care what it was; I was going to crack Marshall and he was going to tell me. After all, I had to know, I was the nosy only-a-few-years-younger-sister.

A few minutes later, Marshall interrupted everyone else’s conversation. “Mom. Dad. Luna and I have something to tell you.” He whispered, barely able to contain his excitement.

Oh shit. I cursed in my head. Luna’s not…

“Oh God, please don’t tell me she’s pregnant!” My mom blurted as she covered her hand with her mouth. “Damn it Marshall, your father didn’t have those talks with you just for fun! We were serious! Oh God, what are we going to do?!?” She shrieked.

“Mom, calm down!” Marshall yelled. “Luna’s not pregnant! Why do you always skip to that conclusion?”

“Because everyone can totally hear you at night!” Mya cut in, giving Marshall a skeptical look. “We can all hear you sneaking out, you know! Newsflash: you’re not the most nimble person in this family!” Mya said sarcastically.

“Why the hell is everyone yelling at me?” Marshall said, raising his hands in defense mode. “I said I had great news to tell you guys, and you immediately assume that Luna is pregnant. What the hell!”

I watched as a stand-by while my entire family erupted into complete chaos. Marshall was making all kinds of wild hand gestures, saying he was getting attacked by Mya and Mom, while Mya continuously yelled about how obviously loud Marshall was when he tried to sneak out at night, and Dad just sat there with a disapproving look on his face. And all the while, I just sat there at the table in silence. Because I had an idea of what Marshall had done.

We were all surprised as the doorbell rang, echoing through the house and stopping all the yelling/screaming matches. Mom’s head whipped towards the door.

“Who could that be?” She turned back to Marshall. “You didn’t invite anyone else, did you?”

“Don’t look at me!” He said defensively. “All I invited was Luna. No one else, I swear.”

I was a little confused for a second, but then I realized. Ivan and Dre. Oh, shit. That’s just perfect! I yelled in my head. I could kick myself, for being how stupid I was! Of course Ivan hadn’t heard my little telepathic message; I didn’t even have powers anymore! Stupid me!

Wait, if I don’t have powers, then why was I able to send Ivan that message when Evan was at my house? He said he heard me call for him, yet this time, it didn’t work. Was it because Evan was there or something?

Wait, who the fuck cares, I have a bigger problem in my hands right now! I scolded myself.

“Fuck!” I said quietly under my breath, but I could tell that Mya heard me from her concerned expression. “I’ll get it!” I added and didn’t wait for a response and I sprinted towards the door.

And of course, standing there was Dre and Ivan, looking expectantly. I physically and literally face palmed as they stood there, and dragged my palm down my face. Fuck me…I groaned in my head.

An alarmed look crossed over Ivan’s face and he grinned widely at me. “Not right now, Mel! Perhaps later.” He joked, leaning in so that his breath tickled my ear.

“You pervert,” I said through gritted teeth, “Get out.

“Why?” Dre asked, giving me a disappointed look. “Did we come too early or something?”

“That’s what she said,” Ivan snorted.

“That’s what he said if he’s gay,” Dre replied, and they started laughing like crazy. Since when had these guys become the two best buddies of the world? What in the hell happened while I was gone?

“You idiots!” I said fiercely under my breath so no one in the house would hear me. “I sent Ivan a telepathic message that the plan was off for tonight! We need to do it in a few days; I’m not going to be able to do it tonight!”

“Mel, who’s at the door?” I heard my mom call from the kitchen.

“No one, Mom! Just uh…they were lost! They meant to go to the Jacksons’ house!” I lied. “No need to come in here!” But I was already too late as I heard my mom enter in from behind me.

“Oh. More people,” She said, giving me a WTF look and smiling pleasantly at Dre and Ivan. “Mel, if you invited your friends to dinner, you didn’t have to lie, you could have just told me!”

“Actually, they were just leaving,” I said through gritted teeth, turning back to the two of them. “I’m sure they have to get home and…do their homework or something.”

Dre waved his hand dismissively. “Nah, I finished it all at 7 Eleven. Plus, since it was Ivan’s first day, they went easy on him.”

“Well, you should probably go home and make sure Derek eats,” I said, staring at his eyes so I could send him a look that said, ‘Get. The. Hell. Out. Now.’, but he just stared blankly right back at me.

“Actually, Derek’s at Eric’s house,” Ivan cut in, smiling at me widely, like always. “Dre and I caught up at 7 Eleven, and then we came over. Since you invited us.” He enunciated, tilting his head a little to the side.

“Mel, you’re being a bad host,” My mom scolded as she hit me from the back of the head. Not enough to hurt me or anything like that, but enough that it annoyed me and wished I could kick Dre and Ivan’s asses right then and there.

“Come on in, Dre. And Ivan, is that what your name is?” They followed right behind so that I was left standing there alone, staring out the door, wishing I could be anywhere but there.

Reluctantly, I slammed the door closed and trudged back to the kitchen table. As I was about to sit, of course, my mom had to yell at me.

“Don’t sit down yet! Get the two extra chairs from the closet!” She said. “It’s always nice to have guests. Especially when it includes Melita’s friends.” My mom continued as I walked down the hallway to the closet. She was so mean to me, yet she treated my friends like they were her own children. I will never understand my mom. She’s psychotic. But, then again, I’m just like her, so I think I just called myself psychotic. How delightful.

Everyone moved their chairs out and spaced themselves out so that I could sit Dre and Ivan’s chairs right next to mine. We all sat down, and it seemed like one big happy family. That is, until Mom and Dad resumed yelling at Marshall and I sat there with a pissed-off expression on my face. God, this was going to be a horrible night.

“You haven’t even listened to what I have to say!” Marshall yelled, trying to get a word in edgewise. “I said good news, not bad! Everyone just needs to calm down and listen to me!”

I felt Dre elbow me in the side. He sat next to me on the left, while Mya was still on my right. She looked amused at the thought of Dre and I whispering to each other, and I could practically read her mind: They’re totally dating and she’s lying to me. Which we really aren’t dating, and I don’t understand why everyone else can’t accept that, because I sure as hell have after everything we’ve been through together.

“What’s this all about?” He whispered, gesturing towards Marshall and Luna.

I let out a dejected sigh before answering. I folded my fist underneath my chin, planting my elbow into the table. “Marshall said that he and Luna had some good news to tell everyone, and Mom and Dad assumed that Luna was pregnant and really, that’s as far as we’ve gotten.”

Dre simply nodded before momentarily giving me a half squeeze around the waist. It left me red-cheeked and embarrassed, but I didn’t say anything to him. I couldn’t let myself fall in too deep, before he got all moody again and changed his mind. Since he was convinced that we couldn’t be together – even though all we had to do was just kill his father – yet he was sending me all these mixed signals. Dre had the mixed emotions of a pregnant woman.

Did I just compare Dre to a pregnant woman? I thought to myself. Wow, I really do need to get my priorities straight.

I looked up to find that Marshall standing up at the table, a peaceful look crossed over his face. “Mom,” He gestured to Mom, “Dad.” He turned to Dad.

“Luna and I are married.” At this point, Luna stood up next to Marshall, who pulled out her hand and flashed her finger to show a ring planted firmly on her hand. It was the ruby ring, the one Marshall had shown me the first time he had proposed to Luna, and she had said no.

Wait a second. The party…Marshall said he was celebrating. He was celebrating his marriage with Luna! They’ve been married since like…Saturday, and they’ve been waiting to tell us until now! I slowly realized in my head.

Mom’s eyes turned to the size of moons with her jaw literally dropping open, while Dad just sat there, too stunned and shocked to say anything. Mya stopped shoveling broccoli in her mouth, freezing in mid-air while Dre and Ivan just sat there looking awkward. I was the first one to break the silence.

“Holy shit.” I breathed, staring with my mouth open. Mom didn’t even scold me on cussing in front of Mya.

There was an even more awkward silence after my small outburst, and we were all left staring at Marshall in disbelief. Out of all people, it wouldn’t seem like Marshall would ever get married; let alone, propose to the same girl twice. It just didn’t fit his tough exterior. Yet, it was reality, and it was happening right now.

“So…” Ivan suddenly said, dragging out the ‘o’. Everyone’s heads whipped around to look at him. “She’s not pregnant, but you’re still getting married?”

It was at that moment the front door flew open and walked in a very pissed off looking Aerial.

A/N: Hey there. Why am I saying hey, you’ll probably never respond to this??!? Anyways, I just wanted to say, um, sorry if I take longer to update…the story’s getting closer to the end and that’s when everything just totally falls apart. Because you have to actually PLAN the ending. And I don’t plan ANYTHING! So I get to the ending, and you have to think about it because it has to be insanely EPIC, and I’m like, ah shit what in the hell am I supposed to write…

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