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Chapter 29 (v.1)

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Chapter Twenty-Nine

“Oh shit, get down!” Were the first words Dre blurted out of his mouth before he pushed me down from the chair and collapsed on top of me.

“You!” I heard Aerial roar. I was afraid for my family’s safety, but throughout the chaos, I could see that no one was moving. Either Ivan had stopped time, or Aerial had.

Ivan’s chair clattered to the floor as he threw himself out of his seat onto the floor. There was a sudden thundering clap in the sky, and I watched in horror and amazement as the roof of the house was torn off by a strong wind roaring through the entire house.

The floor flew off, revealing a purple celestial-looking sky. There was an angry looking tornado right above us, and was continuously circling around on top of the house. I looked to Aerial and found her head tilted up to the sky with her eyes closed. She had her palms raised upwards, and I saw that the force of wind was rising from her hands, and was creating the tornado above. It didn’t take me long to realize that it wasn’t a tornado, but a portal that was opening, letting out tons of vexes of all shapes, sizes, and shades of black.

The vexes flew out of the portal, descending inside the house and some in other directions that I couldn’t quite see. There was another thundering clap, and there was a suctioning sound emitted from the swirling portal. I watched in horror as the great wind tidal began to suck up everything from the house: the fridge, chairs and tables, the couch; cabinet doors swung open and ripped off before getting sucked into the portals.

“Dre!” I heard Ivan call. I looked over to find him slowly crawling over us. Aerial was too busy creating the wind, and didn’t see him approaching us. “I need your help!” He yelled, most of his voice getting carried away by the wind.

“We can’t stop her!” Dre yelled back, momentarily flicking my hair away as it got stuck in my mouth. “She’s too powerful! We would need a force way bigger than the two of us to stop her!”

They needed a power greater than the both of them. Since I was a four-part, didn’t that mean I was one of the most powerful out of the two of them? I know that my powers were stripped away, but I had also noticed that whenever I was around someone who did have powers, I could use mine. I was around Dre and Ivan, so that meant that I could use them, right?

There’s only one way to find out. I tried to reassure myself. I couldn’t just stand by and watch Aerial tear apart the only world that I knew. I couldn’t let her do that. I don’t know why, but I looked at Dre momentarily before giving him a small kiss on the cheek and flashing Ivan a thumbs-up before rolling from underneath Dre. They gave me questioning looks, and I could hear them yelling, but I couldn’t understand exactly what they were saying since the wind was so loud.

I pushed against the current, buckling a little at the knees as I tried to cross the small space from the table to Aerial. I was surprised that the rest of my family didn’t go flying from the table, but I did notice as I got up that the table was rocking back and forth violently, as if it were loosening and starting to get sucked up like the rest of the furniture. I didn’t know where the hell that portal led to, but I knew that I couldn’t let them get sucked up in it.

“Aerial!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, trying to get her attention. I flinched when she stopped focusing on the wind – losing a little bit of its force in the process – and flashed her yellow/amber snake eyes at me.

“I don’t need the rest of them, Melita,” She said, focusing her creepy eyes on me and flicking her forked tongue out at me. “All I need is you. Come with me, dear. Just come with me and everything will be okay.” She said in a sugary sweet tone, holding her hand out to me.

I didn’t believe her for a second, of course. I knew that she wanted my powers and was trying to convince me to go with her. But, if all she needed was me for the sake of my family's safety…

“Melita, don’t do it!” I heard Ivan shout from behind me. I turned around and found him reaching out to me with one hand. “Don’t do it! There are other ways! Don’t listen to her!”

“Silence!” Aerial yelled, flicking her fingers and sending a chair flying straight into Ivan. He was smacked by the force and smashed into a cabinet, but he was fully knocked out, I could tell.

I could be selfish by telling Aerial to buzz off, deciding the fate of my family and/or possibly the entire human race, or, I could give up myself and save everyone else.

I didn’t even have to waste a second thinking about it.

I nodded sincerely, even cracking a little smile in Aerial’s smile. “I’ll go,” I whispered. “I’ll go with you!” I yelled louder this time, outstretching my hand.

Aerial smiled menacingly at me before grabbing my hand pulling me towards her. “Good girl.” She whispered, smiling devilishly at me.

After she grabbed me, the wind was gone, and the portal closed, cutting off the vexes. Aerial set her eyes onto me, and then started to open her mouth wide, letting her teeth grow into long fangs that jutted out unnaturally from her mouth. She seemed to enjoy herself, letting her forked tongue slide out and flick at me playfully, as if this was a fun experience for her or something.

Now or never. I repeated in my mind, staring fearfully into Aerial’s yellow eyes. I closed my eyes, as if I were fainting, and outstretched one arm as I heard her jaw crack open. With my hand open and my palms out, I whispered, “Aerial.”

I could feel her lean into me. “Yes, dear?”

I quickly opened my eyes. “You’re a bitch.” I whispered through my gritted teeth. I focused all my energy onto my palm, and let out a cry of joy when a ball of flame appeared in my hand. Before Aerial could jerk away, I smashed my hand into her face, letting the flames rage across her skin.

She let out a piercing screech, loud enough that I could feel my ears ring afterwards. I heard the winds rush through the house again, and the portal opened up once again.

“Die!” I yelled, using both hands to run the flames against her skin. Each time I landed a ball of fire on her, the wind current’s force become stronger. We slowly started to lift off the floor, getting pulled into the portal above, but I couldn’t focus on anything other than Aerial.

“Mel!” I heard Ivan say, but his voice seemed so distant away from my ears. I was too busy scrambling and fighting with Aerial in mid-air as she grasped wildly at me, trying to stop my hands from touching her. But I was hell-bent on hurting her, and I could feel my entire body heat up until I burst into flames. I was surprised to find that the fire didn’t hurt me, and that’s when I realized the flames were radiating from me.

I, Melita Raphael Young, was the embodiment of fire. How. Freaking. Epic. Was. That?!? I had a total freak out moment, I just wanted to do some weird and spazzy victory dance and tell everyone to suck it because I just became 10% more sick. Not sick as in like, you know, bad, but the good kind. Then I realized that I should stop freaking out and focus on my fight with Aerial.

Let me put on record that burning hair smells really bad. And it was really getting trapped in my nostrils, since Aerial and I were locked in combat, trying to get the other one to let go and basically plummet to their death. This bitch had an iron grip on me, so it was a total advantage with the whole being-on-fire-thing so that every time she tried to push me away, her skin ignited and basically fell off.

It was a cool, but still frightening experience.

I couldn’t really focus on one thing anymore, though. Not only because Aerial was screaming at the top of her lungs and trying to claw at my face, but also because Ivan was repeatedly calling my name in a panicked voice, and I couldn’t look down because obviously, again, I would have plummeted to my death.

As we neared closer and closer to the portal – just how in the hell were we just suddenly floating off the ground?? Oh yeah, because of the strong wind current that Aerial created… - I could hear a really loud crashing sound coming from the inside. The portal itself was a dark midnight black, where multiple vexes would literally just tumble out and land on the ground. Vexes always creeped me out, just because how shifty and jittery they were with their weird yellow eyes.

Aerial let out another loud cry that vibrated through my ears before she finally let go of me, and started to ascend quickly into the portal above us. It was then I realized how stupid I was, thinking that I would fall back down to the ground, when obviously, the portal was the force that was pulling us up. Total blonde moment there, and I’m as far away as you can get from blonde, really.

I looked back down to see Dre and Ivan fight off the hundreds of vexes that had gathered on the ground. Oddly, the table where my family was sitting was still doing the rocking back and forth movement, but it still hadn’t budged from its place. I didn’t understand how it was staying there, or why, but I didn’t have much time to think because I started to freak out, since I was about to get sucked into this portal wherever it ended.

“You guys!” I yelled, cupping my hands around my mouth. “Help! I’m really starting to freak out!” I involuntarily whined. I looked up to see that I was only a few feet away from the portal, and after those few feet, I would be kaput.

Ivan started to say something, but the sound of the portal blocked out my hearing. The next thing I knew, my ass was literally getting sucked in, while I outstretched one hand, hoping that they could save me. To my amazement, after lifting my hand, Dre and Ivan started to float – at a faster rate than I had with Aerial – towards me.

Ivan grabbed onto my shoe, looking a little startled at my ‘fiery’ complex while Dre grabbed onto Ivan’s shoes. It was then I was sucked in, halfway bent over, ass first, into the portal with Ivan and Dre hanging on tightly to me.


Whenever I wake up, there’s a song in my head. I don’t know why. I mean, I could understand if I happened to listen to my iPod or something right before I went to sleep, but sometimes, it’s songs I hate. Like “Walking on Sunshine” or some One Direction song. Gross. Then other times, it’s an epic song like “I Need A Doctor” or “New Divide”. But then, it gets stuck in my head, and by first period, I’m literally slamming my head against my locker – which usually gets me pretty weird, questioning looks – trying to knock it out of my brain. This, of course, mostly never works.

So, I was really surprised when I woke up with “Without Me” by Eminem, because I was sure that meant something bad happened. Because I don’t like thinking about that song because I think what would really happen if there wasn’t an Eminem on this earth anymore, and I would be so sad and depressed because he’s one of my favorite rappers. And since I woke up with that in my head, I knew that I was probably in deep shit.

“Fuck,” I groaned automatically as my eyes creaked open. I had a seriously pounding headache, the kind that physically makes your head feel sore. It was really annoying me though, it hurt just to look up at the blinding sun shining down on me.

Jesus, where I am? The desert or something? It’s hotter than hell! I whined to myself. I finally found the strength to actually open my eyes all the way and then shielded them with the back of my arm. From the small glance I had taken, it looked like we really were in the desert.

“Twilight Realm,” I heard Dre say. I sat up – a little too quickly as I felt the blood rush to my head – and saw that he was doubled over coughing up sand. Because we were really, actually, and physically in a dry desert.

“Aerial sent us to the Twilight Realm,” Ivan said. I turned to find him standing a few feet away from me, a look of scorn written across his face. “God, what the hell?” He whined.

I slowly got up on my feet, bracing one of my hands on my knees. I held up my arm, still shielding my eyes from the insanely bright sun. My throat was dry, really dry, as if I hadn’t drank any water in years. I could barely stop myself from coughing up basically air, and a little bit of sand.

“Why do I have a mouthful of sand?” I coughed, patting my hand to my chest. “And why in the hell are we in the desert?”

There were plumes and plumes of dark sand ahead of us, almost never ending it seemed. The hot sun was beating down on us, I swear I could literally see my light olive tone morphing into a medium brown color. Poor Ivan was turning red while Dre just looked normal, really.

“She’s trying to get rid of us,” Ivan said, grimacing against the sun. “That was her back-up plan if you didn’t go with her,” He sent me an angry look with his eyes narrowed at me. “Which you totally scared us! We thought you had chosen sides with her!”

I felt myself blush and saw that Dre was giving me a pissed off look, too. “Aw come on, don’t blame me! What else was I supposed to do? She was going to tear up all of Baltimore if I didn’t stop her!”

“Yeah, actually, it was kinda cool when you burst into flames,” Dre said sheepishly, giving me a half smile. “How did that happen? I thought the muses had taken away your powers.”

I whipped around and sent Ivan a glare. “Ivan, what the crap?! You told him? I told you to wait until the plan!”

“Well, I thought the plan was still on until Aerial burst in for whatever reason and blew up everything! You said that we would do it tonight!” Ivan said, shielding himself with his hands as if my words were physically attacking him.

“I told you telepathically that the plan was off!” I retorted.

Dre sent me a confused look, his eyebrows scrunching together. He looked really cute when he was tired or confused, I had always thought that. It was nice to see him show other emotions, since he was always so calm. It was so hard to embarrass him sometimes…it annoyed the shit out of me since he knew every embarrassing thing about me, but not the other way around.

Focus, dude. One part of myself reminded me. I found myself reluctantly blushing as I realized that I had thought the words “cute” related to Dre. That was so…girly and childish. Not like me at all. Well, I’m immature – in a good way, I hope! – but talking about crushes and boys is all too…elementary. To prissy. That part’s not like me at all.

“Wait. But I thought the muses took your powers,” Dre countered, looking seriously confused (which meant even cuter. Damn it brain, focus!). “You got them back?”

I let out a huffy sigh. “It’s a…long story,” I suggested, folding my arms across my chest and cocking one hip to the side.

“We’ve obviously got time before we get out of this hellhole,” Ivan said sarcastically.

“Grr, fine!” I growled, rolling my eyes. “I noticed that whenever I’m around someone who actually still has their powers, I can use mine. So when Evan was basically beating the crap out of me, I was able to send you that message since he has powers, I’m assuming.”

“Wait, what?!” Dre cried. “Did you say Evan was beating the crap out of you? What the hell, man?”

I shook my head furiously, standing between the two of them with my hands out so that Dre wouldn’t pounce on Ivan and pummel him, because I know he would.

“No, not Ivan, Evan. His twin brother. He’s the one who was beating the crap out of me. He wanted my powers.” I explained, giving Dre a look that read “settle down”.

“Yeah, no need to get angry, Dre,” Ivan said, a worried look on his face. “Just calm down, alright?”

“When the hell did you guys get all buddy-buddy?” I said, getting a little frustrated. “And why are we in the desert? Why did the muses take my powers away? Why the fuck do I have so many questions?!” I yelled, feeling a rare temper tantrum start to arise.

“Everyone calm down!” Ivan said, raising his voice a little. I noticed that his eyes changed from the light blue to white. Did it have something to do with his powers? What were Ivan’s powers, anyway? The time thing, the seeing the future thing, and the teleportation, which someone (everyone but me, it seems) had. Was that all? I know that we had gone over this, bust still, everything was still jumbled. Hell, I was supposed to rule over a kingdom that I knew nothing about, I think I had an excuse to be freaking out a little.

“Dre, I forgot to tell you that I have an evil identical twin – yes, I get the irony – who is dark and works with Aerial and possibly your dad,” Ivan said in a rushed voice before turning to me.

“Mel, I understand that you have a lot of questions and that you’re frustrated, but we just need to put that aside know, all the why’s and the what’s, and just figure how in the hell we’re going to get out of here, okay? Alright, everyone, break!” He yelled, smiling a little bit at the end.

I was barely even affected by Ivan’s so-called speech before good-naturedly rolling my eyes and turning to Dre, “Well, since you’re the only sane person here,”

“Hey!” Ivan interrupted.

“Why can’t we just use teleportation to get out of here?” I continued.

“The Twilight Realm messes with our powers,” He explained gently, looking into my eyes the whole time. I had a hard time focusing on what he was saying because I was too busy looking at Dre’s eyes. They were just so brown. Not too dark, not too light like an amber color, but a just in between color, just right like Goldilocks. I loved his eyes. He made me love the color brown. Hell, he made me wish I had eyes that were as beautiful as his.

I saw Ivan roll his eyes in my peripheral vision. “God, get over yourself Mel. The only reason we’re not ripping out each other’s throats is because he won the bet.” He said. When I whipped my head over to stare at him, he covered his mouth quickly with his hand. “I mean…crap…”

“Bet?” I turned back around to Dre, a feeling of dread rise in my chest. “What is he talking about? You guys placed a bet on me?”

I watched as Dre noticeably turned from his cool and calm position to a nervous one, where he couldn’t even look at me in the eyes. “Mel, it’s not even that big of deal. He didn’t mean— ”

“Don’t tell me what I need and don’t need to know!” I yelled, getting angry. “Now someone tell me what bet they’re talking about, or I’m going to crack some skulls!” I yelled, even starting to pant a little.

They knew I could hurt them. After all, I’m supposedly the one with the most powerful of powers that can’t even be totally stripped away correctly. I saw a look pass between the both of them, and I felt like sinking towards the ground and bawling my eyes out. They placed a bet on me, to see who could use me the fastest. That was it, wasn’t it? Of course it was. Who in their right mind would want this?

“I can’t believe the two of you.” I said quietly, sending them extreme looks of hurt. I didn’t even wait for the two of them to say anything; I just started walking in the opposite direction of the sun, away from them.

“Mel, wait!” I heard Ivan say. I could hear him running after me, but I didn’t stop walking. If he really cared about me, he would catch up.

“You didn’t even listen to the whole story!” Dre protested. “It’s not what you think!” I heard him finally catch up with Ivan standing behind him as I turned around to glare at them. “Mel, stop.”

I finally stopped walking and spun around. “Why? Why should I stop? You guys both made it clear that you don’t really care about me. I was just a…sick game for the two of you.” I said, holding my hand to my eyes so that I wouldn’t cry.

“Melita, you stop right there,” Dre said sternly. I reluctantly lifted my eyes to his, his voice was so aggressive in commanding, that I couldn’t help myself. He stepped even closer to me, so that I had to lift my eyes to be level with his own.

“Yes, the bet thing was stupid,” He admitted sheepishly. “But, it’s also not what you think. We weren’t betting on exactly who would…get “with” you,” I blushed, at the ‘get with’ part. “We flipped a coin, and whoever won would be able to get with you without the other one getting mad. We would get out of the other one’s way, and they couldn’t butt in.”

I stepped back, and looked at the two of them. They looked sincere enough and everything, and I could tell they were telling the truth. But, I just couldn’t believe it. Me, Melita Young, have two guys like her??!? Hell, even just one would be a miracle! Not that I give off total lesbian vibes – even though, you know, I don’t have a problem with lesbians or anything like that, let me assure you – but still, people always go for the…classically pretty type. Like Brite. I swear, no one cares about us dark brunettes, seriously.

“Whoa, wait, a second,’ I said, holding up my hands in a “time-out” signal. “You guys bet on my love with a coin? Come on, couldn’t you guys use something a little more dignified, a little classier? Like, a 20 dollar bill or something?” I joked, flashing the two of them a smile.

Which is rare. I don’t smile a lot. This causes people to ask if I’m depressed.

And, sometimes I am, but not all the time. Just saying.

“Like I’m gonna spend my 20 dollars on you!” Ivan said, raising his eyebrows at me. He laughed afterwards, when I responded by giving him what I call the “bitch please” look. Granted, this look is only used for special occasions, but then again, we were in the middle of the desert in the Twilight Realm. A place where I didn’t even know an ecosystem like the desert existed.

“Girls, don’t get into a catfight,” Dre said sarcastically, which earned him a weird look from Ivan. “Listen, I have no idea where we’re at, and I’m the one out of all of us that knows the most about the Twilight Realm, right?”

I gave Ivan a blank look while he just turned to Dre and shrugged.

Dre rubbed the bridge of his nose with two fingers, letting out an exasperated sigh. “Yeah. That’s what I thought.”

“Actually, I know where we are.” We all turned to the direction of where the unfamiliar voice came from, and saw a teenage girl with flaming red hair standing a few yards away from us.

I rolled my eyes. “God, anyone but her.” I sneered. My day was now even more completely fucked.

A/N: Hey!!! This is my third author’s note in the ENTIRE book. For 27 other chapters, I didn’t leave an author’s note. You guys didn’t have to listen to my stupid blabbing, haha. Can you believe that we’re already on chapter 30??? Good job for me, dude. ANYWAYS. I know that there was a lot of cussing, and I’m going to cuss even more in this paragraph. But still, I just couldn’t help but dropping a few F-bombs here and there.

I set out to write two more pages, to make the entire document 84 pages, but I’m just like, “F it, I’m gonna leave this chapter with an f-ing cliffhanger ‘cause I’m a douche. You can hate me now.

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