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Chapter 30 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 25, 2012



Chapter Thirty

“NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE,” I yelled, turning around fully so I could face her. “We would like your help, but, no. Just leave, please.” I blurted.

Dre and Ivan turned to me and flashed me a look that screamed, “Are you crazy?!” And the answer would be in fact, that yes, I am crazy. But I can’t help it! After all, I was sure that they thought this girl was just an innocent redhead and could be trusted. But that was a lie. She was associated with the dark side, and she wasn’t nice and hadn’t left behind her dark behaviors behind like Dre had successfully done.

“What do you want, Melanie?” I said through gritted teeth, narrowing my eyes at her.

Yes, it was Melanie. AKA, my half sister. Who, like I mentioned, is evil, and cannot be trusted. Not to mention that she’s extremely beautiful and somewhat exotic since she’s a redhead, and just about everyone loves redheads. Or they either call them Gingers and act like total assholes towards them for no reason. But, the gist is that two guys like me for once, and I know this sounds incredibly petty, but she could easily tear them away from me.

“Wait, you know her?” Ivan cried, turning to me. “If you guys are best buds, why don’t you just hug it out so we can get the hell out of here?”

“We’re not best friends!” I snapped.

“They’re half sisters.” Dre said blatantly, staring at Melanie.

I whipped around towards Dre. “How do you know that I’m related to her? What, is there a monthly evil committee you guys go to?” I asked sarcastically.

“Dre?” Melanie called from her position far away from us. I watched with derision written across my face as she ran over to Dre, hitching her legs up around his waist and hugging him enthusiastically.

I seriously wanted to freak the fuck out. I had just gotten the guy that I had been pining after for years to admit that he, indeed, would want to work things out with me later on, and then she just comes in and ruins it! I don’t mean to sound like a petty teenager, but, what the hell?

“So. Dre. Care to tell me how know this…,” I struggled not to enter the word whore, “Girl?” I asked, plastering on a fake smile.

Melanie flashed Dre a smile before slowly getting off…of him. God, that sentence sounded way too provocative for my liking. “Well, it’s a long story.”

“Well, we’ve got—,”

I sent Ivan a death stare so he wouldn’t finish with “time”. He wasn’t going to initiate conversation with this girl, definitely not on my watch.

“Actually, it’s not that long of a story,” Dre said plainly, sending me a bored look. “Since Melanie’s a part of the dark side, as we would call it,”

“And we don’t have cookies! That’s a lie!” She added in cheerfully, earning a laugh from Ivan. I resisted the urge not to just strangle the two of them right then and there.

“Er, yeah,” Dre said, sending her an odd look. “Anyways, my dad and her mom wanted us to join forces and rule over the entire kingdom, since Azrael didn’t like me that much. So, technically, in a few years, we’ll have an arranged marriage.”

I felt like time came to a complete stop. All I could see from a magnified view was Melanie giving Dre and adoring look while he blatantly ignored her. Ivan had his jaw literally dropping, while I just stood there in shock, not saying anything at all.

“So wait, give me a second,” Ivan said, struggling not to laugh. “You and Melanie are basically supposed to repopulate the dark side?”

Melanie laughed. Damn her laugh for being so perfect. “Yeah, I guess you could say that.”

“Awesome!” Ivan said, holding up his hand for Dre to high-five. “You’re getting totally guaranteed ass!”

Not only was I shocked that Ivan would say something along those lines, but I was even more shocked to see that Dre accepted the high-five and did what I call a “man-hug”. It was then that I couldn’t take it. I couldn’t face it anymore. Not without puking everything that I’d eaten that whole entire week, anyway.

I slowly slid down to the sand while Dre, Melanie, and Ivan talked animatedly like they were old buddies. Man, did I feel so alone, more than I’d ever felt in my life. I huddled up and pulled my knees close to my chest, and rested my chin on them. Everything’s falling apart…it’s my entire fault…

I could already tell that I was getting into one of my depression “modes”. The times where such an intense feeling of self-hate and pity was inflicted, and I couldn’t help but wish that all of this could end. That I could just…sacrifice myself to end all this terror, horror; whatever you wanted to call it. The general suckiness of my life, let me put it that way.

No, please not now.  I begged in my head. Not another depression stage; it was always so hard to get out of. It was so hard to be happy sometimes… I closed my eyes, shutting away the tears so that they were sucked up into my eyelashes. God, you’re not going to cry, are you? Don’t be such a baby. I tried to tell myself, but I just felt even worse. How pathetic I was, crying in the middle of a desert, and I had only been there for practically five minutes.

I angrily wiped away my tears with the back of my arm before slowly gathering up to my feet. I wiped the back of my pants, dusting off all the damn sand. None of the other guys had noticed my small breakdown right then, so I didn’t get any crap from them. By crap, I meant they would ask what was wrong with me, and I would feel like an even bigger baby because some girl – who just happened to be my half sister – had come and seemingly ruined things for us.

Don’t you dare cry. I warned myself. I put on a brave face before walking back over and crossing my arms over my chest, a nonchalant look plastered on my face. Ivan was still talking with Melanie excitedly, and she seemed happy since she was around Dre. Her hand was wrapped around his bicep while her other hand was slung casually around his shoulder. Dre looked a little bored, and I knew it was because he just wanted to get out of here and get on with his life. And forget about his stupid wife.

Melanie looked at me from her peripheral vision, and did a double take before fully turning to me and smiling widely at me. She started to talk, but I didn’t hear her. I just kept staring at her hand on Dre’s arm. It was so there. She was touching him. The guy who I loved. The guy who loved me back. The guy, who didn’t even WANT to get married to this…extremely annoy and cheerful person, but yet, she still didn’t seem to get the point.

I hated her. I hated her so much.

And, that’s why I backhanded her across the face.

“Don’t you dare touch Dre!” I yelled. I could tell my face was red from anger, my cheeks were so warm. I stood over her, while she cradled her cheek, where my hand had left a nice, big and red imprint.

She totally deserved it. For being so goddamn…happy.

“What the hell was that for?” She cried, holding her cheek. A few tears started to spill out of her eyes.

I merely rolled her eyes and muttered, “Bitch can’t even take a slap…”

Ivan pushed past me and helped up Melanie, who was still silently crying. He sent me a glare. “Yeah, Mel, what the hell?”

“EVERYONE STOP RHYMING!” I yelled, starting to feel myself lose it. So much anger was pent up inside…no one ever listened to me. No one ever even cared! And they want to ask me what the hell?

“You!” I rounded onto Melanie, pointing an accusing finger at her. She flinched when I did. “You’re a bitch! And you, you just want to get in her pants!” I yelled at Ivan. Immediately, I saw a blush run across his cheeks, and I knew hit one on the money, that pale-skinned-mother-loving-bastard.

“And you,” I said, whipping around to Dre, who just looked confused as if he didn’t know what to. “You don’t even care! You just stand there! Like you don’t even care! When just a minute ago, you said you did! So, that makes you a liar!” I said, emphasizing on the word liar.

I spun around in a circle, meeting the eyes of all of them. “And you know what else? I hate all of you!” I yelled. “I don’t even care if I die tomorrow and I’m still holding  a grudge against you. Do you know why?” I didn’t even pause for them to say anything. “Because I hate you all! You can all burn in hell for all I care!”

“Mel, you don’t mean what you’re saying,” Dre said matter-of-factly, as if he actually knew. He put a hand on my shoulder, but I angrily shrugged it off. I stared daggers at his eyes.

“My name is Melita.” I said coldly, staring deep into his eyes so that he knew what I was saying was the truth. I meant it. He didn’t have the permission to call me Mel anymore. I gave Melanie and Ivan another glare, before stomping off away from them. I didn’t care that my hi-tops were filling with sand, I didn’t care that my hair felt all hot and sweaty, and I didn’t care that I didn’t know where in the hell I was going. I just kept walking away.


It wasn’t until it was dark, and I realized that no one was following or trying to stop me, that I realized how much of a total, complete idiot I was. For multiple reasons, actually:

  1. I didn’t know where in the hell I was,
  2. I slapped the one person who actually knew where we were,
  3. My temper, once again, ruined everything for me,
  4. I was lost, and had nowhere else to go.

So yeah, I was pretty, er, let’s put it this way, fudged.

I was innocently walking through the sand, feeling like a total asshole for being so mean to my only friends. I mean, seriously, the more I thought about it, I was a total loner. Like, more than I originally thought. I obviously knew that I was pretty much a social outcast, but the only friends I have are basically Brite, Charlie (maybe, I’ll have to wait on that), Ivan, Dre, (eh), and Elyse (maybe, if she didn’t really cheat with Charlie.) And that’s it. How…idiotic of me.

I swear, almost out of nowhere (goddamn, why can’t I stop rhyming?!?), this somewhat sort of sinkhole appeared underneath my feet, and fell in. I was totally sucked in, falling down the hole for what seemed like five minutes almost. I felt like Alice in Wonderland, falling down that rabbit hole. Except, this was real life, and I could end up dying by breaking my spine, where as Alice simply drifted and landed lightly on her feet when she fell.

I landed on my arse of course, and it hurt like hell. I felt like I had literally broken my backbone. Being as clumsy as I am, it would have seemed that breaking something was pretty reoccurring for me, but actually, I’ve never broken a bone before. Ever. Maybe a guardian angel’s watching over me or something.

Oh wait, no, that’s not right. I reminded myself sarcastically in my head. Or else, my so-called “guardian angel” would have warned me not to be a total jackass.

I looked around confusedly, and saw that a weird, illuminating red light glowed around me. I was in a cave, with the whole stone wall deal and everything else. I was a little hesitant to move or make a sound, even though my butt was seriously hurting, because I was afraid some creepy vampire bats or whatever would descend from the roof and go all…batshit on me.

“Oh, there you are!” I heard a cheerful voice call from behind. I instantly recoiled at the voice, because I recognized it as Melanie. That son of a bitch Melanie had somehow followed me, and wasn’t going to leave me alone, even though I had slapped her; an obvious sign to stay away from me, not to come running after me.

“Melanie, how in the hell—,” I whipped my head around, preparing to snap at her, but I was confused as I saw a girl that looked exactly like Melanie with blonde hair and blue eyes stood, smiling optimistically at me.

My other half-sister, Melody. Why were they popping all over the place? What, was I going to meet Azrael a little later, too? God, I hoped not. The last time I saw her, she tried to push me off of that cliff after I had transformed into a werewolf for the first time, probably one of the BEST experiences I’ll ever have in my life. But, never again, since the Muses stripped my powers away and I’m not able to transform anymore. I just have sort of psychic powers.

Which sucks. I would most definitely rather have being a werewolf over telepathic powers.

Although, turning into fire is still pretty epic, but I still have a reason to explain, kinda.

“Melody?” I said, gathering up to my feet and giving her an annoyed look. “Why are you here? Were you following me or something?”

I saw a bright red blush flush over her face, and I knew I had my answer. So, my half-sisters were following me for some reason. Could it be that Aerial had sent me into a trap, and now they were supposed to track me or something? Damn me for being so stupid and acting like an ass to my friends! What’s wrong with me?!

I merely rolled my eyes at her obvious social awkwardness. “Whatever. I don’t know what exactly you guys are up to, but I do know,” In a flash, I spun around and grabbed her from behind, tipping her head back and almost securing my arms into a sleeper hold.

“That you’re going to get me out of here before I go crazy and kill you,” I continued. “Got that?”

I could feel her neck move as she gulped. She literally gulped like bad actors do in movies. God, she was such a total priss. I bet she wouldn’t understand half the sex jokes I told her a regular basis. Hell, I would be surprised if she even knew what a “that’s what she said” joke was.

“You can’t do anything,” She said defiantly, but her voice still shook, shedding off her faux tough exterior. “You don’t have any powers anymore.”

I’m so going to kill Ivan once I get out of here. I muttered to myself in my head crossly, thinking of that blabbermouth. And I used to think that I talked a lot. But definitely not compared to Ivan.

“Think again,” I whispered in her ear. I closed my eyes momentarily, imagining a ball of fire to appear in my hand. I felt a flicker emit from my fingers, and when I looked down and opened my eyes, a full fledged flame had consumed my entire hand and was angrily lapping at Melody.

She let out a high-pitched squeak before running away and pressing her back up against the wall of the cave. Her blue eyes were wide and she was shaking uncontrollably, her hand twitching against the wall. It was actually a pretty hilarious scene to witness.

“Now, what was that whole thing you were talking about? Something about how I didn’t have powers?” I asked innocently, tilting to my head to the side and putting my still flaming index finger underneath my chin, as if I was thinking deeply about something.

“W-what? But…mom— um, I mean Aerial, said you didn’t have anymore powers. The Muses took them away!” She said, a deeply confused look over his face. “I guess I couldn’t believe her, anyway. After all, the Muses love you.” She said, rolling her eyes when she said the word “love”.

I wanted to address the fact of why Melody and her other two sisters always called Aerial that instead of “mom”, but then I thought about the other thing she had said; the whole thing about the Muses. They loved me? No, that most definitely couldn’t be right. If anything, they absolutely hated me. After all, you don’t just put someone through intense pain for no reason and strip their powers away. Well, most of them.

“Wait what?” I said. True, it wasn’t one of the most intelligent of my responses, but it still got the point across. “What do you mean, “the Muses love me”? They hate me!”

Melody sent me a dubious look and let out a sigh. “Mel—,”

“Melita,” I instantly corrected, giving her a leering death stare. She shrunk back a little, and I let a small smile cross over my face. It was always easy to freak her out. “My name is Melita to you.”

“Oh. Okay. Melita then,” She said awkwardly, looking at everything but me. “Actually, you’re a favorite of the Muses. You know the one with the silver hair and eyes? She’s the one who personally created you. When you die, you’re supposed to take over her place.” She explained, as if it was supposed to be obvious that I knew this piece of information.

“What?” I gasped. “What the hell? How was I supposed to know this? What if I don’t want to be a fucking Muse?!” I shrieked, starting to feel a little panicky. I could feel a tightness in my chest, a sure sign that I was about to have a small panic attack.

I noticed that Melody flinched when I dropped the f bomb, but she didn’t say anything about it. “She’s the leader, of the other three. You don’t have a choice as to whether or not you become a Muse. It just…happens.”

I still had a blank expression on my face, like I didn’t know what in the hell she was talking about – which I didn’t, actually – and prompted her to continue on talking about being a “Muse” or whatever.

“Listen, you may not think so, but everyone is planned. Not exactly the specific future, but every soul in every realm. And some are special. Like you, me, Melanie and Azrael, Ivan, and Dre. We’re all future Muses. It comes with the “package” or whatever you want to call it.”

“Wait. Give me a sec to process this,” I said, turning around and rubbing my temples with my fingers. I was supposed to be a Muse. And evidently, I was a favorite, even though they were total assholes to me. That didn’t make any sense. And Ivan and Dre— not to mention Azreal, of all people, were Muses, too?

“I thought there were only four Muses?” I said, turning back around.

“That’s another part of the story,” Melanie said, sighing a little at the end as if she was tired. “Yes, there are only four spots to be Muses. We all have to fight to the death until the spots are determined, and that happens after we all “die”.

“Once we die on earth, in this realm, we’re sent into the realm of the Muses. Then, we wait for everyone else out of the six of us to die too, and that’s when the fight ‘til the death happens. But if you die after that fight, then you’re gone. You don’t come back. You’re dead, dead.” A solemn look crossed over Melody’s face as she told me, her mouth set into a tight, straight line.

“Dead, dead?” I echoed. “You mean, like, no more soul and you’ll disappear from this earth dead?”

She nodded. “And no one knows that the process is really like because the Muses have never switched places before. They’ve been there since the…beginning of time, really.”

“And what happens to the Muses’ souls?” I whispered, feeling a chill run through my back. The idea of not dying or whatever that actual experience felt like and not even being a ghost or whatever, but literally disappearing forever…it was creepy to think about it.

“They eventually become reincarnated into other people,” Melody said, and in a second, she had changed from being all serious to her cheerful self again. “It’s all one big circle, a process of life.”

“Then…why did they try to take away my powers?” I whispered, my eyes drawn away from hers.

“Didn’t you listen to them in the beginning?” Melody asked, sounding a little annoyed with me. After all, I was asking her like, 20 questions. “Everyone has to suffer a loss before achieving their full-potential power. In the end, they’re making you stronger, really. You still have your powers, so you have nothing to complain about.” She said, sounding a little exasperated.

“Nothing to complain about?!” I shrieked. For a second, I thought I would be able to tolerate Melody, but then, she trashed that idea. “How do you know what I’ve been through? This has been the worst…month in my life!

“I’ve been totally distracted from school, and soon enough, my mom will be yelling at me for not keeping my grades up. Then I learn that my best friend has almost been lying to me the whole time during our friendship, because his father sent him out to kill me.

“Not to mention that I’ve almost been killed multiple times, I’m allegedly going to rule over a kingdom I know nothing about, people are constantly trying to kick my ass, and everyone expects me to be fine with it!”

By that point, I had pushed Melody up even closer against the wall and was poking in the chest. Hard. Hard enough that I broke a couple of nails, and there was al look of pain twisted on her face. But no, I’d had enough of people trying to tell me what to do, and telling me how to feel, and I didn’t even get a say in it. No, there had been enough of that.

“And just when everything’s gone to shit,” I said, staring directly into her frightened blue eyes, “I get my powers taken away. The one thing that was there whenever I needed them, whenever I needed a “hand” with something. And now, you’re telling me I have nothing to complain about? Well fuck you.” I whispered before shoving her up against the wall and snapping back her neck.

“Now get me the hell out of here,” I muttered, turning around and not waiting for her to answer. Instead, I started to walk in the other direction of where she was standing, a little bit deeper into the cave. The hole that I fell through was right above my head, and I knew there was no way I could scale back up that tight little space. …Oh wow, that sounded way dirtier than I wanted it to…

Anyways, there was no way I could get back up without possibly breaking my hip. After all, it had been about 10 years since my mom had put me in gymnastics class, not knowing that I was so physically awkward that I failed at everything I did, and only agreed to take me out when I was seven years old, because by then, I was like 5’ 7’’.

Yeah, most of my family is pretty tall.

“No!” I heard her say, and I whipped my head back around. She was standing defiantly with her arms folded across her chest, looking at me crossly. “I’m keeping you prisoner, and you’re not allowed to leave.” She said, smiling at the end like she made some sort of big feat.

I rolled my eyes and rubbed the bridge of my nose, shaking my head. “You’re such an idiot, Melody, I can’t believe we share the same mother.”

“Melody, do you want to know why you’re an idiot?” I asked innocently.

“Sure, Melita. Why am I idiot?”

I finally uncovered my face after partially blocking it with my hand and looked up to Melody with a sly smile on my face. I held out one hand, palm looking towards Melody, and said, “You forgot that I still have powers.”

It was then that a bright beam of light shot out of my palm, and right into the center of Melody’s chest. My jaw dropped open as the light split right through her, leaving a medium-sized circular hole in the center of her chest. Her widened eyes crossed over to mine, and her face contorted into an expression of shock and hurt. She opened her mouth to say something, but she collapsed to her knees before falling face-first into the ground.

I had just accidentally killed my half-sister.

A/N: So yeah, this chapter pretty much sucked…sorry about that. I don’t know why I did, this was just a pretty bad chapter to write, it’s just one of those that beats the crap out of you, but you still have to write it anyway. I’ll try to make the next chapter better, I promise!

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