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Chapter 32 (v.1)

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Submitted: September 06, 2012



Chapter Thirty-Two

I was used to portals just sending me back home, into my basement bedroom, but no, apparently that was just way too much to ask. Even though we had been put through hell, going back and forth through the Twilight Realm, we had to end up at the end of my street, Bay Avenue. And the neighborhood was in complete shambles.

Roofs had been torn off, grass was ripped up from the yards and lawns, leaving deep pits of dirt, every single mailbox was just completely gone and unhinged from its place, there were dogs and cats running everywhere, actual pieces of frame from the house were lying lazily in the streets, and next to them were overturned cars and trees. The whole neighborhood was in a wreck.

And it was all Aerial’s fault. I hate her so much, with a burning passion.

“Aerial did all of this?” I breathed in awe, taking a look around. The neighbors were stepping out of their houses, looking dazed and confused. Wait, isn’t that the title of a movie or something? I have a feeling that it apparently didn't do so well in the box office…

Stop being a dork and focus! I yelled at myself. I swear, I space out at the worst of times. The day my parents told me and Marshall that Mom was pregnant with Mya, I had spaced out and the only thing I heard was “and so your mother’s going to get pretty huge, until after the nine months, and it’ll disappear”. Hearing this, and being the stupid kid that I was, I immediately thought that my mother would die in nine months.

Sometimes, I think I was dropped on the head as a baby.

“I would say da-yum, but I don’t think that’s very appropriate,” Ivan whispered solemnly, staring at the mayhem in front of the three of us with wide opened eyes. “Damn Mel, you really pissed her off.”

I swung my head around and glared at Ivan. “THANK YOU, IVAN, for stating the obvious.” I said sarcastically before rolling my eyes.

“I’m assuming out of the three of us, someone has to know just exactly to make the neighborhood go back to normal?” Dre asked, not facing either of us, but a faraway look in his eyes as he looked ahead.

I turned expectantly to Ivan, but he simply shrugged and jerked his thumb in the direction of Dre, who still had the faraway look in his eyes.

“Motherfuck, we’re fucking screwed,” I groaned, dragging my palms down my face.

“Jesus, Mel, you cuss like a sailor,” Ivan scolded, smiling a little bit while he said so. “Don’t you think you should calm yourself?”

I took one hand off of my temple and flipped him off. Yes, I cussed a lot, but with each and every day, my stress-o-meter was going off the charts. So I dropped a few f-bombs here and there; so what? It would go away as soon as Aerial did.

And that’s fuckin’ never. I said to myself, and became discouraged again. Goddamn, we were totally screwed. How in the hell did we fix this mayhem? Seriously, I felt like we were in those All State commercials when the guy calls himself “Mayhem” and literally causes Mayhem. Wow, that was a lot of times to say Mayhem, I whispered in my head.

What could I do? I for sure could use my powers since Ivan and Dre were around, not to mention the fact that they were pretty powerful in their own ways, but Dre had admitted that I was the most powerful out of all three of us, so that meant I could probably use my abilities to their fullest potentials.

I suddenly had an idea. I whipped around to Ivan excitement running through me and making myself bounce on my toes, and grabbed him by the shoulders. He sent me a wide-eyed look like “what the hell”, but I was too excited to even care.

“Ivan, do you know how to force thoughts into people’s minds?” I said, staring at him hopefully.

He shrugged. “Sorry. I’m not really good with the whole mind-reading shit. My thing is time.”

“Fuck you,” I said playfully, but I didn’t really mean it. I turned to Dre, but he simply shrugged too. “Son of a…mother. Maybe I can do it…” I said, trying to improvise.

It was a simple plan, really, - no, not the band – all I had to do was get the three of us to the news station, using some psychic mind powers, use my telepathic abilities, seriously enforce them, use Ivan’s time-stopping powers before they withered out, and we could turn the neighborhood back to normal. Just like that.

Sounded like a lot of work, but hey, I guess that’s what love does to you.

“Alright then, Ivan, Dre, grab my hands,” I ordered, holding them out, trying to create a circle. They turned and gave me weirded-out looks, but I simply shook my hands impatiently. Reluctantly, since they didn’t know what was up my sleeve, they finally took my hands.

“Close your eyes,” I said softly, closing my own. “Ivan, pause time, and Dre, can you teleport us to the news station?”

“But I can’t pause time for long,” Ivan whined, as the three of us opened our eyes.

“Yeah, and I’ve never been to the news station; I can’t teleport us there.” He complained.

I rolled my eyes, but didn’t break contact with the two of them. “Goddamn, do I have to do everything myself?!” I said, raising my voice a little bit more than needed. I don’t know what was up to me today, but I was totally PMS-ing today. Hell, I was even annoying myself.

“Alright, everyone close their eyes again,” I said sternly, and that time they actually listened to me. “And shut the fu— er, crap up so I can concentrate.” I stuttered.

I closed my eyes and envisioned the news station downtown. I imagined us floating there and appearing in the newsroom in front of the green screen. I knew what it looked like since they took us on a fieldtrip there in the fifth grade. That was the first time Brite had admitted that she liked Charlie, but at that time, he was just a little boy who thought girls had cooties. Funny how things change. From sweet little kid, to adoring boyfriend, and now to alleged cheating bastard.

I could feel air moving around me, and I made the mistake of opening my eyes and literally seeing the world fly past me. Everything was a blur of different colors, and as we traveled, we were actually going through houses and buildings. It was like time was bending to allow us through, and it actually made me sick to see it.

We arrived right in the green screen room, just as I wanted us to, and we broke the link of hands we’d made. While Ivan and Dre looked shocked that I could actually teleport like the rest of them – finally! – I doubled over near the corner and threw up say, the amount of dinner I had and every single bottle of water (five, I’m always thirsty, I just now see how ironic that is) into one big, messy pile.

“Well, that’s just beautiful,” Dre said sarcastically, looking at me with a stricken look on his face.

“Ha-ha,” I said drily, but smiling a little. In a sick sense, Dre had called me beautiful! Well, not really, but it was still cool in some way. Well, not really, I guess I just sound as crazy and creepy as Kristen Stewart.

With an idea in my head, despite how gross it seemed, I imagined the nearby garbage can lid lifting up, and to my surprise, it creaked open. My puke (gross) flew so fast before my eyes into the trashcan that I could barely register what was happening. Once it flew in, the lid snapped shut.

“Score!” I said excitedly, and lifted my arms up in victory. Unexpectedly, my shirt lifted up a little, and I blushed immediately as I tugged it down. My cheeks were flaring red afterwards. I guess I had grown another couple inches; goddamn.

Dre immediately smiled at my dorkiness and mocking me, lifted up his fist and yelled, “Score!”

I rolled my eyes as I walked past him. “Keep it in your pants, stud.” I said playfully. I was being a total flirt today; it was kinda freaking me out. After all, I had just committed a pretty huge sin, and here I was, flirting away with Dre (rhyme) and acting like everything was okay when it really wasn’t. Jesus, I was one of the worst people in this planet.

“Well, I see you two still have pent-up sexual tension with each other,” Ivan said, giving me a little glare. Did he still perhaps…like me? After all, he had seemed so chummy with Melody, I thought that he had basically forgotten about me already.

“Anyways,” Ivan continued, seeing that I was pointedly trying to look at him, but he wasn’t making eye contact with me. “What in the hell are we doing here, anyway? And why isn’t anyone here?”

I walked over to a desk that was in front of the green screen and sat down in the seat while Dre and Ivan stared at me expectantly. I found reports still strewn across the surface, and got up to fix the camera since it seemed crooked. While adjusting and focusing, I started to answer them.

“Well, to answer your second question, this isn’t an all-day news station, and they don’t come back until the morning, so…,” I turned to face the clock; it was 8 P.M. “We definitely have a few hours until they come in.”

“And what will we be doing until they come?” Dre asked, and he immediately started snickering with Ivan. Immature assholes.

“Goodness,” I groaned before answering. “Just in case you were wondering, the other plan I had is still on. But anyways, to get everything back together again in the neighborhood, we need to convince everyone that there was a tornado, and when the news people come in, they’ll report that there was an F6 that roamed through.

“Then, while Ivan stops time,” I said, flashing him an indignant expression, “Dre and I will have to borrow each other’s abilities so I can put it into everyone’s minds that there was a tornado, because apparently, I can inhibit psychic powers when I’m around a lot of powerful of people, which includes the two of you.

“We’ll give Ivan a little break, and then we’ll freeze time again, and I’ll clean up everything, since it only went through our block, and then everything will be good. Simple as that.” I said, adding in a little smile at the end.

I turned to Dre and Ivan, who looked shocked and staring at me as if I was seriously insane.

“How do you expect us to do all of that? And successfully, even?” Dre said incredulously, sending Ivan a look that read “can you believe this bitch?” or something along those lines, because I’m sure that Dre would never call me a bitch in his entire lifetime.

“Because you guys,” I said, staring at them intently and excitedly as I crept towards them, putting my arms around their shoulders, “We can actually do it. Just this once, we can do it.”

“So, are you with me?” I whispered. I was greeted with blue and brown wide-eyed stares, still looking at me like I should be put into an insane asylum.

“Ah, fuck it,” Dre groaned, smiling at me before pulling me into a giant bear hug. He actually lifted me off the ground, and I let out a little shriek before he set me down.

“That was gay as hell,” Ivan mumbled sorely, giving us an angry expression. I tapped Dre on the shoulders to set me down, and gave Ivan a pouty look. He didn’t have to be so angry all the time; we knew that we could do this, everything could get better!

I was surprised to see that Ivan’s eyes turned from their clear, light blue to a blinding white, and a smirk crossed over his face. “But I’m totally coming with you guys!” He said giddily, jumping up and down like a little girl in a mocking way.

We gathered hands and jumped up and down excitedly, my hair swishing around mildly and even slapping Dre a few times in the face. But we didn’t care, we were all functioning together all at once like normally people for the first time! Joyous celebration!

“Alright, alright, let’s get down to business,” I said sternly, but smiling as I said so. Dre and Ivan calmed down too, after we all fist-bumped one another.

“I need everyone’s hands, and I also need you guys to close your eyes,” I said softly, already closing the both of them.

“That rhymed,” Ivan laughed, and I slapped him lightly on the shoulder.

We all held hands in the circle until it was extremely – almost creepily – quiet. We could literally hear a few crickets outside chirping, and that was all. Quite frankly, I wanted to hurry up and get out of this place before it became too dark and went all Pet Graveyard on us.

“Ivan, can you stop time now?” I whispered quietly; my voice almost sounding like a sort of soothing musical tune.

“Yes, ma’am,” Ivan said in a serious voice, which sort of shocked me. I was used to him being such a joker.

There was a weird “womph” sound, like a laser hitting a wall and making an audible sound. The deed was done.

“Everyone keep holding on to my hand, but move to the right with me. Slowly.” We started edging over, close to the open center of the room in front of the camera, if I remembered correctly until I slowly urged the other two to stop walking.

I screwed my eyes even tighter, willing myself to focus. As terrible as it sounded, I imagined a small, swirling tornado tearing down the street, ripping up grass, tearing up mailboxes, and shredding up the neighborhood like it already looked. I imagined the tornado suddenly fading out as it reached the end of the block mysteriously, leaving the street in shambles.

I flashed open my eyes to see Dre and Ivan still standing silently with their eyes closed expectantly. I ripped my hands away from their grasps.

“Alright, it’s been done, let’s move!” I ordered, feeling like some sort of military general or something.

“Wait, what? Move where?” Dre cried, giving me a confused look.

I started to run off in the direction of the exit, and realized what an idiot I was. “Fuck!” I momentarily groaned before crossing back over to them and forcefully grabbing their hands. It didn’t take long for me to teleport us back onto the street, and we standing right in the middle of the road.

“Ivan, can you stop time for a little bit more?” I asked, praying that he could stretch is power a little bit more than usual.

He bit his lip and gave me a worried expression but answered, “Alright, I can try, but don’t yell at me if I can’t hold on.” He stared off into the distance, his eyes a glowing white that illuminated the distance a few feet I front of him.

“Dre, help me!” I said desperately, trying to hurry up and clean all the damage away from the streets. I didn’t wait for him to say anything; I just grabbed his hand and concentrated hard.

I even had to screw one of my eyes shut, focusing harder than hell, and heard a gigantic rip in the sky. A huge gigantic black hole opened up in the sky, and I couldn’t help but realize how alike I was to Aerial, the way she used her evil powers.

The hole started making a huge sucking sound, and all the rubbish and garbage started to gravitate towards it. I clung onto Dre for dear life so that I wouldn’t fly away like the rest of the stuff, and he gladly accepted my embrace, which really made me happy to say the least.

I got rid of most of the dirty and garbage, but there were still holes in the ground, ripped up concrete, and whatnot. So, still gripping tightly onto Dre’s hand – because it was giving me a serious headache for concentrating so hard – and imagined the concrete and grass molding back together. It was actually kinda cool watching the grass grow at a rate multiple by like, a 1,000.

By the time I was finished, I was sure that Dre’s knuckles were probably cracked and I had a throbbing headache that was probably the size of Texas. It literally sent me down to my knees as I gripped my head, trying to piece it back together.

“Ah, god fucking damn it.” I cursed, not even feeling bad that I had used such a naughty string of curse words. Because this headache literally felt like worse than giving birth. True, I had never endured that experience and I’m sure that if any mothers ever heard me saying that, they would beat the shit out of me, but still. That’s how bad it felt.

“Mel, are you okay?” I heard Dre ask, but his voice sounded distorted and faraway, even though he was standing right next to me. My vision started to blur; everything spinning and churning together into one big mesh. I could feel myself start to faint a little bit, as I fell to my bum and then to my back so that my head hit the concrete painfully.

“Y-you guys,” I heard Ivan stutter. His voice didn’t even sound like his own; it was so slurred and clumsy. Even I could tell that he didn’t sound normal, even though I couldn’t hear nor even see straight.

“I don’t feel so good.” He finished, and I slightly turned my head to find that there were skinny trails of blood leaking out of his nostrils, mouth, and ears. I was shocked as he collapsed to the ground, smacking his head against the concrete, and another trail of blood started to leak from the top.

He was so gaunt and even paler than usual; he looked dead.

Just like how Melody looked after I had accidentally killed her.

“Ivan,” I slurred, trying to keep my eyes from shutting, but they refused to listen to me. They shut, and the last thing I heard was Dre’s shoes scuffing against the pavement.

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