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Chapter 33 (v.1)

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Submitted: September 18, 2012



Chapter Thirty-Three

My eyelids were heavy like they were soaked in liquid as they opened. I struggled to a long extent as they slowly creaked to a slit and I was able to see a small space in front of me. I was surprised to find that I was still in the middle of the street, lying down, and I could hear Dre moving out and about around me.

“Dre,” I croaked. My throat felt dry and icky; it was so hard just to open my mouth and speak. When he didn’t answer, I felt the slightest bit irritated and lazily turned my neck so that I was face to face with his Air Jordan’s. “Dre.” I repeated, this time clearing my throat so that I could speak louder.

It seemed like he still didn’t hear me. With great difficulty, I pushed myself up on my hands planted firmly against the concrete, but it still hurt like hell for my joints just to move. My elbows wobbled embarrassingly as I slowly gathered myself to my feet like an old woman. I actually even fell in the process, and had to start all over again. I felt so weak, and I really just wanted to give up and pass out again in the street just so I wouldn’t have to go through. But I did anyway.

“Dre, did you not hear me?” I groaned, halfway bending over and bracing my hands onto my knees. I literally started wheezing for what seemed like five minutes but was probably only realistically one.

I looked up, and saw that his face was frozen with a stricken, worried look. He was crouching on his knees, one against the ground and the other mid-air, while one of his hands was gently touching my shoulder. His gaze was fixated onto Ivan, who had collapsed to the ground with blood running all out of his orifices, which looked extremely disturbing and creepy.

“Ivan,” I whispered in horror. I hobbled over to him, reaching out to touch his face – which added unexpected dramatic effects – and bent down halfway to touch him. His eyes had rolled to the back of his head, but that’s not what I was looking for. He wasn’t…dead, was he?

No, he can’t be. I said furiously. I didn’t kill him. I wouldn’t kill my (admittedly) best friend who I (accidentally) had the smallest of crushes on that would probably fade away soon. I wasn’t that evil; to do something like that.

But you’re evil enough to kill your own sister, you stupid ho. A part of my brain reminded me, and I started to feel extremely bummed. Not only had I brought up Nicki Minaj – because I seriously hate her – but I just brought up a memory that I was forcefully and failingly trying to get out of my mind. I then realized that I needed to stop lollygagging like the serious idiot I was, and placed my index and middle finger to his neck.

“No,” I breathed, and pushed harder. I didn’t feel a pulse. Not even a lick of a pulse. “No! NO!” I yelled again, repeating it over louder and louder. He wasn’t DEAD. He couldn’t be DEAD.

“Wake up, wake up damn it!” I screamed repeatedly, shaking him so that he flopped lazily on the ground. Tears began to run controllably out my eyes, and I lifted one hand up quickly to angrily wipe it away.

Wait a second. A part of my brain urged me. When I passed out, Ivan had paused time, right, until they malfunctioned and he became all bloody. So did that mean they were going all out of whack and time was still paused, and he was just unconscious? Oh God, please be that, please let Ivan be okay. I prayed, screwing my eyes shut and thinking it over and over again.

“Ivan, wake up, come on, Mr. Mather, time to wake up,” I sing-songed, believing firmly that he was just unconscious. I mean, out of all people I think I should know what it’s like being unconscious since I fall into a mini coma every other day.

I let out a groan as he barely even moved. “Goddamn it,” I muttered. I turned around to see if maybe Dre had budged, but he was still in his mid-crouching position with one hand on my shoulder and another reaching out for Ivan. The scene was cool enough to look like a movie poster or something like that.

“Ah, this is gonna seem so cliché,” I muttered, an idea slowly forming into my head. “But it’s worth it, if it’s saving a life.” I instantly thought of that one The Fray song “How to Save a Life”.

I bent down before taking a deep breath and finally lowering my face down to Ivan’s and gently pressing my lips against his. Ivan had that kind of face that was extremely pale with a few freckles around his mouth area, and his lips always had a twinge of pink to them, as if he were blushing in his lips or something like that.

It looks to cute on him. I said in my head thoughtfully, and then immediately blushed for calling Ivan “cute”. I rarely even used that word. Mostly I reserved it for Cloud from Final Fantasy: Advent Children but Cloud Strife is probably one of hottest video game characters in the world, hands down. I mean, if I was put into Final Fantasy, my pants would be down in a second for Cloud.

Focus…I reminded myself, since I wasn’t really supposed to be thinking about sexual intercourse with a fake video game character, and that in itself sounded creepier than it did at first in my head.

Ivan’s eyes fluttered a little momentarily, a flash of white irises appeared under the slit of his eyes as his thick, light blond eyelashes framed his lids. Man, I never got that. All the guys get the longest, most prettiest eyelashes ever, while us girls get tiny, shriveled ones. Sometimes, that seriously pisses me off.

He let out a groan, and put a hand to his ear, feeling the dried blood. His eyes were still closed, so I bent down and kissed him again, deeper this time. He actually kissed me back a little, and I could feel his smile against my lips once he put his hands to my cheeks and felt the heat radiating off of them.

“Well, that’s an interesting way to wake up,” He joked, smiling at me.

“I, uh, I just needed to wake you up…” I mumbled awkwardly. I lifted myself on my scraped elbows back to my feet and held out my hand to pick him up. As he stood up, he snaked one arm around my waist, and I shrugged it off, pushing him a distance away.

“Ivan, what are you doing?” I said gruffly, pushing him farther away. “Can you just unfreeze time now, so we can get back to the present?” I turned away from him and folded my arms over my chest. Moody, I know, but I couldn’t let on that the little, tiny, miniscule crush I had for him slightly grew.

He gave me a dreamy smile, as if he were off in la-la land or some weird spaced-out place. “I’m too weak,” He suddenly frowned, drooping his head down. “I tried, but I’m too tired,” He held out a feeble, pale white hand. “Help me.” He pouted, but still smiled.

“Augh!” I cried in frustration just like Charlie Brown but unwillingly grabbed his hand and pulled him over, landing a kiss straight on his lips. As soon as our lips touched, I could feel a breeze washing through the both of us, and I realized he had unfrozen time.

“That’s enough!” I said angrily, pushing him away as he tried to put his hand on the small of my back.

“Sorry.” He apologized immediately, but I could tell he didn’t mean it. He was still smirking.

“No you’re not,” I retorted, glaring at him with a burning animosity. “You need to stop doing things like that, Ivan. Serious stuff is going down, and you’re focusing on me!” I cried.

Ivan merely rolled his eyes at me and waved his hand dismissively. “Don’t even flatter yourself, Mel. I think about more than kissing you.” He said.

“What?” Ivan and I turned in sync to see Dre standing there, unfrozen, with a pissed-off expression on your face. “Did you two just kiss? We had a deal!” He growled, and started to run full-speed towards Ivan.

“Whoa, wait!” Ivan yelled, but it was too late as Dre sent his fist flying into Ivan’s stomach, and he let out a groan as he flew back several feet and landed straight onto the ground.

Dre took Ivan to the ground, mercilessly punching him in the face. Ivan, the poor guy, was horrible uncoordinated, but I was actually surprised as he flipped over and started completely whaling on Dre. The sound of Ivan’s fist connecting with Dre’s jaw over and over again was completely disturbing and irritating, and I was crying out in anger as they basically ripped each other apart.

“You guys! Stop!” I yelled frantically. I tried to pry them apart, but I couldn’t get between the both of them (yes, I know how perverted that sounds). By then, the people who were confused started to walk over and make a semicircle along the fight. It was ridiculous; no one was trying to help me.

“Melita?” I turned around and there was my mom along with the rest of my family walking out the house in a complete daze.

I didn’t answer her though; I concentrated. I stared at Ivan, my mouth in a tight line, and whispered at a high intensity, “Ivan! Pause! Now!” I ordered.

Ivan barely even responded to me, it was like he was literally deaf. I let out a grunt of frustration and stamped my feet before grabbing Ivan angrily by the collar and yelling, “I said stop! NOW!” I yelled with such intensity that it even scared myself a little.

I grabbed his arm, my fingers making red marks in his pale skin, and I felt an electrical shock run through my fingers. Startled, my fingers flew back from his arm and I stumbled backwards into Mrs. Jackson, my neighbor across the street who I was convinced was a werewolf, or at least part of one.

“So sorry, Mrs. Jack—,” I started to stay, immediately holding up my hands in defense, but stopped in mid-sentence when I realized that she was frozen. I turned around to Ivan, and said angrily, “Took you long enough.”

Dre let out a momentary grunt before lifting his fist and trying to launch it directly at Ivan’s face again, but I involuntarily lifted my hand for him to start, a light purple sort shield encased the both of them, and his fist simply bounced off.

I looked down at my hand in confusion. Just exactly how many powers did I have? It was starting to freak me out a little bit honestly, but I didn’t say anything.

“I didn’t do that!” Ivan protested, giving me a sideways glance.

“I don’t care who started it!” I said, sounding like a mother scolding her two feuding children. “You could have both stopped, and you didn’t.”

“No, not that!” Ivan said. “I’m talking about the time-stopping. That wasn’t me. That was you.” He said pointedly, a wondrous look gleaming in his eyes.

“It sure as hell wasn’t me,” Dre said, holding up his hands in defense. Their eyes suddenly traveled to my hands, as my fingers were splayed out wide, and we all realized simultaneously that it was me who stopped it. Somehow, I had absorbed Ivan’s powers and used them at my own will.

“I’ve never heard of this before, and I’m the one out of all of us that’s supposed to be a prophet,” Ivan said, raising one blond eyebrow up high.

“I-is that a good thing?” I whimpered, feeling a little confused and frightened at the same time.

“I don’t know,” He simply shrugged.

“So wait, let me get this straight,” Dre said, dusting off his knees as he stood up from his crouching position. He held up one finger, ticking off things as he said, “So, you’re the most powerful out of all of us, the Muses favor you out of all of us, you can use psychic abilities around other people with powers, and now, you can absorb other people’s things, too? Where does that madness top?” Dre cried, giving me a what-the-hell look.

“Don’t look at me!” I shouted, getting a little self-conscious. I suddenly had to curl up into fetal position on the ground, but I resisted it. Just when exactly did I start absorbing people’s powers? Did it just happen today, because I’ve touched Dre and Ivan before, and I’ve never before absorbed their powers, at least I don’t think? After all, I didn’t ever gain the whole turning into a poltergeist thing. Just the thought of it gave me the shivers.

“Anyways,” Dre said, a little upset as if he we interrupted me, “I have to go to work at 7 Eleven. Ivan?” He turned to Ivan, as if just a few seconds ago, they hadn’t trying to rip out each other’s throats.

“I’m off today,” Ivan said, taking Dre’s hand to help him back up to his feet. “I’m just gonna go home and chill.”

I rolled my eyes at their nonchalant attitudes. “I can’t believe you two,” I muttered, not understanding the way guys mend their friendships. “What, today’s like…Thursday, right? Well, tomorrow, Friday night, I think that’s the night we’ll be able to execute the plan, alright?”

“Hey, what’s the plan anyway?” Ivan asked confusedly. “You never told any of us.”

“That’s for you to know and—, I mean, that’s for me to know, for you to— ah, goddamn it,” I stuttered, trying to sound all mysterious and devious, but it just ended up coming out weird anyway. “As I was trying to say,” I enunciated, getting my words straight, “That’s for me to know, and you to find out tomorrow.”

Ivan rolled his eyes while Dre just stood there, grimacing at me. I blatantly ignored his face because Dre has this…ability to persuade me to do things, and can read my face like it’s an open book. Just once glance, I would blab the whole secretive plan I had in store and ruin everything.

“Okay, leave now! Disperse!” I dismissed, waving my hands up and down for them to go away.

“Ugh, fi-i-i-i-i-ne,” Ivan groaned, stretching out the “i” in it. “Later, then.” He said, glancing between Dre and I before teleporting into thin air to some other place, I would assume.

I turned expectantly to Dre, waiting for him to teleport or whatever, but he simply stared right back at me, trying to stare me down or whatever. I stubbornly crossed my arms over my chest and put up a mental shield around myself so that I wouldn’t waver when he tried to persuade me.

To my surprise, he simply grabbed me from behind and gave me a quick kiss before winking at me, and teleporting at an extremely fast pace that my eyes couldn’t follow.

I simply rolled my eyes before trudging back to the kitchen and letting out a groan when I realized that the fight about Marshall and Luna getting married was still going on. I was sure that neither of my parents would drop it. Reluctantly, I rolled my eyes before focusing and letting time go back to the present.

It took a few minutes, but finally I heard my family walking back in and simultaneously arguing with each other after hearing the front door being flung open.

“Don’t slam that door!” I heard my father yell, and I involuntarily jumped. Usually, my dad’s a pretty stern and calm guy, but when he gets pissed, well, everyone hides. No one wants to be caught in the line of fire when Dad’s pissed.

My eyes widened with fear and I picked up my fork, shoving food into my mouth hurriedly so that as soon as they came back in, I could ask to be excused. I looked up innocently with my eyes wide open when they all walked in, as if I had no clue or idea as to what was going on.

“Whatever!” Marshall yelled angrily, his deep voice vibrating deeply and bouncing against the walls. I turned around to find Marshall and the rest of my family walking into the kitchen with a pissed-off expression on his face, which consisted of red cheeks and his fingers running over and over again through his hair, making it look spiky.

“Lower your voices!” Mom intercepted, grabbing onto the back of Dad’s shirt along with Marshall’s, making them stop walking. “We can talk like adults, or act like senseless, idiotic Neanderthals!” She spat, handing out death stares like they were candy at Halloween.

“Why even bother talking if Dad won’t listen?” Marshall said as he shook off Mom’s hand and started walking towards the coatrack. “Come on Luna, we’re leaving.” He said, sending an angry glower at my dad.

“Where in the hell do you think you’re going?” My dad bellowed, turning around and almost running into a scared-looking Mya, who just skittered out of his livid path.

“Any place other than this fucking hell hole!” Marshall screamed at the top of his lungs, shrugging on his baggie hoodie. Luna’s brown eyes were wide and frightened, and she stood behind Marshall as if she didn’t know what to say.

Marshall forcefully grabbed Luna’s hand, tugging her along before giving her a quick kiss on her forehead. His face immediately reverted back to a scornful expression after the sweet gesture.

“Love you, Mom, Mel, and Mya!” He yelled as he dragged Luna behind him, ready to open the front door. He suddenly hesitated, skittering to a stop, and then turned to Dad. He took a deep breath, looked Dad straight in the eyes, “And fuck you, Dad.” Before finally opening the door and leaving with Luna.

“Goddamn it!” Dad yelled, the veins in his forehead starting to pop out. He stomped over the table and slammed a chair to the floor, sending pieces of wood everywhere. I flinched and shielded my face, luckily, so that a few pieces bounced off my hands and landed on my plate.

“Michael, you need to calm down, this isn’t helping the situation,” Mom said through gritted teeth, putting her hands on Dad’s shoulders and forcefully turning him around. “Look at what you’re doing to the kids.” She whispered.

I watched as he turned and looked at me, looking at my plate full of wood chips and Mya, who was sitting next to the couch, clutching her head between her head and rocking back and forth slowly, her eyes looking off in a faraway place. Out of the three of us kids, I was pretty weird, Marshall was pretty insensitive, but Mya was the softest of all, I guess because she was young. She didn’t like conflict at all.

Dad looked back to Mom, who had an optimistic look in her eyes, before shrugging off her hands and walking calmly back to his bedroom and slamming the door shut.

Mom let out a sigh, and I was shocked to see that there were tears in her eyes. She looked at me and simply said, “Watch Mya while I’m gone.” Before grabbing her keys and walking out the door without another word.

Mya was silent, still rocking back and forth, while I was sitting there at the kitchen table, my mouth agape in shock. Just like that, my family had been torn apart, and for once, it wasn’t because of Aerial. The irony.

I hate my life.

A/N: So, yeah, it took me a looooong while to write this, and it was only because...I really didn't feel like it. Seriously, I'd write a paragraph, and then just give up. This was one son of a beyatch to write, so, just be glad I wrote it? Haha, later.

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