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Chapter 35 (v.1)

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Submitted: October 02, 2012



Chapter Thirty Five

Out of all the times I’ve fainted, been knocked out, or just accidentally fell asleep while walking down the stairs to go to bed after watching Saturday Night Live, I had never felt a pain like this.

My head was just throbbing and pounding, and there was a sting to it that was driving me crazy. The pain was so unbearable; I let out a gasp of shock when another forceful wave washed over me, harder than the constant, excruciating pain from before.

I let out a whimper, unable to hold back the tears that escaped from my eyes, rolled down my cheeks and dangled down my trembling chin. Something about this felt very, very wrong, as if I was in huge trouble. I just had a feeling that something bad was about to happen.

Even though the pain in my head was enough to bring a grown man down to his knees, it bothered me that I was crying. I tried to move my arms to wipe off the fallen tears, but I felt my wrists restrained as if they were tied up.

I realized with a start that I couldn’t see. Was I tied up somewhere, gagged and everything, and something was covering my eyes? Was I…was I blind? What happened to me?

I felt so weak, so tired, I feel like I couldn’t move a muscle. Even if I wasn’t tied up, I probably couldn’t even move. Instead, I was left blind and gagged, lost in my panic attack having thoughts. And even then, I couldn’t think straight.

I was so alone and depressed, I had no idea where I was. Was this death? Death— a cold, dark cloak that covered everything, until lines blended together, until nothing was recognizable, until everything had turned into nothing? Was this what death was?

I started to weep uncontrollably, my shoulders shaking even though my muscles groaned and pleaded in protests, I kept crying. Snot was running rampant through my nose, my eyes were sore and puffy, I could imagine, but it still didn’t make me feel any better. I was so helpless; I couldn’t even save my own self.

I’m here to die. A part of me said, convinced. I waited to protest and hold up the pros to persuade myself that I was wrong, but I didn’t have the energy to do so. I was actually right for once; I was here to die. Whoever it was that intruded my house had caught me off guard, since I’d been so distracted with my dream, and they’d taken me here to kill me. I had no dignity left.

“You’re correct,” A velvety, female voice echoed in the room. I moved my head slightly in the direction her voice came from. The motion sent a throbbing pain through my neck momentarily, but I ignored it.

“I’m guess that you don’t recognize who I am?” She seemed to pause, as if she waiting for me to say something, like I wasn’t gagged and bound. “Oh, I forgot,” She said sarcastically. “You can’t talk. Or see. How lovely.”

I felt her hand brush against my face, sending an electrical shock running across my cheek. I jerked away, ignoring the pain that scorched through my face, to get away from her touch. She let out a cynical laugh, as if watching me endure pain pleased her. I immediately thought about those dreams I’d been having of myself, taking people’s souls.

“Anyways,” She continued on, “I’m guessing that I shouldn’t play with my…experimental piece. Yes, that’s you, Melita.” She laughed.

I didn’t say anything, or try to for that matter. Instead, I just lie there on my back, head tilted to the side, awaiting my death. It was all so tiring after a while. Perhaps I could join Melody up there in the Muses’ dimension, and wait for the rest of them to meet us. I guess that could be nice.

“Aw, giving up so soon? I was at least hoping you could put up one of your legendary fights,” She mocked.

 I felt her lean down so close that I could smell her lipstick and feel her breath on my cheek. I tried to shrink back away from her, but she gripped my jaw with her hand, digging in with her long nails and drawing blood.

I let out a whimper as she dragged the tip of her tongue from my jaw line up all the way to my cheekbone, and caressing the side of my once again with her hand. She laughed again when I whimpered before releasing my face from her iron-strength hold.

“Now, why don’t I get everything set up and—,” She was cut off as I heard a loud slam. It was so sudden I jerked back, crushing my hand underneath me in the process. I could literally hear her neck whip in the direction where the slam came from.

“What’s taking you so long?” A gruff voice yelled loudly. The woman let out a gasp, but stifled it with her hand, at least that’s how it seemed.

“You’ve gotten her already?” The same male voice asked in surprise.

“Yes, my dear,” The woman said eagerly, as if pleasing the man’s wants were a pleasure to do so for her. I figured immediately that she probably worked under him for some reason like that. “Anything for you.” She added in.

I heard the shuffling of feet and the sound of clothes rustling against each other. I was barely able to contain my disgust as I heard squishing noises and brief giggling. It only lasted for a few seconds, but to just the fact that I had heard that revolted me beyond repair.

“There will be more of that later,” The man said, seeming unaffected by the act he had just done to the lady. “Only if you do this right.” He said. I heard another slam – the sound of him closing the door, probably – and he was gone.

The woman let out another nervous laugh; she was totally whipped by whoever that guy was. The worst thing of all, was that if I got out of here alive, I wouldn’t know who in the hell that kidnapped me.

I had absolutely no clue. I had never heard this woman before, and the image in my mind whenever the guy talked made me think of Ganondorf from the Legend of Zelda. I was completely fucked.

“Excuse that…sexy interruption,” She said, completely grossing me out. “But, let’s get on with it,” I heard the sound of heels clacking against the tile and/or linoleum floor as she went in the opposite direction away from me. I heard a spinning sound, like the sound of a drill, and that’s when I started to panic.

Sweat dripping from my palms and brow, I really started to freak. I shook my hands back and forth, desperately trying to escape. The woman just laughed at my useless attempt to escape, and I heard the imminent sound of the drill getting closer and closer.

Finally, she was right beside me, and I let out a loud whimper, the water works starting to pour from my eyes once again.

“Well, this might just…sting a little.” She giggled.

I screeched bloody murder as she sent the spinning screw from the drill into my wrist.


When I awoke, I had regained my senses.

I could see, and although I hadn’t tried it, I was sure that I could talk, since I wasn’t bound or gagged anymore. My eyes flashed open, and I was staring up at the familiar gray ceiling of my basement-bedroom. Strangely, I was lying perfectly vertically straight with my hands clasped together on my chest. Weird.

Right away, I could tell something was wrong because my wrist felt like it was literally on fire. I groaned as I tried to sit up, failed because I felt extremely dizzy, and lie back down on my back. I craned my neck to examine my wrist, and jerked back in surprise. This time, I was able to sit up because I was so transfixed on my wrist and not my aching limbs.

No wonder my wrist was aching; I had a fucking tattoo inked on the inside! My eyes went wide as I gripped my wrist with my other hand and brought it up closer to my face. Once I looked closer, I could tell it wasn’t just an ordinary tattoo or whatever you wanted to call it.

It shimmered, back and forth like it was moving, and if I wasn’t mistaken, there was a clock hand ticking around the shape, which was a heart outlined in black and filled with a sliver of white, a little bit of black, and a large amount of gray in the middle.

“Is this a diagram of my heart— what the fuck?” I was taken aback as the sound of my voice filled the room. It sounded shrill and scratchy, like I was Marge from The Simpsons going through puberty and some stupid shit like that. Probably because my throat was dry.

I ignored my weird voice and focused back to the moving tattoo on the inside of my wrist. I was sure that it was a diagram of activity within my heart, like I had seen while I was in Dre’s mind a few weeks ago. That weird woman, is that what she had done with the drill? She drilled a freaking tattoo onto my wrist.

“That bitch,” I cursed. I couldn’t believe her; I’d been hopeless in there! She took advantage of me…she licked my face, and I’d let it happen! I didn’t even try to stop her. “Fuck!” I exclaimed, a little bit angry.

I reached over, still mesmerized by my ticking heart tattoo to the end table where I kept a glass of water, and jerked back my hand when a blur of white flew by in my peripheral vision. I whipped around, expecting to see another intruder, but it turned out it was just a handwritten note lying next to the water on my end table.

Hesitantly, I reached over and unfolded the note slowly. I half expected a bunch of anthrax to come out and flash over my eyes, but nothing popped out; just a regular note written in cursive handwriting. I don’t know how, but almost immediately, I had a hunch that it was the lady who tattooed me that wrote the note.

Dear Ruler Melita,

I guess you don’t know who this is. Why do you just call me…your worst nightmare? Actually, no, that’s too cliché; to overused. Instead, I’ll tell you this: I can change forms. I’m a hybrid. Do you know who I am, yet? Let me give you another few hints: I’m able to adapt other’s powers by consuming their souls. Sound familiar to you? Well, I’m guessing throughout these years of your life, you’ve been considered pretty incompetent, since you’ve been in the dark for so long.

Although we were meant to be one, we were split in half. And goddamn it, it was you— you who was stronger than the latter, and became more powerful than me. But you’ve become weak, Melita, while I’ve been training at my hardest, just so I can meet up with you again.

Although I am not telepathic like you are, I’m starting to adopt some of your traits. Those dreams…why don’t I tell you this: some of those are real, and some parts are not. I guess the real question is what are the horrifying parts, exactly? We were meant to be a monster, Melita; we were meant to be horrifying. You haven’t embraced that truth yet, but the time will come soon.

That last sentence brings me to my next point. Yes, it was me who intruded in your house. Casting a “spell” I guess you could call it – after all, we are part werewolf; we know everything about spells – I put your family to sleep. Literal, peaceful sleep while I kidnapped you and took you to my lab.

There, with the hand of my partner, who will be unnamed just as I am, I “tattooed” this diagram of your heart onto your wrist. I’m suspecting that you can clearly see the hand ticking on the inside, and I hope you notice that both the white and gray parts are quickly depleting. That’s right Melita; you’re becoming completely and fully dark. Guess you didn’t expect that, did you? I guess you can call this “tattoo” the Armageddon of your heart.

Tomorrow, at dusk, your time will be up, and you will be faced with ultimatum. That ultimatum, well, I’ll let you figure that out when the time comes. J

Don’t think of telling anyone, because I’m watching you Melita. I’m watching as you nervously brush a hair behind your ear, the way you check behind your shoulder as you ascend the stairs from your basement to go sleep in the bedroom of your little sister Mya. I know, Melita. I know everything. It won’t matter if you tell Dre or Ivan; they can’t help you either way.

That is all for now. See you tomorrow at dusk. Good-bye, my dear Lovely.


A Friend

P.S. - Haven’t figured out my identity, have you, yet? Maybe it’s because I haven’t met you before…let me stop my ranting. Tata.

The acidic burn of the tattoo on my wrist, the sweat dripping from my neck in nervousness, my eyes frozen to the note shaking back and forth between my trembling hands, for once, I had no idea what to do. I had no plan. I was…lost.

So, I set down my note on my end table, rolled over to my side, pulled up the covers over my shoulder after taking a curious glance around, and going back to sleep before I had to wake up for school that morning.

What else could I do?

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